Freezer Tray 2-Pack

Freezer Tray 2-Pack

Freeze meals in the freezer tray, with seven 2 oz. compartments. Contains locking lid and reusable labeling area. Dishwasher safe. Each freezer-safe tray holds seven 2 oz. portions – enough for each day of the week Contains reusable labeling area so you can indicate contents and the date; use dry erase marker to label contents and preperation date; marker not included Each compartment perfectly matches the Feeding Dish for ultra-easy transfer Locking lid included Dishwasher safe

Main features

  • 7 sections in each tray allow you to prepare bulk servings of a particular food.
  • Each section is approximately a single, 1 oz. serving.
  • Once frozen, the cubes can be popped out and placed in freezer bags.
  • Locking lid seals foods tightly inside.
  • Writing surface for date & meal prepared and dishwasher safe.

Verified reviews


Wonderful–so glad I tried these despite the imperfect reviews

I have had an excellent experience with this product. I started with one set of two and purchased a second set after two months. I highly recommend this product. Based on prior reviews, I have made sure always to run hot water over the tray to get out the food. The cubes come out very easily that way, no need to bend the trays, which could apparently risk cracking them. Definitely the company has put out conflicting information about the amount in each cube. It’s one ounce. They work well and clean up well by hand or in the dishwasher. I’ve now been using mine constantly for 8 months and they seem extremely durable.

Stella Pawtucket, RI

Excellent product for parents making their own baby food.

With my first child I tried out the store bought baby food and she simply refused to eat it. When I asked my child care provider she asked me if I have tried the food myself and if I’d eat something like what I’m trying to feed her. I tried it and it was disgusting. I then decided to start making my own.With this baby (2007) I decided that I’m not even going to try with the store bought food and started making my own. I’m using both the trays and the travel dish and they are great. The only issue I found was it is a bit tough to pop out the food out of each section. I use a buttering knife and just get it in on the side to get some air in there and it comes right out. The little ice “cubes” fit great into the travel dish and I pop that into the refrigerator the night before and pack it for day care the next morning.We are string to give our baby more food so I am getting more trays.We are very happy with this product and will totally recommend it if you’re looking to make your own baby food.

Diana Parrott, GA

Great product

I just froze my first batch of baby food with these freezer trays and they worked great! Like other reviews mentioned, the cubes come out the easiest when you run hot water over the bottom for a few seconds. I put the frozen cubes into a freezer zip lock bag. I just ordered a second set of trays!

Hollie Maxwell, NM

Made using the wrong (brittle) plastic

We bought these thinking it would be a great way to make our baby’s food. However, my wife cracked one of the trays on the first use.. and its not like she’s a body builder or something.We threw these in the trash and went to the Dollar store and bought ice cube trays for .99 that work better (and don’t crack). Once the food is frozen we dump it out of the trays into a Tupperware bowl, so no need for the ice cube trays to have covers.

Pamela West Newton, IN

Great and useful baby food tray

This is really a great product. Many reviewers complain about breaking it, but they are probably not using it properly. It’s not meant to be bent or twisted to get the frozen baby food out like other silicone ice cube trays. All you have to do is to rinse it under hot water a bit and the frozen cubes come out easily!! I have been making my own baby food for 6 months now and these trays worked great. My only problem is I don’t have enough of them!! I usually will freeze a batch of the food I make and I remove the cubes and place them in marked sealable plastic bags for easy storage. The lids close very tight and there is no ordor problem like other ice cube trays.

Letha Harveysburg, OH

Same size as regular ice cube trays!

I bought this because it claimed to have 2 oz in each serving (I read that somewhere and it also said that on the box when it arrived). I measured and it only has one ounce per cube! I vacuum pack the cubes the day after I freeze them so the lid does me no good. I will return this and keep my cheap ice cube trays to use instead. False advertising and a waste of my time.

Shannon Gardendale, AL

Great freezer trays!

I’ve been making my own baby food for a couple of months now and recently purchased these BabySteps freezer trays and love them! I started using a regular ice cube tray (and still do, although I’d like to get another set of these) and find that the BabyStep trays are easier to fill, stack beautifully, and since they have a (nicely fitting) cover, there’s no messing with plastic bags and rubber bands to cover for freezing.Several reviews here mention that they are very stiff and it’s hard to get the cubes out. The plastic is sturdy (and I like that) but I notice no difference between the ease of popping food cubes out of these vs. regular ice cube trays – frozen food is hard to pop out, that’s just a fact. All you have to do is run a little water over the back side for a few seconds, then turn them out with a little tap/twist/shake – I do the same thing with my regular ice cube trays. They also clean up beautifully and quickly (and are dishwasher safe).Another great thing about these trays is that they are BPA/Phthalate free. This is important to me.Note that on the KidCo website (makers of these trays) they state that each section is approximately 1 ounce – not 2 ounces as mentioned in some reviews here and in one of the product descriptions here on amazon.

Tabatha Weeksbury, KY