Fisher-Price Surround Lights & Sounds Monitor with dual receivers

Fisher-Price Surround Lights & Sounds Monitor with dual receivers

For the mom who wants an easy way to stay in touch with baby, the sound lights on either side of this receiver make it easier to “see” baby’s activity from wherever you might be. There’s also a built-in nightlight on the transmitter to help you see better when you’re peeking into the nursery. Plus you can set it to shut off automatically! Transmitter operates on AC current. Receivers operate on AC current or 3 AAA batteries, not included. 1. Two channels minimize interference for a crystal-clear connection! 2. Sound lights on both sides-“see” baby’s call from wherever you might be 3. Out-of-range indicator that beeps to signal you’re too far away 4. Low battery indicator 5. Receiver is AC-powered or battery-powered for portability (batteries not included) 6. Contemporary styling 7. Power light 8. Belt clip 9. Easy-to-use volume control 10. One-touch nightlight (also an auto-shutoff option) 11. Extra receiver for added convenience

Main features

  • Sounds and lights monitor from fisher-price has a fresh new apple-inspired design that looks great in any room
  • Features sound activated lights on both sides
  • Monitor has a night light with time out feature
  • 500′ range, 2 channels, and includes energy saving power cord, includes 2 monitors
  • Includes a convenient second receiver for another room in the house

Verified reviews


Monitor is just OK; A+++++ for Fisher Price Customer Service:)

We live in a 2000 square foot townhouse, and so I needed a monitor for when the babies were napping upstairs. I bought this one because I got overwhelmed by all the monitor choices, so I just picked the cheapest and what looked to be the simplest. We keep one reciever in our room, and one in the kitchen and haven’t had any reception issues like others have reported. Within a month, one of the recievers stopped working! How discouraging–1) I didn’t save the box or receipt; 2) now I have to get another monitor; 3) as the mother of newborn twins, like I have time for this……BUT, I contacted Fisher Price via email through their website and explained my problem. They sent me a friendly email within 24 hours asking for serial information on the product with no questions about where and when I bought it, no questions about the receipt, etc. We exchanged maybe 2 emails, taking a total of 20 minutes of my time. About 3 days later, I get a box that says “HOT WHEELS” on my door. I am wondering what it could be. I open it up and it’s a brand new receiver and base station, in the box!! (I obviously don’t need the base station, but we are storing it in case the first one breaks down.) I hook it up and it works perfectly. So I would advise people to not buy this if they are so concerned about hearing every little coo and giggle their baby makes. If you’re busy or have multiples and just need to know when a baby or babies have awaken from their nap, or when they’ve woke up in the morning, etc, then this is a good product. I especially love the red flashing light, because sometimes my husband and I turn off the monitor and when we see the red flashing light, we know that they are crying and can go in and help them without listening to the screaming. Above all else, keep your box and receipt for 6 months (yes a drag, but this is seriously one of the cheapest baby monitors out there, do you really expect it to hold up like the ones that cost 4x’s as much?) And if you DO have any problems, I think you’ll be very impressed with Fisher Price’s response and dealing with the problem. THey didn’t charge us for anything, not shipping or the product. What fantastic customer service. I might not buy another monitor from FP, but I definitely want to buy more of their toys and other products because I know how well they responded to fix a faulty part.

Natalie Imperial, NE

Perfect Monitor

I am a bargain shopper and this monitor is very economical but not cheaply made. It picks up sound very well and I love the soft little night-light it has on the base. Unless you feel you need a video monitor, this one is perfect.

Katina Apollo, PA

Horrible monitor!

I’ve had 3 other monitors, and this is by far the worst. And the others were even less expensive, so you can’t say it’s good for the price. There is always a loud static sound, no matter where you are, and the ‘out of range’ beeping is super annoying and went off when I was in the next room! How is that out of range? This monitor is definitely being returned asap.

Joanna Cambridge, NY

Quiet but quit working.

I got this set with only one receiver. I’ve had it for two months and it has quit working. It was really quiet, so I loved it! Sad, and have to find another.

Maryanne Travis Afb, CA

Static is not the monitors fault

For all the reviews complaining of static or signal issues when close enough to the base, that is due to your electrical issues in your home/apartment. Your outlets are probably not grounded properly. Try plugging in the microphone side, and put batteries into the receiver. The static will probably be gone. We live in an old apartment, and this is the problem we have. When we bring the monitors to the grandparents who live in a newly renovated home, the issue is gone, AND the monitors are further away. It’s unfortunate that these monitors have such a low review because they work well and are a good deal.The only reason I give it 4/5 stars is because while the receivers can be battery operated, the microphone piece you put in the child’s room cannot be. This would have been useful in several instances for us.

Meghan New Wilmington, PA

static, static, static

If all you want to hear is static, buy this monitor. Everything interferes with it. One of the worst baby products we’ve purchased

Lessie Warm Springs, AR

Horrible Static!

We had an earlier version of this monitor 4 years ago with our first child and it worked great for a few years. It finally started to die, so we got a Graco monitor to replace it. When we had our 3rd child we decided we needed a new monitor. We bought this one since we had had one before and liked it. This model was awful. We plugged it al in and it had so much static and interference that we didn’t even use it for a night. About 10 minutes was long enough to see that it was a piece of crap and had to be returned. Don’t waste your time.

Claire Hodges, SC

Static aside – Just STOPS working for no reason!

The static is pretty bad with this, but I could honestly live with that, it was working OK for about 2 months or so. Then around 2.5 months in one of the parent receivers just stopped working, no rhyme or reason, we barely even used the one that stopped working…Now 6.5 months in using this monitor the other parent receiver is slowly getting worse — more static and this annoying beeping for NO reason (we’re not even walking away with it and there’s nothing around to interfere with it!) it just decides to beep randomly out of the blue…I’ll be buying a new monitor this evening from Amazon, but will stay far away from this monitor again and don’t reccomend it at all…

Rosalie Allerton, IA