Fisher-Price Zen Collection Gliding Bassinet

Fisher-Price Zen Collection Gliding Bassinet

The beauty and function of this baby bassinet work in harmony to soothe baby. Plush bedding in premium textured fabrics and a beautiful sheer canopy create a soothing environment where baby can enjoy the gliding motion at a speed that’s just right. Music, nature sounds or simulated sounds of the womb complement baby’s soothing experience while beautiful wood accents and earthy colors of the baby bassinet complement your home décor. Gliding bassinet motion soothes baby. Bassinet’s songs, nature sounds or sounds of the womb offer baby variety, stimulate baby’s auditory sense and promotes comfort and security. A beautifully designed baby bassinet to complement your home décor. Convenient underneath storage keeps essentials at your fingertips. Waterproof pad with removable washable cover for easy bassinet cleanup. Wheels make it easy to take bassinet from room to room. Fisher-Price Zen Collection™ Gliding Bassinet requires 4 D batteries.

Main features

  • Part of the new high-end exclusive Zen collection for baby, sophisticated look has upscale materials
  • Features a variable speed control knob for the ultimate ability to customize baby’s experience
  • Contemporary look is captured with the use of rectangular tubing for the frame, wooden accents and premium soft goods within the bedding and basket
  • For mobility, there are two wheels to allow the bassinette to be moved from room to room

Verified reviews


Not worth the money!

My daughter hated sleeping in this! Being a new parent, I think it’s best that a bassinet should be see through so you can check on your child without having to get up. The hospital has newborns in a see through plastic container for them to sleep in. I wish we had that! Also, I find it a little flimsy and unstable.

Beryl Richmond, IN

Cheaply Constructed, Useless Features – DO NOT BUY

THIS BASSINET IS OVERPRICED AND RIDICULOUS. If we could do this again, we would either splurge on a more expensive bassinet (like the Moses basket, which looks beautiful and comes with a real rocker), or go super cheap and get a pack and play which has a vibration feature (something actually useful!) or an Arms Reach co-sleeper which is secure and would not rattle and wake our baby up everytime our baby moved.1. POORLY CONSTRUCTED. We tightened every bolt as tightly as possible, and nevertheless when one touches the side of the bassinet – or even if the baby himself moves, even just to reposition his body – the whole bassinet shakes because of hte poor construction. The bassinet sits on a “glider” and therefore is by definition flimsy and shaky, and every time our baby moved during his sleep (which they do reflexively for the first few months) the whole bassinet would shake and that would wake him up.2. BAD DESIGN. The so-called “glider” is not a smooth or rocking motion. Rather, it is like a train on tracks, going jerkily back and forth (shaking) with a noisy motor, not useful other than as a gimmick to make the bassinet seem like more than a grounded bassinet (which, by the way, I would have preferred since he could move during the night without shaking the whole bassinet and waking himself up). This will not put any fussy baby to sleep. My friends had moses baskets which would rock their baby to sleep, and I was very sorry I wasted money on such a cheap flimsy, non-useful technology.3. UGLY. My husband gasped when he saw this thing. It is sort of fru-fru, with a big green bow on top and all of this sickly cheap green polyester silk. A simpler design would have been much more palatable for him and me. Also, what looks like wood in the picture is largely just dark brown plastic.4. AWFUL MUSIC. The music is obnoxious and non-soothing, plus you do not need music as part of your bassinet. Buy a glow in the dark seahorse, which is FAR more soothing to babies, and you can use this with any bassinet. The heartbeat is fine but as our baby hated the bassinet, he grew to associate all of its awful sounds with the bassinet and we had to remove him.5. SMALL. All bassinets are small, but had we had an arms-reach sleeper we would still be able to use. Our baby just turned four months and no longer fits.6. WORST MATTRESS EVER. We disliked everything about the bassinet, but the very worst was the mattress – a hard plastic base with a scratchy cover which hurts my back to just look at. This has NOTHING to do with SIDS, but it had everything to do with making sure our baby would cry even just putting him down on it – like being put on the floor. We ended up making do by sewing new sheets out of softer material (cotton, of all things – think what that could have done, Fisher Price!) and putting a waterproof pad under the sheets so it was not just like sleeping on cold wood, but for a true fix we would have needed to hire someone to put in a new mattress. For this price the bassinet should not be so cheap and horrible where it matters most.Again, if you can find this cheap on Craigslist, go for it, but if you have other options you will be glad you took them.

Tracey Burgin, KY

Awesome Quality & Build

We purchased this for our first child (which she is on her way) and were utterly shocked at how nice this thing is. It is extremely well built, the gliding is smooth & the sounds are awesome. The only problem is it’s a bit heavy if you have to carry it up/down stairs. Otherwise this bassinet has no equal.

Sherrie Roswell, GA

Couldn’t Use It-Baby Hated It.

(New Mother Review)My baby hated the bassinet from the very start. He would not stop crying even when he was swaddled. There was no winning this battle, but I’ll have to admit that the quality of the bassinet was outdone. Shame I couldn’t use it to the fullest potential. Don’t let this review make you hesitate from buying it. I just caved and let my baby get what he wanted.

Lina De Soto, IL



Addie Albion, IL

Super COOL!!

I order this but my mother bought it for our son. She found it online 1AM in the morning and told me it was imperative that my son own this bassinet. We love it!!! Too bad my son grow too fast to stay in long but it is a GREAT investment. I had the coolest bassinet EVER.

Alma Callahan, FL

Beautiful; but flawed!

This bassinet is one of the prettiest around. I love the colors and the music. Unfortunately, neither of my babies like being in there and would wake-up and cry as soon as I put them in it. In my opinion, it was because it has a shaky base due on the glider. I later learned that a friend also had the same one and her baby did not like it either. I rate it 3 star for its look but it was a waste for us since I had to buy a mini portable crib to compensate for it.

Alta Wayne, ME

It’s just beautiful

The bassinet arrived this week, my husband and I put it together yesterday. It’s really quite beautiful. Little one isn’t arriving for another month, so I haven’t been able to check it out with a baby in it, but visually I love it.Positives: The music and sounds are nice, the volume adjusts from very low to pretty loud. The gliding motion is smooth, also has variable speeds. The bassinet is easy to assemble, no tricks or complicated small spaces. It took less than an hour. The legs that do not have wheels are rubbery at the bottom to keep from sliding. It has an overall classy, calm, peaceful look and feel. The decorative fabrics look and feel really nice. The little canopy curtain can be moved to the back of the bassinet.Negatives: the actual sleeping area appears to be on the small side, maybe a longer baby will not fit, will be great for the first 3 months which is what I’m going for. The sleeping pad seems really thin, but I was planning on buying a different one based on prior reviews I’ve seen. There’s no lock for the wheels, but they are only on one side.Just FYI: Many of the parts are plastic/metal instead of wood which is a little hard to tell from the photos. The handles on either side are wood, the legs are metal, the bars that provide the round shape are metal, the wheels are plastic.Update: my little one is three months old and I still love this bassinet. It has held up to daily use well.Pros: nice gliding motion, music has a lot of different choices and it automatically shuts off after a bit. The sheet stands up to a lot of washings. The bottom organizer is huge, I live in a split level so having this storage space saves me tons of trips up the stairs. My chubby little one still fits comfortably, will probably get another month or two of use. It’s still so beautiful!Cons: my little one has busy feet, sometimes she kicks a lot while settling down to sleep. Because of the gliding function her kicking will sometimes make the basket move and startle her. Not a huge deal unless she’s in a super cranky mood.Bottom line: I would buy it all over again.

Lucile Effie, LA

Well made and functions great except for one design flaw

Pros:Very well constructedAttractive looks (especially for boys)Large enough, but not gigantic like others I have looked atNice storageCons:The one major flaw is the gliding mechanism stops after a preset period of time (est. 20-30 minutes). This can awake your child and you have to start all over getting them asleep again. I just don’t use the gliding mechanism for this reason. Many other models don’t even have this feature so it still would not have deterred me from buying.It is only battery operated, so that is most likely the reason for the timer to ensure you don’t waste batteriesThe only other minor complaint is with the pad. It is firmer and thinner than I would prefer, but that’s the way most other bassinet’s I have seen are as well.The bottom line is I love this bassinet and would still highly recommend anyone looking at a bassinet to consider this one. It is well constructed, looks good, and does the job.

Corine Fort Meade, SD


This bassinet I was worried about, because the reviews were very critical of it. I dont feel like is as small as some people think and its not very noisy either. The padding inside the bassinet is also not as hard as people are saying it is either. Newborns cannot have alot of padding, it can increase the risk of sids, but this is by no means uncomfortable. I had the swing for my first child, and I bought the matching bassinet because I loved the swing so much. Its just as nice, and I love it just as much. One thing I do agree on is that the batteries are pretty difficult to replace, the location they are in makes it hard to get a screwdriver in there. It is also rather bulky, but I prefer something nice, big and stable.

Joann East Montpelier, VT

Beautiful but FP needs to make one major improvement! But I found a solution!!!

Well let me first start by saying its beautiful however there is one major issue with it. Like many other reviewers say, the mattress pad is ridiculously thin, not even a quarter inch thick. I mean I would not even let my dog lay on something that thin and the baby would feel the very hard plywood surface underneath and I would be very afraid of flat head syndrome in that case. But I came up with a great solution, I found a custom mattress place and for $50 I was able have them cut a custom mattress pad for the bassinet, which was about 2 inches thick. They also made custom fitted sheets for me as well. Basically I took the old mattress traced out on a piece of newspaper the size and they had it shipped to me within a week. It was a perfect and snug fit into the bassinet. Furthermore, I contacted Fisher Price to let them know about the flaw which they did listen too but they were more concerned that I was having my own mattress made to fit the item. That their safety people do not recommend altering the item blah blah blah basically they don’t want to be sued. I was like really because I dont trust your safety people to begin with since they are the ones who passed your bassinet with a 1/4 thin pad laying the baby on a extremely hard surface. Ummm yeah FB I think I will take the safety of my child into my own hands thank you very much.

Kristin Minden City, MI

This is an amazing bassinet!

I bought this for a friend and being a mom myself, I can truly recognize a fantastic product when I see one. I saved them the trouble and assembled it and it truly was not all that bad. Took me a half an hour. I was really worried about buying this after reading the negative reviews…but am so happy I went with my gut and got it. I was expecting a teeny-tiny sleeping area and a loud, grinding motor. This does not have either. I would compare the motor to any standard swing motor, nothing louder than that and I would say you can expect to use this for 3-4 months. That is pretty much the same for anything besides a co-sleeper. As far as the “not being able to haul it up and down the stairs,” I am not sure what bassinet or play yard is convenient to drag up and down anyhow. I would however, describe this bassinet as somewhere it will stay put in…like in the master bedroom.As far as aesthetics, this bassinet is the Roles Royce of bassinets…none other compare to it. It is beyond beautiful. The details on the bedding are amazing. As far as the “mattress” goes, I would agree with it being substandard. I tried putting a quilt underneath the entire pad and it gives it the cushion and give while still keeping the safe, rigid sleeping surface for a newborn. Easy fix. I would highly recommend this bassinet!

Nelda West Springfield, MA


I love this bassinet! It is gorgeous, cozy, and functional. I will be keeping it for my children to come. It was perfect for my son. He used it every night/day for 5 months. It had smooth and quite gliding and beautiful lullaby. The womb sounds were a little weird but we always used the nature or lullaby. I loved the underneath for storage. I kept the bassinet close to my side of the bed so if we needed a quick diaper change or even if I needed new nursing pads they were at an arms reach. Thank you Fisher-Price 🙂

Frieda North Concord, VT

Nice product

I liked this product as it matched the decor in our house. And my infant loved the rocking and womb sounds. I’m just sad that he’s now outgrown it and he isn’t 3 months yet (and he’s a little smaller than average).One thing that we didn’t like in the beginning was that the sides are high, so he couldn’t see us and it was hard for us to see him from a seated position. But the high sides were good for getting him to sleep so that he wasn’t distracted by much.Like others have said, it’s a little hard to move around since there are wheels only on one side, so it doesn’t turn well. Luckily, I wasn’t moving it much anyway.I used this in my home office and and didn’t use it much for bedtime since I would have to get up to look inside the bassinet due to the high sides. For me at nighttime, a co-sleeper is better.

Gay Greenville, IN

Low quality, high price

Some screws were already stripped on arrival. The threads on the screws were smashed, so we used them on the bottom feet to be less noticeable. One of the wooden arms didn’t have the screw holes drilled properly, and didn’t line up enough to get a screw into. Eats batteries very fast, especially if you use the rocker. The rocker is jerky and loud. The music is annoying. Every time my son rolled over or moved, it thumped and jerked and would wake him up. I think he also was very uncomfortable in it, and that was why he was tossing and turning so much. We just moved our son into our bed to sleep with us because this crib wasn’t working out for him. He was sleeping without all the tossing and thrashing after that. I bought this because I thought it was really pretty, which it’s good it is, since I only use it as a storage now.

Connie Weber City, VA

Convenient in those early newborn months

I received this from a family member after their baby had outgrown it. It’s lasted my family through two babies now so that has to say something about its quality! I keep it right next to my bed and it’s been so convenient to have through all those middle of the night feedings. The shelf underneath is also convenient for storing extra diapers or anything else you may need.A lot of reviewers were saying they were having a hard time finding a replacement bassinet sheet. I found one here on Amazon that works perfectly and is very inexpensive –

Laurie Bowen, IL


I loved the design of this bassinet, and the music is pretty cute, but I found that after a couple weeks of use, the gliding motion became jerky and made too much noise to keep it in our bedroom. It wasn’t loud enough to bother our baby, who was a great sleeper, but it really annoyed me when those late night wakings came around. For the price the movement should be much smoother and quieter.

Julia Ellsworth, PA


my daughter sleeps through the night for 12 to 13 hours at 2 months old because of this awesome bassinet, i havent noticed any noise like other reviews have stated and my daughter is 3 months old and 17 lbs and its super quite.

Silvia Oak Harbor, OH

Love this Bassinet

My daughter has been using this bassinet for three months now and she sleeps really comfortably in it. She is starting to grow out of it though but that was bound to happen. She really likes the rocking motion and the music. It’s very easy to put together as I put it together myself when i was still pregnant. instructions are easy to read and the product is very sturdy. I’m really glad that I bought everything in this collection.

Eve Isabel, KS