Fisher-Price Swing to High Chair, Mosaic

Fisher-Price Swing to High Chair, Mosaic

T2684 Features: -Great items that offers two uses in one product.-6 Speeds, 8 songs, sound effects, and two position recline.-Easily converts to a high chair where it has 3 height adjustments.-Swing Mode: Use from birth until child becomes active and attempts to climb out of the product, Weight Limit: 25 lbs..-High Chair Mode: Use upright position only with a child who has enough upper body control to sit up unassisted, Weight Limit: 50 lbs..-Requires 4 D batteries.-Nanotex spill resistant pad, dishwasher safe tray.-2 Reclines and wheels to move from place to place.-Folds for storage.

Main features

  • Swing to high chair is the only Fisher-Price item that offers two fully featured large baby gear items, in one great product
  • Swing features 6 speeds, 8 songs, sound effects, and two position recline
  • High chair has three height adjustments
  • Features nanotex spill resistant pad
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Lukewarm towards this product

I am not the biggest fan for a couple reasons.This is a bare minimum swing. It is not a cradle, so was not able to place him in it as a newborn, there was not enough head support and it was too inclined. The other thing is that with battery power, it doesnt have a good swing to it. I had to call customer service 3 times because it had barely any power. they told me i would have to give an initial push myself and from there, it could pick up the swing and keep it going.while the harness is nice as a newborn, its a little difficult when trying to wrestle a squirmy kid to get him in the highchair portion. I think this could have much better options such as seat incline/recline so that we can use it for newborns even better.The material is not comfy, as i understand it needs to be okay for highchair material too. The problem is, it should have inserts to make it more comfortable, possibly head support, body support, SOMETHING!overall, this product is better as a highchair then anything. my son thinks its fun when i push the seat up into the highchair position, but hates the harness and only used the swing about a month before he was completely over it. He uses my moms cradle swing and loves it and is easily able to fall asleep. this one, never fallen asleep in it.

Connie Jeffersonville, VT

Finally a swing he likes

My 4 month old son likes this swing better than the last 2 we had. It seems like most swings on the market right now are geared for babies who like to be really reclined. My son hates to be reclined and will do ok in this swing for abouut 15 to 20 mins. It was super easy to put together and other than not really “folding for easy storage” it serves its purpose.

Carly Cherokee, NC

Well worth the money!

I have been using this from day one almost every day. My son is about to turn six months old and I just changed the batteries. (Granted we didn’t use it for a few weeks because of travel and moving). I love that we don’t need to buy two separate items. You do have to plan ahead though. I tend to rock my baby to sleep and want to set him in the swing but realize I left it in the highchair position and have to convince someone to fix it for me or else try to keep my son sleeping in my arms while lowering it. Which IS possible with a little practice! 🙂 He enjoys the music and the night sounds. I have even had him sleeping in something else but used the music off of the chair. My only word of caution, as with any of the other swings, when they are very young, use receiving blankets or cushions intended to hold their head up. Our little one’s head would drop quite a bit while sleeping in the swing (for a while he would only sleep while swinging–had to break that habit), and we were once concerned that he was slightly cutting his airway off. Scared us quite a bit so we always used receiving blankets to keep his head in place the way a lot of people do in car seats until he had good head control and grew into the seat better. But this is the case for any swing he was in. This also cleans up really easily. My friends have seen this swing/chair and loved it too! .

Evangeline Dinero, TX

Great double use chair/swing

Great swing. Study high chair. Space saver. Easy to clean, easy to move, easy to change from swing to chair. It is a bit bulky for a small apartment but my son used it and abused it until he no longer fitted in it.

Gwen Tumbling Shoals, AR

Fisher Price Swing to High Chair Mosaic

Love it and the fact that I don’t have to own separately both a swing and a high chair makes this purchase even better the two in one is great it takes up less space and my son loves it especially when we turn on the music the only thing that could possibly make this better is if it vibrated to. But I guess I can’t have everything. Would definetely recommend this to a friend.

Constance Fries, VA

Wonderful Swing/High Chair

I love, love, love this swing. It is not super big. It works just like a full sized swing. It plays quite a few songs that aren’t super annoying. The swing has a faint click like most full sized swings but it is hardly noticable. I love the fact that it doubles as a high chair. When our son falls asleep while eating we just take off the tray and convert it into swing mode. We don’t have to move him at all. I use rechargable D batteries and have yet to change them and we use the swing every day. The swing is easy to assemble and cleans very easily. It is perfect for apartment living.

Lilian Saint David, AZ

It’s great and still used !

We really like this, we’ve used it both ways, it is nice to have the versatility. I would recommend .

Lois Fountain, MI