Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Bounce ‘n Spin Froggy

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Bounce ‘n Spin Froggy


Main features

  • Baby sits in a comfy seat that bounces up and down
  • Baby can even spin 360 degree
  • Includes toys for entertainment
  • Activate the roller-ball and surprise baby with music and sound effects
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Verified reviews



I was very excited when I got this item, but unfortunately it was not a success. The max time my son stays in is like 5 mins, then he starts crying because he gets bored. I agree with the fact that the seat is kind of tight, plus my baby tends to lean forward as the seat is uncomfortable. I would never buy it again.

Lynn Indian Springs, NV

great little froggy

We got this as a Christmas present for our 7 month old son who adores this froggy. It is half the size of our bright starts exersaucer and is just as entertaining for him. He is almost 20 pounds now and fits perfectly. He jumps in it and plays with most the toys, the others he just hasn’t figured out yet. The music that plays from moving the eyes isn’t obnoxious, which is nice, but they are sensitive to every little bump so I have turned the music off on occasion. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I would have preferred the option of removing the hanging toys for cleaning and swaping for other toys. Overall a great froggy.

Jane Honea Path, SC

Leg holes are too small!

My 5 month old does not have chunky baby legs and the leg holes for this product pinch her little legs. She HATES being in it and I plan on returning it. She loves to jump and I keep buying the inexpensive solutions. I am breaking down and buying a full jumperoo because these space saving products just don’t cut it. It doesn’t bounce easily and because it pinches her she didn’t really have an interest in the toys and other features of the product.

Deidre Lone Pine, CA

great spacesaver

love that this is so small and light… super easy to move from room to room. Our 5 month old loves this! Would recommend for sure… wish I had bought it sooner 🙂

Deloris Hollister, OK

Bounces, Spins 360 Deg and Saves Space

At first I wanted to buy a Fisher Price jumperoo but once I realized this bounces too I got this one because it was cheaper and smaller. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment with our newborn baby. The sound it makes isn’t obnoxious and going off all the time. And when it does it’s pretty cute. My baby likes rolling the froggie eyes in front of her and sucking on the purple plastic flower thing. She reaches out for the two dangling toys on overhead handlebar and it keeps her entertained while I’m in the shower (which her bouncer has failed to do since she turned 4 months). The way she sits on it is ergonomic and supported which is a big concern for me. I think she can’t jump as high and pound down as hard. One BIG THING about this is that it can spin 360 degrees with the jumperoo CANNOT. This seems like a small thing but it’s huge especially when the baby’s in it and you don’t have to spin the whole jumperoo and instead spin around just the baby and the top of the froggy. My daughter likes to watch the dog do her thing or face a certain direction from time to time which this is great for.

Mallory Waverley, MA

Not very stable

Upon receiving this, I followed the assembly directions explicitly and made sure everything was in place correctly before placing my baby in it for the first time. Once he started playing, I noticed the stand seemed a bit wobbly and so I took the baby out to check the base. Sure enough, the stand was clicked into the base as it should be, but it wasn’t as secure a fit as I feel it should be. The stand should be secured to the base with something more substantial, like screws, but it’s a “click in-click out” type of assembly. I suppose that is to make it easier to disassemble, but it’s more important to me that the bouncer be safe than convenient. I am returning this to Amazon.

Latasha Winchendon, MA

Serves it purpose!

I found this froggy on craigslist for $20. The music doesn’t work but my son doesn’t seem to mind at all. I was skeptical about buying it due to the reviews. My son is 7 months and 19 maybe 20 lbs now. He fit in it just fine. I was concerned he was too old and big for the toy. I really don’t have a problem getting him in or out and he has chunky baby thighs! It really doesn’t bounce it’s more of a pop up and down type of motion. He can reach all the toys as well. I wanted it because he does NOT like to sit down. Not even in his baby gear! In this toy they are moreso in a standing position which he seems to like. It’s also small enough that I can place it in my mirco bathroom and take a shower in peace!!!! He will even let me place it right at the door and play until I’m done! That for me was well worth it!! I found the replacement electric parts for the music on ebay for $10. Hopefully he will enjoy it even more when I hook up the music.

Jana Auburn, MA


Purchased as a gift. Very cute and great for limited storage space. Easy to assemble. Baby LOVES to roll the eyes and chew on the purple toy, but the baby chick is useless and the ladybug is difficult to move for a little one. Also disappointed that the overhead bar toys are too far away for a small baby to touch or chew on and aren’t removable. We also had to buy rubber mats to build up the base so the baby’s feet could touch.

Pauline Jefferson, GA

Great toy!

My son is now 6 months old. He has been using this toy since he was about 3 months. He just loved being upright and about a month ago started to explore all the fun this he can suck on. He still has 3 things yet to discover. He is very content to sit in this toy and just look around or try to interact with the toy. Not to mention what a great space saver this is. Very glad I got it.

Consuelo Saint Francis, MN

Great fun-short lived

My Fischer price bouncer was too big so I bought this one. It’s a great compact bouncer with a fun swivel base and cute toys. My son sits in it when he watches TV. We ended up switching back and forth between the 2 bouncers because he would get bored after a few days. He’s a very active baby though so by 7-8 mo he just wants to hang on the outside and use it for cruising (which doesn’t work since it spins). Overall it seems to be a good product and would recommend it for anyone who wishes to save space.

Mavis Loveland, CO