Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor – Pan/Tilt, Nightvision and Two-Way Audio with 3.5″ LCD

Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor – Pan/Tilt, Nightvision and Two-Way Audio with 3.5″ LCD

Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor – 2.4 Ghz with Pan/Tilt, Nightvision and Two-Way Audio/Video Camera with LCD (White/Gray) Meet the Foscam FBM3501 The Foscam FBM3501 is a fully featured, easy to use pan/tilt/zoom wireless home and baby monitor. It is perfect for monitoring your home, baby, pet, or elderly parents, and gives you peace of mind no matter where you are within your house. Designed to deliver high quality video and audio, the FBM3501 comes equipped with 2.4 GHz wireless FHSS communication, which allows it to be interference-free. It also offers non-visible IR LEDs for night vision, a temperature monitor, an auto-power off with VOX activation feature, and comes with a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery operated 3.5 inch LCD portable monitor. The portable monitor gives you hours of mobile use as you freely move around your home, and you can monitor outdoors at an amazing 300 meters (980 feet) away without any obstructions. The camera unit is compact and sleek, offering a temperature monitor and invisible IR LEDs. The 3.5 inch LCD monitor allows you to pan/tilt/zoom, use audio, and more! Setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Watch seamless, live video from within your home using the battery operated 3.5 inch LCD monitor. Non-visible IR LEDs on the camera unit offer night vision, and automatically switch on or off. Be aware of what is happening with two-way audio, so you can listen-in or sing lullabies if needed! In addition to the above, the Foscam FBM3501 is expandable to up to 4 camera units, which you can pair and switch between, all from one LCD monitor. The LCD monitor also includes features like a feeding timer, the room temperature, and the current time of day. The Foscam FBM3501 also comes with a 1-year warranty in the event your camera unit or LCD monitor need to be replaced. Summary Of Features: 3.5 inch high quality, color LCD display with rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Secure and interference free 2.4 GHz wireless signal from the camera unit to the LCD monitor. Remotely pan/tilt/zoom your camera unit from the LCD monitor. Two-way audio with a built-in speaker and microphone so you can be aware of what’s happening. Auto-powering off feature with VOX activation. Non-visible IR LEDs for night vision (do not give off a visible red glow) which turn on and off automatically. LCD Monitor displays the current time, a feeding timer, and room temperature. Wireless range outdoors without obstruction travels up to an amazing 985 feet, and includes an “out of range” signal on the LCD monitor. Expandable, so you can watch up to 4 cameras on one LCD monitor.

Main features

  • 3.5 inch High Quality Color LCD Display, Rechargeable with 3 to 4 hour battery life with Kickstand/Belt-clip
  • Remote Control Pan, Tilt or Zoom
  • Non visible IR LED Night Vision
  • Built in Temperature Monitor and Feeding Timer with Optional Alerts
  • This is NOT an IP camera and it does not connect to your network.
  • 3.5″ High Quality Color LCD Display, Rechargeable with 3-4 hour battery life with Kickstand/Belt-clip
  • Remote Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom; Two-way Audio with Built-In Mic & Speaker
  • Non-visible IR-LED Night Vision; Auto-power Off with VOX Voice Activation
  • Built in Temperature Monitor and Feeding Timer with Optional Alerts
  • Note: This is NOT an IP camera and it does not connect to your network. It is a 2.4ghz (FHSS) wireless LCD video home and baby monitor.

Verified reviews


Buyer Beware (If you want multiple cameras)

I give this product 3 for the workability of the camera. I actually love this camera, but I was VERY disappointed to find that, although the settings provide the ability to look at 4 different cameras, they DO NOT sell extra cameras!! I even spoke with an agent today about it. They said "we don’t sell extras, you have to buy another camera set". Are you kidding me? I seriously can’t believe it. I am bothered by the false advertising of this product. I might just return it. Terrible, because I actually really like this camera.

Lorrie Lucerne, IN

Pan & Tilt, VOX Monitor for an excellent price!

We are very happy with our Foscam Digital Baby Monitor! A good friend of ours owns a Foscam camera that they use through their computer, and she couldn’t say enough good things about the camera quality. So when we heard Foscam was now offering a camera with monitor, we were confident that the quality would be the same. We have not been disappointed!This is the best price for a camera with pan & tilt. I like how the directional controls for the camera are in a circle on the front of the monitor (intuitive to use in the dark).I love that the volume is controlled by pressing the volume button on top, and then scrolling up/down on the arrow keys. The volume can be turned completely off. The VOX feature (turns the camera off after a short time of quiet in the room, and turns camera back on when sound is detected) has three levels of sensitivity. VOX is turned on/off by holding the top VOX button, until the indicator light on the front lights-up.There is a talk-back feature/intercom. You push the button on the top of the monitor and speak into the mic. It works best when you hold the mic 4-6" from your mouth. I have used this to quietly sing to our son when he was crying before falling asleep. He stopped crying to listen and only fussed a bit before falling to sleep.Install was quick and easy. Instructions were clear. I highly recommend this monitor.

Lori Gold Bar, WA

Really great camera for the price

We have relatives that have a more expensive setup from Motorola, but honestly this one feels just as good, if not better. For the price this is an outstanding value and has prove extremely reliable for the 2 1/2 months we’ve been using it. The range is decent, and we like that we can pan/tilt that camera. The setup is super easy: turn on and done! The only minor criticism is the resolution when zooming isn’t very good… the sensor that Foscam put into this unit is not the most highest resolution sensor on the market by a long shot, but at the end of the day it gets the job done and again, what a great value it is!

Rhonda South Jordan, UT

Terrible audio and video quality

We are searching for a replacement for our older Summer Infant video monitor which has become a bit crackly and dependent on it’s power cord, even though we can still hear our son’s breaths. However, I have yet to find a new monitor that offers the same audio quality, which is shocking considering these are baby monitors–wouldn’t audio be the primary feature?This monitor must be turned up so loud to hear our son that we hear the constant his of poor quality speakers the entire time the monitor is in use.As well, the night time video quality is very poor. I expect a bit of graininess and vagueness from a night vision monitor, but I couldn’t even distinguish my son’s bright blond head from his dark sheets and stuffed animals.

Hazel Kingsbury, IN

Please read!! I wish I picked a different brand!! AMAZON IS AMAZING THOUGH!!!

Where to start.Amazon has been amazing!! When I needed to replace my monitor and didn’t have original packaging they still replaced it for free/ free shipping! LOVE AMAZON!!I wish I picked a different monitor though. This one just stopped working one day. Wouldn’t turn on at all.The replacement works alright for what we need and I’m too lazy to go though the whole process again.It is always "out of range" when charging, by internet router or cellphones. It is rather annoying but holds a charge between putting the baby down for bed and when we go to sleep. I use my normal monitor over night and let the video one charge.It also cuts the monitor on when somebody walks, feeling the vibration I guess all the way upstairs? I dunno it’s annoying.

Lois Hoxie, AR

Now I know what I’ve been missing!

This was the missing "baby item" over the last 5 years, for sure! I am pregnant with our #3, (and last), child, and decided, (finally), to take the plunge and get this model, as it seemed the best camera/features for the cost. (Aside from Amazon CS being amazing, as well, so having peace of mind with my purchase helped tremendously!)Setup was EASY, and I would recommend to anyone looking for a Baby Monitor, with portability.I also like the fact that it has zoom/tilt/IR night vision/two-way-talk, and several other great features, too!Only concern is getting the additional cameras, as none seem to be as "easy" to set up as this one was. Luckily, we have some technical experience and know-how with networking, but for the "average" person, that could be a turn-off to the product, at least as far as getting addition cameras, (as it supports up to 4). The unit itself, and the one camera it comes with is truly simple. (Literally took my under 5 minutes to unpack and set up.)Once I get the additional cameras, (we’re planning on at least 2 more), I will update with which ones we got, and how they worked, but this unit, in itself, is GREAT! 🙂 No complaints!

Sandy Wevertown, NY

For the price, an amazing monitor

Pros-VERY clear picture-Large screen-Good sound-Decent battery life and shows how much battery is left (%)-Can move the camera around-There are lots of settings (you can even set a timer for feeding – although I’ve never used this)-Overall much better than the more expensive camera we have at the sitters house (Moterola that cost $200)Cons-The screen brightness is VERY bright even on the lowest setting (I have to shield it so it doesn’t wake up the baby – since he still sleeps in our room but I like to be able to see what he’s doing)-The loud beeping when the battery is low-The thermometer doesn’t read correctly (always says it’s hotter than it actually is)Anyhow, I would still recommend this camera to anyone even with a few cons.

Carey Mazeppa, MN

Ah ha! I won over my husband and friends!

I got grief from people that I registered for this monitor because it had features such as zoom, talk back to baby, temperature, etc. Honestly, I wanted this because it had the ability to move the camera remotely and to zoom in, plus it got great reviews on night vision. I didn’t care about temperature, the ability to speak back, etc. But, the cost of this was a fraction of what most others were selling for which didn’t even have good reviews on my key features.When we received this my husband automatically went into "toy mode". He wanted to set it up immediately and play around with it. Quickly he was impressed with the picture quality, the panning and zooming and the voice features. He turned all the lights off that night and checked out the night vision. Everything was great! Friends have since come over and commented on this as well and when I tell them the price they all are in amazement saying that typically the comparables are 2-3x the cost!Downsides? The color isn’t as vibrant as you’d think from the stock photos…but I’m not concerned with that. The speak back feature really isn’t that clear either, but at least the voice from the baby is clear and easy to determine if just making noise, crying, etc. and that’s what’s important to me.Upsides? As mentioned, clarify of photo, ability to pan, ability to zoom, clarify of sound from baby, very easy to install, good range (I was able to go through our entire back yard and out to the cars without trouble (this is the equivalent of 1 floor and maybe 4 good size rooms away). I guess the temperature is an upside too if you care about that as it does work.Overall, I really do recommend this product. If you want any of these features I’d recommend trying this monitor and saving yourself a lot of money!

Dixie Winterthur, DE

and the second night was fine, but 50-50 isn’t good enough for me

I have had this for 2 days. I am a grandmother who purchased this to use as a baby monitor…….the first night we used this, it started loudly beeping at 4:30 AM, all the lights on the side of the monitor lit up, and the camera started non-stop panning around the baby’s room at a fairly fast speed of movement. My granddaughter was sound asleep, so I couldn’t even go into the room to unplug the camera (I was up, of course as the lights and beeping and guaranteed I was awake). The non-stop panning continued until I finally got into the baby’s room in the morning, unplugged the camera, and rebooted it.I have several problems with this product1. Panning issue makes this absolutely "an item to be returned"……no clue why this monitor went crazy. I have used it for two nights, and the second night was fine, but 50-50 isn’t good enough for me.2. The picture you see is NOT a good picture…very fuzzy… was a dark room, but when else do you want a baby monitor?3. Picture screen on monitor has to be viewed head on……visualize a television that you see from the side. The screen is black unless you are watching it straight on. This is what this monitor does. The monitor has a support arm that has the screen on a tilted angle. I had the monitor on my bedside table, and the screen was black…..I had to either pick it up to see the picture, or get up on my elbow to view it. Other monitors can be viewed while you are laying down, and the picture is still visible. Not this one.4. Out of range……kept cycling back and forth, with all the nice loud beeps, between the picture and "out of range" message.5. Finally, and just as important, the screen picture (while a fuzzy picture) was bright enough to light up my entire bedroom. Think of a diffused flashlight There were actually shadows on the wall. I don’t want to have to use a sleeping mask while using a baby monitor. And yes, the picture was so poor that to see the baby’s crib at all we adjusted the brightness level to just above mid range. At that level, the monitor lit up my bedroom enough to walk around without the lights on. Terrible!I think there are much better products available for the money. The video monitor at my daughter’s house does not have this "black screen" problem. Also her picture is twice as sharp, and the monitor doesn’t light up the room.

Melva Cadiz, OH


I was pretty picky about which video camera i wanted – I had bought a wireless one off groupon which would have been great except that my wi-fi is slow as molasses so it wouldn’t connect unless it was directly plugged into it. I wanted a camera that had good night vision because that’s mainly when I’d be watching my son. This has a great camera and view and even if it’s dark you can see well enough to know if they are asleep or awake. It shows you the temp in the room – his room runs cold so I have a small space heater in there and I can keep an eye on if it gets too hot or is not coming on. You can speak to the baby to try and calm him/her. It has powersave so the monitor only comes on when there is movement/sound. I basically just leave it plugged in at my bedside for the most part. The cam mounted to the wall easily and gives a good view of the crib and has a zoon in button if you want to see a little closer and you can move the camera up/down side/side. I’m very happy with this product and highly recommend it!

Sheila Lewis, WI

Great quality at a reasonable price

This camera does everything the higher priced models do. I originally purchased the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen (Baby) which lasted just until the warranty was expired. My grand daughter is almost 3 now so I wasn’t as obsessed with getting the best of everything. I looked at several models and picked this one because it was reasonably priced and still had good reviews. I have had this for more than 2 months and have 0 complaints. The night vision is good, the sound quality is good as well. I am able to pan her entire room and watch her while she is playing alone. Since this is half the price of the previous model I had I highly recommend it. If I was doing things from the start again I would have purchased this model the first time.

Traci Tariffville, CT


My biggest gripe/concern is that there is no battery on the camera. So when you are moving it to a new room/plug and, more importantly, when you lose power, you must physically turn the camera unit back on! What if my power goes out unknowingly in the night and baby wakes but I don’t hear her?? Fortunately, she still in a basinet right next to me but now that I realize this, my husband is going to purchase a battery backup when she moves to her room all the way across the house! We live in SW Florida and the power does flicker often, especially in the summers with thunderstorms just about daily. Other than that, I don’t have too much to complain about. Handy monitor.

Margret Pine Apple, AL


The cameras work great!!!! I’ve had them about 1.5 months and no problems thus far. They have a great radius to turn the camera from the receiver and the color is great!! The sound microphone on this device is super sensitive so you can even here them move the slightest bit. Quality monitor and camera for a great price! Night vision could be better but its not the worst. I would just suggest getting a nightlight and make sure its located near the camera to help pick up on the vision in the area the camera will be . It also allows up to 4 additional cameras to be added for multiple rooms , so its a good unit I assure you.

Autumn Reston, VA


I wish I had this with my first four children. It works wonderful. I love the fact that I can see my child. The sound is great. I love the fact that I can talk to him through it. I like the fact that you can see him in the dark. The only thing that I do not like about this is the range is really not good. If I go into the laundry room which is only about 1000 feet away I can no longer see him or hear him. So there will be no going outside with it.

Avis Varna, IL

Good camera for the price

I previously had the Motorola, until my son dropped the monitor on the floor. I ordered this because I did not want to spend $250 again. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks and am impressed for the price. The sound is great. The picture is clear enough to see well. It’s not quite as clear as the Motorola but good enough. The camera tilts well with the controls, which my Motorola did not. The temperature sensor seems accurate, more so than the Motorola. I gave it 4 stars because with a sound machine, the monitor picture cannot be turned off. I’d rather not play with the brightness every time I wanted to see the picture at night, so it takes some getting used to to sleep next to the bright light. Still worth it for the price though and I would recommend it to others,

Dona Linden, VA

Love this monitor

Love this monitor! I don’t worry about my baby sleeping in her crib by herself anymore. It has volume you can turn up and down or off. The screen is clear and has great night vision. You can also adjust the brightness.

Claudette Palm Springs, CA


My biggest gripe is the battery life and how the camera has not battery. It’s very inconvenient that the camera needs to be plugged in to work since baby sleeps wherever it’s most quiet in the house.Love that we can pan the camera. Picture and sound quality is decent.

Roslyn Buckman, MN

really good baby monitor, but didn’t work out for me

This is a really good baby monitor, but unfortunately, it wasn’t for us.Pros:Great priceGood picture quality (day & night)Accurate temperature displayCamera is very silent when panning/tiltingGood rangeCons:The glowing red IR LEDsSo while there are great pros to this baby monitor, the red LEDs were very noticeable. My husband has sensitive eyes, and they actually hurt his eyes. Baby would just stare at them, and we didn’t like that. So for us…it wasn’t going to work out.However, I would still recommend this to others who don’t have the same concern as us.

Ora Waterbury Center, VT

Great camera!

Very good value for the money and easy to use.Pros:Easy to useHas all necessary featuresSeems sturdyLooks goodCons:Cannot change the orientation of the video feed if camera is mounted sidewaysIR LEDs clearly visible during night which they shouldn’t be according to product description

Elvia Calypso, NC

Great features, good price, much better than Infant Optics DXR-5

This is the second monitor we have owned (the first one was the Infant Optics DXR-5) and this one is WAY better, and they are the same price. I’m extremely impressed with it! It has a great pan feature, so you can see the whole room (helpful for mobile toddlers not in cribs), it has great range – we go all over our yard with it, it tells the temperature and the picture is very clear, much clearer than the Infant Optics image. Also, this monitor doesn’t have an external antenna, which is great and a big deal because our first monitor broke when the external antenna casing snapped off (and reception became basically zero) – no external parts to break off!!This monitor also features a voice command, where you can talk into the child’s room. I haven’t yet seen where this would be helpful, but we did try it out to see how well it worked and the sound came out pretty unclear. That’s the only negative I can say on this monitor, but it’s also a useless feature to me (and not something that’s even included on most monitors).All in all, we love this monitor and highly recommend!

Camille Henrico, NC

Functional but major design flaws

At this point I am a baby monitor expert- I have had maybe 6 Motorola MBP 36 monitors- the first lasted the longest and the others broke quickly or arrived defective. I loved the model but gave up after it broke so often. Then I tried the Samsung which arrived broken so I sent it back and didn’t try again. Went back to Motorola which had a batch of defective monitors one after the next so I ended up with the Foscam since my son was over 2 and I didnt want to spend huge amounts of money on defective monitors.This is a functional monitor at a good price (but not as good picture) so I can see why it sells but it has a lot of major flaws:-the buttons take a very long time to turn on and off. I first thought it might be broken but I held the on/off button on for a long time before getting it to turn on.- you can’t see any buttons at night to turn them on/off, change volume etc. You have to do it all by feel and then as mentioned the buttons are so hard to push. They are also small and the line up isn’t intuitive.-the worst flaw perhaps is that the viewer can be put onto dark mode where it isn’t lit up all the time. This is good for when you are sleeping. However, it automatically lights up when any noise is detected. When I put my son’s music on to sleep the monitor lights up for the entire CD, same when a noisy airplane or truck goes by. So all night the monitor is lighting up. I turn it over so I don’t see it but it is a really bad design feature.-After 5 weeks mine completely died- sending it back today. Not sure what I will try next or if I will just go back to the old fashioned way of keeping the doors open and listening for my son!

Shelia Glenview, IL

Great monitor with one flaw – range is not great

Great video monitor but with one flaw. The range is not so good. It works great in my house but if I walk outside around my house with the parent unit, I lose the signal. It’s about 40-50 feet from the actual camera and I lose the video and sound.The pros are that it tells you the room temp and the video and sound quality are great. I paid $100 for it and It was definitely worth it.

Sonja Aragon, GA

Wonderful monitor!

We ordered this monitor when my LO first started to move around in her crib and we were ready to sleep train. I love being able to see what she’s doing in there – especially when she’s quiet! – and it makes it easier not to interrupt when I don’t need to. I love how well this monitor works and how easy it was to set up. The pan and tilt is an excellent feature. Worth every penny.

Maggie Chassell, MI

Foscam vs. Summer Infant Baby Touch

In 2.5 years using the Baby Touch for my first child, we had dropped it a few times and the screen was in bad shape – a few cracks and a dim picture due to the damage. I contemplated buying a second camera for it when my second child arrived, but decided to buy this whole new system because it is relatively inexpensive (and not much more than a camera for the Baby Touch) and if my damaged monitor went, I’d at least have one working monitor for the little one. I’ve now been using the Foscam for three months at night and several times a day during naps.What I like about this monitor compared to the Baby Touch:1. Lightweight monitor – it’s much lighter and the screen is plastic rather than glass. It’s more comfortable to carry in a pocket and it has survived a few falls already when my toddler’s gotten his hands on it.2. Temperature display3. PriceWhat is similar compared to the Baby Touch:1. Image quality2. Ease of setup and mounting3. Range / ability to detect the signal when I’m outside and the baby is napping inside4. Battery life – though I haven’t timed this5. Volume control – neither unit turns the volume down as low as I would want it to goWhat I don’t like about this monitor compared to the Baby Touch:1. Sound and video are controlled together on the Foscam. I don’t like this because I’d prefer to be able to have the video off and the sound on at night. I thought the VOX feature that turns on the monitor when there is noise in the room would be great, but as it turns out that feature is always tripped when I have the noise machine in the baby’s room as loud as I prefer it to be, causing the video to stay on, and making it hard to sleep. I have therefore turned down the noise maker to stop tripping the monitor. And still, the video coming on periodically disturbs me more than just hearing a few baby noises or the sound of a car that the monitor is picking up. This is annoying when it’s not a time I would otherwise get up and go to the baby as I have a harder time going back to sleep.2. At least a few times each day, the Foscam will beep twice loudly and display "Out of Range" on the screen. I’m not sure if this is interference — it will sometimes happen when sitting still on the counter and then flick back to in range without my doing anything. I have also noticed it happening when I am touching the sides of the unit or I put it in my pocket – I believe I am getting in the way of the antenna. I’ve never had this problem with the Summer Infant.3. If the Foscam is low on battery, at 20% or less, it will beep loudly and regularly until it is plugged in. Sometimes I am downstairs far from the charger and it’s not convenient for me to go plug it in – I’d rather have it run out its battery without the annoying beeping.4. The Foscam power cords are quite a bit shorter than the Summer Infant’s, so I need to use an extension cord with the Foscam, which doesn’t look as neat in my baby’s room.5. The Foscam doesn’t allow turning the volume off completely (unless you are using the VOX feature).Overall I’m pleased with the purchase and think it is a good value for the price. The first con is the biggest for me – but I can deal with it.

Lindsey West Newton, PA

Just as awesome as summer infant 2 but half the price

After I broke my summer infant baby touch, I bought this for replacement.Camera toggles silently, color vision and night vision are crisp and the audio is good too. There is one green dot light on the camera that runs continuously, but it doesn’t bother my 12month old.I actually prefer that it does not have a touch screen (like the summer infant baby touch does), because my baby tends to pick it up and play with it. The buttons give him some fun to play with and it’s easier to reconfigure.My only complaint which makes me almost want to return it (but I wont) is the low battery warning. At 20%,it starts to beep once every few seconds and it drives me batty!Another big difference between this and the summer infant baby touch is that the screen stays on and will only turn off if you press the screen off button. This will burn the battery quicker than if you don’t use the option.For half the price, this is a clear winner between the two.

Fran Jeremiah, KY

Good product for the money but range is not very good

I researched a lot before buying. I had a Levana before and it broke in 1 year so I needed another monitor. I decided the pan and tilt was needed for when my baby is a toddler so I can move the camera around and watch him. Most of those are in the 200-300 price point that is why this camera at 109 is such a deal.Pros:Big screen on monitor with clear pic (not hd of course)Easy buttons on monitorEasy set up (just turn on)Camera moves easily and quietNight vision is red circle and hardly puts of any light much better than other modelsHas VOX (voice activation) which is nice so at night the monitor only goes bright when the baby criesLove the temperature controlLike some have said the talk back has a delay but it is fineGood video camera with tilt/pan for the money. You can follow baby around room with no problem.Cons:-The range was very disappointing. Says 900ft but that is with no obstructions. I bought to use in horse barn about 100 feet from babies room. The monitor would have to go through brick of house and a metal barn and it does not. I tried a vtech monitor that did work in the barn but it had an antenna on the monitor which seems to be key. I called Foscam and held for about 30 minutes and spoke to a very nice man but he had a very thick accent and I had a hard time hearing him but he said to turn off camera and turn back to help the range. He also recommended buying the IP (separate camera that I could have an app on my iphone to see baby) camera and he offered a $75 special. I did not opt for this but may in the future. It would still be a better deal than buying a $250 monitor. Plus the Summer, Motorola and other top brands that have good pan and tilt do not have high ranges advertised.-The monitor battery life if so so. Today the battery was at 100% going into a nap. The nap was 2 hours and it put it down to 50% and another 1 hour nap has it at 30%. So 3 hours took up 70% of the battery and at 20% it starts beeping so 3-4 hours it probably about all you get. And a very odd thing is when you charge the monitor with it not turned on there is no light showing it is charging. I asked the man at Foscam and he said it does charge when off. Just odd.-The stand for the monitor (clip) is very cheap and flimsy. I hope it doesn’t break. The literature says belt clip but I would never try that as it would snap right off.Even with these cons I would buy this monitor again and will recommend to friends/family.

Callie Gateway, AR

Pleasantly surprised by the very clear picture and features

I was skeptical when buying a second baby video monitor. I have always gone with AngelCare, but needed a second camera and AngelCare does not have multiple camera systems. So I asked other parents, listened to complaints, did some reading in all price ranges, and tried Summer Infant. That was a bust. On a whim I went with Foscam after reading reviews and I was pleasantly surprised. The camera does everything it advertises. The night vision picture is incredibly crisp (better than the AngelCare I dare say) and the tilt is just what we need. I am a fan thus far of the Foscam and I would recommend it as a decently priced baby monitor.

Herminia Albion, IA

Too bright

This is a good camera, with one flaw which makes it not be a good option for us: the screen is way too bright to place by your bedside. Maybe our screen was defective, because the lowest light setting was no different from the highest light setting. We settled on the WiFi Baby because of how versatile it is.

Mandy Peru, IA

No Range

We live in a small 1200 sq foot home, but there was no range from one end of the house to the other. I would find a signal, but it was always randomly lost throughout the night. The beep for the lost signal was highly annoying… especially since I was hearing it all the time. It’s too bad because the design and picture quality was quite nice.

Arline Satin, TX

Great camera

Love this camera- miles better than the monitor we had before. I like that it has a temperature reading and the infrared view is great at night. Best part is being able to turn off the screen at night when baby is quiet- I only see the glare from the back light when she wakes up.

Althea Triplett, MO