Food Mill – BabySteps Kid Co 1 Pk

Food Mill – BabySteps Kid Co 1 Pk

This easy to use, convenient food mill can make healthy and fresh snacks for your child in 3 easy steps.

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not worth the trouble

After feeding my first child store bought baby food I was on the hunt for a product that would soften my budget while being moderately easy to operate and clean. I went for this one because I didn’t want to be making big batches of baby food at a time – way too busy for that- and wanted to be able to just pop in something from the table for my baby girl to eat. My first try was strawberries and while it seemed to work it really just pressed all the juices out of them and really did little to the berries other than press them and leave them under the plastic grate. I added some rice cereal to the juice and pressed on determine to make it work. My next try was some spinach pasta with sauce. I first tried it with the pasta just the way it was and all it did was twirl the pasta around the blades. Next, I tried cutting it into about one inch pieces and added a couple of the red peppers that were in the sauce (and very soft and well cooked). After pressing down with all my might while trying to spin it without snapping the arm off all I again got was very pressed food and little ‘ground’ food for my baby to eat. I pressed on with chopped and peeled apples, finely cut up into about pencil eraser size. I was rewarded with several spoonfuls of apple sauce but when I went to clean the device I found that about 80% of the apples I had put in had just been pressed, had the juice squeezed out and were still in the tube below the blades. NOT worth the trouble for a busy mom. May work okay if you steam and peel all fruits and veggies but I was looking for something to make my life easier, not create more work. I read so hopefully the reviews about this product grinding meat and just can’t make it come anywhere close to producing an edible result. Busy moms beware!

Doreen Jefferson, MA

good value

I registered for this because I remembered my mom grinding my “baby” sister’s food 20+ years ago. I figured it could not hurt to have.My little one is almost 1 year old and still doesn’t have teeth. She gums things very well, but meats are a little harder to tear apart. (Note, this was great when we started solids… it mashed bananas and took the strings out of sweet potatoes to give them a smoother texture than just mashing with a fork.) We’re introducing her to meats slowly, and anytime I’ve tried to give her canned commercial meats, she has scoffed at them and pushed them away. Well, tonight she eyed my pork chop jealously, as if her cooked mixed veggies were not enough. I ground up between 1-2 ounces and added some water to it to smooth the texture, and she LOVED it. She could have eaten more, but she had plenty to eat in addition to the meat. Although it took a little longer to grind the meat, I did so sufficiently.This grinder washes up well.. I rinse it off, take it apart, and throw it in the dishwasher. I have had no problems with this grinder. It does it’s job as well as I would expect any non-electrical grinder to work. I wish I had the tote, but a ziplock baggie works fine.I would also like to add that I had to contact Kidco’s customer service regarding finding replacement hardware for a baby gate, and they were prompt and professional.

Madeline Saint Johns, MI

hands down the best investment

baby food is expensive, being able to make instant baby food from your dinner plate is awesome. especially for restaurants….just wish I had a bag to put it in when its dirty. Ziplock is useful but not reuseable. It grinds foor well with a little effort, been very happy with results on beef, chicken, brocolli, noodles, appricots. This is an affordable piece to add to your baby arsenol.

Lilian Delta, CO

Food mill

this product does what it says and is handy but you have to really push hard on it so the food gets pushed up and so the wheel can grind it. VERY MESSY! I used the storage containers you can buy sepratly more than i used the actual grinder.

Elvia Forestville, NY


Do not buy this doesn’t work at all waste of money!!! Go buy a food processor or some other type of food mill bc this is such a waste !

Trina Ashland, PA

I love it

This isn’t the best for babies under 6months… it doesn’t get foods as smooth as the step 1 foods you buy in the store. But keeping that in mind…This comes in very handy. I started grinding foods in this with my 6 month old. It is easier for me to grind some food for him right at the table so he can eat some of the things we are eating, rather than prepare and store his food in advance.I decided that one isn’t enough. I prefer to run things through the dishwasher so they are more sterilized than washing by hand and I tend to use this for two meals a day. I don’t like to feel pressed to load and run the dishwasher before dinner… It usually isn’t a problem, but things are hectic at times. Its also nice to have one clean for traveling.

Myra Roscoe, IL

Works great!

After spending nearly an hour trying to get roasted sweet potato and roasted carrots smooth enough for my baby using a spoon and strainer and a food processor, I decided to give this mill a try. It’s worked out very well for me so far. I’ve used it for pears, avocado and roasted red peppers (those were a little harder). The avocado was still a little lumpy for me, so I just ran into through the mill again and that helped get out a lot of the tiny chunks. For making simple baby food, this product fits the bill.

Roxie Scranton, ND

Negative review rebuttle

Unlike many of the negative reviews, I am very happy with this item. We use it about 2-4 times a day and it’s very effective and easy to use.It requires some strength to push down, but it is really minimal and takes less than 2 minutes to use for one type of food (I’m 120lbs and have very little upper body strength) and I have no trouble.[…]It’s SO easy that was the first thing I was going to say… I give it a good hot rinse after I’m done with it, so the food doesn’t dry up, but not much else. At night I wash (with a bristle brush) around the rubber ring and the strainer part with soap and hot water. i could put it in the dishwasher, but haven’t yet because I don’t think it needs it.The reason I give it 4 stars is only because the handle isn’t super sturdy. It’s made of plastic, which hasn’t caused a problem yet (it’s 3 months old) but I can’t imagine I’ll be using it for my grandchildren 20 years in the future.[…]

Mariana Dundalk, MD

Dinner in a snap

This is a great food mill. So far I have only used on fruits/veg but just love it. When I make dinner for the family it almost always includes a roasted veg of some sort. Now I just roast a small portion of the veggies without the salt and toss them in the food mill, add a little water and presto! Dinner is ready! I wouldn’t recommend this for a baby who is just starting with solids. This doesn’t give you the pureed, smooth consistancy of Stage 1 baby food in a jar. It’s a little more lumpy but still easily eaten by a baby without teeth. It also worked really well on veg that still had a ‘bite’ to them. They were fork tender but not mushy. This food mill turned them into baby food quickly. Will be using this nightly from now on.

Leanna Lindale, GA

a little work

I like that is it small for storage reasons but it takes longer to get a meal out of it as you can only do a little at a time. The metal blades are what I bought it for and they work well. Takes a bit more arm strength to push the top part down as you grind. Sometimes it is easier to use 3 hands.

Caitlin Woodberry Forest, VA

Wonderful baby food grinder!

This is a great little food mill for baby food. I’ve used it for pretty much anything we normally have for meals. It grinds to a more lumpy texture meant for babies who can handle thicker bites of food. It doesn’t puree super finely. It’s perfect for my 10 month old. I’ve put in rice, beans, well cooked veggies, green beans, crackers and cheese to blend together, spaghetti and sauce, etc. It’s simple to use, easy to wash up and travels well because it’s small. It’s good for on-the-spot meal making, not for making large batches (you could but it would take a while). It’s a great supplement to help out with making my little guy’s daily meals.

Matilda Zearing, IA

Kidco food mill

I would recommend this product to moms who need a way to feed their babies. I was slightly disappointed that the bowl part on top isn’t a circle shape, but it is egg shaped.

Nora Racine, OH

Sturdy parts, poor function

I had high hopes for this food mill, having purchased it after reading many reviews of this and similar products.I remember a reviewer writing that the space between the grinding disk and the bottom of the plunger was too large when fully collapsed (you push one piece into the other to push food towards the grinding disks). This is exactly correct. I tried to puree a small portion (1/2 a pear) and nothing came out except juice! All the fruit was stuck below the disks. Since my goal in getting this was the be able to puree small portions on the go it was no good for me. I returned it.I gave it two stars because it might work better if pureeing larger portions and the components themselves seem well made albeit poorly designed.

Bonnie Melstone, MT

KidCo food mill

This product is so-so, not for someone who wants to make food in large quantities. Also it doesn’t make the food smooth, it has a lot of texture so your baby should be ready for this. I will use it later on when I want to make a small (single serving) of something for my daughter that we are eating ourselves.

Zelda Blaine, TN

Helpful tool

I purchased this food mill to make food for my five month old baby girl. I will say that it does work very well for SOME foods but not all. As you can expect, it works great with soft foods such as banana and avocado. It does work with other things such as peas, broccoli, and pears but I found that it still left the food grainy and not smooth enough for my baby who is still eating stage one foods. I had to put those things in the blender to puree them further. I did like that it separated the stings from the sweet potatoes which helped a lot. Overall, I think it was worth the money. You can even put it in a baggy and take it along. Maybe I will use it more once my baby starts stage 2 foods.

Katelyn Grants, NM

5 Minutes and Done

For the price, and the time it takes to “mill” my baby’s food, this product by far gets 5 stars. I take a small portion of our freshly cooked food, and run it thru the mill. 2 minutes later I have baby food for my child. It can’t get any easier than that! AND ON TOP OF IT ALL, I know exactly what’s in my baby’s food!

Lela Waynesville, GA

Ease, quiet, and baby friendly.

This is a cheap and great device. I didn’t experience the ‘babyfood’ texture, but it is certainly adaptable to my baby’s palate. make sure you feed the baby with some water too whilst eating anything you grind in this. i’ve tried everything from fish, veggies, and fruits (ie. watermelon, which btw didnt work:). this works very well, i didnt get the case (dont need extra weight in my pack), and i am pleased that it makes the food quickly with very little noise (my baby hates the food processor and cried whenever i ground him something in it due to noise). it is simple to assemble, diassemble, and wash.notes: diassemble with every use completely (ie. separate the grinder pieces to wash, especially if using a food prone to bacteria). in order to ‘open’ and ‘close’ the grinding device solidly and quickly into the grinder storage portion, make sure to keep the spoon handle nearby, and loosen/tighten the screw portion with blade to slide it right into the cup slots.i had an issue of not really knowing if the food is getting ‘pureed’ by my grinding the blades or simply pushing it through the mesh. there doesnt seem to be any discussion on this anywhere that i have found, to know if i am doing that part correctly.also the watermelon turned into fibered (slightly) watermelon juice, that was quite tasty! also you dont need a spoon for it. :)i found the longer smaller spoon nicer actuallyfor solid babyfood feeding but obviously not juicier ones like peaches. an apricot goes quite well through this. you probably want to peel your fruits and veggies before you stick them through.

Brooke Cypress, IL

Food mill

This actually worked good. It does cut the food well but after a few strokes my arm would get tired. And cleaning all the pieces was difficult every time. Food gets stuck in the blade of holes so i had to use a toothpick to get out the food from each hole which was a lot. Takes much time to clean than it is to use it.

Gloria Mc Roberts, KY