Fresh N Freeze 2 Ounce Reusable Baby Food Containers 12-Pack

Fresh N Freeze 2 Ounce Reusable Baby Food Containers 12-Pack

One Step Ahead has been making life easier, safer and more fun for parents and kids for more than 25 years. When they cannot find a product that meets their high standards, their in-house design team works closely with parents to develop ingenious, high quality products that are at least “one step ahead” of the competition. Fresh N Freeze Reusable Baby Food Containers were designed by One Step Ahead to provide maximum versatility. Unlike cups with pop-off lids, the screw-on caps stay put in the freezer and the diaper bag. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can freeze, transport, and warm homemade baby food all in one container. Includes twelve 2 ounce containers that are stackable and snap together, and snap into the included storage tray, thanks to recessed hollows in the cups, lids, and tray. For easy portion control, baby food containers are marked in one ounce increments.

Main features

  • The most versatile baby food storage containers available; screw-on caps stay put in the freezer and diaper bag, unlike less reliable pop-off caps
  • Includes twelve 2 ounce reuseable containers and a handy storage tray; containers and tray snap together thanks to recessed hollows in the cups, lids, and tray, for space efficiency in your freezer
  • Safe for use in the freezer, the microwave, and the dishwasher, allowing you to freeze, transport, and warm baby food all in one container
  • For easy portion control, baby food containers are marked in one ounce increments
  • BPA and phalate free, making them safe for use with babies; even use them for making perfect homemade popsicles

Verified reviews


Try This Instead…

I purchased these on a different website to avoid paying the outrageous shipping costs. I had many of the similar problems that others have talked about here. I do a lot of canning, freezing, buying bulk, etc. I used freezer jam jars for jams and thought it would work great for my little one. What I would recommend especially as baby eats more and more is Ball Freezer Jam containers. They are similar to this product but 8oz size, a whole lot cheaper, stackable, and can be found on Amazon or in a local grocery store. All of their plastic jars and containers are BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe on the top-rack.Jars are stackable and lock together for a tidy freezerTwist on lids seal in the freshness and prevent leakingFreezer safe – straight jar sides allow for food expansion during freezingBall Plastic 8-Ounce Freezer Jars, 5 PackAlso, instead of any specialized baby food mills, just get an immersion blender (aka burr stick). It is multi use in the kitchen (can make salad dressings, hummus, etc.) and makes great purees! Amazon has very good price.Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Brushed ChromeJoin Amazon Mom:

Christian Parksville, NY

exactly what i needed

I am making my baby’s food at home and needed something like this. I love the way the containers snap together and the fact that the tops screw on instead of snap. It really does fit in the door of my freezer. I put water in one of them and gave it a good shake an it did leak. I haven’t traveled with these containers yet so I’m not sure if this will be a problem. But other than that, these containers are sturdy material and exactly what a mommy making baby food needs.

Ashley Church Road, VA

TOO small…WAY too small!

Other than being WAY too small (it takes two or three of these per meal), they’re pretty good. They freeze well, etc. and don’t leak (so far!). They are a pain to fill too b/c they’re so tiny, so I lay down a flour sack b/c it gets messy. I’ve switched to the small rubbermaid containers w/ the reddish lid. They do everything this does (stack, don’t leak, etc.) but they’re an actual serving size. The opening is bigger and easier (mess-free) to fill. I also like that I can snap the lid on the rubbermaid ones, right out of the dishwasher, so I’m not always looking for lids as I am with these.

Odessa Loyal, WI

Great! So convenient!!

I’ve been making my daughter’s babyfood from the beginning. I LOVE the Baby Bullet. But, i don’t like how the containers on the baby bullet don’t say how many ounces, this system does! I’m using it for freezing her squash, carots, zucchini and sweet potato, but i’m also using to prepare snacks for her. need an ounce of applesauce? no problem with this system! the baby bullet containers are a thicker plastic, more sturdy but I don’t like having to estimate how much i’m giving my daughter. this is an AWESOME addition to the food making routine- LOVE this product!side note: for any of you thinking about making your baby’s food, i LOVE it. I don’t cook all that often and was scared that i wouldn’t keep up with it. it’s super easy! i highly recommend the Baby Bullet, but i hear other food processors work good too. with tools like this Fresh N Freeze product, it’s a piece of cake…or carot puree. 😀

Pamala Effingham, SC

Not as nice as it looks.

They are not as great as I thought they would be. They are not as sturdy as they look, they don’t stack as well as they look, and the lids pop off if you fill them too much- even by a little. Also for storing, they are horrible! It’s like have another section of Tupperware but worse because the items are so small. I prefer the Beaba silicone containers they are easy to store and to clean and you just pop out the food and place in a freezer bag for neat organized storage. I write what’s in the freezer bag and the date I made the food and with these I can’t do that. Overall, it’s a nice idea but too much of a hassle for me.

Lorie Deadwood, SD

Best Homemade Babyfood Storage Out There

One main feature sets this set above all the rest – they are SCREW tops, not pop tops like the others. Pop tops will make nothing but messes when they pop open unexpectedly. I pull a serving out of my freezer in the morning, throw it my diaper bag with a baby spoon, and off I go. The screw tops keep my puree securely in the jar, so they never burst open in my bag like the pop tops. I highly recommend these to any parents who are making their own baby food.

Mindy Nubieber, CA


just as good as the magic bullet baby food containers but cheaper and you get more. It’s a thinner plastic, closer to normal tupperwear than the magic bullet ones, but still works great!

Angelita Isle Of Wight, VA

Does the Job

These do the job. There was confusion initially over the lids which just kept falling off. Turns out they are screw on lids. Ha! I don’t know if I would buy again. I probably should have just asked friends for left over baby food jars and called it good.

Elizabeth Kivalina, AK

Great little set.

I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived. The lids on all the small containers screw on (not simply press-on like gladware), which makes me very happy if I ever have to thrown these in a diaper bag. The little tray will fit perfectly on the freezer shelf or door and not take up much space. Excellent little system for managing homemade baby food!

Brandie Ashfield, MA

There are better products out there

I was so frustrated with these for a long time until I realized that the lids screw on and don’t snap on. Even so, prefer to freeze in ice cube-type trays and store in freezer baggies.

Vanessa Norton, VA

Perfect for baby

I really like these because of the screw on lids. The stacking try is nice too. Overall a good buy except the high price to make up for shipping. If you can find these in a store the price is cut in half.

Dianne Pierce, NE

A must for making your own food

These work great! The tops stay on in the freezer. Nothing gets freezer burnt. They clean easily and they stack pretty well. I just bought a second package so I can make more food at once. Some of my carrots did stain a one or two of them. I love how easy they are to throw in my diaper bag and go. Much better than some of the other types of food storage I own.

Evelyn Wayside, WV

Okay Product, Could be better

I have been using this product for about 4 months every day. I prefer theBaby Bullet BBSK-080 8-Piece Storage Systemmore. I purchased the ice cube tray but I never used it. This seemed simplier for me. I pack 3 containers a day for her to take the caregiver.Pros:+ Convenient+ Good size for my daughter+ They stack well in the freezer+ The tray is a nice add-on+ Reasonable priceCons:- The tops come off so you have to be very careful. This can be annoying. I read reviews that mentioned this. I did not experience it until 2 or 3 months after using the product.- The tops take more time to clean. Food can get stuck in the ridges.- I would recommend to anyone the Baby Bullet storage system mentioned above. I have also seen this in Wal-Mart. My sister bought me the entire Baby Bullet kit.

Linda Elgin, IA

Great product for homemade baby food

These are very handy! The screw on top makes it well worth it and the stackable, locking jars are perfect for storage.

Lillian Lake Como, PA

As described!

It’s our go-to tupperware for baby. Traveling or at home, it works great. The screw tops make such a huge difference. Worth the price! Love that it’s BPA free, too. I can heat it up via microwave or a cup of HOT water and feel okay about it.

Eleanor Canmer, KY

Very nice, odor and stain resistant, quick and handy, **good training sippy cup!!!**

First, an unexpected benefit of this item is it’s the perfect size for my 9-month old to sip water from! He sometimes uses a sippy but otherwise I let him drink from whatever cup-like receptacle is clean and handy so he can get used to sipping, and this seems to be the perfect size for his mouth and hands! It’s also so small that if he spills some water it’s not a big deal.Next, I am impressed by this product’s stain and odor resistance. I make baby food at home with whatever vegetable and protein and spices (and garlic or ginger!) are on hand, and this RESISTS CURRY POWDER! Yes, you know what I’m talking about…the yellowness and slight curry odor that clings to most plastic storage containers. It doesn’t seem to affect these containers at all! Very nice.So far, these are a good size for a meal for our boy (still mostly nursed though), but maybe you should get two sets to start if you’re making your own baby food. I had to order a second set.I keep our baby food frozen for up to a week and have dropped a frozen container once but it didn’t break…after reading other reviews though I really try not to drop them! I just take them out of the freezer into the night before so I don’t have to microwave them.The only improvement I would suggest is that the lids be stackable.I recommend this item if you make baby food at home or want to store and transport baby food or snacks. It’s lovely!

Lucy Oakvale, WV

perfect portion size

Purchased these for my daughter in law for her baby food preparations. She loves them and says they are the perfect size for a portion of baby food, or, in the case of my older grandchild, snacks for school. The lids fit snugly and they keep food fresh in the freezer – they stack on each other and the tray holds the bottom row in place.These containers will a need for small, neat, vessels for baby/kid food. They work for left overs for toddlers as well – so you can make the veggies one day and serve them several days!

Marisa Ogallala, NE


These containers are made well, BPA-free and have relatively well-sealing lids. I used these to freeze baby food, to make my own servings of yogurt for daycare and to pack snacks like puffs and cheerios for travel and daycare. They stack, are dishwasher safe and are clear enough to see what is in them. For the price, a great value for moms and kids on the go.

Lila Desha, AR

Screw top lids

The size of this product is good and the screw top lids work well (although I originally thought they were snap top).

Trina Wilburn, AR

Good in fridge, NOT good in the freezer.

Even with only 2/3 of the cup full, they pop open when frozen and can’t be closed. Some of the lids dont seal properly at all (Some snap shut, some smash shut and some just dont shut.) and if you drop one when its frozen it will shatter. They DO stack if you stack them before freezing, but once frozen you can’t stack them together, they just wont snap. And if you force them, again, they shatter. Love the size and idea, but after using them for less than two weeks three of them are broken, half of them wont seal, and Im already shopping for a replacement set. But these are terrific if you just want to refridgerate stuff!

Rosalinda Leeds, MA

Easy to wash, don’t topple over in the freezer

If I had to do it again, I’d probably just buy baby food containers and then use those rather than buying these. They work fine but are a bit pricey for what they are.That being said, they don’t fall over in the freezer and are reasonably easy to wash. No complaints about performance.

Flora Kingston, IL

Prefer others

Top pops open in the freezer (even half full). Unlike freezer trays, it is difficult to get the content out to put inside freezer bags. I tend to cook in batches in the evening or at the weekend and Beaba Multiportion freezer trays are by far the best product for my purpose.

Penny Apopka, FL


These worked perfectly with the Baby Chef baby food maker! I made so many types of baby food and it was so much fun! These are the perfect accompaniment to that machine as they are the perfect 2 oz size for those little appetites to start! After we moved onto table food, these little jars work great for just about anything else, food or non-food items!

Serena York, AL

Lids pop off

I gave these away. After going to the trouble of making baby food, I don’t want it spilling and leaking everywhere. The little tray idea was a great IDEA, but it takes up so much space in the freezer, its just not practical. The lids don’t stay on consistently. Some were great, some weren’t. I reused old baby food jars that I washed in the dishwasher to sterilize instead. Avoided the issues of plastic that way, anyway.

Tommie Riverton, KS

Great product for beginning babyfood eaters!

These containers have worked great for us for both freezer and refrigerator storage use. You do have to be careful not to fill all the way up to the top if freezing because it seems to expand and the lids loosen then. However, as long as you don’t fill to the brim the screw-on lids stay put great. The small size is great for beginning food eaters but once your baby is eating more solids than milks then you have to find bigger sized containers to work with. I would reccomend this to any parent that is planning to make most of their own baby food, the fact that they connect and snap together is handy for storage. They also wash up great and of course are bpa free.

Judith Umbarger, TX


Love these and have used them with two babies now! The stacking tray is very convenient and they’re easy to store in the freezer.

Letha Rock City Falls, NY

so far so good

I am loving these so far. I haven’t found any issues with the tops falling off in the freezer. I usually snap them on instead of screw them on? I do notice when I take it out of the freezer the tops seem loose? They can turn, but at the point it is not a major concern bc I’m using the food to feed my LO. I haven’t dropped one yet, so I’m not sure if they break. However, since I know some reviews say they do shatter when dropped, I’ve been extra careful not to do it.

Mae Leesport, PA

A Must Have For HomeMade Baby Food

After purchasing and using 1 set of these I immediately purchased another set. They are Must-Have for homemade baby food. They are VERY easy to clean, easy to store, because they stack into each other and are perfect to feed the baby from. Too small to grab and perfect to manage in one hand.A purchase you will not regret!

Aurora Martinsville, NJ

Love these

These are great. They have screw on lids so that nothing pops off. They hold 2 ounces, but generally don’t fill over 1.5 ounces or so.They don’t take up much room in the freezer and the lids stay on.

Sophie Gettysburg, OH

A little pricey, but the perfect size

They work great. Love how conveniently they stack. They hold a 1 ounce ice cube perfectly while it’s thawing. It can hold more if fresh. I would have given 5 stars, but I deducted for price and the fact they didn’t offer free 2 day shipping for prime members.

Jenny Deepwater, MO