Fisher-Price Stack ‘n Store Sippy Cup Straw Top, Neutral, 2-Count

Fisher-Price Stack ‘n Store Sippy Cup Straw Top, Neutral, 2-Count

The Stack n’ Store Sippy cup is the only full featured Sippy cup that nests and stacks with bases, lids and handles designed for compact storage. Everything stacks together for simple and efficient storage in kitchen cabinets. Cups are kid tested to be leak free. Easy-to-hold handles are perfect for little hands and removable for when the child grows. Straw design makes it easy for toddles to drink from. Cups are BPA free and dishwasher safe. This version is a 2-pack with straw top, 8oz cups.

Main features

  • Built-in, one-piece valve
  • Leak free
  • BPA free and Dishwasher safe
  • Handles remove as baby grows
  • Nests with other Stack n’ Store Cups

Verified reviews


awesome, all around

I have 4 kids and have bought so many straw cups. So many of them leak, are bulky, have a million parts, are expensive, and take up a ton of room in the cabinet. These are the opposite. No leaking, they stack, easy to assemble, and love the handles (which do remove when your child is ready for that).

Adeline Hoskinston, KY

Hard to Use

I returned these cups because my 10mo son could not extract the milk from them. It appears that you need to bite the straw and suck before you can get anything. Not a good product design. I ordered them because I like the look and functionality of the removable handles however, its not usable.

Nora Bentonia, MS

I hate straw sippies

We have tried them all. These leak if the liquid in them is iced. As the liquid warms up, it goes up the straw and comes out the top all over the table or carpet or whatever it happens to be sitting on. If they’re just holding tap water they do ok.

Tiffany Gualala, CA


My daughter loves to drink from a straw, this is easy to clean, easy for kids to use. the only problem is assembly is sometimes annoying if you dont get the things lined up right.Assembly is the downfall,handles are one piece, there is a groove that you have to line up with the middle section of the lid, then line that up with the top part of the lid while twisting make sure it stays straight in line or it will leak everywhere!I have used other cups that have the entire lid as one piece or even two pieces, this is just too much.Other than that the cup is fun to drink out of and easy to clean.

Leslie Goshen, OH

They REALLY dont leak!

I love these! They actually dont leak!!! They have something in the straw that make it not leak. If fits up to 8 oz max. Love them and worth the money!!

Doreen San Patricio, NM

great cup

I have tried a number of straw zippy cups and this is the best by far. I have had it leak some but nothing compared to other cups that are far more expensive.

Iva Halstead, KS

Not bad, for older toddlers

I wanted a straw cup for my 8 month old. This one is leakproof but it is tough to suck the liquid out. I’ve also tried. Perhaps when my little one is bigger she’ll be able to use it better. For now it’s going back on the shelf. Try the Zoli straw cups for little ones.

Alison Leetonia, OH

Fairly Leakproof

The cups are leakproof for me, somehow my son has just about mastered spilling from all spill proof cups. It’s his goal (at nearly 2) and he sometimes can accomplish this feat. The colors are not neutral in my opinion, the blue/yellow/PINK is very pink. The other cup is neutral. I have assembled the yellow/pink lid with the yellow cup and the orange/green lid with the blue cup so my kids (girl and boy) can have an appropriate gender cup – I just prefer neutral colors so I can grab and go. You may not mind but the pink really stands out and he gives it to his sister because she likes pink…

Cleo Endwell, NY

Great Sippy Cup

I was looking sippy cup that has handle and leak proof … and it doesn’t if you put them together correctly.somehow, if you fill to much water like almost full glass, it will leak and it is tough to suck the liquid out. I saw my daughter try to suck it up, but the water won’t go down. so I gave her regular sippy cup with straw and she drink it right away the problem is only the straw for me.the size and shape of these sippy cup is great for my car seat cup holder and stroller too.

Alyce Cortez, FL