Fisher-price Tote ‘n Glow Soother, Elephant

Fisher-price Tote ‘n Glow Soother, Elephant

An adorable pal to help soothe baby at home or on-the-go! This sweet little elephant keeps baby company and provides a sense of security and comfort at bedtime. Soothing music, white noise and glowing colors add to the calm. Three modes let you mix and match music, sounds, and light to baby’s preference. Hang it on the doorknob of baby’s nursery as a nightlight, or carry it on-the-go! It’s just the right size for use at home or away.

Main features

  • Up to 30 minutes of white noise, lights & music
  • Nightlight soother provides a sense of security at bedtime
  • 3 Modes: Music only; Music & lights; Lights only
  • Convenient carry handle – hang it on the door or take it on-the-go
  • Helps stimulate baby’s senses of hearing and sight

Verified reviews


neat toy but…

This toy isn’t a very good night light or noise maker since it only lasts for 30 minutes. It is a neat little toy for the little one to play with but not useful for much else and there are better toys out there for the price.

Ruthie Chancellor, AL

I Always Trust Fisher Price For Quality

Oh, I just love this sweet baby elephant that lights up in soothing blue, green, red, lavender etc. A very gentle array of tunes play to soothe baby to sleep as well as increase his/her auditory skills. A firm handle keeps this alight on a crib, bassinet, or door handle in the room. Not large so easy to bring along on trips. The elephant is white, with a red ear, pink cheek and eye of black. The base is green with a purple butterfly button that you press for music and lights. Music and white noise are guaranteed to play for 30 minutes so baby can listen without having the stopping jarring him/her from falling off to sleep.Lovely product, sturdily built, that adds balance to baby’s and Mom/Dad’s world.

Luella South Heights, PA

Not so interesting

To my four month old granddaughter. Perhaps this will be more fun for her when she’s older and can push the button, rattle, and tote the device.Update: Granddaughter is now 14 months and absolutely loves this little elephant! Would change to 5 star review.

Jean Lexington, AL

Just lovely

Our little one loves this. Although it’s too big for her to carry or she’s a little too small/young to tote it, she still loves it. We love the range of colors it cycles through and it is bright enough to use as a gentle night light when needed. Not too bright and enough to shine for illumination.

Olga Manhattan Beach, CA

Soft and warm

This is very bright and the music is soft and warm, and the colors that this produuces are very soothing and pleasant. Its comforting white noise if nothing else, and helps to be a calming force.

Theresa Duvall, WA

its a nice toy

I got it to go on a road trip, the car noise over powered the white noise… and its basically only light soothing for its quiet.

Geraldine Chardon, OH


This is really adorable. It offers the option of either music or white noise accompanied with, or without, a soothing light show. I wish the volume was just a tad louder to help block out the sounds of my very noisy household. The elephant design is super cute and seems to be really in at the moment. It is kind of heavy and awkward for infants to touch or play with, but I’m sure a toddler would love to carry it around or set it by their bed at nap time. I’ll keep it on my guy’s dresser for now. This would make a great shower gift or an accessory in any elephant themed nursery.

Allyson Mc Coy, CO

Very Nice – Soft Lights and Gentle Sounds

Convenient size, pleasant sound and soft lights on this “soother.” Seems to be a fine smaller version of this type of crib attachment.

Earlene East Arlington, VT

Sooo Soothing!!!

I love this tote n glow. It really is so soothing. Almost put ME to sleep! It has several different songs that it plays. And all of them are incredibly soothing. Sure to put your baby in a great mood and hopefully to sleep! 🙂

Marla Salinas, CA

Like this product

My granddaughter loves this – soft light – perfect for sleeping.

Katherine Sunray, TX

Sounds are lovely, but this is almost too entertaining to be a sleeptime soother

I’m starting to sleep train my daughter and was informed white noise is useful. So I figured this might be a nice bit to use before actually getting a white noise machine. I like the variety of music and white noise, but there seems to be almost too much going on with this toy. Is it really as soothing as it claims? As long as my daughter can’t actually see the brightly colored elephant and the toys, it’s fine. But she catches a look at it, and it becomes distracting. I rather wish the rings had been left off and softer colors used. Back to the white noise… is this really white noise or just static? It does not seem to be as sound blocking as other white noise makers I’ve heard. The lullabies are fine and white noise is soothing enough, but this almost seems to be a glorified happy-fun-playtime noisemaker.

Irma Folsom, CA

Great toy

My toddlers loved this toy. In fact, they actually want it in their bed with them which did initially detract them from sleeping right away.I like the music and lights. Its nice that you can only set it for music or lights and music.The only thing I had wished was that it was a hard toy. It would have been nice has a cuddle type of toy. The handle is great though for the kids to cart around.

Lorie Gordonsville, TN

Welcome to the Land of Hyper-Snooze

Our newborn son seems to respond well to this – meaning, that it does often have the desired effect of lulling and soothing him to the land of hyper-snooze. I say “often” as it isnt fail proof, thus reducing my rating one full star. Unreasonable, you say? Forget the “Pink Elephants”, I am so tired I am only seeing this mocking white one. And for anyone that has (or has had) a baby will tell you, anything that helps in getting your baby to sleep is worth it’s weight in GOLD. Even if it is for a few minutes and comes delivered in the shape of a little white mocking plastic elephant…

Josephine Ruskin, NE

Charming Toy

I think that soother is probably an accurate name for this. The toy gradually changes colors from blue, green, red, and purple. It also makes charming music. I haven’t actually given it to a baby just yet, but it is quite soothing.One note of precaution, though. This thing is pretty heavy. It’s not really a hands on toy for a baby. If your baby gets ahold of it, he or she might be able to do something non-optimal, like drop it on their face or something, and bad times would ensue. Normal parenting precautions (use your brain, watch your baby when they’re playing with it, etc.) apply here.

Concepcion Pittsford, NY

Surprising what a nice toy!

We picked up one of these for our 18 month old daughter. We’d previously been using a CD player to play some baby CDs at bedtime. This toy has pretty much replaced it, and the night light we had in the room. When we turned it on, my daughter was pretty excited, and, during the day, is often seen carrying it around listening to the music and sounds it has. We recently took a trip and left the kids with their grandparents. Since this was so easy to bring, we threw it in the bag, and our daughter has the elephant for bedtime. Worked great, and helped her fall asleep just like she was at home.Overall, a pretty solid product. Fisher Price always does well though. The quality is there, it works, and we don’t expect it to break anytime soon. The price is pretty reasonable, especially for the quality and the help it provides young ones at night. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Sadie Alvordton, OH

Very Nice!

I was surprised at how nice this cute elephant is. We have a new grandchild and put this next to him. He was fascinated with the colors and the music (we like to have him listen to classical music). It even seemed to put him to sleep sooner – but this might have been our imagination.A very nice idea for a newborn child. You and your child will enjoy it!

Ingrid Detroit, OR

I love this music- sure to be a favorite

Very gentle, soft, and soothing music and slow gently changing lights. Good for any nap-age child as a relaxant and cover for household noises during nap time. I was very surprised at how nice the music is, not like your usual hash electronic music and the lights are soft and slowly change color. Come to think of it I may use it during my next nap!

Bettie Twining, MI

Sweet soothing music

This is so cute! The idea is to soothe your baby to sleep with lights, music and white noise. you can have the music only, or with music and lights, or the lights only.There is a little circular handle where you can tote it around, or hold on the door knob, or crib. You can choose from a variety of colors for the night light, and baby can even press it to change colors.There is also a lot of different nature sounds, and music and white noise, for different combinations. It takes batteries, which are included. I wish there was the option of plugging it into the wall. The music is very soft and sweet like a true lullabye.

Kaitlyn Sumterville, FL

Soft music, lots of unique options, pleasantly surprised

Most of these kinds of toys have obnoxious digital music.This one is soft & pleasant, and mostly classical music (as opposed to every other toy on the planet which does “Twinkle Twinkle”, etc).It’s super cute & durable. Has settings for lights on or off, and what color lights. I would suspect this is soothing to a child.The handle is great for hanging, or small child to carry around.As an end-user, I would suggest against using things like this too much – it’s best for children to learn to sleep in quiet (no lights, no sounds). But this is still great for winding down, fussy moments, or general play time.

Gwendolyn Dresden, NY

Glowing review!

My little guy loves his tote n glow elephant, I love the variety that it offers. It has three musical options, which is fantastic for nights I am positive that listening to the same three lullabies will be my undoing. White noise, classical, and lullabies all soothing and sweet with great sound. The light is very attention capturing for my son as it slowly switches from color to color. I also like the all of the other options, volume high or low, and that it can be just music or just lights.The carrying loop also fits over a door knob, but the base is solid so it will also stand on a table, which gives options for where it’s easiest to get to. Since at a year he’s too little to really carry it around the play beads on it keep him entertained, when he’s not pressing the butterfly button.Speaking of the butterfly button, this is my only complaint, when you press the butterfly it switches the song. Guess who likes to press the button, over and over and over…. yes, when he gets older it won’t be a problem, but for a smaller baby who just likes fiddling with things this could be annoying. However, it’s not a deal breaker since overall this little elephant is fantastic.

Kerry Athol, NY

So Cute, But be Careful

This is adorable and my son loves it. The music last for 30 minutes or more, but the light display for only a few minutes. This is a heavy item and my son has definitely bumped himself with it a few times while picking it up. If you’re concerned, just don’t leave it within baby’s reach. My little guy has already figured out how to turn this on and will often play with this upon awaking in the morning.

Amy Tullos, LA

A colorful soother for your little one…

This Fisher Price Tote n Go Soother Elephant design is a fun, colorful toy for you little one. It comes with a handle making it easy to take on the go. It would be a great alternative for travel or the grandparents house. You can choose from music, lights or both. It has mute but vibrant colors and pleasant music that are great for young children. It is both visual and auditory stimulation which is great for infant development. Older babies can carry this along with them like a toy while younger ones can lay and admire it and listen to the music and watch the colors. No one thing works to calm every baby but this is definitely worth a try. It is a great product that you would expect from a company like Fisher Price. Its definitely worth a shot for less than $20. It might just be a life saver.

Sharon Northfield, OH

For new baby due soon

This met the approval of my 2 and 4 yo grandchildren for their new baby. The lights and sounds are very soothing. FP quality as usual.

Diann Orange Springs, FL

Awesome toy

I LOVE this elephant! It always goes on vacation with us. I like that you can use it with or without music. The lights change colors and the music is very soothing. My baby uses it every night at bed time. I absolutely love this toy! I use it as a nightlight to peek at my daughter while she is sleeping too!

Freida Temple, TX

A nice addition to my little one’s toy collection.

The soothing Elephant provides exactly what is offered, no more no less. While it is supposed to be a soother, our 10 month baby uses it more as a toy to play with. The main idea behind this is that the classical music included as well as the glowing colors in it help calm the baby or keep him company in his sleep. We have tried using this for that purpose and unfortunately what it does is that it draws his attention instead of helping him sleep. Perhaps this product is not ideal for a 10 month old baby?Regardless, the elephant is very well made, hard plastic that will resist being dropped by the baby (which is bound to happen) It is definitely not light and may be a little heavy for a newborn, an older baby should not have any problems.You can play music, music and lights or lights only. Overall a great product and very nice looking, does it work as a soother? Not with my baby but perhaps with yours. As a parent, you know it is really up to the kid how these type of toys will end up being used. Overall, a nice addition to my little one’s toy collection.

Noreen Hummels Wharf, PA

a pleasant take along or night time friend

We really like the sounds and night light capabilities of this elephant and it makes the perfect thing to take along wherever you go to help sooth baby to sleep. The songs and white noise are very pleasant and calming and it has three different modes: Music only, Music and lights, Lights only. The lights are soft and change colors – perfect to capture baby’s attention or use as a night light. This is also great because it can either sit on a dresser, hang on a door knob or stroller or be held by baby/toddlers.

Mary Cape Elizabeth, ME

Better than most we’ve used

My initial review for this item was merely “meh” based on the fact that functionally this is just another toy to distract or soothe a baby. So what? Some had said it was perhaps too colorful and thus distracting to babies falling asleep. Your mileage may vary as far as that’s concerned.After months of use I’ve deleted my entire initial review. We’ve used a number of things, from a small swing to to this Fisher Price Soother, that play music for our baby. Of them all this is the only one that is close to sounding like real music. All the others have sounded cheap and tinny. And annoying. There are are only so many times you can hear a 30 second clip of monotone tin sounding baby music before it drives you nuts. What’s best for the baby? I honestly don’t know. I would think music that is a little bit more complex, a little more real sounding would be best. And that’s what the Fisher Price soother is.No, this not a miracle worker. We didn’t see a night and day difference in how our baby responded to this versus something else. But we like this. It sounds good to us. We easily exist in the same room when this is running because it is what it says it is: soothing. And it’s worked more often than not in soothing our baby.So this is no longer a meh review. Definitely recommend.

Randi California, KY

This toy does a lot

It is a little bigger than I anticipated, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I love that it can hang from a doorknob or elsewhere, that the light has a timer as well as the music and white noise or nature sounds. There are some rings to chew on which is a nice bonus. Easy to use for little ones. Fun toy that grows with your baby!

Alfreda Huntertown, IN

No complaints here at all

Our daughter just turned one and we’ve been letting her sleep with this elephant soother in her crib for the past few weeks. Admittedly, we were skeptical that she’d take to it, but so far, it has worked out well. It’s solidly constructed and can take a bit of punishment which is great for older infants, but for younger ones, I’d probably be a little more cautious about letting them have it in their crib all night as it could be too disruptive.On evenings when she is a little cranky, our daughter has settled down with the Tote ‘n Glow soother quite happily and it occupies her enough to keep her distracted and eventually falling asleep. I guess a lot will depend on your child and their age and their temperament. For younger ones, perhaps hanging it on a door will suffice.The music is soft enough and relatively soothing, and there are plenty of options to let it run with or without lights/music, etc. Love the different colors it emits, too. Overall, it’s a well-made, quality product that has managed to perform better than expected.

Janna Hawthorne, NJ

A Traveling Carnival

Along with his blankie, the toddler in our family loves Fisher-Price’s adorable Tote ‘n Glow elephant, which his parents like because it’s compact and easy to pack when they travel. The elephant, who’s cute but not gaudy, produces a variety of music and sounds, so that families can experiment and see just what effects work best to coax their little one to dreamland.Be aware that some children may find some of the noises too stimulating for naptime and bedtime. I recommend this for children three months and up, not newborns.

Michael Roy, UT