Freehand Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Diana

Freehand Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Diana

Classic black, sleek and stylish. The soft non staining micro suede with black mesh liner will work with almost any outfit!

Main features

  • 3 in 1 baby carrier, front, back or hip carry
  • One size fits all
  • Tie on straps allow for almost unlimited versitility
  • Reverses to solid color, its like 2 carriers in one
  • Can comfortably carry a newborn or a two year old

Verified reviews


Comfortable for Mom, Not for Baby

I really loved this carrier – for MYSELF. It makes carrying my 17 pound baby SO easy! However – since day one, he’s hated it. He’s really uncomfortable in it, and I can see why:-The strap that you can either wrap around the baby’s back or legs seems to keep him in a rather uncomfortable position if it’s on his back, and if I try wrapping at the legs, it digs into them.-He also doesn’t like to be held right up against me, he likes to be able to see what’s going on around him, and this carrier doesn’t really allow for that.-This carrier is also made of very thick fabric, which doesn’t really allow for air flow, so even in decent weather, I’d pull him out and he’d be sweating.-I also find that I have to readjust and keep retying the carrier every half hour or so. He just keeps slipping down and getting more uncomfortable.We’ve tried 3 carriers now, and the one he likes best is the Baby Bjorn Air Carrier. It’s harder on my back, but he’s the most comfortable in it. I did look up several videos on how to wrap the Mei Tai, and tried following them. I still had all the issues listed above.Wish it had worked for us, because it was expensive. If you’re interested, try borrowing one first.

Michele Anoka, MN

Baby Didn’t Like It

I was not a fan because the straps continue to loosen as you wear it, so you’re constantly trying to find a way to tighten the straps without disturbing baby. My baby was not a fan because no matter how I tied it around her, the straps dug into her back or legs and made her cry. Overall, a bust.

Reva Filer, ID

Awesome carrier, get them on discount.

I got tired of the intricate and sometimes dirty method of wrapping my baby using a Moby wrap and the back pain I got from my Baby Bjorn, so I was on the hunt for something simpler.Pros1. Lightweight – you can pack this easily in a diaper bag.2. Pretty comfortable for my baby and me, very little back pain even with hours of use.3. Cute designs and reversible nature of product a plus for Daddy.4. Relatively easy to put on, a little harder to take off (if you have knots tied behind you). Much better than a Moby, little harder than the Bjorn.5. You can use this with a newborn, I also own a Boba carrier, which I LOVE, but it cannot be used on a newborn (6m+).6. This carrier is perfect for hot weather, there is no padding between the baby and the back of the carrier (Bjorn), which makes it cooler. The Moby wrap was pretty HOT due to all the layers.Cons1. Paying over fifty dollars is too much in my opinion. I’d say the same for the Moby wrap. Get this item on sale or maybe even used.2. Still has the straps that hang on the floor, just like the Moby, the difference? These are not as long and are much lighter to work with.3. I’d prefer if the straps had a little stretch to them, kind of like the Moby – It might make them a bit more comfortable for Mom & baby.4. Sometimes the straps kind of dig into you and/or the baby, you need to make sure they are positioned correctly. You might need to readjust after wearing for awhile.Overall, I would highly recommend this for a newborn (haven’t tested on older child yet). I prefer my Boba carrier (a bit more comfortable) so far for an older child (6mo+), but this is definitely a good buy as long as you can get it on sale, seventy to one hundred dollars is a bit much for this carrier. I gave this four stars in stead of five due to price.

Jodie Haworth, OK

ok but not my favorite mei tai

This mei tai is ok, I bought it to replace a ‘mei tai baby’ brand mei tai that was lost during our last move. I ended up returning this one to repurchase a mei tai baby one (most of theirs are custom made in the USA so it takes a few weeks to get one but the price is the same as this ready made version).The good:-this carrier style (mei tai) is great for many sizes of babies, I’ve used mine with three of my kids and it’s my favorite carrier style, I even prefer it to my ergo-it’s adjustable and will fit most any mom, I’ve even used one while pregnant-this freehand mei tai comes in cute fabric patterns and trendy colorsThe bad:-when using a mei tai (this one or any brand) the straps with drag on the ground when you’re putting it on unless you’re really, really tall-there is a bit of a learning curve to putting it on and getting the baby in, looking up videos and pictures online is very helpful-the fabric of this freehand brand is not very high quality and mine had some stitches that were crooked, the fabric was rough and was already starting to fray after just a couple uses-this mei tai seems overpriced for the quality, you can get a much higher quality one for the same price (mei tai baby and baby hawk are the two big brands but many other are out there, you can also download patterns to make your own)-the fabric of this mei tai is slicker than other mei tais, I didn’t feel the tie was as tight and safe as it is with rougher fabrics

Rosario Thompson, IA


Bought this bc my SSC was too high for my baby bc she wants her arms out. Still at almost a year we still use it. My child spent pretty much her first 7 months in this thing. Great quality!

Kristy Batesville, MS

Moby and ergo cross

Not as easy to tie with baby in it as I originally thought it would be but a nice cross between a moby wrap and an ergo carrier. Good quality and gorgeous pattern that was true to color. Overall good value for those who want to baby wear without all the layers and wrapping of a moby.

Deann Lidgerwood, ND


I wear my daughter daily and this is a fantastic carrier! I’d love it even more if you made pads for the sides. My daughter loves to chew and it gets soaking wet.

Morgan Smithfield, UT