Fisher-Price Twirlin’ Whirlin’ Entertainer

Fisher-Price Twirlin’ Whirlin’ Entertainer

The Twirlin’ Whirlin’ Entertainer is the newest and most entertaining place for interactive fun while physically moving. Baby is surrounded by 360 degrees of play that is magically motorized by baby or mom. In front is a character merry-go-round to spin that starts a apple tree ferris wheel turning and a squirrel and bunny playing pop-up hide-and-seek, all with fun music and sounds. For gross motor activities there’s a ‘pond’ with a twirling scene and a hopping frog, along with a bat-at bead bar and extra big fun roller ball. For sights and sounds, a cute dog house has little lighted birdies on top and a cat and dog playing to tunes. Plus there’s a little toy car for baby to push back and forth that rewards with cute sounds like ‘vroom, vroom’. So many activities all come to life in both a baby activated mode or a mom mode. Fun songs and sounds keep baby entertained and a comfy seat in soft fabric provides good support yet freedom for little legs to push baby round and round. 3 height adjustments let mom customize it for baby. The seat is machine washable and the legs are removable for storage. All this on a hardy, stable base make for hours of great fun.

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic
  • 360 degrees of movement for baby to play
  • Baby can spin the ferris wheel or merry-go-round for music and sounds
  • Bat-at bead bar and extra big roller bar for gross motor activities
  • Toy car that baby can push rewards with sound effects
  • Many more activities, plus a machine washable base make this a great choice for any mom or dad

Verified reviews


Not the best

This was pretty easy to set up and I like that the bottom is sturdy and doesn’t wobble around like some exersaucers with a rounded bottom. However, I do have a few complaints. The parts on this activity center move VERY fast when they are turned on — a little overstimulating, even to me. I can’t imagine what a baby is thinking. I’m not sure if the leg holes are smaller than other activity centers or up higher, but we’re on the lowest setting and my 7 month old can’t reach the ground and he can in other exersaucers. This makes it impossible to turn “360” and see all the things to play with. It serves it’s purpose. It keeps him occupied for 20 minutes or so while I make lunch or dinner, but I’m not really impressed.

Gail Standard, IL

Nice entertainer….

This is a pretty nice entertainer but my son got bored with pretty fast. It had about a good months use. It would be great if these entertainers had interchangeable toys that you can replace them when the kids get bored. We ended up purchasing another one and we just swap them every week or so so my son doesn’t get bored. The toys don’t eat up the batteries either with is cool. I hate having to replace the batteries since it is a task in itself. Overall it is a nice entertainer that my son likes but can get boring. Once they start crawling or so they don’t care about these toys anymore.

Lea Fort Lyon, CO

Fisher Price spin-aroo

One thing to keep in mind when reviewing baby toys is that babies are people too – just because your kid doesn’t like legos doesn’t mean legos are bad toys. The same thing goes for exersaucer type toys. **Not every baby likes them** but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a good product. My past three kids have LOVED our exersaucer, but our current baby isn’t a huge fan. He was an early crawler and it’s just too static for him.I wasn’t sure what he would think of the Spin-Aroo but he definitely plays more with it than he did with the exersaucer. I think he likes that it doesn’t rock (the exersaucer has a curved bottom, you can pull these things out to make it static but they don’t work well), has more toys and the toys are more dynamic (do cooler things when you play with them). Because it doesn’t tilt or rock, it’s also easier for older babies to play with from the outside, which is important in terms of getting your money’s worth.The assembly was as simple as it could be and was intuitive. I did find it easier to detach the legs (the leg separates into a smaller section and a larger section, which is great for storage) while I was putting it together.The other thing I noticed is that the seat isn’t super roomy on the inside. My son is on the bigger side and he fits, but it seems like if he had much more of a belly on him it would be snug. I think that part could have been better designed, but overall I like it a lot. Not every baby will love it, but if your baby likes this type of toy it is a quality product and a definite upgrade from the Exersaucer.

Belinda Hooven, OH

Just ok- we preferred the Fisher Price Jumparoo

This is our 3rd entertainer type toy. We own the rainforest jumparoo, evenflo’s bumble bee exersaucer, and now the Spin-Aroo. The Spin-Aroo is definitely the less entertaining of the three. My son loved everything about his jumparoo, never got tired of the toys, etc. We got much more bang for our buck there. The set up for the Spin-Aroo took minutes, it was very easy! Just a few screws to tighten. 3 D batteries seem a bit excessive, especially since the toys don’t really do that much. The little cow spins around, and there is a little ferris wheel part that spins. He was interested in it for about 5 minutes and then moved on. I found that the seat was a little snugger than the jumparoo. My guy was right at 10 months and walking when we received this, so I would say that he had already passed the age level for this toy. This would be great for your 4-5 month old that may not be steady enough for the jumparoo yet. Height wise and weight wise my son fits just fine, he just isn’t impressed by it. There is a volume adjustment on this, the music is nice and not annoying as many toys can be. If you are in the market for one of these, I would go for the jumparoo. This isn’t a bad toy, I think there are just better ones out there.

Dale Fort Irwin, CA

There are way better ones out there

We bought this for our baby when she was about 4 months old. She is on the smaller side, but we thought she’d fit on the smallest height. WRONG! This is very tall, and now at 11 months she is still on the shortest setting. The toys were fun for a while, but poor design allows for a baby to hold the toys in place while the motor continues to run and spin the toys. This causes the motors to struggle and burn out or quickly burn through batteries. The toys barely spin now because of this, it does still play the songs and sounds, though. It seems like a toy that is designed for a baby should be able to handle a baby playing with it. I would think they should be able to grab at the toys without them breaking something. I guess the toys didn’t break, but they sure don’t work right anymore. She really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, either.I would try something that doesn’t need batteries, has more height options, and allows baby to JUMP! Our daughter much preferred the one at daycare where she can bounce.

Esther Lake Arthur, NM

Colourful zone

Once assembled, the Spinaroo is a great center for the kid or in reality the kid is the center of it all. The seat with the wheels makes it very convenient to move the baby around, so the baby can give his/her attention to all the toys. Most toys have very intuitive rotary, scroll, slide motions that you dont have to teach your child to perform. Put them in there and you will be surprised to find them on their own.The height is adjustable.I have Cheerleadered my baby to pull the string on another toy that produces music. That is a feat.The feat part with this toy is acquiring batteries that dont seem to be that common. Assembly is sometimes cofusing but that could be me trying to touch the nose, going around the head.

Tanya Deferiet, NY

Lots of automation, little interaction

This is the third activity center our 10-month-old has been exposed to. Overall, we feel pretty neutral about it, and our baby seems neutral as well.Pros:Can set it so the sound and movement do not need to be activated by your baby.Some of the concepts are cute: dog chasing cat makes little barking and meowing sounds, frog makes little splashing sound.Fairly easy to assemble.Little bowl area for treats is handy.Cons:Several of the toys aren’t really interactive, they just spin. And when they spin, they spin ridiculously fast with a huge amount of noise. When the activity center is first turned on, everything will start going at once, and with all that spinning, it feels overwhelming.With the spinning toys, our baby just ends up trying to stop the toys from spinning (which is funny to watch, but he seems more puzzled than entertained).Not as much as variety as other activity centers have.The apple teether is so heavy it just hangs limply to the side.If your baby isn’t really that into bells or toys he has to move around himself and needs a little more automation to capture his attention, this might be great for you. For most others, there are better activity centers for a comparable price or less.

Ellen Webb, AL

Probably not the best seat for your money.

I have two young children, and both have used the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, so that is what I am comparing this product to.Setup is easy for both seats. However, the Twirlin’ seat requires tools, while the Jumperoo doesn’t–a bit of an annoyance. The Twirlin’ seat also looks a good deal more clunky with the big plastic legs.With that said, though, it has a TON of stuff to play with up top. Given that my 8-month old daughter is more interactive than active, this works for her. She loves touching and moving all the objects. Even though I expected her to be as terrified of the motorized spinning animals as I was (they move incredibly fast and they are loud), she seemed fine with it. (FYI, all she has to do is put her hand out and touch the moving animals and they stop and play a song.)If I had to choose my favorite between these two products, I would still go with the Jumperoo. Even though my daughter, as I already said, doesn’t care as much about moving and seems content to just sit and soak up the entertainment, my son (now two) is, and was, always on the move. He would have definitely missed the Jumperoo’s bouncy seat. Aesthetically, I prefer the Jumperoo. And the fact that the Twirlin’ seat is ten bucks more doesn’t work in its favor. If the price point on this item came down, it would be more of a toss up, but, as it is, I’d probably go for the Jumperoo.

Nita Bedford Park, IL

Pricey Fun

This activity center/saucer is a whole lot of fun for babies/toddlers. They can turn 360 degrees, there are all kinds of animals, moving parts, noises, things to move and jiggle and so on and so on. There are a lot of things for them to figure out and learn, which is great for development and will keep them occupied for a good while. The seat is also washable which is useful since these things can get filthy. The Spin-Aroo is very easy to assemble and just as easy to fold down and out of the way.BUT…the box said this activity center was good for 6 months and up, and I think that at 6 months, most babies won’t be able to use many features without assistance from an adult – which defeats the purpose of keeping them occupied so that you can do something else. The Spin-Aroo also has quite a high price tag. Toys can be hit or miss depending on the child, so I am always wary of paying so much.P.S. Don’t forget to grab batteries – they are not included.

Virgie Springdale, PA

A Disappointment…

I got this entertainer for my 7 month old niece. My own son had the Rainforest Jumperoo as a baby and LOVED it, so when I saw this I figured it would be somewhat similar. Not at all.Set up for this was easy enough, just a few screws, but there wasn’t much that kept her entertained. The animals spin VERY fast and scared her at first, but she seemed to get used to them (they are LOUD though, my sister has complained about…a lot). Mainly, there’s just a lot of spinning and back and fourth with this toy, and that only keeps children entertained for so long. After about 10 minutes she was starting to grumble and wanted out. I remember my son could spend a good 45 minutes in his Rainforest Jumper, multiple times a day, bouncing his little heart out!If you’re torn between this and the Rainforest Jumperoo, I would definitely go with the Rainforest. Not only is it fifteen bucks cheaper (at the time of this review) but there’s a lot more that keeps them entertained. Plus that one folds in half when not in use, taking up less space. If this toy was about thirty five dollars cheaper, it wouldn’t be bad, but the price they’re charging is just NOT worth the limited use you’re going to get out of it.

Dorothea Charlton Depot, MA



Jennie Redford, TX