Fisher-Price Stride to Ride Walker

Fisher-Price Stride to Ride Walker

You’ll get more mileage out of the Fisher-Price Stride to Ride Walker because it grows with your child. Pull the legs apart and use it as a walker, encouraging little ones to take their first steps. Snap the legs together for use as a ride-on toy for toddlers. Each accomplishment is rewarded by dancing lights and delightful music. Includes a basketball hoop and small colorful balls for more fun. Features on/off switch and volume control. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Ages 9 months and up. Imported.

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We bought this for my step son when he was 11 mos old and he loved it! He enjoyed putting the balls in the basket and of course throwing them but this toy is very loud. It has 2 volume settings and it is still loud on the soft setting. I was pregnant at the time and it could’ve just been me but it became very irratating with how loud and how sensitive it was. You could be walking in another room and this toy could be by itself and it would start playing the music. The versatility of this toy though is great being a walker and a ride on toy as well it could be a money saver. Just beware of the volume.

Nan Urbana, IN

Looking for a walker? Buy this one!

My son, then 9 months, received this walker along with a playskool walker for Christmas. The playskool walker has since been banished to our garage. The Fisher Price walker is so much more fun! My little boy is walking now, but he still likes pushing it back and forth across the floor and riding on it. Even my 2.5 year old likes to sit on it and pretend he’s "going to work" 🙂 This is definitely on my list of my top 5 favorite toys that we own!

Beulah Essex, IL


My daughter has loved this toy since the day she got it. She got it for Christmas when she was almost 11 months old. She was already walking, but not steadily. This toy gave her confidence and she loves the silly face and fun music. She also loves when we convert it to a ride on toy and push her around. Now that she is 1 she loves to put things in the basket and truck around the house. she also loves to push the nose and just dance to the music. The motion sensor on this toy is real sensitive so it doesn’t have to be banged to play. My daughter just has to walk up to it and it will play. Also, it isn’t so loud that is can be mind numbing and the beat is kinda catchy. My neice who is almost two recieved this on her first birthday and used it for a walker until recently. She still uses it to push around, but now she really loves to sit on it and scott around. This is really a useful toy and really fun. My daughter doesn’t really care about the balls that come with it she uses the basket more to push around other toys and her stuffed animal. She also loves the ram into things with it and since it is lightweight it doesn’t hurt anything. Another good point is that it has all rounded edges so when she biffs she doesn’t seem to get hurt. she just gets up, rights the walker, and keeps on movin’. This toy is sturdy and easy for my daughter to move around. I find that it doesn’t get away from her like other walking toys did. I think the width of the toy and the wide wheels help to keep the toy moving at a good pace. If you want your child to use a walker to help him/her get used to her feet and have fun doing it, this is the toy, plus it is convertible and will last beyond a year. It is very affordable and worth every penny.

Alice Aleppo, PA

great and tons of fun

my son got this toy for christmas and was too young for it, but i brought it out when he was 6 mos old and he absolutely loved it.he plays with the balls and drops them in the basket, and it’s fun for the cat as well because he tries to get the balls out of the tray as well!fun for the whole family.and very durable. it’s banged around a lot and has held up.def worth the money.

Julia Zephyr, TX

cute and durable

this toy:is easy to put togetherdurableeasily (and securely) claps shut to transition to ride-oncolorfulhas cute musici cannot think of anything i dislike about this toy. it even has little area in the front for baby’s feet so you can push them.

Corine Sheldon, SC

Great toy

My daughter loved this toy. It wasn’t used much as a walker, it was kind of difficult for her to walk behind it. Now that she is walking she does like to sit on it and ride on it. She enjoyed the balls and music before she was walking and it was like a transition for her from the kick toy with same balls for younger infants that she used. The familiarity was also good for her going from one to the other.

Annette Chestertown, NY

Better products available

In closed form is a rider, opened the seat splits into a V to form a walker. My daughter was totally unable to use this as a walker because the rolling motion is so fast and loose it was impossible for her to pull herself up without it rolling away before she had her footing and she would just fall down. When she got a bit steadier on her feet it still wasn’t much use because she had to bend over so far to reach the grab bar – closer to the grab bar and the space in the V was too small for her to move her legs in a walking motion. So, no dice as a walker; a plastic garden chair on a painted wood floor was actually more effective. The only use she really got out of it for the first five months we had it was playing with the plastic balls and pressing the button which starts the music (which is quite fun and jazzy by the way – only two short selections but surprisingly they don’t get annoying even after several hundred consecutive plays).I finally dusted it off last week thinking she might be interested in it as a ride along and she took to it this time. She got the hang of it quite quickly – it’s low to the ground and quite small which is perfect for the younger toddler. I like its simplicity for the ride along function, there are plenty of toys out there which aid in counting and colors and everything, I don’t think you really need all that on a ride along toy like some of the more complex ones which are available. I wish the front wheels swivelled; we don’t have a lot of space and since she can’t turn with it all she can really do is go along one short hallway at which point I have to physically turn her round on it, if she hasn’t already lost interest and climbed off before I get there. I think it’s also rather expensive for what it is; it’s very lightweight and I suspect could be damaged fairly easily, especially if older children were playing around with it as tends to happen when siblings and cousins are around.

Kathi Stinson Beach, CA

Lots of fun for beginner walker.

My son got this toy for Christmas. He wasn’t even crawling yet but loved to put the balls in the basket to make the music start. Once he started pulling up it was a great walking toy. He loves to dance to the music now. It is a little difficult to change from the walking to riding position but my son isn’t that interested in riding right now.

Arlene Briggsville, AR