Fisher-Price Table Time Turtle Booster

Fisher-Price Table Time Turtle Booster

Need a boost? This adorable turtle pal has tall sides to support toddlers and make mealtime a ton of fun. Long straps and non skid feet keep the seat firmly in place so toddlers can come out of their shells around the table with the family and enjoy themselves.

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic
  • Imported
  • Fun turtle character booster
  • Contoured seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Non skid feet keep booster securely on dining chairs
  • 3 point restraint

Verified reviews


Good value, but avoid wooden chairs

We ordered this seat on Amazon for our 2-year-old son and he loves eating meals in his “turtle seat”. It’s a good value for the price, easy to install, and easy to wipe down. The downside is that it’s not adjustable and (like at least one of the other more recent reviews) it has scratched up the finish on our wooden chair, mainly right in the middle by the turtle’s head. Also, you need to take the seat off the chair to clean the crumbs that might be hiding underneath, but that’s not a big deal. Unfortunatley there’s nothing we can do about the damage to our chair, so when we purchase our next booster seat, we’ll look for something different or softer. For a plastic chair or one with a cushion, this would be a great seat.

Eileen Enoree, SC

Great Booster!

I spent a lot of time reviewing booster seats for my 20 month old son. I ended up purchasing this one and I am so happy with it. I was having a very difficult time finding a booster that would be small enough to be able to push the chair in so my son could sit at the table with the family. I have a very tall table that has a wooden skirt around the the edge, and tall chairs. There is only about 6.5 inches space between the seat of the chair and the skirt around the table. Because the way that the sides don’t start until about half way back on the booster, my son is able to be pushed in far enough to use the table. My son is 20 months and about 25 lbs and he fits in the booster very well and has plenty of room to grow in it.Pros:- Decent price- Small front (fits my table and there is not much space between the chair and table)- Cute. My son loves it!- Easy to clean (not very many nooks or crannies for food to get stuck)- The straps can be removed for washing- 3 point harness (my son is only 20 months old and will not stay in booster unless strapped in)- Harness straps can be removed for older kids- Has straps to keep it strapped to a chairCons:- Haven’t found any yet!Overall I am very pleased with this purchase! I would purchase it again and I will recommend it to my friends and family. (I uploaded 2 pics so you can see the product in use)

Lupe Dogue, VA

Big Hit!

The 2.5 year old took to this little guy instantaneously! He loved his high chair – and climbed into that thing proudly when it was time to eat. However, with baby brother being due TODAY, we knew we would have to get creative on how to get him out of that chair and into a “big boy chair.” This did the trick. It’s sturdy, and cute, and just the right boost. (He’s tall, and there’s plenty of room for his little butt in there.)The only thing I would wish for is a way to secure the loose straps. Maybe its the Army in me, but having dangling straps drives me nuts.

Bethany Glenside, PA

Good choice, fun for the kids, lots of strap options, and light enough for portability

At the ages this is going to be used any kind of fun factor in a product is a good thing. So being a turtle I thought was more than a gimmick but actually a very good idea. And I was right. Our daughter likes to sit on her turtle.There are also a lot of strap options for securing to the chair and for the little one. Which is nice to have. The other nice thing is it is pretty compact and light. Many booster seats at restaurants don’t have straps, so we bring this along, when we remember.The only trade-off is it might not give as much height as some other ones. But it does work for us. For the price, this should be near or at the top of your booster seat choices.

Veronica Conklin, NY

Perfect for a toddler

We bought this booster so our toddler can sit at the table with us. It boosts him up to the perfect level. We ended up taking the straps out because he’s old enough to climb in and out, and it works great without them. He also spilled an entire cup of juice in the seat and it just puddled in the seat and didn’t get onto the chair because it’s solid plastic without holes. I think this booster is very reasonably priced and super cute!

Pearlie Seaside, OR


Great price, great booster. My 18 month old son loves sitting at the table with us for meals, and this is so much easier to clean up than his highchair. Straps on tightly to our kitchen chair, is one piece of plastic that you can put in the sink or just wipe clean. I did place a cushion between the booster and the chair to prevent scratches as other reviews mention. This is exactly what we needed, for a great price. I learned my lesson in buying an expensive highchair (just don’t do it!) so the price on this really made me happy. The turtle face is cute too, and my son likes it!

Dolly Silver Spring, MD

Great chair!

My 18 month old was escaping from her high chair and wanted to sit in a big seat at the table. I thought she was a little young for a booster, but I got this anyway. I was looking for a bargain since it was an unplanned purchase. The other one I ordered had a shipping date of 4 weeks away, so I canceled and got this one. She really likes it! It buckles safely to the chair and has a good belt to keep her in. She enjoys sitting in it and never fusses like she did in her high chair. I can push the chair all the way in when she’s done, and it slips out of sight under the table.

Gracie Acosta, PA

Cute, sturdy, easy to clean

We bought this for our wiggly, rambunctious three year old son. (He will NOT stay at the table and refuses to sit in a high chair) He loves his "special seat" and so do we! The straps are nice to keep him in place. It is easy to secure the seat to a kitchen chair and since there are no crazy textures or other silly bells and whistles, it is really easy to clean.

Jillian Rochester, TX

Love this chair

I got this for my 18 month old daughter so she can join us at the table. We previously used a reclining space saver high chair for her but with a new baby arriving within the next few months, we wanted to transition her to a big girl booster. This tucks neatly under the table when not in use. I put a towel under the booster to keep it in place and protect the chair. She loves sitting in it and has plenty of room to grow. I like that it has buckles to keep her from climbing out. It’s also compact enough to travel with easily. Would certainly buy again!Just purchased a second one of these chairs. We traveled for Thanksgiving and forgot the booster at my parents’ house. Rather than have them send it back, we ordered another. My two sisters, who both have toddlers raved about the booster and how much more portable and compact it was than either of theirs. I know both seats will continue to get a lot of use!

Iva Nashport, OH

No frills but HATE the sticker

Purchased this because we needed something with straps which would work with our upholstered kitchen chairs. No bells or whistles. My ONLY gripe (which actually made me take away a star) is the "features" sticker on the back. I removed it and have been scrubbing trying to get the goo off with no luck. Perfect height for my 20 month old.

Yolanda Jackson, GA

best seat!

This booster seat is awesome!! My daughter has been using it since she was 1.5 and is now 3 and is still in it and loves it! It fastens to the chair nicely and tightly and is just great all around. Very easy to clean!

Christine Kent, AL

More like 3.5 stars

For a universal product this is pretty good. The strap barely fit our larger chairs but they hold it firmly in place. We are happy we got it and the only gripe we have is that there are little "feet" under it which are NOT soft surface friendly. We are going to have to get a tray or mat to put under it or it will destroy the fabric on the chair. If your chairs are hard surface this would be perfect.

Freida Kirkville, NY

Perfect Everyday Booster

Easy to clean, no nooks and crannies or excessive parts. Two straps, one under, one behind secures it well to the dining chair. This is a perfect simple booster!

Jodie Lafayette, AL


You really can’t beat the price for this product! It is simple, but serves its function 100%. There are some loose straps that I ‘tied up’ with some rubber bands for the sake of just looking nice. Otherwise no complaints. Just trying to transition the tot to the table which is easier said than done!

Chandra Mount Morris, IL

good chair

This booster is easy to install on any chair & the straps are easy to adjust. My Mother bought a different one for my daughter to use at her house & we couldn’t figure out the straps. This one is way better. My daughter loves the turtle design & it’s easy to clean.

Stefanie Jarrell, TX


I got this for my son, we have a new baby so his high chair had to go to someone else. He loves it and feels like a big boy when he uses it. East to clean and easy to install.

Candice Darrow, LA

Great seat to give my son a little boost at …

Great seat to give my son a little boost at the dinner table. He loves that it’s a turtle. The boost is pretty small, I thought it would put him up a little higher, but it still works great.

Angie Silverwood, MI

Great chair!

We bought this chair to use instead of our large highchair. It is compact and fits nicely on a chair. My almost 2 year old who is on the small side is able to reach the table easily. It is easy to clean as well.

Michaela Elmore, MN

Best toddler booster we’ve had

This is by far the best booster we bought for our 2 year old … It straps very tightly to the chair, is easy to clean and allows us to push our chair "almost" all the way in ( the way our table is designed it has been hard to find one that slides all the way under). We love this one so much we might get a second for travel, grandparents house….just love it.

Cassie Houston, MS

It works

Nothing wrong with this. Worked as specified. Holds tight to the chair. Good seat belt. Only issue is nothing to do with the design and all to do with my son. He likes to be able to get into the seat himself and that isn’t possible with a device like this. It was very reasonably priced and I was quite surprised at the value for money for this booster. Unfortunately, it isn’t getting much use. Not Fisher-Prices fault!

Marisol Roswell, NM

Great seat for a great price!

I LOVE this booster seat. I read the reviews and I had high hopes when I placed my order. I was not disappointed….this is an awesome little seat. It was very easy to hook onto our chair, just a couple clicks and it was securely on. Best of all, our 19 month old LOVES it. He had outgrown his high chair and it was hard to get him to sit in it for mealtime. He wanted to be at the table with his mom and dad. He now asks to get up in his "seat" during meal times. I love that this is compact and will be easy to travel with when we go to Grandma’s house for dinner. I like that it buckles him in so I know he will not lean over and tip out of the seat by accident.Plus, the price is right on this seat. Some booster seats that had comparable reviews were up to $40. I didn’t want to spend that much on a seat. This is a great product. I’ll be recommending it to friends whose toddlers are ready to sit at the table with the rest of the family.

Bridgette Aredale, IA

Easily portable and affordable.

I am not a fan of restuarant high chairs that every kid slobbers, sneezes, barfs, and wipes their food on. I wanted a booster seat that was lightweight enough, and not bulky that when my family and I decide to go out to eat for dinner, we can just grab this and GO. It’s perfect! There is a strap that goes underneath the seat of the chair it sits in, and around the back of the chair, so this seat won’t fall out of the chair, and of course the straps to seatbelt your little cutie in safely. I use the strap that would go under the seat of the chair as “purse strap” of sorts, and just carry this thing on my back into the restuarant. We always receive compliments about how cute it is, and reassurance of what I already felt, that this is much more sanitary for your child than the provided high chairs. I just simply wipe it off when we get home with wetwipes or hot soap and water, and I’m a-ok with it. My son has been using this since he was able to sit up independently. He is one year old now, and there is plenty of room to grow with it. We also take it with us when we are visiting friends or family who don’t have high chairs or appropriate eating areas for little kids at their homes. It has been so helpful when an Aunt of mine fills in the gaps for babysitting duties when both sets of grandparents are unavailable, because my Aunt has no grandchildren of her own, therefore no baby stuff. We just take this to her house, and BAM, she is able to feed him with complete ease. For the price and simplicity of this product, I highly recommend it!

Dianna Springfield, VA

super cute and safe!

We got this booster seat for our nephew who comes to our house a few days a week. I needed something small that i could put away when he wasnt here but something that was safe.This booster seat was perfect for us! It buckles to the chair so it cant fall off when a child is in it, and it has a seat belt for the the kid cant fall off! You can take the entire thing and hose it down in the sink if you need to clean up after a messy eater! Plus its super cute!We put our 3 month old in it for a few minutes to see if she fit, and if you tighten the straps she does! We will get a ton of use out of this seat!

Mercedes Glenview, KY

Great seat!

Great little booster seat! We bought to take on vacation and grandparents houses. Son loves it and should be able to use it for quite a while.

Ashley Hampton Bays, NY

The Turtle Booster is the Best

My 18 month old daughter loves this. It safely fastens to your kitchen chair, it is very easy to set-up and use. My daughter likes to put herself in the chair and even tries to buckle herself in. It makes her feel like a big girl to sit at the table with us, the turtle booster is a cute and safe way to add that extra bit of height to the kitchen table.

Lauri Gila Bend, AZ

Way better than the others we have tried.

Safe, comfy, easy to install, easy to clean, and super cute. My child loves this big kid seat. 🙂 I love it too.

Letha Atlantic, IA

Baby girl loves it!

She was sitting in it as soon as I took it out of the box. It works well and is very securely attached to the kitchen chair via two straps that have a lot of length for adaptability.

Anastasia Cresskill, NJ

Works great, seems comfortable for my little guy

I had a booster without a strap which was working fine, until my 2 year decided to keep standing up and turning around. I was afraid he’d hate being strapped but, but he hasn’t minded and so glad I bought a second booster, especially at this price.

Janice Live Oak, CA

It is so cute and useful!

All I can say is this is a great product when we use it at restaurants since Feb 2011. The chair booster is so cute and attractive. The booster is not too big to take in to go eat at all. It has a wrap around strap buckle for chair and a under wrap around buckle for under the chair and a mini buckle for your child safety. love it!

Ester Higganum, CT

AMAZING.. Just what we needed!

We were using a restuarant style high chair in my house. My little one was able to climb on to the table. This was the answer we were looking for. My little one loves it and even asks to me buckled in. I am so happy we found this on Amazon. Great price. Not cheaply made. My little one loves the turtle.

Rocio Dysart, IA