Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Trays

Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Trays

So Easy Storage Trays are specially designed to simplify feedings and reduce waste of baby food or breast milk. Making baby food in quantity once or twice a week is easy and convenient and the Fresh Baby Food Trays make it’s even easier.How they work: Simply pour expressed breast milk or pureed baby food in the food safe trays, put them in the freezer and use what you need – when you need it. The neat thing about the trays is that they have covers, so there are no spills, no mess, and no odors. Each So Easy Tray makes 12 pre-portioned servings (cube size varies from ½ ounce to 1 ounce). Breast milk cubes are the perfect answer to many situations. Since cubes defrost quickly, they are great for topping-off bottles, thinning baby food, or just adding a little extra nutrition to your baby’s cereal. Thaw what you need – convenience for Mom, Dad, or any caregiver.Making baby food introduces your little one to the flavors of “real” food and will save you money. Using the tried n’ true ice cube tray method of making baby food, it will take only 30 minutes per week. Cover, stack, and freeze – it’s so easy!The heavy duty construction allows quick release of the frozen food cubes. Simply remove the tray from the freezer, run warm water on the back of the tray, remove the cover, twist the tray and the cubes will pop out. And they are dishwasher-safe, so clean up is a breeze.Material – Made in USA #4 LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) with a biodegradable additive; #2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with a biodegradable additive; FDA-approved food-safe, BP-A, PVC, Phthlates and Plasticizer-Free. Tested to biodegrade 10% in 6 months using ASTMD5511 test. Note: Biodegradable additive does not affect shelf life of trays. Very specific landfill conditions are required to begin the degradation process.

Main features

  • Freeze baby food or breast milk into single serving cubes
  • Reduce waste: defrost only what you need
  • No mess, stackable, and dishwasher-safe
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Made in USA with Biodegradable Plastic
  • BP-A and phthalate-free
  • “Prior to using trays and lids, wash them in warm, soapy water. Dishwasher drying temperatures and cycles may cause tray lids to warp or shrink slightly. To correct any fit issues, run lid under hot water until it is warm and pliable. Place the lid on a tray and wait for it to cool down. Thank you for purchasing a Fresh Baby product. Happy Parenting!”

Verified reviews


Love these!

I have 4 of these trays and have been using them for 3 months to freeze baby food. They are fantastic!MEASURING- Each cube is 1T, which is great for measuring. For example, for lunch my baby gets 2 cubes of meat, 2 veggies, and 2 fruit. Some people complain that the cubes are too small, but if they were bigger they would take longer to defrost. I think the size is perfect.QUALITY- Some complain about warping or poor fit. I haven’t had that problem at all and I use these a lot. I wash them by hand in hot soapy water. I couldn’t fit them on the top rack in the dishwasher if I wanted to…all those darn baby feeding bowls and bottles!EASY- Put frozen cubes in labeled zipper freezer bags. If they don’t want to come out of the tray, just turn the tray over and run some hot water over it for 10 seconds. I take what I need out of the freezer and put them in little bowls the night before and they’re thawed for the next day. If I forget I just microwave for a minute.GOOD FOR BABY- I love the variety my baby gets. Many parents give just 1 or 2 different foods to baby at a meal so they don’t open too many jars. With all choices I have in my freezer, my baby gets 4 different foods at each meal and I know exactly what she’s eating. I don’t have anything against jarred food, but I feel better (and thriftier) giving her homemade.

Winnie Bairoil, WY

Overall, most useful tray I’ve tried.

I’ve tried a several different types of storage trays for freezing breast milk and baby food, and these have ended up being the most useful. I agree with other reviews that they don’t hold 1 oz as advertized (more like 3/4 oz.), but the size of the cube that they make is why I’ve ended up using these trays the most. Since I use these trays so often, after the cubes are frozen I store them in Ziploc Freezer bags. For freezing breast milk, the cubes fit through the opening of our Playtex dropins or natural shape Ventaire bottles so I could thaw the milk in the bottle (all the other trays we have make cubes that are too big so you have to thaw the milk in something else and then pour it in the bottle). For baby food, we use the Take n Toss 2 compartment containers with the spoon holder in the middle and 3 cubes fit perfectly in each side. Other trays that I’ve tried makes cubes in different shapes and portions, and you have to defrost a cube first to make room to fit another cube. So overall, the amount that the trays hold doesn’t really make a difference to me, and the smaller portions have ended up being more helpful than a problem.

Greta Ceresco, NE

great product

these are better than ice cube trays because they have lids which keeps the food safe from other food smells and they are bpa free!!!!! stack and wash well. these are the best! also made in the usa.

Ramona Somerset, TX

hasn’t warped yet

I’ve been using these for almost 2 yrs and they look great. The lids have not warped and still fit great. Sometimes the trays get stained so I just soak them with a bit of bleach and water and they look good as new. Great product!

Kaitlyn Curtis, NE

Need major muscles

I wanted to like these, but, alas, it was not meant to be. I was using these to store breast milk but eventually gave up because of the inconvenience. Anytime I needed to pop out some cubes of froze milk, I had to get my husband to twist the plastic so they would pop out! The plastic was so inflexible that I could not do it by myself and I am not a wimpy girl! It got so annoying that I finally abandoned the trays. I may revisit using them when my LO is eating solids, but for now they are being stored out of the way. I can’t recommend these.

Pat Lawrenceville, GA

The only issue is the lids

Grwat trays, perfect portions, safe plastic, durable. They are much sturdier plastic than regular ice cube trays, that being said they are not as easy to twist to loosen the contents…I have to let them either sit out for a few minutes or run warm water over the outside so I can twist them to get my food cubes out. The lids are ok, I have had difficulty getting them to seal on, you cannot expect a great seal with these lids, not an issue for me because I empty the contents the next day into ziplocks.

Bobbie Cut Off, LA

I’m so glad I bought this

For my 1st child, I used a regular ice cube tray but I hated to pop them out of the trays because I always manged to scatter the cubes all over the counter and floor or I wouldn’t transfer them to baggies because i dreaded the process of popping them out. Then the baby food would taste like all the other items I had in the freezer. For my 2nd child I bought these to give them a try. With this lid, I just twist the trays, place the lid back on loosely and tip it over. Voila! No more scattered cubes. Also if I don’t get to popping the cubes out for a few days, they don’t absorb the flavors of everything else. The food also doesn’t get stuck in the trays and break apart like they do with any ice cube trays I have used. Maybe I’m uncoordinated when it comes to ice cube tray because I’ve never had any luck with any kinds ever. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t have ice in my household! After my baby starts eating more table food, I just might store ice cubes in the freezer again with these trays.

Elena Pilottown, LA

A must have!

These trays are great! I love having the lids and I use them for everything. Baby purees, breast milk, prune juice, steamed finger foods, cubed chicken, meatballs, etc. I love freezing things in these small portions because it makes lunch and dinner time easier and I can give my little one a bigger selection of foods. The lids on mine fit very snug and I haven’t had any issues with them warping because I only wash the lids by hand. I do throw the trays in the dishwasher on the top shelf. I also don’t leave food in the trays for longer than a few days because the lids are tight-but your food can still get freezer burn. I transfer everything into freezer bags.

Petra Middletown, PA

Great for baby food

I make my own baby food and I freeze the food in these trays. Each tray is I believe 12 oz of food. After I freeze the food I move the food into ziplock bags to keep it fresher. The trays seal but not tight enough to keep the food fresh.Fresh Baby is made in the US which is hard to find with baby products and I’m trying to buy American.

Amalia Marble Hill, GA

Lids are to hard too close

Lids are very hard to close. By the time you finally tight the lid to the ice cubes all the liquid inside is spread over the kitchen counter.

Jannie Hannaford, ND

Sturdy and Easy!

I’m impressed by the quality and sturdiness of this product. I love that it has a top and is easy to use. It can be a bit difficult to get the frozen pieces out, but that’s nothing that letting it sit at room temperature for a few minutes can’t fix!

Crystal Bryson City, NC

Does the job

I make all my son’s baby food and freeze it. I love these trays. I freeze the baby food overnight and then pop the ice cubes out into gallon size bags. I have not had problems with the lids fitting. The packaging states that you should hand wash the trays to keep the lids from warping. I have been using them for 2 months with no problem. I have six trays right now.

Della Cobbtown, GA

Excellent trays for baby food!

I’ve used these trays for several years. My favorite baby food to make for my babies is to roast yams until they are dripping syrup, and then puree them with a bit of coconut oil. I put the puree in the trays, freeze it, then transfer the cubes to a ziploc freezer bag for storage. These trays are so easy to use and clean. I put them in the dishwasher (TOP RACK ONLY) and they come out beautifully. Don’t put them in the bottom, because it warps the lids a little and they don’t fit as well. Nothing tastes plastic-y from these trays (unlike some of our ice cube trays).

Patrice Richview, IL

Simple and durable, better than just regular ice trays

Easy to use. I make the food and one big spoonful fills each hole. Put in the freezer overnight and then I transfer then to freezer bags. Tops stay on well but are not hard to take off either. I’ve had no problems with warping. Clean either on top rack of dishwasher or by hand.

Pat Conshohocken, PA

These are great at any age!!!

I bought these about a year ago, when i just started giving my baby solids. A year later, I still use them to freeze uniform portions of cut up meat and sweet water for teething. Very easy maintanance as well. Just wash under water or stick on top shelf of dish washer. Best spent $$$ for baby food accessory

Deana Elk Creek, CA

Great and easy to use – perfect size and durable!

I bought these to freeze homemade baby food. As many others say, it doesn’t seem the lids fight air tight, but that’s not a problem because once the food is frozen, I put it in ziplock bags. My son is only 6 months, so we are just introducing some solids and not really eating meals – he won’t really do solids until 1 year, but I am loving the amount in each cube and how they freeze and are quite durable. I washed the tray in the dishwasher but the lids by hand. Great for the price and meets my need for its purpose!

Janna Purmela, TX


These are a must if you are starting out or have been making baby food! Shopped around and like these the most. No nasty plastic made in china. Good sturdy safe material. Not sure about other posts about ease of getting food out bc it was super simple for me. I bought 1set of 2 to try out and then loved them so I bought another set. To get food out simply let it set on the counter for a couple mins or run water along the backside. You don’t even need warm water, i just turned on the water and ran it along the back of the tray and you can hear a little crackling and you just twist the tray like a regular ice cube try and pop out. I bought different brands of trays and enjoyed them, but there were cons and more pros for this tray. The lids are nice too. They may not come out as fancy as other trays, but its food! Once frozen pop food into freezer bags! Dishwasher safe, but I normally handwash. Good luck!

Jeanie Pike Road, AL

Great idea

The lid opens and closes easily. A little pricey for ice cubes with a lid, but there’s no other product out there.

Janell Wellesley Island, NY

Made in the USA.. NICE

These are great. I feel comfortable freezing milk and homemade baby food. We bough 4 trays and constantly have them rotating with new foods. Great, highly recommend!

Eva Cokeburg, PA

Great, but expensive

I like these trays, they work great and keep out freezer burn. However, they should be cheaper IMO, press and seal should work just as good with a normal ice tray that does not have a cover (I have not tried this).

Alberta Pateros, WA

Worth it to get covered trays

I know you can use regular ice cube trays to freeze homemade baby purees, but with the covers, I could stack higher, and didn’t have to worry about spilling. They were easy to clean, and made it a pleasure to make my own purees. I actually got two sets so that I could make a couple different flavors in a day without having to wait for one batch to freeze before I made more cubes.

Callie Towaoc, CO

Somewhat diasappointed

These seem brilliant, I bought 6 of them thinking they would be great.PROS:Stack them in freezer – take up less space than some other baby food storageFood easily pops out like an ice cubeCONS:The covers don’t seal very well. One tray of carrot puree looks a bit freezer burned. Every time I *think* I have the cover sealed tight all the way around it pops up in one area. The cover "misbehaves" whether it’s at room temperature or straight from the freezer.If the cover stayed sealed this would be a great product.I purchased some other containers by OXO and Vital Baby, I think these Fresh Baby trays might end up in the garage sale. I really like the OXO containers, and I haven’t tried the Vital Baby ones yet.

Kristina Hessmer, LA

Gret product

Works good a little tough to remove the food but i just run it under hot water and they pop right out

Leticia Fortville, IN

Easy to get the frozen food cubes out

Easy to get the frozen cubes out – for some reason I was having a lot of trouble with my normal ice cube tray (I actually managed to crack it when I couldn’t get it to pop) when I put baby puree in them, this one worked fine.

Kerry Dema, KY


Pros:- somehow very easy to pop the contents loose- no discoloration, easy to clean- lid is useful, even though it doesn’t really seal completelyCons:- would have been slightly better if the lids would completely seal, but for my purposes it’s not really importantOverall, nice product and probably would be using it even after finishing the baby food period.

Shauna Mesa, WA

Perfect for homemade baby food

These trays have worked very well for me making homemade baby food. The cubes end up being about the perfect portion size (2-3 cubes = 1 portion for my 12 month old baby). One thing I like about this tray vs. using pouches is that I can make one type of food and freeze it. Then I can mix and match the food later for fun mixes (like applesauce, sweet potatoes, and winter squash). In the pouches you would need to make all of those foods at the same time, then puree them and then put them in the pouches. We also weren’t really able to use pouches until recently because baby would grab them and squeeze the contents all over. The trays seem of good quality and function well. The lids snap on great and it is easy to get the food out. I just twist the tray a little over a plate and most of the cubes fall right out. For the stubborn ones I just let the tray sit out a minute, then twist again and they fall out. Overall, these trays work great. I have already recommended them to many friends.

Emilia Drummonds, TN

Just what I wanted

I wanted a tray that could be both an ice cube tray without BPA, etc., and something that could also hold frozen purees. These are made of a heavy plastic (so they don’t easily crack like other trays), and the lid fits tightly. Very happy with this purchase, and would recommend to others.

Berta Thrall, TX

much better than the baby bullet containers

i have the baby bullet (useless by the way, use your food processor) and the cute smiley face 2 ounce containers that go with it and dial the date of the month on them. great if your baby eats food in 2 ounce portions, but this method is so much better. each cube is one ounce so you can give baby as much or as little as you want. they stack easier in the freezer than the other containers, and are much easier to warm to the right temp.

Clara Glenrock, WY

lids don’t fit even with hand-washing only

I was excited about these because I wanted to have lids covering my home-made baby food. I have never once put this product in the dish-washer, just as it states, and these trays and lids have never sealed since the first time they were in my freezer. The plastic is thick and frozen food slides out easily, but it also does from my dollar store ice cube trays. the whole point of this product in my mind, is to have the lids, and since they don’t fit, I find this product over-priced and use-less.

Pat Ipswich, MA

Exactly as expected

The cubes are a little hard to get out but over all this is great for the money. The lids seem flimsy but they do work.

Marcia Brighton, MA