Fisher-Price Zen Collection High Chair

Fisher-Price Zen Collection High Chair

All the conveniences you look for in a baby high chair one handed tray removal, feeding tray insert and 5 point harness that are dishwasher safe, 3 position seat recline and 3 adjustable height positions. The Zen Collection High Chair combines all this in an upscale look with rich textures, earthy colors and beautiful wood accents to help create harmony in your home (especially at mealtime.) Folds for storage.

Main features

  • Fewer germs by sanitize the feeding tray right in dishwasher
  • Easy clean pads help keep baby’s eating area clean
  • High chair has a 3 position recline
  • A newborn insert and pillow for even the youngest eaters
  • Beautifully designed to complement your home decor
  • For any queries related to this product, kindly contact with Fisher-Price directly at 800-432-5437

Verified reviews


From a first-time mom: Great!

Like many others, I bought this because of looks. I just didn’t want a high chair that looked like a circus threw up on it. The mostly muted colors and wood fit into our decor better than most other options.First, let me disclose that I don’t have anything to really compare this chair to. But so far, I like most of the features overall.ASSEMBLY: It wasn’t too difficult to figure out since the parts only fit in one spot. It took me less than an hour. I personally wouldn’t consider this a deal breaker whether a chair took 1 hour or 2 hours to assemble… as long as the end functionality worked well.TRAY TOP: Unlike previous reviewers, so far I have not had an issue with my baby taking the washable part off. Perhaps this will change as he gets older but the top sort of snaps into it so I can’t really see it being an issue. I’ll update down the road if it changes. I did notice those reviews are a bit older so perhaps the company tweaked the design??TRAY BOTTOM: I read about the person who found mold. That is certainly a concern for me. It does have many screws if you want to pull them apart but so far we have not had to do this yet since we have not had any major liquid spills. But I’ll post if I find liquid inside as this really grosses me out.SEAT/STRAPS/CUSHION: I love this feature! The little padded pieces (head and body) are easily removable and washable! I also LOVE that the straps easily pop out (but your little one cannot easily undo this as the mechanism is in the back of the chair) to wash. I can easily wash one strap, two or all three including the bottom. Then the bottom green chair is covered in a waterproof thing so you can just wipe it down.I have not had issues with food being stuck in weird places but again, maybe it’s more likely to happen as the baby gets older?BRAKES: This is one area that I have an issue with. It’s way too easy to accidentally step on one of the brakes. Each wheel has its own brake. It is tiny. I can release it without bending down only because I wear a pair of flip flops in the house. But otherwise it’s kinda tiny so you’d constantly have to bend over to undue. Minor annoyance.

Sharron Hurdland, MO


This is a great looking high chair. It cleans easily with the vinyl pad. It isn’t a cheap, thin pad, it is really thick and heavy duty. The locks on the wheels broke pretty quickly, which is why I’m only giving it four stars.

Becky Wardell, MO

I get compliments!

I read a lot of reviews for high chairs before I ordered one and this one had a lot of great reviews. Plus amazon had a great sale on it at the time basically 50% off. Can’t beat that!I ordered this high chair for my, then 3 month old son, he is now 5 months. He is a little small for it, but it still straps in him safely. I love the different design, that still has a nice color to it, but doesn’t look so silly. And yes, I get compliments for it! I have quite a few people ask me about it and say how much they like it.I did read reviews about the tray not being easy to clean because the bottom one has screws that food can get into. And one scary review about mold. It worried me, but so many other reviews were really good. I went ahead and bought it and I feel that if you clean it properly after each meal that would not be a problem. Just take the time to wash the removable tray and check to make sure no food got to the bottom tray (which I really don’t see how it would, at least much of it).Pros:DesignColorSafety HarnessIt wasn’t too difficult to put togetherDishwashable tray-I don’t have a dishwasher, but I figured that would be something great for other people. Its easy to wash by hand and dries pretty quick.You can remove the tray with one hand which is great!ConsIs still a little big, but thats not surprising. He is growing into it quickly!It is a bit hard to move because it wriggles. And if its on carpet it is really hard to move around with one hand. Its not too bad on tile or wood.Sometimes when I am putting the tray back down I am a bit afraid it will get his fingers or hand, I just always lift up his hand and it is not a problem.I would buy again and recommend it.

Berta Wapanucka, OK

Hard to clean

I’ve had this highchair for 7 months now and over the past 3 months my baby has really started to feed herself and make messes they way one year olds do. At first, I loved it for these reasons….PROS:-no tacky colors that make it an eye sore-the chair back has 3 positions to sit up or recline-the tray moves forward and back to adjust to baby’s growing belly-the chair has height adjustment (even if it is hard to do for one person)-it rolls easily, even with a baby in the seat-has a crotch plate and adjustable harness for over the shoulders or just at the waist-foot plate for you and foot plate for the baby-infant cushions and harness straps go in the washerHowever, now that my little girl is feeding herself, and of course getting food everywhere, this thing is a major pain the butt to clean. There is a seam that runs along the middle of the main tray that food gets smushed in and it is impossible to clean this out, even with a toothpick. There are also areas on the baby footplate that you have to clean with a toothpick to get the food crammed in the little spots. The base that the chair itself slides up and down from also needs toothpick care to get food from the little spaces there! I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have to use *toothpicks* to clean a highchair. What mother wants to detail a highchair with toothpicks after taking care of the baby all day and doing mountains of other cleaning all day long?On another note, my baby has never been injured from this chair; i.e. gotten her elbow stuck or something like that. If it weren’t for all the stupid little cracks and crevices in the chair and the seam on the tray this chair would get at least 4 stars from me.****UPDATE****I have changed my 2 star rating to a 1 star because I am absolutely *sick* of cleaning this chair! I hate it. Hate it. Hate. it. I feel bad even trying to re-sell it b/c I know what a pain in the ass it is to clean. I’m going with a booster seat with removable tray now. We’ll see how that goes.

Nannie Lincoln Acres, CA

Nice to look at but hating the tray!

We bought these for our twins 3 months ago. I was excited about the looks of the chair since we will have 2 of them in our dining room. I will say the looks of the chair are very nice. However the tray is giving me fits. My 9 month old, tiny little girl can pop the washable tray insert right off and dump her food. So we can’t use that at all. The tray is hard to put on and you really have to check that you have it locked down on both sides.My biggest complaint is that even with careful hand washing, a lot of water seeps into the cracks of the tray and then drips (on the floor, on the baby) when you go to put it back on. There is also a wide groove around the edge that collects gunk but needs a toothpick to scrape it out.Even though it’s pretty, I wouldn’t buy it again.UPDATE – I contacted Fisher Price about these trays. Their response was that the liner is dishwasher safe but the actual tray is not intended to be washed, only wiped clean with a cloth. Oh please! Do they have kids??? They are going to send me a new tray so I guess I’ll have an extra on hand to drip dry. I’m really sick of the puddles of water on my floor when I carry a freshly washed tray back to the chair.

Florine Rumford, RI

Eat Eat

I love the look of this highchair, especially since I purchase the matching bassinet first. However, it was not made as well as the bassinet. The back part is a little flimsy, so I do not recommended adjusting the back settings. Plus all the parts did not completely fit; we had to force it.

Alexandra Tishomingo, MS

Product is just as described.

I’ve used this high chair for my son who is now 18 months old. It is still in great condition and it looks really nice in our kitchen. It is nice contemporary design and I love the green versitle color. The tray is very easy to put on and off and it even has a lid that easily fits in the dishwasher. It is a very nice chair at an affordable price. I’m highly recommending it!

Sharon Willow Springs, IL

This Chair is awesome… What to EXPECT….

Its beautiful! Love the dark wood!Like a baby recliner, he sits back swings his legs and watches his your baby can read dvds while he eats his breakfast.I love how the tray pops off so i can wash it and pop it right back on there!It lays back really far and you can make it sit up completely straight! the tray fits snug to his belly too!We had to take it with us on vacation to the beach and it is very easy to detach the legs with a partner.He loves his highchair and if it makes him happy it makes me happy. ‘

Anita Mattawana, PA

Good but probably could be better

Suits our decor and works great but the green cover needs to cover more to the sides as otherwise food can hide. So far we love it and have no problems wheeling it on our tiles room to room

Pansy Golden, OK

Love this

I’ve had this chair for over 2 years now and it’s still functioning great.My son was a premie so he didn’t quite “Fit” into the seat without some extra support of a few blankets around him, but as he’s grown, the chair has grown with him. The height adjustment has been great so he’s always “table level”. The recline has been helpful (back in the day when he passed out mid meal, we’d just let him sleep in his high chair). The straps are pretty much like new. I’ve been able to throw the seat cover and the straps in the washer and after a cycle, comes back clean. I don’t use any special wash/dryer settings – normal all the way.The seat wipes down easily.The only downer – the tray that sits on top of the food tray easily comes undone, and my son would pick it up and chuck it on the floor – so we no longer use the tray topper – just the food tray. It’s an ample size so we’re able to put his sippy cup and his food on it without hassle. Because we have to wash the entire tray after every feeding the screws have started to rust – downer!The thing is a bit cumbersome to roll (the wheel base is so big – so this isn’t a fit if you’ve got tight hallways to roll around in). Yes, we do roll this thing around our house. For a while he’d want to go on “rides” either standing on the foot bar or in the seat, so we’d push him around the house in it.Overall, it’s a great high chair!! We use it daily and for every meal time.

Norma Hauula, HI

Extremely Disappointed

I searched high and low for this highchair because of the great reviews and how nice it looked – what a mistake.The removable tray is supposedly dishwasher safe – one cycle through the dishwasher has warped it so that it no longer attaches to the main tray. The seat is pretty shallow and my son (5 months) can’t seem to get comfortable in it. The tray does not slide on, it snaps on from the top…which makes removing it one handed (while holding a child) pretty tricky. The reclining feature is very cheaply designed and does not instill confidence (think thin, easily breakable plastic latches).I absolutely DO NOT recommend this highchair.

Cara Fayetteville, NY

Looks nice (at first) – Nightmare to clean/maintain

We’ve been using this highchair about 3 months now and it looks crummier everyday. There are so many nooks and crannies for food and grime to get into that this chair is almost impossible to clean properly…It looked nice initially, wasn’t an eyesore against our decor and I liked that it reclined 3 positions (though totally not needed now that my daughter is almost 8 months old). The headrest, all the chair padding, the straps and the sides of the chair collect food, dust easily and are very difficult to wipe down. The tray has seams along the edges where if you get any type of liquid food on it, is difficult to get out. We do not own a dishwasher so it’s very hard to clean correctly (which is inexcusable, a tray should be able to be hand-washed without an issue). Food gets lodged in the spaces on the sides of teh chair where there’s a lot of crevices. You can wash the straps and the main padding, but the vinyl you cannot and food doesn’t always come off easily.Pros:- Looks nice, isn’t an eyesore- 3 reclining positions.- Relatively comfortable for baby- Tray removes easily (a little too easily I might add).Cons:- Nightmare to clean- Endless nooks and crannies for food and grime to become trapped.- Not the easiest to fold or adjust the height.- Tray comes off too easily- The straps, while a good 5pt. harness, for some reason attract food like a magnet and always get covered. We are literally washing the straps and the chair padding every other day…I would NOT reccomend this highchair unless you want to spend most of your feeding sessions cleaning up the chair for excessive amounts of time…

Myrtle Livonia, MI