Fisher-Price Sweet Treats Gift Set

Fisher-Price Sweet Treats Gift Set

Something sweet for the sweetest baby around! Two rattles, a teether, and adorably yummy styling. They’re just the right size for little hands and little mouths. Includes three treat toys. The Cupcake Rattle is a sweet treat for baby, a rattle that looks like a yummy cupcake! Easy to grasp and shake, with a fun jingle sound and a link for go-anywhere fun. The Lollipop Rattle is easy to grasp and shake, with colorful swirls, moving beads, and a link for on-the-go. The Strawberry Teether is a soothing teether cleverly disguised as a chocolate-covered strawberry! Easy to grasp and hold, with a link for take-along fun.

Main features

  • Girl’s gift set that includes charming baby girl toys
  • Easy for baby to grab and hold on to
  • Includes a cupcake, lollipop and chocolate covered strawberry teether
  • Helps baby soothe sore gums while teething
  • An adorable gift set that’s sure to delight any baby girl

Verified reviews



My mom got these for my four month old daughter for Christmas. She is now eleven months old and still plays with them.Pros:1. Very cute and different-looking than typical toys.2. Great for hooking to an activity mat, car seat, stroller, or cart cover. They make great travel toys.3. Good priceCons:1. The teether is not very soft.2. The cupcake is very heavy! It’s better as a hanging toy, because it would be very painful and probably bruise if your baby hit himself with it while swinging it around.

Bianca Goshen, KY

Great toys for home and diaper bag

Other reviews said some items heavy well babies have to build muscle and grip my baby loves these a friend lent her one of her babies otherwise I would never have thought to buy them but all three items get handled and chewed my daughter is four months adjusted seven months by birth the adjusted age is age she should preform at bc born two pounds 26weeks gestational. She is not showing delays and it may be bc I challenge her daily with toys like these to keep her learning playing.

Chasity Vine Grove, KY


these are cute rattle toys they are very hard. the one is for teething i would only recommend that for older children it is also very hard.

Juliette Casselberry, FL

My 10 month loves them all especially lollypop one because of the solid pole that’s connected to lollypop it self unlike flexibl

They are much bigger and bulky but very cute. My 10 month loves them all especially lollypop one because of the solid pole that’s connected to lollypop it self unlike flexible handles on others like strawberry and cupcake. overall she loves them all and I’m going to keep them for my next one. might be too big and heavy for newborns but great for 6 month or upper babies.

Alexandria Montrose, GA

Cute but hard

These are cute but hard rattles and the cupcake one is pretty darn heavy. If baby swings this one too hard they could get a real lump on the head. Still, they’re adorable and my daughter beats the snot out of her exersaucer and other toys with these while chewing up a storm on them. They’re adorable and we get lots of compliments on them. We tend toward the soft rattles most of the time tho unless we’re sitting and playing with her — we don’t want to be explaining a black eye to the pediatrician!

Gwen Craigville, IN

Some of the cutest teething toys around.

What else can I say? These are cute!! The strawberry soft plastic teether, the lollipop is a rattle and the cupcake jingles. I get extended playtime out of the strawberry when I place it in the fridge. They are small and can fit into any diaper bag or purse. The clips make it easy to attach them to bags, car seats and strollers.

Angelina Iota, LA

Adorable, but too hard

These toys are absolutely adorable and have pretty designs and colors that appeal to babies, BUT the textures leave a lot to be desired. Though intended for infants, 2 of the 3 toys are made completely of hard plastic. Obviously babies put toys into their mouths, so rubber or softer plastic would be ideal and would provide a better surface for chewing/teething. Additionally, the cupcake toy is very hard and somewhat heavy for an infant such that if dropped on a baby’s face, it hurts! My 6-month-old daughter, playing with the toy while laying on her back, dropped it and hit her in the face and was hard enough to make her burst into tears and leave a red mark on her face for hours. So while the toys are cute, they’re not the most baby-friendly!

Pansy Hawthorne, NY


I originally put this on my registry but saw it on sale at Kohl’s and bought it. I’m looking forward to giving this set to my baby. The toys are quite large, but they are bright and very detailed. There is a set for boys too that is equally as cute. I think this would make a very nice gift!

Vilma Baskerville, VA

Perfect addition to activity mats for babies!

I got these to suppliment the toys to my daughter’s activity mat to offer more variety in her play. These toys are great! They are super durable and are just as cute in person. The strawberry has a tiny rattle is perfect for teething because the chocolate part is a bit softer than the rest of the toy and the lolipop is a cute and simple rattle. The cupcake my daugher’s favorite. It spins and has a cute chime to it and she loves to bat/swat at it.***I MUST NOTE THAT THE CUPCAKE IS HEAVY AND BEST PLAYED WITH AS A HANGING TOY. It’s heavier than you would anticipate and smaller babies can easily bonk themselves with it if allowed to play with it on it’s own. For the price of the set, this minor issue doesn’t deserve to lose a star for it, mainly because these type of toys are used for a few months before most babies move on to more interactive toys to play with. As with all things, use your common sense with your baby and your child should be fine.I purchased this set when my daughter was 3 months old and at 7months, she still plays with it regularly. I highly recommend purchasing this set. It’s the perfect addition to your child’s activity mat(if you don’t mind it not matching) and will offer your baby lots of stimulation for an affordable price.

Leslie Northfield, MA

Cute but not durable

My 10 month daughters ended up using these a lot at first. They loved to play with them and bang them on everything! Unfortunately only the strawberry toy has lasted this long. The other 2 have little beads in them and if you bang them hard enough they will pop open and those little beads will go everywhere for your little one to grab and try to eat. Please be very careful when your baby plays with these. Especially if they bang them around a lot on the floor, furniture, etc…they will come open and when you wash them see if water is getting inside. If so I would toss them in the trash.

Gretchen Gorham, NH