Flutterbye Dreams Deluxe Gym

Flutterbye Dreams Deluxe Gym

This Fisher-Price Flutterbye Dreams Deluxe Gym is a fun and comforting way to stimulate your baby. The gym features 4 detachable hanging toys that stimulates visual senses and encourages reaching and exploring and a soft mat with different textures, bright ribbons, a mirror and crinkling and squeaking toys. To activate, all Baby has to do is bat a toy or move slightly, then lights twinkle, music plays and a birdie flutters back and forth. Includes 5 tunes and 10 minutes of continuous music play. Easy to assemble. Machine wash. For ages newborn to 9 mos. Imported. 21Hx31Wx31L”.

Main features

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  • As baby moves or bats at hanging toys, a motion sensor is activated
  • Parents can activate the fun by pushing a button
  • Four detachable hanging toys and a soft quilt full of brightly colored ribbons, toys that crinkle and squeak and a mirror
  • Two ways to play
  • Age Range Birth to 2 Years

Verified reviews


Spend the extra $ and get a better playmat

We recieved this playmat at our shower along with the Baby Einstein playmat. My son LOVES the Baby Einstein mat but is pretty bored by this one. On the Baby Einstein mat, he kicks his feel and waves his arms while smiling away, but on the Fischer Price mat he just lays there.The toys are hanging too high for him to hit to activate the bird’s movement, and on the flip side, the bird hangs too low. I tried lowering the toys with some extra lincs and one of them hit him in the head and since they’re hard plastic, it made him cry. I have to position him with his feet next to the base of one of the bars so he can kick the bar to activate the bird. The bird just doesn’t interest him at all, it moves pretty jerky and doesn’t have anything flashy to attract and keep his attention.The mat does have lots of cute things for tummy time play, the one advantage of this mat over the Baby Einstein mat. But I’d still say that if you have an active little baby who’s hard to entertain, this playmat isn’t for you.

Holly Milroy, MN

Fun, but…

My son loves this gym. But I have a few complaints about this product. 1st the bird in the center falls off when he pulls on it, He is only 4 months old. 2nd the music skips and stops. I had to tape up the battery compartment for the music to work. I guess that even when it is screwed tight the batteries are not in the right place. This product is easy to bring back and forth to grandmas.

Alison Swisshome, OR

Best Playmat for Baby!

My daughter LOVED her Flutterbye mat, 0-5 months. Now she grabs the bird too much (I’m afraid she’ll break it) and rolls into the bars and gets stuck, but she got so much use out of it in the beginning that it was well worth it. It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of the Enchanted Tiki Hut at Disney and she has her own private show! We liked it so much that we bought her the mobile as well and she still simply loves to watch it day and night. After seeing mine, my sister bought the same one for my niece (who was born 4 hours after my daughter) and she still loves hers!

Leanne Rohnert Park, CA

Worth It!!!

This is the best thing besides the bouncer that my daughter loves. My daughter can spend an hour or more underneath it! She “trys” to talk to the bird when it hasn’t moved in awhile! (She’s almost 3months old but loved it since Day 1. Soon she’ll be able to explore all the stuff on the mat when she gets more tummy time! I totally recommend this item!!!!!!

Lula East Lynne, MO

My daughter LOVES this mat

We have about 5 play mats (most of them, including this one, were hand-me-downs from friends). This one is by far her favorite. The blue bird sings and swings back and forth when anything touches the bird or moves any part of the mat or frame. It teaches “cause and effect.” My daughter has been lying on this mat since she came home from the hospital (the bird wasn’t moving back then because I had the mat turned so that I didn’t see the switch on the side of the overhead box for a few weeks). She is now 6 1/2 months old and she still loves it above all others. Also, she is super strong and yanks on the bird constantly. She even pulls herself to a fully upright position holding onto his wing while it is moving. I cannot believe it has not ripped off yet, but so far it is showing no signs of wear at all. This is a great product all around.

Belinda Vining, IA

Very cute and colorful gym

Katie loves this gym. she gets excited and laughs when the birdie flys over her head. she bats at the hanging toys, although they are a little high for her to reach but i plan on getting some Fisher Price Link a Doos and making them hang lower from the arches. You can also add other FP Link a Doo toys to the mat of this gym. I have used this since she was just a few weeks old, she is 3 mos now and she likes it more and more every day. I am glad i got this gym, its a little more expensive than some of the others i looked at but worth the money. also i found this gym to be more “girlie” than some of the others. (i have read reviews complaining of flimsy velcro tabs, my gym has no velcro, the arches are supported by a plastic base that “buttons” thru the mat… maybe i have a newer version of this gym… )

Jade Wharton, WV

One of my son’s favorite items!

My 3 month old son LOVES his playmat! He has loved it since I bought it at 5 weeks. He can spend forever watching the birdie fly above his head. The only thing I think needs tweaking is the bird. Now that he can reach up, he can pull the bird off it’s post. Other than that, I love it!

Sydney Red House, VA

Birdie, Birdie in the Sky!!!!!!!!!

We love this gym. My 3 month old daughter loves looking up and watching the bird swing back and forth. Now that she is getting more active and kicking about, we place the gym in baby mode so she can activate the lights and music. I like that the music has a volume control and even on it’s loudest setting it is fairly quiet and soothing. I also like that you can add toys. We added the musical chimes made by Tiny Love and she kicks away!!! We love the Flutterbye line!!!!!!!

Tonia Ford, KY