Flutterbye Lullaby Birdies Soother

Flutterbye Lullaby Birdies Soother

The Fisher-Price baby Flutterby Dreams Soother offers 3 different ways to soothe baby! Music and lights play 4 different songs plus nature sounds and soft lights with soothe baby right to sleep. Music and lights run at 8 minute intervals with the touch of a button. Easily attaches to crib or stands alone on nightstand or dresser. Requires 4 D alkaline batteries.

Main features

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  • Add soothing music and nature sounds, soft lights and a ceiling light show of soothing nature scenes, and baby will drift off to the land of Flutterbye Dreams
  • Plays 4 different songs plus nature sounds and soft lights Motion
  • Birdies’ unique fluttering motion on soother plus music and soft lights
  • Music and nature sounds plus ceiling light show Easily attaches to crib-or removes to use on nightstand or dresser
  • Age Range birth to 2 Years

Verified reviews


Far better than the Ocean Wonders aquarium

I saw this MONTHS ago at Target and my daughter fell in love. We have several items from the Ocean Wonders line including the one for the crib and the bouncer. She has loved her fish but these birds are her new favorite.The movement of the birds is realistic, it reminds me of the animatronics of the Disneyland charachters on their rides. There is a tree with three birds that “fly” while they chirp and sing. The singing isnt annoying as you might think with a bird toy. And there is so much more movement and interest in this than with the Ocean Wonders Aquarium.What I really love about this is its added feature of a display on the ceiling. Those of us who remember the older version of the Ocean Wonders Aquarium that was known as “Peaceful Planet” it had a light display for the ceiling. Well now there is an option again!This is a great crib toy (that can also be set on a counter when babe is older) that will entertain your baby without being too stimulating.There is also a mobile available but I really prefer this product. I hope they make more items for this line.

Catalina Lillian, AL

so cute but will not last

I received this 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I loved how the birdies were projected onto the ceiling and I loved how sweet the music sounded. It wasn’t too loud and my son loved it. After he outgrew it I took the batteries out and stored it carefully. Now that my second child is due to be born in a few weeks I took this soother out of the closet and put new batteries in it. The only thing that works is the music and lights. The birds no longer move and the light show does not project. Such a bummer. They just don’t build things to last anymore. So while it did last for about a year with my first child it no longer works and I don’t know why. I just think these baby items should last through more than one baby.

Kimberly Pocahontas, MS

Love it but…

I absolutely adore this product — especially the ceiling “light show” and the volume settings. My only complaint is that the motor is loud, so the lowest volume setting is kind of obsolete (in other words, if you have the music volume on low, the sound of the motor drowns out the music). I haven’t heard anyone else complain about this though, so maybe it’s just me?

Cristina Hawley, MN

My daughter loves ours

I bought this for my new daughter and she seems to love it. I love the fact that the music isn’t annoying. And I love the ceiling display. I own the ocean wonders aquarium which is still in my older daughters room she still loves that so much she didn’t want to pass it on to the new baby. Although I know I wouldn’t buy the Ocean Wonders Aquarium again, I would buy this one again.

Leann Crumrod, AR

Great toy…

My son loves this toy. We use it at every nap and at bedtime. The music soothes him, and he loves watching the birdies on the ceiling, it knocks him out in no time. I wish it would run longer than 10 minutes, but that’s average for these types of toys. It also eats batteries, but again, that’s average. I would look into rechargeable batteries in general!

Isabel Palomar Mountain, CA

Love the Lights

Our youngest daughter, Essie, is 17 months old and is still postively mesmerized by the lights and pictures swirling on the ceiling. At bedtime she grabs her snuggle blanky, lays back and drifts off to sleep watching the birds go round and round. When she wakes in the morning or occasionally in the night we’ll hear her turn the music and lights back on. It keeps her occuppied for a nice long stretch every morning which gives the whole family a bit more rest. It does take 4 D batteries and we go through them but I think it is worth it. The music is soothing, the birds are sweet, it has different settings for sound levels and Essie can work all of these features so it is truly baby friendly. We have been using it since she was born and I don’t forsee it being retired for years to come.

Carlene Murrieta, CA

Saves our sanity during diaper changes!!

This is a plastic toy box, which features birdies on a wheel going around in a circle. They chirp as they go. Mom or Dad can select one of four different classical music tunes to accompany the birdies or some sort of white noise. There is also a light show, which appears on the ceiling presumably above the crib as the baby is getting ready to sleep. There is a bluebird button on the side facing the baby that he or she can be taught to press as they grow older to start the toy whenever they want.We placed this toy on the changing table to distract the baby during her diaper changes and guess what?? It really works! Mid-wail she stops, tears still drying on her cheeks, and her little mouth drops open as she watches the birdies go around!Her vision is still too limited for us to test the light show on the ceiling, but WE think it is pretty cool!The only reason I gave this toy 4 stars is because it makes a grinding noise as the wheel goes around. Our daughter doesn’t seem to mind it, so it’s not a big deal, and we did buy it on sale at Target so maybe it was a return? But other than that, it’s a super toy!! Very good idea! And the batteries (which are included, by the way) seem to last for quite a while. We’re still on the original ones, and we’ve have it for two months. Highly recommend this!

Anne Windham, OH

I like it but my son does not.

I just had to check this out after all the great reviews. This is as cute as it can be. I love the music choices that are offered on this product. I have not had the opportunity to experience the old Peaceful Planet but I can now see why that one might have been such a hit.To update, my son seems to have a preference for the Ocean Wonders Aquarium that is also attached to his crib now that he is 15 months old. In fact, he seems to be almost scared of this one when I turn it on. All in all I am much more enamored with this soother than my son at this point. I really hate that because this is really the cutest and most unique soother on the market in my opinion. The overall best is the CD put out by Johnson and Johnson that is only available in their gift basket. It is an amazingly effective CD of lullabies. I have found nothing to top it and it is the absolute best so save your money on these battery eaters and invest in a CD player and the Johnson and Johnson gift basket that includes their lullaby CD. If you are more concerned with effectiveness than cute gimics then that is your best buy hands down.

Marlene Edinburg, IL

Son loves it along with his FP Aquarium…..

I have both the Aquarium and Flutterbye Dreams in my son’s crib. We started using them when he was 4 months old and he still loves them and they are a necessity every night. Some nights he wants the aquarium, other nights its the birdies and a few night here and there he wants both. (I think he prefers the music on the aquarium but loves the light show of the birdies. I agree, it is a pain that the light show is only on part of the ceiling if you have the side of the crib up against the wall but I just pull out the crib a little bit and baby doesn’t care as long as he can see some it he’s fine.I would like if I could choose to have it run longer on some nights when he’s not going down to bed so easily as my going into the room to turn it on again can be too distracting for a nursing baby.I say this and/or the aquarium are musts in every babies crib!!

Estela Clyde, KS

My son LOVES IT!!

I bought this in hopes that my son would watch it until he could drift off off to sleep on his own. He likes things above him, and he like lights; I thought I couldn’t go wrong with this soother.Boy, was I correct!! My son loves his flutterbye. The music is so calming, and it has sounds like waves and windchimes. The projection picture is bright and cheerful. My son loves to watch it at night. He enjoys the birds in the soother, as well.I am so glad we chose this over the other brand. This product gets an A+++++++

Mina Braidwood, IL


My 3 month old daughter is addicted to this. It is a lifesaver when I can’t get her to take a nap. She actually thrusts her head back to look at the ceiling the minute we walk into her bedroom because she’s looking for the birdies! Well worth the money.

Aisha Sugar Grove, NC


I’ve owned this for about a year now and here’s what I like: LOVE the projection on the ceiling, music volume levels, music choices. My son continues to love it and use it to calm down to fall asleep. The only thing I would change is I wish it had a remote to start it over again. Also, we ended up buying a battery charger because it does use the batteries pretty quick. But I love it and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Olive Belmont, WV

Worth the money…twice!

Love, love, love. My oldest son used this on his bed until he was 4 years old. He would turn it on himself at night when he would wake up and put himself back to sleep with it, it was a great comfort to him. Now I have a 3 month old and I was looking for this the other day and couldn’t find it…I loved it so much I am going to buy another one. Yes, it is that good. The sounds are pleasant, and I love both the moving birds and the way the display lights up at just the right level (not too dim, but not too bright), but I really, really love the ceiling light display…that was my oldest son’s favorite part as well. It’s easy to put on and take off the crib, but still secure enough that your child can’t do it. It really is worth the $.

Noemi Jamestown, KS


This soother is far more attractive than the others out on the market which is what initally attracted me to it. I didn’t get into the fishy stuff. I only wish that I had this product when I first had my baby. We didn’t start using it until she was about 4 months old. I can only imagine how much more sleep I could have gotten if I would have bought this earlier. I went from dreading putting my baby to bed in her crib at night to enjoying it. I used to have to wind up her mobile at least 4 times & switch between that & a stuffed lamb that plays a lullaby. Even with both of them it would still take 30 minutes or longer for my baby to fall asleep. Now when I lay my daughter in the crib at night & she isn’t quite asleep or even if she’s fighting sleep, I just push the button & the light’s come on, the music starts,the ceiling show begins & within minutes my once fussy baby is sleeping like an angel! When my baby wakes in the morning she usually doesn’t cry to be picked up, so she will lay peacefully in her crib & find her little toys & play. She has figured out how to start & stop the soother now too. She just thinks she’s all that now that she will kick the button & turn everything on & kick it again & turn everything off. This product has just been a blessing to have!

Mavis Eaton, NY

Birdie, Birdie in the Sky!!!!!!!!!

This is the best crib light on the market. I have the original Aquarium soother that I had when my 3 year old was an infant and since she was not ready to part with it, I began looking for a replacement for my new baby. The new Aquarium soother has recieved bad reviews so I thought I would try a different line and I am glad I did. Although I am a big fan of the Aquarium line, the Flutterbye line beats it hands down. I love that it has different modes to choose from: music, lights and projecter. My 3 month old loves to look at the ceiling and watch the birds!!! It has 3 volume settings to choose from which makes it more soothing when trying to lull your baby to sleep. It also has music as well as nature sounds to choose from. The only negative thing I can say about it is that the motor is a little loud. When the volume is on the lowest setting, the motor seems to drown out the music, but then the motor is loud on the Aquarium line as well. Overall, I love the Flutterbye line and would recommend it for any baby registry.

Lidia Byron, WY

My sons love this…

We recieved this as a gift for my one year old son after the original aquarium broke. Even though my 1 year old likes it, my 4 year old loves it even more. Since they share a room, this soothes both of them to sleep but if my younger one falls asleep before the older one, the older one gets up and turns this on to watch the ceiling show. The projection is very clear and the music is nice. My 1 year old turns this on himself to hear the music and watch the birds move around. And after my son outgrows this as a crib toy, I can use it on a table in their room so they can still enjoy it. I think this is even better than the original (2001) fisher price aquarium since the image on the ceiling is better and the birds are so cute.

Lynda Red Mountain, CA