Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing

Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing

Bring baby a sense of comfort with the motion he enjoys most whether it’s rocking side to side or front to back. Surround him in softness soft fabrics, a variety of soft music and the soft gentle motion of the toys on the mobile. For you, the function is two fold, because the plush seat of this cradle swing is removable, with wood handles that let you take baby from room to room. Whatever room you and baby end up in, the cradle swing’s rich textures, earthy colors and beautiful wood accents will help create harmony in your home. Additional features include three point restraint, two position recline and machine washable seat pad, pillow and attached blankets. The Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing requires 4 D batteries, or use the plug in option to save on batteries.

Main features

  • Part of the new high end exclusive Zen Collection for Baby, sophisticated look has upscale materials
  • Features a seat that rotates 90 degrees to provide side to side cradle motion
  • Features two sound effect sound tracks and fourteen songs in a unique Zen
  • Beautiful accents and fabric design
  • Uniquely designed mobile with three fun patterned characters that moves gently and freely on their own to soothe
  • Part of the new high end exclusive Zen Collection for Baby, sophisticated look has upscale materials and all the must have features moms look for
  • Features a seat that rotates 90 degrees to provide side to side cradle motion or front to back swing motion together with a range of speeds
  • Features two sound effect sound tracks and fourteen songs in a unique Zen like orchestration six lullabies and eight entertaining musical tracks
  • Uniquely designed mobile with three fun patterned characters that moves gently and freely on their own to soothe and captivate baby

Verified reviews


Originally Disappointed; It’s Worth 4 Stars Now

I was severely disappointed in this swing at first, but after a few fixes, it’s much better. I’ve included my original review with updates:1. The seat base has a strap that isn’t shown in the instruction diagrams, so you don’t know whether that is the front or the back of the seat base . . . until you’ve already attached it to the swing base and are putting the rest of it together. Then, you find out that strap goes in the back (this will make sense when you put it together – put the strap in the back). Not a big deal, except that I’ve already attached it to the swing base, and it turns out the huge orange Warnings are now at the front of my once-beautiful, most-expensive-on-the-market swing . . . and once you click these pieces together, IT’S PERMANENT, so I can’t turn it around. I don’t even know why screws are included, because even after I removed them, this sucker doesn’t come apart. So I can’t put the huge orange Warnings facing the back (I only need to read them once, I don’t need them in my face forever). If anyone finds a remedy for this, please feel free to describe it in the comments.UPDATE: Many thanks to the reviewer who recommended acetone nail polish to remove the print. Worked like a charm!2. When you go to attach the toy bar, it has 4 prongs. The opening that it’s supposed to go into has 3 divets. It won’t go in. So there’s a big hole at the top of the swing where the toy bar is supposed to go.UPDATE: Finally got it to go in after about eight tries.3. I pre-ordered this swing before it was released and it just arrived today. Already, I’m upset to see that the immediate post-release price is $30 less than what I paid for it. That’s what we get for giving Fisher Price early sales and being their guinea pigs on finding out if the thing works??UPDATE: Many thanks to the commenter about the Amazon refund on price difference. I contacted Amazon and they refunded me the difference.There are some great things about it:1. Great colors and luxurious fabric.2. The seat rotates, so baby can swing front-back or side-to-side.3. The seat comes off the swing, so it can also be a regular portable baby seat (it’s not a bouncy though).4. Adjustable swing speed, volume control, and choice of sounds.

Clare Lakeside, CT

My baby didn’t like it

The swing seems to be well-built but my baby didn’t seem to like it very much. We bought this as a replacement for the older Ocean wonder version from Fisher Price. I think my baby prefers the support in the plastic seat base more than the hammock seat on this swing which sort of makes her slump into the fabric. She also got bored with the mobile very quikcly because it didn’t spin or stimulate with lights ans dound like the other swing’s. But given this is just the opinion of my fussy princess, I think the swing is well made overall.

Allison Cottondale, AL


This product is worthless i wouldnt even give it a star if there was an option for that; my baby is not even 15 pounds and it can barely swing her anymore. i hate that the toy mobile doesnt do anything you have to be moving it. i feel like its a rip off…… i did not return it because you wont notice all that until you put it together which is a hassle it takes about 30 minutes but its still a hassle

Monique Carson City, NV

Great swing for newborns!

This is a cute swing. But very bulky and takes up a lot of room. Very soft and comfy for baby.

Kathi Cicero, IL

We love this swing and it looks great!

I had really wanted a swing before my baby was born because I had heard horror stories of babies who wouldn’t sleep anywhere but in a swing. I wanted to be prepared in case I had one of those babies!We set it up before she was born and, although the instructions weren’t exactly intuitive, we figured it all out and it was fine. We put it in a corner of the house where it would have room to move, but wouldn’t be in the way. It fits in perfectly with our decor and I really appreciate that, since we have a small house and so baby stuff has to be “on display” whether we like it or not.I like the music and the sounds of the swing. They aren’t my favorite, but they are relaxing enough that we won’t turn them off right away even after the baby has left the room. My baby likes to touch the little blanket. The harness is super easy to use — much easier than most other harnesses because all five pieces come apart, but they’re easy to secure. It feels like a very safe harness.My favorite feature is the removable “infant seat.” I have not seen this on any other swing and it is worth it’s weight in gold! We don’t have a bouncy seat or anything, so this is an awesome feature for us. We can bring her into the kitchen and she can watch us cooking. Or we can bring her to the dining room while we eat. It feels much safer during times when we can’t be watching her all the time, or when she doesn’t want to be on the floor, but we can’t be carrying her.She has never been a “swing” kid, as it turned out. She likes it okay, but sometimes she is just not into it — although most of the time she chills out once the harness is fastened and the music is on. At other times, it’s the perfect thing. She’s recently begun teething, and when I tried the swing, it was the perfect distraction for her.Love love love this swing. Looks great, baby likes it most of the time, and the removeable seat makes for a great, safe place to put the baby when we need to be getting things done. No regrets!

Elinor Ragley, LA

Very over-rated but it gets the job done

I like that the seat detaches but then it just sits there; it doesn’t vibrate or have a mobile that goes with it or anything. The main reason I picked it out was so I wouldn’t have to buy a separate bouncy seat for on the floor but this doesn’t replace that kind of seat at all. It’s literally just a seat. It sits high though so I like that. It’s also very light so easy to carry even with the baby in it.The swing makes a funny sound when it’s in motion that is very loud and bothersome. Our LO isn’t soothed by the music so it doesn’t help to put that on (that’s just his personal preference; the music is typical to other baby toys) so if it’s swinging, it just makes this weird noise.I like that the swing can switch directions but I don’t think this is a unique feature; other swings have it as well.The music is kind of blah and not that great; for the price and marketing, i had higher expectations.I like that it plugs in to the wall; we haven’t had to rely on the batteries at all.The mobile just hangs there; i wish it did something more. It doesn’t spin or anything though i can move it to the side when i want to get my son out so that’s convenient.Overall, for the price, I could have definitely gotten something better and now kind of regret not exchanging it. It was such a hassle putting it together then it didn’t seem like something i wanted to mess with during the first month of newborn life lol.One more thing, the blanket has a magenta-ish bow attached that makes it seem kinda girly. I don’t care about this but my son’s dad pointed it out.

Louise Rexville, NY

awesome for twins

have two of these for our twins and they are essential! our girls sleep in these on our floor now as they have had some congestion issues and these have the right angle for the bassinet. highly recommend, just wish they also had the vibrate feature like our cheaper graco swings at my parents.

Rosella Kent, WA

6 months and still going strong

OK This has a pretty large footprint but since it isn’t garishly colored it isn’t very offensive to have sitting in your living room for 6 months. I wouldn’t call it loud but it definitely isn’t silent. I can fall asleep myself with this in the same room so it isn’t too terrible. Putting it together wasn’t terrible but I’m an Ikea pro. You can collapse it a bit but it definitely doesn’t fold up nice and compact for storage, we have just had it out for 6 months and will store it in a large closet in between babies. The fabric and other materials seem of a very nice quality and are holding up well. The toys could be more high contrast to entertain small babies, we haven’t really used the toy bar they just seem to make our son angry. We have used it as a seat a few times but our bouncy chair was easier to move between rooms when we needed something like that and the vibration on a bouncy seat did a better job of keeping baby asleep. Our son has only ever used this for naps, we never tried to have him sleep overnight in the swing. At 6 months old he still fits very well except that it is starting to seem kind of narrow at the shoulders and the head pillow gets in the way of the shoulder straps. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase. It loses one star because randomly the sounds will cut out sometimes and baby wakes up. This seems like it will last through two kiddos and hopefully still look nice enough for resale afterwards.

Odessa Glennallen, AK

A good swing until…

We have had this swing since October, when baby was born. We didn’t really use it that much for the first few months since baby preferred being carried/napping in a sling. However, around December we started using it for every nap (3-4x a day every day). It started making a strange clicking sound that seemed like it was coming from the motor housing, but despite endless jiggling/rebalancing we could never get it to go away. Then the motor stopped working. argh. This is not a quiet swing when it is working, but even with the swing arm not moving, the motor was still making the same sounds.Customer Service was very nice and friendly to deal with, unfortunately they don’t have any replacement parts to swap the motor out with, so now i have to send back 2 specific pieces (to show that I do own it, however, this keeps ANY remaining part of the swing from being useful ever again) and then they will send me a refund check. And now I’m busy looking for a replacement swing.Pros:adorable color schemeswings baby front-back or side-sideMusic it plays is cute (2 selection settings for music, 1 selection for nature (bird) sounds)Swing cradle seems comfy and is very secure for a wiggly babyPacks up pretty compactly! folds together so base can easily be leaned into a corner or in a closet (the cradle part, not so much)Cons:Noisy swingstrange clicking sounds started (and ended with broken motor)mobile (it’s completely useless and uninteresting to babies, the dragonflies are rather ugly, but the lone turtle is cute) the main issue: it doesn’t movemusic settings for volume start kind of loud and just get louderNo replacement parts available when it breaksWe would have loved to keep this swing and just swap out the motor if that option was available, but unfortunately now I have to go hunt for a new swing, and with a baby that is a bit over 4 months old, it seems almost not worth it.

Daisy El Dorado, KS

Overall a GREAT swing! LOVE the “papasan” style!

My 2 1/2 year-old son practically LIVED in his (standard) swing when he was an infant but, I was always very nervous b/c the seat backing was so straight & I constantly worried that his head would fall forward. Then, while I was expecting my 2nd child, I saw this swing online & thought the “papasan” style would be very practical – keeping the baby reclined seemed like a much safer option.I would have liked to see an actual swing before I ordered this offline but, very few retailers carry it (at least in my area). When it arrived, it was very easy to assemble – my husband was deployed so, I was on my own to figure it out. While I’m not AT ALL mechanically inclined, it was very easy. (I’ve subsequently read the reviews about the possibility of accidentally putting some parts in backwards so, maybe I just got lucky.)I LOVE that this can be plugged in to a standard outlet or use batteries. It has 2 different recline settings, both of which keep baby cradled & not in any danger of falling forward. The seat is removable which is very convenient & the padding is easily removed & machine washable. The seat will rotate to swing front-to-back or side-to-side & the swing itself has several different speed settings. There are also several different musical options but, I never use them.On the downside, the mobile just hangs – it has no mechanical function that moves it on it’s own which seems very odd for an otherwise high-quality swing. I wish it was possible to give “4 1/2 stars” b/c aside from this minor complaint, the swing is awesome!Overall, would highly recommend!

Selena Kingston, MO

Beautiful and functional!

We just got our swing today and put it together. Our baby hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t review it’s performance in terms of soothing infants just yet, but overall we are very pleased with this swing!It really is beautiful and the fabrics have a really nice feel to them. Nothing on the swing feels cheap at all!Our favorite part of the swing (and the reason we chose it) is the removable infant seat. I havent sen any other swings on the market with this functionality, and while the seat itself doesnt vibrate or rock to sooth baby when it’s unattached, just the ability to move baby to another room Without disturbing them is a huge plus in my book.Another huge plus for us, is that this swing, while quite large, keeps baby high enough off the ground to keep our medium sized dog from pestering and licking baby. That was a big must for us and a lot of other swings were just too low to the ground in that regard.I also wanted to point out that while some of the negative reviews mentioned babies sliding out due to inadequate safety restraints, the swing now comes with a full 5 point harness built in. It is adjustable like a car seat so you can move the shoulder straps to a higher slot as the baby grows. You don’t really see the harness in any of the photos because of the blanket cover but it is there and it is a secure system.The motor seemed a touch loud to us at first, but after a few minutes of it running we didn’t really notice it, and it seemed more like it was a sound effect added into the music. I also know a lot of babies are soothed by white noise, so I think it actually may work to the swings advantage that the motor isn’t fully silent.The only downside I see is that the frame seems a bit wobbly. I think we will put a weight on each leg just to add a bit of stability when baby arrives.We really love the music and sound effects and feel the volume is just perfect for soothing a baby. I wouldn’t want it to go any louder personally.Overall, thus far, we are extremely pleased with our purchase. Can’t wait for our sweet girl to arrive so we can test it properly. :)Update: our daughter is 6 months old and still uses this swing every day. It has been invaluable to us. For the first month when she was colicky and having trouble getting over a cold, this is the only place she would sleep. We would et the swing lull her to sleep and then carry the chair to my bedside and she would sleep in it, right next to me, all night. We wouldn’t have survived that first month without this swing.I will say, the lack of motor on the mobile makes it rather useless. Also, we never use the shoulder straps on the 5 point harness as they just make our baby more uncomfortable and the swing really isn’t unsafe without them. She doesn’t like the motor up too fast anyways.

Julie Kinder, LA

Very Happy With Swing

I bought this swing and the matching bouncer after a lot of research. We were extremely pleased with the swing. our daughter was no longer interested in it after 4 months or so, but for the first 3 months, it was a life-saver. The best part about the swing is that it plugs in. No batteries – priceless feature. We’d buy again in a heartbeat.

Jessie Tehama, CA

High price for short time

I love the look of this swing and the material is soft. Unfortunately the motor is really loud and there’s only one speed setting. My son is 4 months and 16 lbs and it barely moves at the highest setting. Not to mention he never liked being in it.I think it might be worth the price if the seat was a bouncer/vibrator as well. It’s nice to move around but it barely fits thru a doorway.

Melinda Webster, MN

Unfortunately 3-Stars

Don’t get me wrong, my wife, I and our 6 week old Daughter LOVE this swing. It has nice sounds, soft, safe, looks good and is exactly what we wanted.BEWARE:It probably was just with ours but it is either ON or OFF. It has a lever that I assume makes the swing go faster or slower, but ours doesn’t work. Its swinging or it’s not.Same exact problem with the volume for the music and sounds. Has a lever, goes in multiple positions, but it doesn’t get louder or quieter. Just on or off.The legs also sway quite a bit and have started to squeak

Olivia Hudson, NY


This was a gift for my baby shower, and I am so happy to have it. It was easy to put together, its large, and its stable. The seat cover is easy to take off and put on, so when baby has an accadent its extremley easy to clean. It has an option for batteries, but you can plug it in which saves a ton of money on batteries. The swing also doesnt have a timer, so it never shuts off. So if your baby (like our son) likes to swing all night long, you never have to keep getting up and pushing buttons to keep it going, and it has different settings so it can swing fast or slow. My husband, LOVEs this too, he wishes they made them for adults. We are about to use this swing on our second child, it has lasted us 2 babies as well. Its a great investment. Plus the colors are beautiful, and can be used for boy or girl.

Ester Akron, CO

This has to be one of the best baby swings ever invented

OK, so you should probably take my review with a grain of salt because I have only used this swing on my first child so far, and she is only nine weeks old. That being said, she absolutely loves this swing!My daughter decided to join us about three weeks earlier than her due date, and that left us scrambling to buy a few things that she didn’t have yet. One of those was a swing. It is just by shear luck that somebody happened to be selling this model on Craigslist because I don’t know if I would have spent this much on a baby swing in the first place (I got it for about half price from Craigslist). That was when she was two weeks old, and she has been sitting and napping comfortably in it for the last seven weeks since then. I will break down the pros and cons that I can tell, but as far as I am concerned, none of the cons are bad enough to knock off a star. Overall, if I had the decision to make again, I would buy this swing over any other one available on the market.PROS-Soft material. The baby sleeps very comfortably, and the head support gives good support on the sides. The attached blanket flaps can also be folded over for an option to give her an extra layer for warmth without concern of her wriggling into a position to cover her face.-Incline. It turns out that our daughter has a reflux problem, and this swing has provided the added bonus of an adjustable incline to keep her head elevated. She has never once vomited while in the swing, and she doesn’t make any of the congestion sounds while she is in it. I would especially recommend this swing to parents with a baby who suffers from acid reflux (GERD).-Soothing sounds and music. Some of these baby items have music makers that sound “tinny” and annoying to me, but that is not the case with this swing. The bird chirping sounds are soothing, and the music sounds like real wooden flutes and turtleshell drums. It is very peaceful music, and most adults will appreciate having it on as background noise. I agree with another reviewer who said this is the kind of soothing music you would expect at a day spa.-Detachable seat. This is one of the most unique features of this swing, and it is a huge selling point. The seat can come off the swing base and you can take it other places in the house to keep an eye on the baby. The guy who sold it to me said it was very handy for him to bring the baby in the kitchen while he was cooking, and my wife uses it when I am not home and she takes a shower.-Restraint system. To be honest, we haven’t used the restraint system yet. Our baby doesn’t wiggle much yet, and the seat cradles her in such a way that there really is no need to fasten her in, but we had a guest over to visit, and she let her 20-pound baby try this swing. That older baby absolutely loved the swing too, but the way that she was kicking and clapping made it obvious that she would probably need to be restrained in for safety over a long period of time.-Mobile. OK, I know it doesn’t move at all, but that has not stopped my duaghter from being mesmerized by the mobile. She loves it, and therefore so do I.-Battery option. I just ran an extension cord to get power to this swing, but if you have to put it in a location that is not near an outlet and don’t want to run an extension cord, you can run it on battery power instead.-Easy to clean. As I said, the baby has never vomitted in this swing, and we have been lucky so far in that she hasn’t had a diaper blow-out in it yet, so I have only had to take it apart to wash the fabric when I first bought it. But, it does come apart easily and we machine washed the fabric with no problem.CONS-Size. That is probably the biggest negative with this swing. It has a huge footprint compared to other swings that I have seen. Be sure to check the dimensions and make sure that you have room to fit it and clearance for it to swing before you buy it. Thankfully the seat can be installed three different directions, so you can position the back of the swing any way that is convenient.-Short cord. I think the cord is about four or five feet long. That might seem long enough, but this swing is big and bulky with unique space requirements so there is a good chance you will have to put it somewhere that is not near an outlet. It would have been nice if they included a longer cord. There is a battery option, or you can just use an extension cord like I did, but it would have been nice if they just included a longer cord to begin with.-Mobile doesn’t move. It is just a static mobile with no motor on it, so the only way it is going to move is if you spin it by hand. My daughter stares and stares at it anyway and she seems to like it now, but I imagine she will lose interest in it when she is older, and then I will wish that the mobile had a motor.-No vibration in the seat. Since the seat can be removed and used separately, it would have been nice if they included a vibrating motor and even a music box in the seat itself.Like I said, none of these negatives are serious enough to take a star away from it and I truly believe that this is the best baby swing available. If you are on the fence because of the price, go ahead and do it. You won’t regret it.

Rosalyn Valmy, NV

Wish they made one for adults!

We’ve used this swing since day one and now 6 months later, it is still a mainstay in our household! I love that it plugs in so we aren’t having to worry about constant battery changes. And the side to side option is a big hit with my little man. He looks so comfortable when he is in it. It seems to calm him right away and is great for naps. The built in blanket is a nice added touch. The colors fit in with our living room decor, so it doesn’t seem so blantantly “baby.” You can hear the motor, but it isn’t offensive to us and now I hardly notice it at all. Thank goodness the cover is washable…we’ve had a few situations for which spot cleaning wouldn’t have been nearly enough. Because the assembly instructions are a little vague, we did end up with the legs on backwards and it seemed nearly impossible to correct that. So I just ended up using nail polish remover and a little elbow grease to remove the warning label that is printed on there. The music doesn’t go very loud, but I think it is just fine for the baby to hear right over his head. My only two suggestions would be to make the underside of the mobile more interesting and add some automatic movement to it; also the straps are pretty much built into the frame once you assemble, making washing them a challenge (one of the aforementioned situations required strap cleaning, too!). So I ended up having to handwash them while still on the frame. Overall, those are small issues in comparison to the hours of sleep and enjoyment this swing has given our entire household.

Judi Karbers Ridge, IL

The best and most amazing worth your while purchase ever!!!

OMG! I can not tell you how much we love this swing. Our son loves it and he naps very well here. The best baby purchase ever!!!

Bianca Beeler, KS

not good for sleeping

My 4 month old will finally sit in the swing for a few minutes, but then she gets bored. The mobile doesn’t move.On top of that we cannot lay her in the swing when she falls asleep because the straps are very cumbersome. By the time you’ve wiggled it up and over her shoulder and dug under her back to pull the side straps in, you have to move her to pull the bottom strap up. She always wakes up. I am really sad that we chose this swing. When she was little bitty it may have been helpful to move the seat around the house, but the seat is not great for the little ones so we couldn’t even take advantage of that. If I were to do it over again, I’d get a much less expensive, much smaller swing,

Kathrine Marengo, IA

Love LOVE this swing!

This swing is amazing…there are a lot of positive reviews so I don’t feel I need to say much. My baby snuggles right in and goes to sleep the majority of the time in this swing. I know it’s a little pricey but it’s worth EVERY penny!

Stefanie Athens, WV

It is loud

If your baby had a shallow sleep – do not get this. Engine is pretty loud and our item was shaking at every swing. I am going to return this

Karyn Stringtown, OK

Looks Great!

I like this swing it looks nice, great colors, design and textures. The only things I would change is that the mobile spin by itself, that it sit up to a full sitting position so the baby could look around more and that it had one speed faster. The swing does move around a bit when it is at its highest speed, not sure yet if it would do that when the baby was in it. It is quiet though and looks like it will be great to use. I love that the sing can be plugged into an outlet to save on the batteries.

Shelia Porters Falls, WV


The main reason I put this on my registry was the look of the swing. So many baby products have tacky prints but this one was beautifully designed and looked like part of our furniture.We’ve had it for 8 months and these are the things I love about it:-the colors, the pattern, very stylish not tacky at all-built in blanket, very useful!-strong swinging motion with very adjustable speeds-music is good, the nature sounds are nice if you dont like the music-it is a BIG swing, takes up quite a bit of floor space especially if you have a small apt…but my husband pushed one of the legs in so the bar at the back is folded in. it works just fine like that and stays put-side to side or back and forth motion, def. nice to have the option. although the reality is i dont think it makes much of a difference to baby!-the mobile is cute..Don’t like:-set up was difficult and my husband is really handy. i think he had to look in the manual for this one but he couldnt figure it out, on the back and forth motion it fell backward with baby in it! thankfully he wasnt hurt. but the husband figured out how to fix it eventually.-hate that to turn the music on you have to push the button then turn the volume up i wish you can just push the button then adjust the volume if you need to!-for a swing this expensive I would’ve like the mobile to at least rotate electronically. my baby loves looking at it when I swish it around.-i havent used the infant seat at all. once baby starts to sit up, and you actually want to tote a seat around with them in it, this doesnt work at all because of the heavy recline.-i think a 5 point harness would be better. my baby manages to go all the way sideways and very forward, though he doesnt fall out, a 5 point with shoulder straps would be safer.if it werent a gift, i dont think we would’ve ended up purchasing this bc of the price and the amount of space it takes up. the swing is definitely built to last so i know we will have it for future kids.

Lakisha Whitharral, TX

Love this Swing!

We absolutely love this swing. It was a life saver especially when my son was a newborn. We would put him in it and he loved it and would fall asleep while listening to the soothing music and swinging. It swings in two different directions which is nice. We didn’t notice much variation in the swing speeds which was a little disappointing however, there were enough other great features to make up for that. It plugs in so no need to worry about batteries which was a huge selling point. Also you can take the chair part off and use it as a seat without the swing which has been really useful! We’ve brought the chair piece with us when traveling by car… we definitely got a lot of use out of it and would recommend it highly!

Olivia Baylis, IL

Great swing

We used this swing for our son and loved it. The price went down when my niece was born and it felt like a steak. My niece enjoys it as well.

Brigitte New Haven, WV

BEST infant swing EVER!

I cannot even begin to sing this swing’s praises enough! Let me first say that I did read all of the reviews before attempting to put ours together and because of them, I was able to put it together the “right” way. The instructions aren’t the greatest but the swing itself is fabulous.First, it’s got an AC adapter. This is a god-send when you have a colicky baby and don’t want to go through 50 million packs of batteries. The cord is a somewhat decent length as well.Second, the seat itself adjusts and locks into all four directions (baby facing left, right, out and in) which is awesome when your baby wants eyes on you at all times or gets tired swinging in one direction. The seat also completely detaches from the base and has handles so you can carry it throughout the house if necessary.Third, the music isn’t the typical overly obnoxious swing/bouncy seat music. It’s calming and very (as the name suggests) zen. It’s got multiple functions so it’s not the same music all the time either.Other notable features: fold over blanket (eh, not the greatest but it’s a thought), folding base for easier storage (didn’t really use it) and mobile that doesn’t move on its own but is still fun to look at. Overall, this swing is absolutely amazing. I recommend it to all newly pregnant women and will definitely be saving ours for the next baby!

Gretchen Curtice, OH


Before you put it together, you NEED to know:The styrofoam on the bars is a feature of the product and should not be removed like all the rest of the cardboard and trash. If you remove these like I did, the swing will not be comfortable at all!Also, understand how the straps and harness go before assembling the body or you might end up with a swing permanently attached backwards!Now for my review:My major complaints are with the wobbly construction and ONE single screw that holds the entire rocking portion to the body. One screw!?The instructions were not clear at all and figuring out the straps and harness was very frustrating.There are *no* buttons that lock the bouncer onto the swing. It simply lifts on and off. Whatever you do, don’t bump into this while baby is in it or you will topple the bouncer out of the swing!! Could be a pet hazard if you have large dogs that could bump into it.The sounds are a great feature. Live the bird noses, love the various lullaby songs.The “speed” knob does very little and we saw hardly any difference between the lowest level and the highest level. The swinging speed is good, though. Not too high and not too low. We tested it with 6 lbs in it and it did not become louder with weight in it.Other issues: The material part of the swing was not wrapped in plastic. Had it been a rainy day when it was delivered, most of the swing would have been stained and ruined. It was packaged in a way that made me think it had been used and repackaged with little to no thought.The material didn’t quite meet the Fisher Price logo on the foot part very well. Material curls up revealing underside. Just stitched poorly..The swing is beautiful. It rocks faaairly quietly. I love that the bouncer can be easily turned any direction! Removal is very easy so I see myself actually getting good use out of the bouncer.It plugs in!! This is very useful if your baby ends up loving the swing and you don’t want to buy C or D batteries every week.

Concepcion Atlasburg, PA

Larger then I expected

I purchased this swing because of the removable base but found that it was to large to get through some of the narrow doors I have in my home. Overall it worked very well for us, we like all the different adjustments we could make: recline, direction the baby swings, sounds, volume and the mobile. I would recommend this swing, but found that the removable seat just wasn’t that helpful.

Helena Danube, MN

A bit noisey

The swing motor is certainly louder than I would like, but newborn baby doesn’t seem to mind at all! They say that babies are actually comforted by louder, rhythmic sounds from 9 months of listening to a loud heartbeat & other bodily functions. So I guess it is true, baby just loves to sleep here! I is very functional for us because it is so adjustable too. Swings side to side and back and forth, baby can face 3 directions, and it has 4 different music/ sound choices which are just lovely! First 2 buttons play traditional lullabies & other classical pieces (Beethovan, Brahms). The third button push once for day time sounds (wind chimes, birds) and push second time for night sounds (crickets). The whole thing does have quite a large footprint. I do not recommend if you are tight on space! Takes up about the same amount of space as a Lazyboy. Another great feature is the removable and reclinable seat. Very sturdy and sits higher off the floor than a bouncy seat, just wish it "bounced" too, it would be perfect!

Vanessa Lindon, CO

Great swing

My son loves this swing. It is sturdy and seems secure, and we love that you can change the direction of the swing. It also looks great–it doesn’t stick out in your living room like so many crazy-colored baby items! And I love that you can plug it in or use batteries. Makes it perfect to take to another room but also doesn’t make you waste batteries. My 6mo old only recently grew out of it, so it lasted quite a while for us. Other swings I’ve seen definitely would not have lasted so long for my large baby!One thing I dislike is that the mobile on top doesn’t move on it’s own. I wish it would be motorized so it could revolve and give the baby something to look at!We received this already assembled so I can’t comment on that, but we really think this swing is a good product.

Eileen West Boothbay Harbor, ME