Entertains baby at changing time with a soothing melody, spinning wings and colorful ribbons! Got a squirmy worm on the changing table? Changing Table FlutterBug tranforms changing time into fun time! This colorful mobile attaches to changing tables, cribs and portable playards. With spinning wings, bright patterns, colorful ribbons and soothing tunes, even the wiggliest babies agree that this Flutter Bug is a change for the better!

Main features

  • Colorful mobile toy that delights little ones with music and motion
  • Helps calm and captivate squirmy babies during diaper changes
  • Features spinning wings, bright patterns, colorful ribbons and soothing tunes
  • Easily attaches to most changing tables, cribs and portable play yards
  • Winds up for more than 2 minutes of music and motion

Verified reviews


No batteries needed

This is suppose to latch onto your changing table. Instead I use it as a car seat toy when we are sitting around or walking in the stroller. We are not on the table long enough for them to enjoy it there. Very nice no batteries needed but you do need to wind it up a bunch of times. If you have a toddler in the house this is a great job for them.

Susana Ruthven, IA


My baby doesn’t stop seeing it and laughing when she’s in her changing table. She have an expensive mobile at her crib, but she definitely prefer this one.It’s a great toy, I absolutely recommend this.

Tameka Addison, IL

Baby loves it!

As a newborn my daughter was fascinated by this, we had it clipped on her bassinet and it was one of the very few things which could distract her when she went through a colicky phase. Then she lost interest in it for a while but now at 3 months she has just rediscovered it. I also have the Tiny Love Symphony In Motion which she enjoys watching but I think she loves her Flutterbug even more. I just wish it played for longer as it only goes for about two minutes at a time. I just hope it’s durable enough to withstand the constant rewinding – it seems pretty solid. It is nice to have a quality, entertaining mobile which doesn’t cost a fortune in batteries.Edited to add: (July 2008) My daughter will be a year old next week and she STILL loves the Flutterbug. I don’t think a single day has gone by that we haven’t wound it up at least once or twice for her. She laughs and claps her hands and dances when you crank it up and it helps calm her down on the rare occasions she wakes up crying in the night (sometimes even just humming its little tune to her is enough). I would have to vote this the absolute best value for money out of everything we have had for her in this first year.

Concetta Calhoun, MO


My child loves this product. I actually have it mounted on a table next to my couch and is nice visual stimulation during feedings etc.

Susie Tilton, NH

FANTABULOUS! My 8 week old LOVES it!

My daughter started noticing it around 1 week of age and has loved it ever since! (She’s 8 weeks now.) It’s like her own little friend that she can’t wait to see during diaper changes. She doesn’t make a peep during a diaper change if I wind him up. She waits and gets so excited as soon as I put her on the changing table.The song is not annoying at all. It can be a little loud in the middle of the night and sometimes the initial first note can startle her, but it has never scared her. She just loves him so much!It’s very sturdy and stays in place even while winding with one hand. Easy to put together. Easy to move to a different place if you wanted to.Some reviews said it didn’t play long enough for diaper changes, but I guess I’m a speedy diaper changer since it still plays for a while after I’m done. Besides, it’s so easy to reach up with one hand and wind it up again if need be (sometimes I’ll do that just so she can watch him some more!).I even brought it with for a trip and it fit on to my Combi Play Yard just fine, not perfect, but it worked very well and I was still able to wind it up with just one hand and it didn’t move too much. I knew I had to bring him with!!!As soon as she can reach him (manufacturer says to take it away at this point since the wings could be a choking hazard if they came off), I am going to keep it on her play yard so she can still see her little friend without being able to reach him. It will be a very sad day when we can’t use her Flutterbug mobile anymore! We will be heartbroken for our daughter!!!!!It’s so cute, so colorful, very inexpensive, and my daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES it!! I can’t say enough wonderful things about it!If I could give it 10 stars, I would!!!!BUY IT, you (or at least your little sweetie pie) will LOVE it!!****** UPDATE July 2013 *******We used this awesome little guy for sure as long as our daughter was in diapers, which was 2 years, and I’m fairly certain we left him on the changing table for quite some time after that as well. She would reach up every now and then and managed to grab his wings, but for the most part, she just enjoyed watching him, cooing/talking to him, and smiling/laughing with him.We put it back on the changing table for our newest daughter who has REALLY been enjoying watching him and listening – she’s 9wks old. She smiles at him, is attempting to laugh, kicks, and gets so excited. She used to scream during diaper changes and now she’s happy the entire time with this little friend right there. It’s been so sweet to see another child enjoy him so much. For being almost 6 years old, this colorful guy has really held up well after a couple years of constant (and far from gentle) use and several more years of harsh storage. I’m so sad to see that it’s not really available anywhere anymore as it was my number 2 recommendation for new parents and I’ve given it as a gift to several friends! (My number 1 recommendation for new parents is the AngelCare Monitor!)Find it somewhere, buy it, and you’ll love it too! My husband and I both have a soft spot for this mobile and I see us hanging on to him so our future grandchildren can enjoy him too.

Sophia Klamath Falls, OR