Flip Individual: 1 One-Size Snap Closure Diaper Cover & 1 One-Size Stay-Dry Insert – Grasshopper

Flip Individual: 1 One-Size Snap Closure Diaper Cover & 1 One-Size Stay-Dry Insert – Grasshopper

Why Flip™? Cloth diapering has never been so easy! TOSS the used insert into your diaper pail REPLACE the insert with a clean one REUSE the cover. The one-size cover and insert adjusts to fit most babies from 7-35 pounds. Absorbency? Flip™ Stay-Dry liners are made of 3 absorbent layers of microfiber and a smooth stay-dry suede that wicks away moisture from your baby’s bum – keeping baby drier, longer Overnight We recommend using two inserts when diapering a toddler or heavy wetter overnight. Extra inserts sold separately. Each set includes a one-size cover, and a one-size Stay-Dry insert.

Main features

  • Patent pending leak-proof reusable outer shell with form fitting elastic to prevent leaks.
  • Patent pending comfy butterfly closure, feature that is unique to cloth diapers made by Cotton Babies, with durable snaps to help keep diapers on older babies.
  • No stuffing involved just tuck insert under flaps and go.
  • Stay-Dry Insert wicks away moisture from your baby.
  • 3×3 snap system adjusts to fit most babies from 7 – 35 pounds.

Verified reviews


i have a love/hate relationship with these.

i have my issues with these. the cleaning instructions make these a chore and a half – do not soak, and then wash first in cold, then in hot. seriously, who has time for two washes? i might be a SAHM but i have a lot to do besides washing diapers all day. too, the energy required for washing diapers twice kind of negates the earth-saving, “keep non-biodegradable crap out of landfill” reasons i wanted to go cloth anyway. so… i wash the covers by hand when they need it, and i soak the inserts in cold water with a bit of oxyclean overnight prior to a hot wash.also, no one warned me that once you get yer babe all decked out in one of these setups, none of your cute newborn clothes will fit her, especially if you’ve got a little fatty like i do – she’s got really limited time in those adorable newborn clothes everyone gave her anyway, and so…i signed up for Amazon Mom, got myself a subscription for Nature Baby eco-disposables and got 160 of them for $30 – yep, she’s a breastfed newborn who goes through about ten a day, and disposables are a money hemorrhage for sure, but other than the elastic and the tabs, they’re natural (no gel) and quickly compostable in a landfill. i’m putting the flips aside until she poops a little less constantly and we have some clothes that might actually fit over these things… we’re also starting a little bit of Elimination Communication since she’s pretty easy to predict – and perhaps that will save me a little effort in dealing with having to wash diapers all the time.

Colleen Kalispell, MT


I got this along with several other brands of diapers when I switched to cloth diapers. Right away I didn’t like. Their is too much fabric that can get peed or pooped on and then then bonus of this product is gone. I use another kind of cloth diaper with snap in inserts which I like a lot better because I can actually reuse the cover through a couple of changes. That keeps the laundry down, which is especially helpful with 2 in diapers. I also just really wasn’t willing to use the microfiber insert that came with it because I have read and heard some pretty yucky things about them. I returned this diaper with out ever even using it.

Dorothy Palo Alto, CA

Flippin Nightmare!

Why bother?! Elastic came off of these things numerous times, and some of the inserts arrived with dirt marks. Flip covers have too many large, hard snaps that can press against baby’s skin. Sizing is limited for thick prefold diapers (mine were organic unbleached) because it only works as a small and medium cover; legs openings are too tight with prefold diapers. Shape has a large waist and narrow hips – bizarre. Cover is thick polyester and not breathable, so it overheats. The inserts were thick with a synthetic side and worthless – resembles a thick feminine menstrual pad in which poo could slide off once you pick it up. Elastic is only on back, so the stiff cover (which doesn’t stretch much) on the front will not expand or stretch when baby is sitting. This would be funny if it were a movie, but it’s really a Flippin’ nightmare!

Viola Pyote, TX

Ripped after one use

I’m disappointed. I got these for our baby shower and loved the idea of an all-in-two system where I can swap out the inserts. There were a couple problems. First, the flap that holds the insert is very short, only a couple inches, so with a squirming baby it will be tough to get the insert to stay in place. Second, after one wash under normal cycle, the nylon on the flap (which holds the insert in place) had ripped. The rip is going to get larger each time I stretched the diaper, so these will be useless after a few uses. I think I’ll try other systems b/c the quality of this one is really lacking.

Rosalyn Cuyahoga Falls, OH

A waste of money and time

I got these because two of my cloth diapering friends just raved about them. I tried them for nearly a month, with nothing but frustration! The part that’s supposed to fold over and tuck under the flap (in the front for us, as both my diaper users are boys) was hard to get to stay where it was supposed to while snapping onto a very wiggley 4-month-old. Anytime either of my boys pooped in these it was so discouraging, I knew that the poop would be completely coating both sides of the insert and be very difficult to get out. I much prefer my pocket diapers, and swapped these with a friend as soon as I could.

Amparo Elgin, OH

My favorite cover,but not my favorite system

I bought a bunch of BumGenius 4.0 which I LOVE. I am using them on 2 1/2 yo twin girls. Prior to this my cloth diapering experience was pinned prefolds and one cover or another. BGs seemed so EASY… and they are, but I wish they held more pee.I wanted to try a few of these as I was intrigued by the idea of a one size cover so I could still do prefolds (which hold more pee than a BG). But I tried some of the Flips inserts, too. I tried the stay dry and the organic as well as some of the econobum prefolds which, while not sold to be used with this cover, work just fine. The Flips covers is just a bit higher quality than the econobum cover IMO.The organic inserts hold the most pee, followed by the econombum. I don’t feel like the stay dry holds as much pee as a BG 4.0 even though it is supposed to be about the same. None of the 3 holds as much as a premium prefold, but the econobum and organic will get you through a generous 2 hours, while the stay dry gets dicey as you near that mark. (Bear in mind this is with 2 1/2 yo kids – obviously younger kids will pee less) In all it’s a pretty easy, compact (as far as travelling) way to diaper.The cover itself is nice and stretchy – a little bigger I’d say then the BG, as with a BG I use the biggest setting on one girl and the second biggest on the other, whereas with these I do second and third biggest. It doesn’t covered a pinned premium prefold as nicely as I’d like, but it DOES cover it (and my husband says it’s because I pin funny 😛 ) I think it would work even better with a smaller baby in an infant sized prefold.I am happy to have 2 of these, with a variety of inserts – not sure I will buy any more.I am updating this to say I now LOVE these as covers, but not crazy about the flips system. I have found I don’t really like the bumgenius on my young (7 months and small for his age) baby – too bulky and completed to fold them small. A prefold and nylon pull-on pants has always had top billing for me for absorbant + super trim. But pull on pants can be annoying to pull down. The flips covers are super trim as a cover – velcro wraps are stiff and bulky – and are working very well over a pinned infant prefold on the smallest setting. They will also fit through a range of sizes. I have got a few more flips, and 2 econobums which are ALMOST as nice but not quite, and I love both covers with prefolds. As far as the systems go, organic if you really want to hold pee, but the stay dry insert makes an awesome doubler, in a prefold, for an older baby. LOVE these covers.

Carly Phillipsport, NY

Not a fan of Flip

When I first started cloth diapering, I bought a few different ones mostly based on reviews and friend’s advice. Everyone I talked to raved about the Flip how convenient it was and well it fit so it made the short list to try. Well I’m glad I got different types because the Flip by itself may have swayed me away from cloth diapering forever, after several months I can’t understand the attraction. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad design or system it just doesn’t work for us and here’s why:- The fit is horrible on my very tall & skinny son (now 9mths), it has to be on the last rise setting to completely cover him and it’s still at least an inch below his belly button.- I like the stretchy-ness of the snap tabs but I don’t like that there’s no hip snap so it seems to always be falling down and there seems to be extra fabric bulging out. If I snap it on the last setting then it will stay up but my son cries until I loosen it one (where it droops so really a no win)- There’s nothing holding the insert in, so getting it on is a workout trying to hold my son down & the insert in place long enough to get it snapped closed. And half the time the insert seems to slip out of position anyways.- The cover itself is just PUL (or something similar) there’s nothing even the least bit soft behind the insert so when it inevitably slips the plastic rubs up against my son’s skin & irritates it. And the leg gussets rub into his legs so they’re always pink when I take it off.I do like:- The insert itself does seem to be very absorbent for being so thin & solids slide right off with easy- The color is a nice vibrant green and looks good on my son (but would probably look good on a girl too)Overall the Flip just isn’t for me if I had someone to sell or trade it to I would but for now it stays at the bottom of the stash only used when all the others are being washed.

Peggy Belcamp, MD

One year later…inserts don’t absorb

I spent hours researching cloth diapers before my first son was born. Over 24 hours were spent reading reviews and comparing prices and pros and cons.Flip diapers seemed to be the best for our purposes and budget. I decided to buy 24 Stay Dry Inserts and 6 covers, and absolutely loved them for the first year. We washed every other day. They were great. I told all my friends about them. They fit my son from 8 lbs until 20 lbs, which is what he weighs now.One year later, the StayDry inserts last about 20 minutes before my son’s diaper leaks. (I used to change him every 2 hours, though he could go 4 hours)After weeks, months of stripping the diapers and adjusting fit…After examining my son’s diet for changes…After even more hours of research and poring over blogs…I discovered that Microfiber inserts generally last FOR ONE YEAR.That would have been nice to know. Now my 24 inserts are useless.WHAT I USE NOWThirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Rose, Size Two (18-40 lbs)–These work with virtually every cloth diaper, and they are the best fitted covers we’ve tried. Nothing gets out of those double leg gussets.Natural Fibers apparently last the longest. Bamboo and Hemp cost more but absorb more.Mother-Ease Sandy’s Cloth Diaper – Blue – Small (8-20 lbs)–Choose the Bamboo Terry. Add the Bamboo insert/doubler and Thirsties cover and you get a great overnight or traveling option.Rumparooz Hemp 6R Soaker–This has taken the place of our Flip StayDry inserts. Sometimes I pair one with the StayDry insert, but it adds more bulk than absorbency.Grasshopper Diapers–Not available through this site–We are trying these as an All-In-One option. They get great ratings and reviews. We’ve only had them a few days, so they aren’t at full absorbency yet.Bottom line: For one year, these are AMAZING. If you want something to last longer than a year, or with more children, go for Thirsties Covers and a natural fiber cloth diaper. Getting the Organic Cotton inserts might be a good option, too, but I haven’t tried them.

Elizabeth Porter, OK

Great, versatile diaper!

I have not actually "field tested" these yet, because my baby is not due for three more months, but I love the versatility of these diapers. I bought disposable inserts to use with these for long outings and for babysitters.

Chelsea Prairie Grove, AR

Started as my backup but that might change

I bought a Flip to diversify my stash which is mostly gDiapers and some Blueberry covers ( husband wasn’t interested in the pockets or AIOs). I love the Flip. I use the stay dry insert or either my gCloths or gRefills and they fit perfectly. I haven’t had anything escape the Flip in the past 2 months not even overnight or with cloth inserts.I have 2 suggestions though, they did NOT fit until my son was 10+lbs and there IS a hook/loop (Velcro) version that is way more convenient than the snaps but you have to purchase it through the maker’s (CottonBabies) website. I have placed an order for a few of these and am very excited to get them in the rotation!

Iva Glencoe, OH

Love the ease of change, but not my favorite diaper

The only thing I don’t like is that the insert, once wet, tends to slip down and bunch up. I love the cover over fitteds, though.

Penny Picher, OK

Not bad

These aren’t bacd. But the back lip doesn’t stay down, so leaks are more likely with this cover. Not our favorite.

Tamara Pomaria, SC

By far my favorite cloth diaper!

When I started cloth diapering, I purchased several different types of diapers to give them a try. Flip is by far my favorite! I love that you can just change the insert and reuse the shell. I’ve never had any leaks in the Flip- even with the baby’s chubby legs, everything stays in there! Never has stained or retained odors. Will be purchasing more!!

Monika Wayland, MA

Awesome – Flips are the way to go!

I’ve tried several cloth diaper covers and they have all leaked until now. Unlike many other diaper covers, the Flip is a one-size fits all and it works. We adjust the cover to our baby’s size and it really does prevent leaking.I really love that you do not have to buy the Flip insert or any insert for the cover, we use the regular Gerber brand cloth diapers from Target. I am even able to place 2 pre-fold diapers in the cover for nap time and night time. You also do not have to use Snappi’s or diaper pins. The diaper just fits right in the cover and you put it on the baby just like a disposable diaper. You don’t have to worry about trying to get a baby on the move to sit still while you pin a diaper on them.The cover has a liner that you can wipe clean between changes so you do not have to have a new cover for each diaper change. My daycare requires a new cover for each change so we have to wash our covers every night (or buy more) so it was another huge benefit that Flip diaper covers do not require a special detergent or washing instructions.We did also buy 1 Flip insert and it works great. However, do to the expense of the insert we are going to stick with our pre-fold diapers. They are just as easy. If I knew cloth diapering was this easy I would have started before my baby was 7 months old (and saved a bunch of money!).

Jannie Bantam, CT

So nice

I like that you can change the insert without having to wash the cover every time! It means you can survive on fewer covers, which I really like, and you don’t have to wash as much. Plus, they dry super fast! I really like the cloth inserts and we never have any leaks.

Cecelia Bellona, NY

Not the best option for cloth diapers

When we started using cloth diapers, I bought several different kinds and tested them all. I would choose a pocket diaper over a pre-fold and insert like this one any day. There’s nothing wrong with this product, but we faced more leaks with the insert and cover combo than we did with any of the pocket diapers we tried. I just don’t recommend this style of cloth diaper.

Amparo Colerain, OH

Love these covers

We have been cloth diapering since my baby boy arrived. I bought a few different types of covers. A friend told me about a buy one get one free sale on cotton babies.com. Bought a few because that was a great deal. We love them! More than any of the other covers we have! They keep everything in and stay mostly dry(the covers don’t wick the moisture to the outside of the cover). I highly recommend these covers( we have not tried the inserts, we use prefolds bought at target and babies r us). We almost exclusively use these covers.

Wendi Reading, MI

Really wish I bought more of these instead of fuzzibunz

Flips are awesome. I like the fact that I do not have to stuff an insert into a narrow pocket and that they don’t retain stink like the fuzzibunz. I also noticed that the insert actually lays flatter in a flip than the fuzzibunz insert does stuffed into the fuzzibunz. Very nice, and no leaks!

Sharron North Olmsted, OH

Flip diapers are the best!

I tried them all- thirsties, bumkins, kissaluvs, etc. Flip is by far the best. The pads are the most absorbent of any others, and they keep my daughter dry. No leaks! These are great

Leanna Fairbury, NE

Great AI2 system that is easy for cloth diaper newbies

Our only experience with cloth diapering had been pockets – specifically theThirsties Duo Diaper. We cloth diaper part time, in evenings and on weekends. While we really like our Thirsties, there are a few notable drawbacks of pocket diapers and in my research on different cloth diaper systems, I found out about the Flip system through the Cottonbabies website.We purchased a Flip day pack with stay-dry inserts. Flip has rapidly become our daytime cloth diaper of choice due to the ease of use. Unlike a pocket diaper there’s no need to pre-stuff the insert. With our Thirsties, the cotton/hemp insert takes forever to dry and usually requires overnight line drying. The Flip stay-dry inserts, on the other hand, dry in one normal dry cycle (we line dry the Flip covers). Our girl is an average sized 8.5 month old and is wearing her Flips on the medium rise setting.Pros:~ Trim fit but very absorbent.~ Easy diaper changes when out and about, including a disposable insert option.~ Easy laundering and care. The covers line dry in an hour or two and the inserts dry quickly in the dryer.~ The new hook-and-loop closures make diaper changes so easy with a wiggly baby. The closure tabs are nice and stretchy and give a snug, secure fit.~ Ability to re-use the covers for several changes with fresh inserts. This saves space in the diaper bag and wet bag compared to using pocket diapers.~ The stay-dry inserts are embroidered with lines and sizes so that you know where to fold for the small and medium rise settings.Cons:~ The stay-dry insert is not absorbent enough for our 8.5 month old who is sleeping for 10-11 hours overnight. We’re sticking with our Thirsties Duos for overnight.~ It can sometimes be unwieldy to get the diaper on the baby without the insert shifting. It’s not a biggie for my husband and me since we change Flip diapers often but an occasional caregiver could really struggle with keeping the insert where it’s supposed to be in the cover. Other AI2 systems have a snap-in insert to prevent this issue and Cottonbabies really should consider this for the next generation of Flip.~ No cute prints available, only solid colors.Our plan is to buy a second Flip day pack with the organic insert option and snap closures, for a total of 4 covers and 12 inserts. We still love our Thirsties Duo diapers for overnights and babysitter use, but the Flip system is perfect for our busy lifestyle during the day.

Allison Collinsville, TX

Really digging the flips

I originally bought the flips because they were cheaper and I couldn’t afford all the bumgenius diapers I wanted. But now I actually like the flips better than the bumgenius. I have had many leak issues with both bumgenius and Kawaii baby pocket diapers. With the flips…..NO LEAKS! And it is so easy to swap out the insert. I still use pocket diapers for overnight when I need the diaper to last longer, but for the daytime the flips are awesome!

Camille Ransom, KY


I tried several different cloth diapers, and this one is by far my favorite. I love that you don’t have to wash the diaper shell every time. Also, the inserts are very nice and come clean very well. I highly recommend these diapers!

Vivian Forestville, WI

great price

I have used these diapers for 2 kids now and soon 3 kids! They last and the price is right. The cover is great and I love the snaps. The regular inserts are good for toddlers. I prefer the organic prefold for the inserts for younger babies with ‘explosive poopies’ but both are good. I like how easy it is to use. I always have to make sure my husband or anyone else puts in the insert the right way. Dont put the microfiber on the skin! My son got a terrible rash from that.

Grace Merriman, NE

We flip for our flips.

We began our adventures in cloth diapering with Charlie Banana’s 2-in-1 system, which is very similar to FuzziBunz’s 2-in-1 system. They worked great in the beginning, but as our baby got older, they can began to leak like crazy. This was probably in large part due to user error as I discovered too late that using diaper creams and certain laundry detergents can actually make micro-fleece diapers water repellent. Since we cannot live without A+D at our house, I began the hunt for a new diaper system. After reading numerous reviews and watching dozens of YouTube videos made by cloth diapering mothers, we decided to give Flip diapers a try. And we have now happily switched to the Flip hybrid system. Aside from the occasional super pee, the baby rarely has a leak.What I love about Flips as opposed to the 2-in-1 diapers is that you don’t have to change the entire diaper each time you change the baby. I just change the insert, and the baby can wear the same Flip all day unless poop gets on the Flip cover itself. This means that we don’t need dozens of Flips as opposed to needing over a dozen 2-in-1 diapers, and at $15 to $20 per diaper this is nice. We only have six Flip covers and then about three dozen inserts.There is also no need to have an entire pile of prestuffed diapers required as with a 2-in-1 pocketed diaper system. It only takes seconds to switch inserts. However, the one big disadvantage that the hybrid system has compared to the 2-in-1 is that the insert just sits in the diaper shell rather than in a diaper pocket, so you have to make sure the insert remains in position while you snap up the diaper. We have a very wiggly baby who tends to flip the insert out of position while we are snapping the diaper up, requiring us to then unsnap and readjust. When we were using diapers with pockets for the inserts, we just slapped the clean on and were good to go no matter how squirmy the baby was.The Flip insert is easy to wash out and toss in a diaper pail. This beats diaper systems with pockets where both the diaper and the insert needed to be prewashed each and every time you change the baby. Rather than using the Flip inserts, we use regular prefold or flat cloth diapers with the Flip covers. With prefolds I just fold them in thirds and then fold down the extra at the back as I would with a Flip insert. The flat diapers I fold in quarters and then in thirds and fold down any extra in the back like a regular Flip insert. The beauty of this method is that the diapers are 100% cotton and can all be dried on high. Microfleece diapers take forever to dry on low. The covers do take a long time to air dry, which is why we have six instead of three.As for washing the Flip covers themselves, I either handwash them out in the sink with a little Ivory soap, toss them in the cold prewash with white vinegar along with the diapers, or wash in them on cold with the regular baby laundry. I always hang them to dry. Poop does stain the inside of the Flip cover a strange bronze, but I’ve gotten most of the stain out by washing them on cold and delicate with Rockin’ Green Classic Rock Bare Naked Babies.Another plus is that with Flips, the diaper’s size is adjusted with snaps that change the diaper’s rise instead of with elastic and buttons that change the size of the diaper’s leg holes. I prefer adjusting the size with exterior snaps to messing with leg elastic although it was more tedious than difficult.The names of the colors are a bit strange, and they look different when viewed on different websites. We have 3 noodle, 1 grasshopper, 1 blossom, and 1 sweet. Noodle is a light beige, grasshopper is a light mint green, blossom is a medium pink, and sweet is a very light pastel blue.

Magdalena Dale, IN

Best Diaper Cover EVER

I LOVE this diaper cover. The Flip system is awesome. No leaks and no red marks on baby’s legs. The color is super cute and they hold up to tons of washing. The insert is really absorbant and great for over night or day time. I love how the system will grow with baby so I don’t have to keep buying bigger sizes. You just unsnap the buttons in the rise to adjust the size. I highly recommend the Flip diaper system.

Tracey Hughes, AK

My favorite cover

This is now my favorite cover for our little one (14lbs.). It didn’t fit him right away and for that I will say it is not truly a one size cover. He started fitting it around ten pounds. But once it fit it was fabulous. It is easy to stuff, the fabric is so bright and happy! and the construction is visibly heftier and better made than Econobum. I imagine these will last through several kids whereas the Econobum would not.The only complaint I have is that these do require a monthly bleaching to strip and get rid of the “funk.” Our Thursties Duo covers have never gotten this odor that requires something harsher than a simple hot wash to remove.

Jo New Berlin, IL

Best of the CDs we’ve tried

4.5 starsAfter looking through Amazon reviews, we tried 3 types of cloth diapers and inserts:1.)Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Meadow, Size One (6-18 lbs)andThirsties Stay-Dry Duo Insert, White, Size One (6-18 lbs)(total cost twenty dollars and fifty cents)2.)Flip Individual: 1 One-Size Snap Closure Diaper Cover & 1 One-Size Stay-Dry Insert – Moonbeam(total cost seventeen dollars)3.)Blueberry One Size Deluxe Snaps, Giraffe(total cost twenty-four dollars)We only started with CDs when my daughter was 15.5 pounds and about 7 months old. I have found Flip the best on a few counts . . .1.) Fit – the Flip adjusted to the middle set of snaps works very well for my 16 pound daughter. The smaller size of Thirsties were too small and leaked on at least one occasion, and the Blueberries are a bit bulky for my taste. The larger size of Thirsties fit her about the same as the Flip.2.) Cost – the Flip is by far the cheapest option here. You must buy two sizes of Thirsties (total cost forty-one dollars) and the Blueberry diaper costs about 50% more.3.) The flip dries in one dryer cycle. The Thirsty insert takes about a dryer cycle and a half. This is a major issue since the primary reason we chose to CD is to do our part for the environment.In addition, I like the pockets at either end of the Flip cover. They are larger than the pockets in the Thirsties, making it easier to arrange the insert.I have only one major complaint about these diapers. The cover is line dry only. It does line dry quickly, but in general, I believe baby items, especially ones that must be washed frequently, should be designed to be easily machine washed and dried. This is the reason I gave the diaper 4 stars instead of 5.

Lorraine Groveoak, AL

The best, best, best covers!

I have at least 70diapers and all sorts of the top brands and these are the best in my stash. I can always trust that they won’t leak during the night since they have never leaked in 15 months of continual use. My son is 31 pounds and they still fit. where as many of my other all in ones are getting to small and leaking. I pair these with Bummis pre folds and he’s good for a few hours during the day or all night. Seriously get a ton of these, you won’t be sorry!

Nicole Maypearl, TX

great cloth diapers for moms on a budget

I have really enjoyed using my flip diapers- and they have saved us a lot of money over purchasing all-in-ones. It is nice to toss the wet insert into your pail, wipe out the inside of the diaper, and then reuse the cover without having to wash it every time! I love this bold green color too 🙂

Casey Lakewood, OH

Hybrid between prefold and pocket diaper

Flip Diaper covers and inserts are made by the same company that makes Bum Genius and Econobum. The flip cover is essentially a bumgenius 4.0 without a pocket. The econobum cover is also the same size, but has had some features removed (snaps are horizontal instead of vertical, no flap to keep the insert in place). I had an unsuccessful attempt at cloth diapering with Bumgenius 3.0, and was hesitant to try the flip, but I am glad I did. I have now been using the flip diaper and stay dry inserts for the last week with my 5 mo old, and I am quite satisfied.PROS– The stay dry insert feels only slightly damp against my babies skin, even when it is soaked. I have not noticed any skin irritation. I think it does a better job of “wicking” moisture away than a pocket diaper because all the layers are part of one unit, and definitely feels dryer than a typical prefold.- No Leaks. I have had many leaks with pocket diapers, as the inner layer seemed to conduct the stool towards the edge of the diaper. With the flip, if my baby has a massive BM or wets a lot, there will be leakage around the insert onto the cover, but because of the gap between the insert and cover, it never reaches the border of the cover around his legs or back.- No red marks. I have not found that I need to tighten the diaper so much that it leaves marks. The elastic around the legs and back is very stretchy.- Not Bulky – for a cloth diaper, this is one of the less bulky ways to go – the inserts are relatively thin compared to a prefold. Once on, it is similar in appearance to a pocket diaper such as Fuzzibunz or Bumgenius.- More Affordable than AIO or Pocket – Although it may not be completely obvious, you can save quite a bit of money by getting the Flip vs. the Bumgenius, even though they are close to the same thing. The reason why is that you can usually use the Flip Cover through at least 2-3 changes. The stay dry inserts are $5 per insert. The cover is $11 if you purchase it with an insert. That means that for about $26, you can buy enough for 3 changes. Bumgenius pocket One size cost $18 each, which means it would cost %54 for 3 diapers (about twice as much). This system is more expensive than prefolds and covers, as you do need quite a few covers, and the inserts are not as cheap as prefolds…but I think the quality and convenience are comparable to the more expensive pocket diaper systems – Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius.- No stuffing diapers. I found it annoying to have to ready my diapers in advance. With flip, there is no need, just lay the insert on the cover, and flip down the top to adjust the size.CONS- For my heavy-wetting baby, I change the inserts every 2-3 hours. I don’t see how even 2 of these inserts could get him through the night. I am still using a disposable diaper overnight. It is just not worth it for me to change him every few hours and wake him up. I am not sure any other pocket system would be much better.FYI- I find the flip covers are slightly nicer than the econobum, but the inserts are much nicer. I bought some econobum covers to work with the flip inserts, and it seems to be fine.

Leann Morris, MN