flip Cloth Diaper Cover – Snap – Albert – One Size

flip Cloth Diaper Cover – Snap – Albert – One Size

Why Flip™? Cloth diapering has never been so easy! TOSS the used insert into your diaper pail REPLACE the insert with a clean one REUSE the cover. The one-size cover and insert adjusts to fit most babies from 7-35 pounds. WANT OPTIONS? Look for inserts within the Flip System- each customized to conveniently work within the Flip Cover. Organic: Perfect for sensitive skin, overnight, and supporting early potty training. Stay-Dry: Perfect for overnight and anytime. Disposable: Perfect for travel and convenience.

Main features

  • A waterproof shell, so no extra cover is needed. Wipe the inside of the cover out and use it over and over again!
  • Form fitting elastic to prevent leaks.
  • Patent pending comfy butterfly closure, a feature that is unique to cloth diapers made by Cotton Babies, with durable snap closures help keep diapers on older babies.
  • No stuffing involved just tuck insert under flaps and go!
  • Patent pending 3×3 adjustable snap system to fit most babies from birth to potty training.

Verified reviews


Will serve the purpose

These are not as good a product as the Thirsties covers. These lack the extra gusset around the legs to keep in leaks. Also, after using for a month or two I feel like I have to be extra gentle when un-snapping to avoid ripping the snap out of the diaper. I’ve never had that problem with the Thirsties. Otherwise, these will serve the purpose of keeping baby’s pants dry.

Lawanda Allerton, IA

Happy with the 3 I bought initially, so I bought 3 more.

I like the concept: wipe/rinse/quick handwash/dry and reuse with a new and clean diaper insert.I looked around at my options for cloth diapering on Amazon and I like these the best so far.These diaper covers have worked so well for me that I bought another set of three, again for 13.95 off.It takes a couple of hours to air dry though, it’s quicker to dry if you throw them in the dryer.I also wish that I could fasten the inner flip ends of the diaper to hold in the insert in place better.

Misty Center Point, IA

Good quality but a little too expensive

I like this brand of diaper cover–I like the snaps much better than velcro–and it seems to work better as an overnight cover, not as much leakage. However, I think the price is too much. When you add in shipping, you’re paying $20 per cover. Sort of defeats the purpose of saving money to use cloth diapers!!

Patti Haysville, KS

as good as more expensive diapers

The Flip diaper was the only one that I kept out of a diaper trial when my son was just born (a trial which consisted of Thirsties, Grovia, Bum Genius, Fuzzibunz, and a few others). The ease of use is practically unparalleled. Its unusual that the cover gets dirty, so we can just use it over and over after a quick swipe to make sure its dry. The sizing has worked very well with our child (now 6 mos old, 19 lbs, and not yet on the largest setting). I have both snaps and velcro and I prefer the snaps. I like the fabric on the front and back that keeps the insert in place within the diaper. That part only gets dirty with a big poop, but it usually keeps the outer clothes dry, which is more important to me. This type of diaper has worked so well with our family – more so than the pocket diapers, where you have to wash the diaper every single time you change it. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 (although I’d like to give it a 4.5) is that during those times when I have to empty the solid stuff into the toilet, I have to make sure to hold both parts of the diaper so it doesn’t fall into the toilet. I use another type of CD as well where the insert is snapped in and I don’t have that problem. I highly recommend these diapers.

Myra Bridgewater, NJ

This company sells “refresher kits” for a reason . . .

I would have given these a 5 star rating if they had held up better. I know that so many people rave about these – and they do have their pluses. Whoever designed these covers was great at getting the cut just right. These truly fit at multiple sizes. They would fit my 8 pound newborn and my 32 pound toddler. Adjusting sizes is quick and easy. They are cute. soft and breathable for a waterproof cover. They didn’t leave any red marks on my toddler’s chunky thighs and my breastfed newborn’s poo stayed contained within the diaper. Also, prefolds and flats fit perfectly in these.I had purchased 8 of these covers. Six of them were snaps and 2 of them were the hook and loop. The hook & loop ones lasted a couple months before the velcro weakened and curled. I’d never purchase them again. Sadly though, even the ones with snaps had saggy elastic within 6 months of use. Not only does it make baby’s behind droopy, but it leaves gaps in the leg openings as well. I discontinued use before running into problems. I washed them as I washed my other covers – with Charlies Soap in hot water and line dried. Out of all my covers (Imse Vimse, Thirsties, Bummis, Pro Wraps, Blueberries, Kissas, Motherese and Gen-Y) Flips wore the fastest. I’ve never actually worn out another brand to be honest.I’m assuming that the company has been aware of this for years as they sell “refresher kits” containing new tabs and elastic for the bumGenius line. (It is the same company that owns Flips and they use the same materials.) I’ve yet to see another cloth diaper company offering such a thing.(One other drawback is that these aren’t made in the U.S. Many other covers are made in the states for a comparable price. I didn’t take away any stars for this, but thought I’d mention it.)

Emilie Martindale, PA

LOVE it so very much

First-time mom building a stash, but I’m a tad neurotic about not having a million different brands of diapers and prefer a "family" of diapers. Meet Cotton Babies brilliant Flip diaper. It’s essentially a BumGenius 4.0 (a favorite!) minus the fancy filling. Soft, fabric-like cover, great sizing (even for newborns), and traps messes like nobody’s business.Line-drying takes just a few minutes and the color selection is good. As many others have said, it’s an awesome "going out/travel" diaper.

Kitty Wheatland, WY

Made of win!

Love this cover! No leaks and you don’t need as many as you would if you went with a pocket or an AIO type diaper. Just wipe it off and put in a new insert or prefold (as long as it’s not a poopy). 5 flips will easily get you through the day of an average wetter.It’s also working great for my potty training toddler over top of her cloth training pants fornap/overnights. Great for down on the beach too. Sand rinses right off the PUL.After trying several different things, this is also the only diaper solution I got to work for overnights with my six month old. This cover over a fitted overnight from Soothebaby on Etsy. No leaks, no wet sheets and best of all no redness.The one size flip is so awesome. It really sold cloth diapering to the rest of my family when I showed them how easy it is to use, not to mention its versatility. I use yellow edged GMD organic cotton prefolds with mine and sometimes I put a staydry hemp doubler (also from GMD) in there to. It all fits perfectly and the diaper stays nice and trim. Or about as trim as a cloth diaper can be 😉

Kim Inyokern, CA

So far so good!

So far I have only used my Flip covers a few times, but I am very pleased so far! The best part about them is that they are a better value than pocket diapers since you can wipe them out and put a new insert in them a few times before having to launder the cover. It makes a little less laundry, which I appreciate! And the inserts are a lot cheaper than buying a ton of pocket diapers! My only very small complaint is that I wish the back flap that you tuck the insert under was a little more tight fitting so that it would hold the insert in a little better, but they still work great! A lot of people say that they prefer the more “custom” fit of the hook and loop, but I think the snaps work great. There are plenty of snap settings to adjust the size. And from what I hear, the snaps last longer than the hook and loop. All, in all, I highly recommend them!

Desiree Middleburg, VA

Doesn’t Leak

The color has held up well, the snaps are still in perfect condition, and we haven’t had any problems with leaks. These are actually the only cloth diaper covers we’ve used that haven’t leaked, and that’s after 12 months of use. They are awesome!

Candice Tennyson, TX


My all time fav cover. I use this with econobum prefolds and have had no leaks. The color has faded a little but that’s expected with colors and poo/pee. A great cover for cloth diaper stash.

Angelia Everson, PA

Flips diapers

I have tried a lot of different cloth options. These are a new fave for us. Honestly I didn’t think a trifold prefold or a microfiber insert would work well and really thought it’d be bulky… but it DOES work for us and it is fairly trim. Although I have used several different all in ones (for simplicity when out or for sitters)I found that it was really annoying to try to get them clean, especially when cleaning number two. The flips are great because the inserts are easier for us to deal with, easier to dump/dunk whatever needs to be done. The dry fairly fast compared to an all in one… and are easier for us than pockets. They contain messes well, seem durable, I love the two rows of snaps for fit and we have no stains so far. FWIW we do use a liner now which fit nicely on these. Also we do prefer the snaps over the velcro closure (cannot stand the velcro when it comes undone in the wash and gets stuck to everything and it wears out much faster than the snaps). I do wish they came in more prints:)Oh and maybe I should say too that we are using this on a 26 lb toddler so results for smaller babies may be different.

Jasmin El Monte, CA

Love these covers

These are really great covers. They’re a little big so I had to wait for my son to grow into them, but once he did I found myself reaching for them more and more often. I have one of the microfiber inserts which is nice and trim, but I mostly just carry that in my diaper bag since it’s small and we use prefolds most of the time. You can either tri-fold the prefold and lay it flat in the cover or use a snappi, but I use the tri-fold in these because it’s faster. None of my Flip covers have ever stained, they’ve all held up perfectly, and at 15 months old he still has plenty of room to grow. I’ve never found the lack of gusset in these to be a problem compared to all of the other gusset-less diapers I tried that leaked. I highly recommend these.

Kate Bellevue, IA

Really nice construction! Amazing size range

I was really impressed with the construction of these diaper covers. I have thirsties duo wraps snap and velcro and ordered these in order to make diapering a little simpler for grandparents or aunts and uncles who aren’t used to it… I’ll be using these with the small size 4x8x4 indian cotton prefold by diaper rite (these are conveniently shorter & wider in order to fit in the pocket area), the prefolds fit really well.About the construction, It doesn’t have double gussets, so you’ll have to weigh how you feel about that, but the outer flaps with the snaps have a really nice stretchy material that gives opening and pulling the flaps really substantial/reenforced feeling. To compare, the thirsties duo wraps don’t have any other kind of material to reinforce the snap area where you pull. I feel like the flip covers will hold up better around the snaps after constant use.About the size; I have the size one and two of the thirsties duo wraps and these flips are slightly larger than the size one thirsties wraps and will help to transition to size 2 and be used in conjunction with them.I will update this for how they perform when I start using them; I haven’t had my baby just yet.Bottom line: I feel these may last longer than the thirsties duo wraps will due to the way the flaps are reinforced and I am really intrigued that you may only need one size from birth to 35lbs instead of two sizes(so you only have to buy 1/2 as many) Also the simplicity of setting a prefold inside the pocket will definitely make them popular to use.

Winifred Wildorado, TX

Edit: These Have Become our Favorite

I don’t dislike them, but they are only single gusset, and they are some of the more bulky of this style that I purchased (Mio’s and Thirsties were the other 2).Edit: We’ve been using these for a few months, now, and we’ve all but quit using the Mio’s and Thirsties. These are our favorite, go-to diapers! The lack of double gusset does NOT increase leakage. No bulky hems that trap misture and create a cold, chafing edge. And, I actually like these BETTER than my disposables, especially for bowels! They don’t funnel the poo up the back like disposables do and I’ve never had a blow-out with these!

Beverley Media, PA

Nice fitting but doesn’t hold up well

I got three of these and really liked them for a few months – I found them to be nice and soft (not stiff like some brands) and I especially liked the stretchy side tabs for a good fit as baby’s shape changes. HOWEVER… they have not held up at all well. While my Thirsties and Bummis covers still look pretty great after well over a year of use, the elastic in the legs of these Flip covers was completely stretched out after maybe four months or so. Disappointing! I still use them, but only over a fitted cloth diaper (where the cloth part itself has elastic legs) – otherwise these just don’t hold a prefold in place well enough. If your little one has tender skin, these are great because they are so soft… but be ready to replace them much more often than with other brands.

Polly Kelly, LA

Couple of minor flaws, but overall my favorite diaper cover

As I said in the title, I use Flip covers the most frequently out of my cloth diaper collection because they are the most economical and work very well. They fit okay on the smallest size but are still roomy on my 2 month old. I haven’t had issues with leaking unless the prefold was exposed or saturated already. The cover cleans up well and dries quickly, and it doesn’t absorb the smell of urine when in use. I have had issues with the PUL staining, but it doesn’t affect the functionality in any way. I love the flaps in the front and back because they keep moisture off of my baby and keep the prefold in place really well. This cover is easy to use, durable, and very cute. I bought one to try it out first, and then I purchased 5 more to be well stocked. It was worth it!

Tara Belmont, NY

Love it!

Love, love, love these diapers. I use them with OsoCosy Chinese prefolds. I bought them when my son was born, along with several other brand covers, and these were the clear winner–I know own 10 of these and use them exclusively. They have two little pockets inside that keep the prefold (or liner) in. The covers without these pockets (Thirsties, Bummis, and Econobum) let the prefold "peek" out causing urine to wick out and onto baby’s clothes. These also have two rows of snaps, which keeps the diaper flat and taught across his belly. Other covers with one row of snaps would pull, bunch, and shift funny. With disposables, my son has had many blow out poops up the back, but the elastic across the back of these and around the legs really keeps poop contained. I’ve had very few leaks or blowouts (use a doubler or 2 prefolds at night if you have a heavy wetter). These are a little more expensive than other covers, but they are truly adjustable in size (they fit my son when he was 11 lbs and still fit him now at 22 lbs., and there’s still room for him to grow). I’ve had them 6 months and they still look good as new (I have a few of the Flips with velcro, and I like them a little less as the velcro gets stuck on things in the washer. The velcro diapers look more worn than the ones with snaps). Also I should note that even though the manufacturer does not recommend it, they have held up very well to the steam setting on my washing machine. I recommend visiting the seller’s website as there is lots and lots more information about cloth diapering on there.

Lauren Middle River, MD

My favorite for cloth!

I’ve tried so many different kinds of diaper systems and have done tons of research, and my baby leaks through everything (including disposable) except for these! The leg gussets truly hold in the runny stuff, and I love that they are not white edged like the Thirsties which stain easily. Also, they are made of super soft, pliable waterproof fabric, the same as BumGenius pocket diapers. These are the same outer "shell", just without the pocket. I just trifold a cloth and lay it on the inside. Voila! Super easy. And I love that there are little flaps on either end to hold the cloth in place so it doesn’t try to slip out. I use "Cloth-Eez" cloth diapers from Green Mountain Diapers, and the small yellow edged cloth fits perfectly to trifold and lay it flat. I have used the bigger medium red edged one using the Jelly Roll way to fold, but honestly the trifold I think works just as well and is way easier. My baby is 5 months old and has been using these since about 2 months. When he was really little his legs weren’t quite chubby enough and the leg gussets leaked a bit so we waited for him to get a bit of chub. I would never go back! These are also great because they will grow with my baby and I won’t have to buy bigger sizes like the Thirsties, so your wallet is happy. You can also just wipe them down between uses and air dry so they won’t wear out nearly as quickly as pocket diapers either. You aren’t supposed to use any Oxyclean or anything on them, but they wash out great… no need!

Joanne Saint Francis, SD

Works great, but might stain

For my diapering system, I use these Flip covers with regular tri-fold cloth diapers inserted, fastened with a Snappi. It works fine, I have no complaints about the system in general. To wash, I just dump all the contents of my nappy bucket into my regular ol’ washer, and wash everything together on hot with “free and clear” detergent, no softener. I wash diapers every day. I have had no problems with stains.However, when I was staying at my mom’s house for a week, using her high-efficiency front-loading laundry machines on the “sanitize” cycle, I found that when the white Flip covers came out of the wash, they were no longer white. They had turned a delightful doo-doo brown color. I’ve tried a few different things, even bleach, but the color still won’t come out. Not the end of the world, but a little disappointing. I am guessing I did something wrong, so if you care about your whites staying white, don’t do whatever it is that I did!

Nicole Glendive, MT

Love them!

Using these since our baby was 2 months and is now 6 months. They’ve held together and not stained. Quality has been great. All the snaps still work great, and leg elastic seems to be just fine.

Reva Faxon, OK

Best. Cover. Ever.

I started out using Thirsties and Prowraps covers, and while those worked well enough, I was constantly getting stains. Plus the snaps on the Thirsties Dou Wraps are pretty crappy. They would work on the smallest setting of size 1, but not the middle setting (wouldn’t snap). Even if they did work, sometimes they would come undone when I was putting the diaper on. I also tried Imse Vimse, Litewrap, Kissaluvs wool, Diasana wool, and Bummis Super Whisper Wraps. I decided to try the Flip covers when my baby was around 8 pounds, and they worked wonderfully! Yes, they were a bit bulky at first, but I have NEVER had a leak or a blowout. Never. I can’t say that about any other cover or diaper. My babysitter even put one on him wrong and it was practically hanging off when I went to change him, and he still didn’t leak. The snaps have never come undone by accident, and out of 17 covers, I have yet to run into a bad snap. These are the only covers I use now.I purchased a lot of 10 used Flip covers on eBay to round out my stash with these, and even though the seller claimed they’d been used off and on for a year, only a couple of them had any degree of staining, and that was very light. The elastic is still great. I wash my covers separate from my diapers, cold wash and hang dry. I put them through a dryer cycle once in awhile to re-seal the seams.I love the variety of colors available, and the covers are soft and don’t ever make crinkly noises when baby moves. If his butt wasn’t so big, no one would suspect my son wears cloth. The snaps are wonderful. I never have to struggle to get a good fit, and I don’t have to worry about fastening laundry tabs or having diaper chains.My 14-pound son is still in the lowest setting. I think these run very true to size. I do sometimes size up if using them at night with an organic insert and a Joey Bunz premium insert. I have never had a leak at night.Love, love, love these.

Marcie Berclair, TX

Holds the poop

I have 3 other covers in other colors and got this one soley because of its color. It is the closest to the color of breastfed baby poop. My 4 month old is exclusively breastfed and he does not have bowel movements very often (yes, that is normal and ok). His longest was 13 days (intervened with prune juice) and he was wearing a FLIP cover when he went (trust me, it was a LOT). These covers contain large bowel movements very well. Back to the color. I use soap nuts for my detergent and they are not good at stain removal. By the second wash the stain comes out of the cover, but I like the color knowing if it weren’t to come out, the cover wouldn’t look funny. This is also a nice gender neutral color. Additionally, I like that I can stuff the cover with what I want and that the cover is reusable. I switch covers after 12 hours, but could easily go longer. I also like the adjustable sizing so I won’t have to buy new every 20 pounds.

Robin Minot Afb, ND

love LoVe LOVE

It took me until my daughter was nearly 9mo to commit to cloth diapering & now I wished I had not waited so long. The Flip system is soooo easy. My 1st attempt at cloth diapering was with bumGenius 4.0 & Freetimes. I was not a fan of either. I figured since they were AIO they’d be easy. Forget it. The cleanup after a BM was no fun at all. They took forever to dry. And they cost a fortune if you figure you need a new one each diaper change. Now with Flip, its a cover & an insert. Change the insert, reuse the the cover. LOVE IT. And laundry, so easy. Rinse & wash cover & inserts together, then line dry covers while inserts tumble in the dryer. And the covers dry in no time. I use the StayDry inserts (from Flip) and haven’t had a leak. I do still use sposies at night as I am using up the ones I have left from before I switched (I used to buy in bulk) but plan on running them out & then just add a hemp doubler to a couple inserts in the Flip for nights. Also, I went with the snap closure as opposed to the velcro because I was not happy with how the velcro rubbed on my daughters back & belly. On the back there are laundry tabs that you attached the tabs to while washing to avoid ruining the velcro. However this rubs on baby’s back while in use. And on the belly, the exposed velcro would rub when my daughter would sit. CottonBabies (btw…great customer service) assured me that this velcro softens overtime with washes, but I wasnt going to have my child suffer until that happened. I was afraid the snaps would not be adjustable, but they are great!

Kimberley Ophir, KY

Favorite diaper cover

I’ve tried several diapers and diaper covers and this is my favorite. Easy to use, easy to clean. Contains big messes really well without leaking. I use it with cloth and disposable inserts. This holds the gDiapers flushable inserts really well, which is great because the gPants are terrible. Good fit for a baby with slim legs and a chubby tummy. Good price.

Mia Wasola, MO

Fantastic diaper cover

I had used cloth diapers with my first child and am still using the same BumGenius AIO diapers with our second child. I was looking for a diaper that was a bit more convenient for travel and quick errand running as I had been using the gDiapers. Although they are convenient, I don’t like the fact that the gDiapers are not able to transition to a larger size with a single diapers. You either must buy the S or M/L diapers separately. Then, I came across these Flip diaper covers. I read I could use the terry cloth inserts I had with my previous diapers, but really liked the fact that there were also Flip disposable inserts that could be used. For the price it was worth the test and I’m glad to write that they are indeed worth it.

Tammi Sharps, VA

Great Diaper Cover

I really like this diaper cover. I have tried Thirsties Duo (both snap and velcro), as well as the flip covers. Here are the reasons I like the flip cover better:- The cover lays flat even with the smallest setting for the rise (the thirsties did not)- The fabric wipes clean easily, inside and out (I find the thirsties gets dirty sooner, because the trim is not laminated, so it gets wet)- The flip cover seems to fit my boy very well, better than the thirsties- The flip cover should fit longer (the size 1 thirsties are already too small for my baby at 2 months)- I really like the “Albert” pattern (although I have some solid color ones, too), as I am a math teacher :)I have used the cover both with an insert (Fuzzibunz), and the osoCozy prefolds/snappi and like both options.

Christa Beckemeyer, IL