Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Rainforest Friends

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Rainforest Friends

The Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair in Rainforest Friends fashion is easy to convert from a space-saving high chair to a comfortable, height-adjustable “big-kid” booster seat. View larger Spill and stain resistant NANOtex fabric seat pad is machine and surface washable. View larger Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver High Chair If you’re tight on space and want to keep the bulk of baby’s things from cramping your kitchen, Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver High Chair is the high chair for you. It straps securely to just about any kitchen or dining chair to give you and baby all the features, comfort, and convenience of a full-size high chair…in only half the space! Three-position recline. Three height adjustments. Easy one-hand tray removal. Spill-resistant, surface-wipeable, machine-washable seat pad. Dishwasher-safe tray. And it “grows” with baby, too, from a reclining seat for newborns, to an upright seat for infants, to a comfortable, “big-kid” booster seat for toddlers! All the Comforts… Don’t let its compact size fool you. Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver High Chair offers baby all the comforts of a standard full-size high chair. Like a full size feeding tray with built-in cupholders, three-position recline, adjustable 5-point restraint for just-the-right fit, and a spacious, contoured seat with cushioned, Rainforest Friends fashion seat pad. All the Convenience… Its compact size and adjustable attachment strap system make Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver High Chair quick and easy to securely attach to just about any kitchen or dining chair—and just as easy to take off to stash away when not in use, or move from chair-to-chair! Three-position recline makes feeding comfortable, even for the youngest of eaters, and the tray stays level, even with the seat reclined. Three height adjustments let you choose the most comfortable height for feeding, with or without the tray. Clean Up is a Breeze The tray removes with just one hand (especially helpful when you’re taking baby in and out!), and since it’s dishwasher-safe, it’s easy to clean and sanitize right in the dishwasher. NANOtex fabric makes the machine-washable seat pad spill and stain resistant, so it’s easy to wipe clean between washings. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair Replacement Seat Pads are sold separately in more designer fashions to complement your home décor or reflect baby’s “taste.” Grab a spare for your chair! And It “Grows” With Baby!! Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver High Chair is easy to convert from a space-saving high chair to a comfortable, height-adjustable “big-kid” booster seat. Just remove the seat pad, tray, and seat back! Five-point high chair restraint converts to a 3-point restraint for booster seat use by children up to 50 lbs. Its compact size and adjustable attachment strap system make this high chair quick and easy to securely attach to just about any kitchen or dining chair—and just as easy to take off to stash away when not in use, or move from chair-to-chair! View larger What’s in the Box? Includes one Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver High Chair Features Straps easily and securely to most kitchen or dining chairs 5-point restraint converts to 3-point as baby grows Stores easily when not in use Part of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Collection

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Adjustable, Three height adjustments, three recline positions
  • Grows with baby! Converts from reclining seat for newborns, to upright seat for infants, to booster seat for toddlers
  • Easy to clean
  • Tray is dishwasher-safe
  • Straps easily & securely to most kitchen or dining chairs

Verified reviews


Easy, Solid, Quality

I am a fan of Fisher-Price. By far, my favorite toys and other paraphernalia come from this company. Their products are easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to clean, seem to last forever, and (perhaps best of all) don’t beat you over the head with branding the way you’ll see from companies like Disney.This SpaceSaver High Chair is no exception. I was able to put it together in minutes, without looking at the instructions (though I did double check that I had done it correctly afterwards). It works just as you’d expect, and it tied to my kitchen chair without any issues whatsoever.The cushion comes off easily so that it can be cleaned, which is inevitable.This is just plain great, not only for home use but also to bring to friends’ or grandparents’ houses, where they may not be equipped with basic child products.

Sophia Lock Springs, MO

Wish it had less of a recline for the older child

Got this for a grandbaby’s visit and it is exactly as if it were yanked off it’s base and moved to a chair. The only problem I have is that the seat has a large footprint and to place it on a chair with all the base safe, it makes the chair continue to recline more than I’d like for an 11 month old. It straps down very secure, but I think I need a really large based chair for it rather than a routine wooden kitchen chair.It would be better for a reclining baby or one a little less upright. Otherwise it is well constructed and does the job.

Ashley Oakdale, LA

Great highchair, so-so booster

Fisher-Price is a well known brand in my home. I consider them to be quality and durable. However, this seat did not meet my expectations.First of all, it does not fit all chairs well. I have a farmhouse table which is fairly common and have the Windsor chairs with it. Because of the back spindles, the high chair does not slide all the way to the back. I will say it was a breeze to put together. I literally had it together within five minutes. I did wash the cover when I first received it. I am using it as a booster seat right now, however, I have put the back on in the booster mode and my daughter finds it more comfortable. Whenever my neighbor stops by for tea, she has a young baby, all we need is the tray and it can be used for guest. It is very versatile, I will give it that.I have used this for a month now and I do like it, but I do not love it. It is hard to keep clean in booster mode. The cover to the high chair has openings so any crumbs that fall, go to the plastic underneath which has a lot of openings. I usually unbuckle the chair and remove the cover, shake the chair outside, and then place it back on. I know that in booster mode in the pictures it shows it without the cover. However, I find having the cover on and bending it back over the chair looks better and catches more of the crumbs. However, it is still very time consuming to clean it.I do love the color of the chair and cover. The chair matches my floors perfectly and the cover compliments my daughters OXO sprout chair which is the same shade of green. The cover washes really well and you can also wash the straps easily. (However, you can not remove the buckle strap unless you remove the four screws on the bottom.)If it fit the chair better and was not a crumb catcher, it would be better suited for my needs. However, I feel I am cleaning up more and this is supposed to make things easier, not harder. If you are using it with the tray, you are all set. However, it you need the booster mode, get ready to do a lot of cleaning in between.

Angelia Arlington, TX

High-quality and attractive

When I took this high chair out of the box, I was excited that the green color of the fabric cover is so bright and cute. (It goes perfectly with my kitchen, which has apple green accents!). This chair is really sturdy and so far has worked so well. It is easy to assemble and to hook onto your kitchen chair.One thing that I don’t love about it is that there is a large handle on the back, which makes it so it hangs off the front of my kitchen chair slightly. The instructions state that the entire base should be ON the chair, so that had me a little worried. It’s not too bad though and seems very safe. If the handle were not there, I would be able to place the high chair back further and the entire base would be on the chair, however then it would not recline completely either. So not a big deal, it works!One other nit-picky complaint I have (and a solution we discovered) is that sometimes it is difficult to put the tray on. I squeeze the handle in the front of the tray and then I need to sort of move the tray around for a few seconds until I get it aligned and it clicks into place. I worry that in the process of doing this my baby’s little fingers will get in the way and get pinched. My husband did just discover that there are side handles on the tray that you can squeeze instead and it goes on quite a bit easier that way – so that is good to be aware of!Overall I love this product. You can tell that it is well-made and high-quality. My baby loves to sit in this chair and play and watch us eat (he is not on solid foods yet), and I love that it reclines for younger babies. I have not needed to wash the cover yet, so I am not aware of how it washes up, but I will come back and edit with any helpful info when the need to wash it arises 🙂

Darcy Manitou Springs, CO

Convenient – can’t beat the price

We got this high chair to keep at the grandparent’s house. It’s lightweight, takes up minimal space, and is super convenient! I dare say, it’s much easier to use, clean, and move around than most other full sized high chairs on the market.Baby seems super comfortable in it, and it’s great to be able to pull it up to the table, or have it next to me strapped to the chair while we’re eating so that one of us doesn’t have to hold him in our laps the whole time.For the price, you can’t go wrong! We use it as our back-up – like I said – the one we keep at the grandparent’s house – but I could see it being used completely in place of a standard more expensive high chair – especially if you’re tight on money or space – the only hinderance being that it’s not as easy to wheel from room to room if you want to go back and forth between the kitchen and dining area.I’ve been pretty happy (so far) with all the Fisher Price items we’ve had for the new baby – they definitely make good products – do not hesistate to get this one!

Holly Craig, NE

Almost there

In search of the perfect highchair, you quickly learn that it does not exist. But this one is close. We have theFisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster – Brown/Tanand theGraco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster, Pasadenaand my favorite of the three is still the Healthy Care Booster. Love the tiny tray on that one! All three of my chairs can be traveled with and can be used at the regular table. This chair is a close second to the Healthy Care Booster, with the Graco dead last because I hate the cushion.Pros
• It coverts to a booster, it (mostly) works when pushed up to my table because we have a huge lip on our table that always gets in the way.
• The tray can be moved back and forth with ONE HAND.
• It’s compact.
• It’s super easy to assemble.
• The harness is functional and the top part of the harness is removed with the top part of the chair when you convert to a booster, so you are left with the lower harness (thank you, Fisher Price, my son hates to be harnessed while eating so this is great).
• The tray is a nice size. Won’t fit in my dishwasher, but none of them do.
• Adjustable height.
• Reclines, which is a super handy function for kids with reflux. We used to feed our baby in his bouncy seat because he had to be fed upright and remain so for 30 minutes after a feed.
• Attaches to chairs nicely.
• Portable.Cons
• What’s with the back “handle” thing, if that’s what it is? Is it there because the chair reclines?
• The stupid cushion! Why, oh why, do we need a cushion for our highchairs? Do people realize what goes on in highchairs? My son is messy. He makes a mess every time. He’s getting better, but now we have introduced a spoon so we’re back to square one. Yes, the cushion wipes clean. Every time? No. We still have to wash it. Stupid, in my opinion, but most of them have it. My son spends 20 minutes in the chair at a time, tops. He does not need a cushion. Oh, how I covet the days where highchairs were simple wood or padded (wipe clean) vinyl!Overall, this is a solid chair at a great price point. I wouldn’t pick this design, but some of the other cushions are cuter (again with the cushions!) and it was free, so beggars can’t be choosers. Anyway, great chair.

Christa Centralia, WV

Grows With Baby!

The Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair from the Rainforest Friends collection is one of the best baby products ever. I didn’t have room for a big bulky high chair taking up space in my kitchen. This spacesaver simply attaches to a kitchen chair and baby can have his meal with the family. It is portable so we can take it to grandma’s house or to our favorite restaurants. The tray removes easily and the fabric wipes clean.The best part of this high chair is that it doubles as as booster seat as my baby grows. This is a product that will last longer than a traditional high chair and will be able to be passed down to all my children. I highly recommend the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair. It is attractive, modern-looking and fits in with most decors.

Greta West Millbury, MA

Solid chair – great value

This is a surprisingly high quality chair that is a great value. The chair is easy to assemble right out of the box and all of its major features are simple to operate. The chair sits very stable in our chairs but if you had armchairs you might have to do some adjusting. The unit sits right up to our table and the tray fits nicely over the table.Cleaning is easy although cloth portions will need to washed quite often. The tray does fit in our dishwasher but only at an angle that takes up too much space so I just hand wash it. It will be interesting to see how this holds up over repeated use and growth of child.

Belinda Kailua, HI

Great way to save space and will last a long time

We recently got this for our 3-month old. With our older daughter, we had (and still use) an older version ofThe First Years Newborn to Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat. We really liked the fact that it didn’t require a lot of extra space for a full-size high chair, and that it transitioned to a booster seat for her when she got older. So, we wanted to get something with a similar design for our new baby.Similar to the First Years chair, this Fisher Price chair is easy to install and takes up a lot less space than a full-size high chair. It also has a couple of advantages over the First Years model that we own. Specifically, it has a very attractive design and it is easier to remove the pads and clean. It also seems a bit cushier and more comfortable for our infant than the First Years was.One tip I would offer for these types of high chairs is that, depending on the type of chair you own and how often you move them, they may leave marks. In our case, we have cushions on our table chairs and the cushion that was under our first model started to get slightly marked after we left the chair there for some time. Our solution to this has been to place a towel under the chair before strapping it on. This protects the chair and also makes it easier to clean. When the towel gets dirty, we just unbuckle the seat, wash the towel and replace it with a clean one.

Milagros Harrisonburg, LA

A nice addition to the dining room…

With both of our daughters we used a very similar `space saver’ high chair and we loved it. It really does make a big difference to have something that can simply sit on your dining room chair and not have to take up extra space. With the new addition to the family, we wanted to get a new seat (and one that wasn’t so girly) and so we opted for this rainforest themed seat. It works just as wonderfully as the previous seat. The straps are comfortable and easy to adjust, the tray slides in and out easily and the fabric is soft on the little guy’s skin, which is a plus. What I really like about this seat is that it will eventually convert to a booster, which our previous seat did not, so this is multi-purpose and actually grows with your kid (any parent will appreciate that). All in all, I highly recommend this!

Dollie Iroquois, IL

Perfect for my twins

Perfect, takes up hardly any space and the chairs can be set to lean back a little if you want.

Sonja Eureka, WI

Rainforest High Chair

It is obvious that the folks at Fisher Price put a lot of thought and care into designing many of their products, and this is no exception. The SpaceSaver High Chair is great because it features three different recline positions and can be easily converted into a booster seat. The flexibility of removing the seat pad, tray and/or seat back lets this product be useful for a wider range of children than a traditional high chair. The rainforest theme is very cute and the tray (dishwasher-safe) and seat are both relatively easy to clean. Overall, the Fisher Price SpaceSaver high chair is a great product.

Brianna Ellenton, GA


Update: Grand baby is six months old now and this is the only high chair she uses. First time moms always purchase a bunch of stuff they don’t need, but my stepdaughter says she couldn’t live without this. It has held up well and looks like new.Previous review:I was a little nervous that this chair might not be stable on our kitchen chair. However, it is very secure. It assembled quickly and easily and seems to be very high the ease with which food wipes off of the seat cushion. The leaves/rainforest print are more attractive in person than in this picture. We are very pleased and would recommend.

Louise Copperopolis, CA

So handy!

I love this seat. The reclining feature is a big help and it doesn’t take up a ton of space. I keep it on a shelf in the laundry room when I’m not using it. During the day I often feed the baby sitting on the area rug. It’s very versatile.

Fern Roanoke, VA

Versatile and a space saver

This is a handy and space saving high chair. I have a high chair for my toddler but occasionally babysit for friends and need another space for a little one to eat. This chair is nice because you can strap it to one of your kitchen chairs when you need it and then store it away when you do not need it. With the tray attached you can use it like a standard high chair, or you can remove the tray and push your little one up to table.This seat also converts into a big kid booster which is nice for older kids. My only complaint about the big kid booster setting is that there are all sorts of crevices in the seat part and since you do not have the padded cover in that setting, food is bound to get in them and be hard to clean out.

Jeanette Bentree, WV

Works Great!

It has a nice feature to slide the back rest in a position to feed a bottle to the baby. So my son can eat his solid food upright & drink his bottle slightly laying back.

Dominique Holmdel, NJ

Great little space saver

This is a nice little space saver high chair for when I’m babysitting for my niece’s baby. I can store it in the closet when the baby isn’t here, and when she is, all I have to do is put it on the dinning room chair, attach the straps and either put on the tray or just slide the chair up to my dinning room table. The baby is very comfortable in it, because it has a very soft cushion, which is machine washable. It also reclines, so I can feed her at the table, but if she falls asleep, then I can just recline it, so she can just take her nap right there. When my niece comes to pick up the baby, I just throw the cushion in the wash, and put it back in the closet. I would highly recommend this little space saver.

Manuela Kelton, PA

Can’t think of a single thing to complain about!

My family is in a position where we need to be able to pack up whenever, so I’m finding this a handy highchair not knowing future space situations. Related to that is the fact this compact little item can be stored pretty much anywhere.As far as the typical high chair features go, this one is very pleasing. The tray is easy to clean, easy to put on/take off. I like the soft cushion and like that it is machine washable and easy to install. The straps are simple and attack well to the chairs we’ve tried it on.I went to review trying to think of something to complain about and found none. It’s a great little chair, especially for small spaces and transportation.

Cathryn Stephenson, VA

A High Chair That’s Good Through Baby’s Growth Stages

Too many baby items are designed for specific stages of development, such as infant or toddler, and after investing a fair amount of money become obsolete because baby predictable has grown up.But not so with the Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver High Chair by Fisher-Price. During the newborn’s infant years the chair can be placed on the tabletop so mom or dad can easily feed baby at arm’s length. When infant baby grows into a toddler the same chair can be placed used as a booster seat by placing it on top of a kitchen chair. Safely strap the SpaceSaver High Chair to a kitchen chair and toddler baby can be pulled up to the table for self-feeding. You gotta love it! Right?The chair reclines to three different positions and can be adjusted to three different heights as baby grows, so it can be used as a recliner seat for the infant and then upright for the toddler. The tray can be easily removed with one hand. The tray is dish washable safe and the seat pad is stain resistant and machine washable. The tray has a handy cup holder when baby is old enough not to knock it onto the floor at every meal. And the SpaceSaver can be easily stored in a closet when not in use.With all the height and safety belt adjustments available this high chair is good to use until “baby” reaches 50 pounds at which point it truly is obsolete because your child will be wanting to sit in a big people’s chair.When I acquired this chair was offering free shipping and free return. That’s one of the reasons amazon is such a cool place to shop.

Agnes Berryville, AR

Only high chair we’ve ever needed!

Best high chair ever! This is our second purchase for our new baby because his older brother is still using our old one. Pros: It didn’t cost us $100+. It doesn’t take up a lot of room in my kitchen. Removing the pad and washing it is quick and easy. Fits easily in the bathtub to get the entire chair clean, for a deep cleaning. It is very lightweight and fits in our small trunk. I have brought to restaurants, friends houses, and it fits securely, quickly and safely to every chair I’ve tried it on in the 2 years we’ve used it. We even use it in the movie theater as a booster so our son can see the movie screen better. It grew with him because it reclined a bit and had shoulder straps when just starting solids to now, upright with just the lap buckle and without the tray at the dinner table. Recline is easy to use without taking apart, just pull the lever in the back rest and click in place. Height adjustment for different clearances under a dinner table is easy to use. There are two sliding levers under the seat that you squeeze, then release at the height you need. The only cons after all the use we’ve gotten is that when you clean the bottom of the tray it leaks water even after letting it dry flat, the water gets trapped somewhere I guess and shaking the water out is a pain. The padding could use more stuffing, even when it was new. We layer an old burp rag under the cover to make it more comfortable.

Jan Mayfield, MI


I ordered this for my daughter and I love it. It’s really sturdy and nice. The seat isn’t too large, easily fits on my regular dining seat with room to spare. I really like how it reclines. When I first started using it, my daughter was about 5 months old. So, I used the recline and she did well in it. Now she’s almost 8 months and I have it sitting up all the way, and she does well with it. The colors are great and the seat is easy to use. If I had anything negative to say, it would be that I think the tray is a little too big. It’s nice to have a large tray when they start eating enough food for a plate (I’m sure), but right now, the tray seems a little too large.

Danielle Wilmington, CA

Just a great chair

I don’t give out many 5 star ratings, but this works so well we bought one to keep at the in-laws house. We love just how light and portable this chair has been, not to mention durable, and easy to clean.While basic in construction and modest in appearance it has the features to make it great. It is easy on space, the tray is on and off easy. When the big mess happens life is simple. The tray goes in the washer, seat cover in the washer and the one paper towel wipes down the chair. It is smooth plastic and really cleans up easily.

Lucia Grain Valley, MO

Use pretty much every day, at more than mealtimes

Started using with baby when he was about 9 weeks old with "padding" around shoulders to help him feel snug and upright, and already at 11 weeks baby is in there on his own.I put this on one of my kitchen chairs and use it pretty much every day, for more than mealtimes. I’ll move baby to living room and he’s at the right height for me to sit on the couch but talk to him about his manipulatives or show him toys. And he joins us for every meal! Cleans up easy, baby is very comfortable in it, doesn’t pinch his legs, tray very easy to snap on and off; an excellent purchase. I’m even more pleased, because this is doing double-duty as a sitting-up helper: baby is happy as can be in there, and with a soft blanket behind him gets plenty of stomach muscle strengthening (so I haven’t had to buy a boppy/other sitting aid).

Janie Falls Church, VA

sturdy and compact

Fits in great with our dining set, the tray is compact and useful. We have an antique dining set so the table edge is the inches thick and the dining chair sits high, this means that we cannot fit the chair at the table when the tray is on. Also, if her legs get any bigger, her feet won’t fit under the game anymore. If you have an average table, this won’t hang you up and even with our set Wed love it. It stands free for meals and then tucks away the rest of the time. Frankly, I don’t know why anyone bothers with a free standing high chair that takes up more space.Very study and well designed. Just wish it came in the ‘zen’ color series, as that would match our home better.

Letha Stella, NE

Works Well, A Good High Chair

The chair was easy to assemble and install, although the buckle that snaps under the seat had been threaded the wrong way at the factory, but this was easily remedied. Had a bit of trouble with the tray at first, not realizing the side latches make it much easier to attach than the Greco high chair I’m familiar with. With this one you can just push down to snap it in place rather than needing to slide it on from the front. This is nice because it lets you place it nice and snug without potentially shoving it too hard into your precious one’s little tummy. It seems quite sturdy even though the chair we have it attached to doesn’t seem to be the best shape to accommodate it. I’d like to subtract 1/2 a star due to the “manufacturing defect” (backwards buckle).

Melody Caddo Mills, TX

So far so good

I have not found much to complain about with this high chair. It is made well and I like the leaf design. As an added bonus it is gender neutral. It converts to a booster seat so I’m sure it will give us years of good use.

Antonia Saint Johns, PA

Well constructed, sturdy, a real space saver

I really love this high chair. It is well constructed and easy to assemble and attach to your dining room or kitchen chair.My 8 month old son fits comfortably in the chair and he is easily secured with the 5 point harness system. The back can recline or move forward depending on the age of your child, smaller children sitting more reclined, older children sitting more upright.The tray is large and has ample space for baby’s toys, food stuffs, etc. There are also several cup areas for placing sippy cups, toys, or pieces of food. It comes off easily with one hand and is easily washed clean.It takes up a lot less space than a traditional high chair but gives all the benefits. It can easily be stored away or transported. When they are out of the traditional high chair it easily converts to a booster chair.My son loves this because he wants to sit at the big table with mommy, daddy, and his older brother, and this allows him to do so.

Raquel Calpella, CA

a fine chair that grows with your child!

This is a great high chair and I would say it is a great price for the money. There are several things I like about this chair. One of course is that it grows with your child. It can go from a full-scale high chair to booster seat, so this is the only high chair you need. Saying that, if you already have a high chair like I do you may want to use this as a travel chair until you are ready for the booster function. This is the perfect chair to throw in the car when you’re going to Grandma’s house or grandpas house. What is also great about this chair is that it has nice full strap to hold your child. Our other chair only has the pelvis straps and not the chest traps. If you have a very small home like we do and you need to conserve, you will see that you may not even have an extra chair to strap this high chair to. That may be something you want to keep in mind. Even though this chair is so versatile there is something to be said for having a traditional high chair at home that you can adjust the height and you don’t need a chair to strap it to.

Rosanna Saint James, MD

Best chair for travel and home

Pros:- great size (bigger than others of this type)- has a back so baby doesn’t hit his head if he slams backwards- tray is easily removed and placed back on- easy to clean- easy to take off/put on chair- lightweight and durable- harness keeps baby from trying to climb out, keeps baby from getting messier- colors are nicer in personCons:- …… couldn’t think of any!

Brittany Reinholds, PA