Floppy Seat Ez Carry Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Pink Floral

Floppy Seat Ez Carry Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Pink Floral

The Floppy Seat is great for trips to the grocery store with your little one. The super soft Floppy Seat has 360 degree coverage, covers all sides of the shopping cart and helps keep your baby safe from germs. You can attach your baby’s favorite toys with the loops of fun. Your little one will stay entertained, and you wont have to keep picking toys up off the supermarket floor. Cleanup is easy because the seat is 100% machine washable. Your baby will love riding in the pillowy soft comfort of the Floppy Seat, and the elastic perimeter makes it so easy to quickly slip onto any size cart. Dual product design for use in restaurant high chairs too.

Main features

  • Imported
  • Sanitary covers all 4 sides of shopping cart
  • Easy to use elastic perimeter stretches to fit any size cart
  • Can be used in high chars
  • Built in safety belt
  • Includes loops of fun, attach baby’s favorite toys

Verified reviews


4.5 stars

I have been using this product for about 6 months now and don’t know what I would have done without it. It fits nearly every cart (BJ’s/Costco/Target, etc) and is soft and thick enough that my daughter has fallen asleep while in the cart. I would take away a 1/2 star because now my local grocery store (Harris Teeter) has some obnoxious large advertising plaques on the back of the cart seat so the seat belt is very snug or doesn’t fit around my daughter. Otherwise, this item is perfect. Place to hold her bottle, lots of spots to hang toys from for her to play with while she’s in the cart, and it folds into a cute carrying bag. I’ve had several older ladies comment on how they like to see the new parents using it so the kids don’t put their hands all over the cart and get it sticky or pick up germs from the cart. This will be my go to gift for future parents.

Jade Polk, PA

Poor stiching at the Seams

I returned this as it started to fall apart after the first wash. And thats without any use! I prewashed the cover when it arrived before using it on a cart, but right out of the wash the poly filling was coming out & the seam had come apart. For the price it should have held up to a single wash cycle.

Staci Stella, MO

Good buy

This floppy seat fits everything. I have used it in a swing, high chair, and all shopping carts. A definite good buy. It’s a bit pricier than some other choices, but the multi-use makes it a better bargain.

Patrica Makinen, MN

Floppy seat – best baby gift EVER!

If you need a baby gift… the Floppy Seat is IT! I’ve used mine (that I received for my daughter) for 3 years now. They are super durable and have nice prints available. Every mommy needs one of these!!

Monica Chichester, NY

My husband didn’t think we needed it…now he thinks it is great!

I love this shopping cart cover. My husband rolled his eyes when I told him I ordered a shopping cart cover. However, he was immediately sold on it the first time we used it to cover a restaurant high chair when my son was a little over 4 months old. It provided enough padding & support in the high chair for my son even though he couldn’t quite sit up on his own yet.It also works perfectly in all of the shopping carts I have tried…grocery stores, “marts”, etc. I love how it folds into its own pocket, forming a carry bag. Helpful hint to new moms: be sure to park next to the shopping cart return corral so you can quickly grab and return your cart without leaving baby or abandoning your cart in the parking lot.

Christine Bruceton, TN