Fly Bike® Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle – No Assembly Required

Fly Bike® Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle – No Assembly Required

Chromo Inc.®: FLY BIKE Specifications: Folded; 18″x6.5″x3.5″ Open; 18″x20″x13″ Weight; 3.75 Lbs. Features: This adorable 3 wheeled ride is great for indoor and outdoor use. It has a simple 3 step folding system which allows you to unfold (and fold) in seconds! Light weight and compact the Fly Bike is perfect for a trip to the park. The unique Design will help build Balance and coordination, while the 3 wheels add stability. Buying a chromo Inc.® Product ensures you will receive a high quality product. Seller1on1 is the only authorized reseller of Chromo Inc.® products on Amazon.

Main features

  • The Fly Bike is a smooth, quiet and easy to ride Bike for your Toddler or Young Child
  • Fly Bike is designed to help children develop good balance and steering skills
  • No assembly required to start using the Fly Bike. Just unfold, stand it upright and off they go!
  • Easy to fold and lightweight makes this the perfect companion to the store, backyard, park, or just the trunk of your car!
  • Exclusively Manufactured by Chromo Inc.® which is a registered U.S. Trademark.

Verified reviews


Better than expected

I’m not really sure how tall other reviewers’ children are, but my 2 year old girl fits just fine on this trike. It’s the perfect size for her. She’s always been right around the 50% for height and weight. I was very hesitant because of the other reviews, but I’m glad that I took a chance. She was excited when she saw it, though she hasn’t ridden it much yet. However, I just gave it to her 20 minutes ago. A big chunk of plastic was missing from one of the back wheel locks, but it still functions ok and amazon refunded me a small amount. I tried the trike to make sure it was still safe due to the wheel lock issue and it held my weight and maneuvered just fine. I wouldn’t put that much weight on it repeatedly, but it is sturdy enough to hold an adult (5’6 small/average size woman). If I can find a way to propel myself around the kitchen, there has to be a way for bigger children to do it, too.

Jeannette Senatobia, MS

My 19mo old son loves it.

This bike is cute and pretty tiny. There is no way a bigger kid could ride this bike comfortably. We bought this as a trainer to teach him how to steer and to prepare him for his stride bike. It will do the job. He has been on it since it arrived. It is his preferred way to get around our house now. I think it seems slow and boring but he really likes it. On the road it does not roll very well but on our hardwood floor it is better.

Cora Florence, KS

Not for taller kids

I read the reviews this was short but thought I’d give it a try. I wish I got it when my daughter was younger. At 18 months it was too short for her. My daughter is off the length charts. It’s perfect for my neighbors daughter same age but much shorter. She still tries to ride it but gets frustrated. She loves to carry it around though. Maybe her little brother will use it more when he’s bigger.

Tania Conestoga, PA

Exceeded expectations!

I put this item on my son’s wish list so family members can purchase it, and honestly, I didn’t really didn’t think much of it. But when we got it, my son’s eyes just lighted up. It was a quick set up, quick enough where a toddler actually patiently waited about 10-15 seconds while I unsnapped the legs up without a peep. Then he rode around the house for at least an hour and a half, just back and forth. He was never really that great with maneuvering his ride alongs, but he seemed to pick up on it with this one fairly quickly. My son is 20 months and small for his age only in the 10% tile, and he fits it perfectly. His little feet actually reaches the ground riding on this one!! It’s very sturdy and I don’t have to worry about him tipping over yet it’s light enough to maneuver by himself if he gets stuck somewhere. It also went from hardwood to carpet and vice versa without a problem of it tipping. When he was done with it, I snapped it back flat and slide it under his crib. We all know how our kids toys are all over the place, so it’s actually really nice that this item can be stored flat and out of the way!Fly bike – APrice – A (great quality and because I saw this at our local toy shop for double the price!)

Tami Greenville, WV

too small for a 2 year old

i got this for my 2 year old and when i opened the box i realized the bike itself is tiny! more like for a 1 year old… but when my kid was 1 theres no way she could get on that. so, great product if you have a very petite child i suppose.

Allison Lehigh Valley, PA

Great for my little one!

This bike is amazing inside and outside for playtime! My little one at first was unsure of this bike but once she got on it and started moving around it was an instant success! We have traveled with this item because it gets so small when folded.Pros:- Rolls smoothly, it glides on the floor- Just the right height for someone learning to ride.- Handle is easy to turn- Folds up in a snap and can travel with you.- Can be used inside or outside. Wheels clean easily if they get dirty.- Doesn’t mark up your floor.Cons:None!We’ve had play dates with almost 3 year olds and they love this item as much as my little one does. It looks like a big kids toy but can be used by younger children to learn how to ride. This would also be great at a grandparents house since it folds up so nicely.

Monica Trail City, SD

Great indoor trike for 2-year old

This item totally met my expectations for an inexpensive but enjoyable indoor trike. Love that the wheels are a hard plastic and don’t leave scuff marks on the floor or walls. Collapsible too which is nice for packing in the car to take to grandma’s house. Overall it seems sturdy and comfortable to ride and my kid plays with it all the time. Would buy again.

Lidia Center Lovell, ME

Love it!

I know people have some tipping issues with this but it’s so low to the ground, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. My 20m old (who looks more like a 3yr. old) loves this. she can not work peddles yet so this is perfect for her. she has tipped off the back a few times but she falls all the time anyway and like i said, its so low to the ground. i think this is a great little bike.

Michaela Sumner, MO


Great for toddlers!! We originally bought a balance bike for my toddler but she is so timid that she wouldn’t really even try it. So I tried this and boy does she LOVE it! Its all she wants to do is ride her tricycle. Well made, easy to fold up and lightweight. I highly recommend!

Kaitlin Metcalf, IL

great christmas gift

Ordered this for my nephew..his mom says he loves it and it was super easy to fold/unfold. He’s just learned to walk and is 15 months old and its riding fine.

Naomi West Ridge, AR