Fisher-Price Spacesaver Cradle N Swing

Fisher-Price Spacesaver Cradle N Swing

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Cradle ‘n Swing: The same great features of Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swings—now in a 40% smaller space-saving design! Two different swinging motions help soothe and entertain baby, with music, nature sounds, and two fun and friendly animal toys on the overhead toy bar. SmartSwing Technology offers 6 distinct swinging speeds from low to high so you can find the motion to suit baby’s mood—swinging side-to-side (like a cradle), or swinging head-to-toe. It actually senses baby’s weight (so speeds won’t slow as baby grows)—and it starts without a push!

Main features

  • Swing side to side or head to toe
  • 6 swing speeds with Smart Swing technology, multiple songs and soothing nature sounds
  • 3 different seat positions
  • Plush newborn insert head support
  • Includes adorable toys to entertain baby

Verified reviews


Batteries Operated Cradle, Useful for a Small Space and When Travel!

This cradle swing is very useful for a small space. It’s a great cradle to take with us when we travel. It offers two different motions: side-to-side cradle or traditional head-to-toe. It is cozy and easy to set up. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to set up. It also has different soothing melodies and sounds to entertain the baby. The different speeds are great! The seat pad is machine-washable, which is great for keeping it clean. The two fun animal toys are a plus to keep the baby occupied. The unit only operates on batteries which are not included (Always have backup batteries as well). That is why the price is $30 or more cheaper than the AC operated ones. It is a nice space friendly swing and I would recommend it.

Bernice Kaleva, MI

Nice little Swing

This is a very nice little swing which is easy to store when not in use, but doesn’t take up a lot of space if you’d like to leave it out. It’s pretty easy to put together and works smoothly.My only complaint is I was under the impression that you could plug this in, but you can’t. It strictly runs off of four C batteries, so make sure you have some on hand before buying. It does seem to have pretty decent battery life though, which is good, and it’s very soft which baby likes.

Tonya Cuervo, NM

Nice-To-Have At Grandma’s House …

As a piece of nice-to-have equipment when babysitting, the “Fisher-Price Spacesaver Cradle ‘N Swing” is an good choice for Grandma’s house. Unlike the Power Plus model of Fisher-Price’s Spacesaver Cradle ‘N Swing, this unit operates solely on batteries and its cost, on Amazon, is $34 lower.The unit, as with most Fisher-Price products, is made well and is nicely finished. There are no rough edges on the plastic pieces; assembly is easy and quick. The various swing speeds and the sound options are desirable features.The fabric seat cover is soft and removes for washing – always a necessity. It is nicely padded and a three-point harness adds a safety factor.Although this Spacesaver unit is not quite as large as Fisher-Price’s standard cradle and swing models, it is not especially compact. The footprint on regular cradle and swings is approximately 31” X 28”. The footprint of the “Fisher-Price Spacesaver Cradle ‘N Swing” is approximately 31” X 17”. The triangle design creates a stable base and is the reason the footprint can be smaller than other versions of the cradle and swing. The crossbar at the top of the “Fisher-Price Spacesaver Cradle ‘N Swing” made it somewhat awkward to lift our little one out of the cradle. The difference in the height of the two units was not a significant factor in the decision with respect to the unit to purchase.While the Fisher-Price web site states the “Fisher-Price Spacesaver Cradle ‘N Swing” may be used until your little one “attempts to climb out of the product”. I would not recommend using it once the infant becomes more physically active, let alone until they attempt to climb out of the swing.Further, although this is rated for infants who weigh up to 25 lbs., the unit does not work well for children over 20 lbs. Battery life decreases with increasing weight and/or swing speeds; your actual experience will also vary depending on how extended the period of use is. While you can plug in the Power Saver unit, I found this feature less than appealing. It meant that the Cradle ‘N Swing had to be located near an outlet – and, that other individuals had to take care not to trip over the cord.Some individuals may prefer the muted, earth-tone colors of this Spacesaver model. They will not stimulate your little one and will not clash with most décor. I thought the color palette was not particularly fun or engaging for little ones. The two animal figures on this unit are muted in color and are not easily distinguishable for infants whose ability to focus has not developed. They cannot be removed.If you are looking for a nice cradle ‘n swing that is less costly than many of Fisher-Price’s models, you may want to consider their “Fisher-Price Spacesaver Cradle ‘N Swing”.

Marlene Union City, OK

I love this little swing

I love this little swing. It is great how small it and how easy I can stick it in a closet. I needed one that ran on batteries so that wasn’t a problem with me that it doesn’t plug in . I love how laid back it is so that I don’t have to worry about the baby falling out.

Harriett Trenton, UT

Wonderful for travel and using around the house

I had one of the large cradle swings for my firstborn, so I’m really looking forward to using this Spacesaver cradle when my new baby arrives. I know some have complained about the color, but I rather like the neutral colors as I won’t know for a while whether this baby is a boy or a girl.I love that it’s entirely battery-powered. I expect this one to go through batteries far less than the big Ocean Wonders swing I used the first time around, and even that one lasted a week or more on one set. It’s true any time you have anything battery-powered you’re going to end up putting money into batteries, but I think this swing is perfect for travel. This is invaluable for visit’s to Grandma’s and road trips alike.The seat has 3 different positions that can be changed very easily, without disturbing a sleeping baby. The 6 swing speeds range from very slow to pretty quick, maybe a little too quick. The swing seems unsteady at the fastest speed, but granted, that’s with no baby in it. The fabric is very plush and soft and is removable for washing. The little bar with the lion and elephant is nice for hanging additional toys, too, something I couldn’t do with the larger swing that had just the single arm connecting to the seat.Overall I think it’s a great option for travel or those needing to maximize their space. This does the job that the much larger and more expensive swings do and without sacrificing quality in any way.

Cecelia Poland, IN

Just not practical

This is not an item that I would purchase or give as a gift, simply because it is a little bit pricey for what you get. It is small, yet still takes up a fair amount of space. The most expensive part is purchasing the batteries. Batteries don’t last long and with a fussy baby you don’t want to run out of them! This might be a good gift for a relative who only has the baby for a small amount of time, but not for every day use. If this were less expensive, then maybe it would be more of a consideration for me, but for the cost you can purchase something with an ac adapter that is more useful.

Effie East Setauket, NY

I am a nanny and this has been well tested by a finicky baby that doesn’t even like to be put down

This swing works well for both home and travel. I am a nanny and this has been well tested by a finicky baby that doesn’t even like to be put down. I am in love with the fact that it can change from swinging side to side and head to toe, and the seat is super soft and comfortable. The swing folds up to save space and that makes it so easy to take with you on the go. It may use batteries (no charger) but it is still completely worth it.

Berta West Point, IL

My newborn really loved this swing

My newborn really loved this swing. Once he got a little bigger he didn’t seem to care for the rocking motion too much so we would just keep it stationary and let him nap in there sometimes. He loved looking at the hanging toys and the inserts cradled him nicely. The swing is very sturdy and has held up well.

Rena Delaware Water Gap, PA

Battery Bummer

Your classic rocking swing is good for grandparents house but probably not for continued use unless you’ve got a big supply of batteries. It’s a big bummer this cannot plug into the wall. I hate rechargeable and hate non-rechargeables even more. Other than that the basket is comfy. The cover is easy to remove and clean. Grandkid goes to sleep pretty fast so it works. I can see where there might be problems as the child grows. The rate of battery usage will climb.

Valarie Gays Creek, KY

Can only run on batteries. Can be folded to save space

I think it’s ok as long as you know what you are getting:There is no way to connect this to a power outlet. It only runs on D batteries.The instruction are horrible (like all baby products). The grey pictures make no sense especially which straps to put through which holes…The positive things about this are:It’s comfortable (not hard like other products (hard like baby seats).It’s foldable (legs come together to save space.It runs well.

Nola Natalia, TX

Stable and comfortable for our newborn, but be prepared to invest in batteries

My wife and I wanted a product for our newborn that would allow her to provide the constant rocking motion that babies love without having to be held all of the time. Working from home, she needed something that she could set up at her desk (our dining room table), and still have plenty of space for her work materials. The dimensions of this swing were very appealing (31” x 17” works perfectly for our needs), and I found it to be very easy to assemble. Safety being our first concern, this swing has proven to be very sturdy. Hopefully, as our baby grows, we’ll be able to continue to use it until she achieves the unit’s recommended maximum weight. We’ve been pleased with the softness of the insert, and the fact that it can be removed and washed was of critical importance to us. The newborn head insert fits our baby’s head perfectly, and gives her the support she needs. She loves the two toys that dangle above her, although they only seem to hold her attention for so long. We may try adding a couple of toys to the bar for variety. One of the best features of this swing have been the variety of speeds (6), sounds (10), seat positions (3), and swinging motions (2). While the product’s “technical details” section indicates that batteries aren’t required, the unit did not come with an A/C adapter. We don’t mind using batteries, although we may try to find rechargeable “C” batteries if we find we’re using this product often. Overall, we’ve been happy with this swing, but we’re dropping a star for it being made in China (because of all the questions about the materials and manufacturing processes which come with that).

Jacquelyn Hemingford, NE