Flip Day Pack: 2 One-Size Snap Closure Diaper Covers & 6 One-Size Stay-Dry Inserts – Zinnia

Flip Day Pack: 2 One-Size Snap Closure Diaper Covers & 6 One-Size Stay-Dry Inserts – Zinnia

Why Flip™? Cloth diapering has never been so easy! TOSS the used insert into your diaper pail REPLACE the insert with a clean one REUSE the cover. The one-size cover and insert adjusts to fit most babies from 7-35 pounds. Absorbency? Flip™ Stay-Dry liners are made of 3 absorbent layers of microfiber and a smooth stay-dry suede that wicks away moisture from your baby’s bum – keeping baby drier, longer Overnight We recommend using two inserts when diapering a toddler or heavy wetter overnight. Extra inserts sold separately. Each set includes 2 one-size covers, and 6 one-size Stay-Dry inserts.

Main features

  • Patent pending leak-proof reusable outer shell with form fitting elastic to prevent leaks.
  • Patent pending comfy butterfly closure, a feature that is unique to cloth diapers made by Cotton Babies, with durable snap closures help keep diapers on older babies.
  • No stuffing involved! Just tuck insert under flaps and go.
  • The one-size stay-dry Insert wicks away moisture from your baby and grows with your baby.
  • 3×3 snap system adjusts to fit most babies from 7 – 35 pounds.

Verified reviews


Great Product

I bought 2 of these packs. It is a great idea and I like the diaper. My only issue is, that despite this being a “One Size” diaper it is baggy around the legs on my 13lb daughter. That combined with no “double gussets” has caused a couple of “poo-splosions”.I ended up buying some smaller “sized” covers to use with the inserts until she grows and can fill out the legs of these diapers.Great product, EXCELLENT for daytime use. I would buy these again. BUT I would also buy smaller covers to use the inserts with until my baby gets a little bit bigger.

Vicki Helena, OH

Not for small babies

I bought these for my newborn, since they are supposed to start from 7-8 pounds. However, since they have snaps, there is no way to adjust the leg size, unlike Thirsties covers or Bumgenius one-size that have velcro. With velcro you can just pull the velcro tighter, even overlap the flaps to get the legs tighter. For a tall skinny baby with thin legs, like mine, it leaks everywhere since the legs can’t fit. Also, the inserts are really bulky, just like the regular bumgenius insert, but without a newborn option like what they come with. These seem great and I so want them to work, but we’re going to have to wait until she grows. For now we’re using prefolds with Thirsties Duo wraps since they are smaller and have leg gussets and velcro to get a better fit,Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Meadow, Size One (6-18 lbs)and then we’re using regular Bum Genius 3.0 one-size diapersbumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper Blossomsince they can fit more tightly.
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• Even at 11 pounds, the legs on these still don’t fit our tall thin baby.
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• at 13 pounds, these now seem to fit, though the legs could be a bit tighter, they aren’t leaking. Since we had to change to the regular size inserts in her bumgenius 3.0 diapers, these Flips are now trimmer than those, and so we have grown to prefer them. We would still like the legs to fit better like Thirsties, but washing just inserts is so easy, we’ll definitely be using them from this point on.

Kristin Oscar, LA

worth it

The cost may seem too much at first but these are worth it and more is spent on disposables over the years. These are one of my favorites. The other would be bum genius but then again they are both made by the same company. Flips are just easy. The inserts are absorbent and hold alot of moisture. I rinse the cover after a wet use, let it air dry then use again rather than washing a cover after only one use. If your LO does #2 on schedule you can use a pocket diaper then know when to use the flip after so you got one cover for three inserts. So if you use them for wetting all you have to do is rinse the cover.

Sandy Baker, WV

Favorite cloth diapers

I like Flip diapers because they are less bulky than most other brands, and customizing the absorbency is very easy. The lack of a pocket makes it easy to layer liners, though it can make putting the diaper on the baby tricky if they’re squirmy. The insert fabric is the thickest and strongest I’ve seen yet. The cover fabric is less durable than some others, but it holds up well.

Tracie Rio Vista, CA

First Try at Cloth Diapers

My third child is 5 months, and I’ve finally worked up to actually trying cloth diapers. I did tons of research before choosing flips, and I’m glad I did. The hybrid design is perfect for different occasions, and the starting costs are not as bad as other types.I got this one box, and 6 other liners, and that was enough to start with (I did have to wash them a twice a day, but I live in an apartment with an apartment size washer, so I do laundry multiple times a day anyway), and after 2 days ordered another set. My husband was iffy at first, but he was pretty quick to see it’s not bad at all.They fit her well, don’t leak, I bought flushable liners do deal with the worst part (if you haven’t used them before, they were what finally convinced me to try cloth, and are a godsend). I wish I had made the plunge with my first daughter.I would, and probably will, recommend these to my friends, family, and anyone who will listen.

Kristy Port Royal, SC

Great system

I am new to cloth diapering, and I did a lot of research before buying Flip. It’s a great system to start CD. Love the stay dry insert.The only compliant I have is that the insert is too bulky. My 4 months old was learning how to roll, and she couldn’t do it with this on.

Patty Copeland, KS