Fresh N Freeze 4 Ounce Reusable Baby Food Containers 6-Pack

Fresh N Freeze 4 Ounce Reusable Baby Food Containers 6-Pack

One Step Ahead has been making life easier, safer and more fun for parents and kids for more than 25 years. When they cannot find a product that meets their high standards, their in-house design team works closely with parents to develop ingenious, high quality products that are at least “one step ahead” of the competition. Fresh N Freeze Reusable Baby Food Containers were designed by One Step Ahead to provide maximum versatility. Unlike cups with pop-off lids, the screw-on caps stay put in the freezer and the diaper bag. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can freeze, transport, and warm homemade baby food all in one container. Includes six 4 ounce containers that are stackable and snap together, and snap into the included storage tray, thanks to recessed hollows in the cups, lids, and tray. For easy portion control, baby food containers are marked in one ounce increments.

Main features

  • The most versatile baby food storage containers available; screw-on caps stay put in the freezer and diaper bag, unlike less reliable pop-off caps
  • Includes six 4 ounce reuseable containers and a handy storage tray; containers and tray snap together thanks to recessed hollows in the cups, lids, and tray, for space efficiency in your freezer
  • Safe for use in the freezer, the microwave, and the dishwasher, allowing you to freeze, transport, and warm baby food all in one container
  • For easy portion control, baby food containers are marked in one ounce increments
  • BPA and phalate free, making them safe for use with babies; even use them for making perfect homemade popsicles

Verified reviews


Made in China

I overall like this product as it claims it is BPA free, but if I had known it was made in China, I wouldn’t have purchased it. I got it on the One Step Ahead website, in which if you buy $85 of stuff, you get free shipping. I bought both the 4oz and 2 oz containers. Some of the tops don’t screw on completely, not sure if they got warped in the dishwasher. I also use the Ball glass containers (quilted which is freezer safe), after doing more research… too bad those don’t come in 2 ounces though. I may switch to using all glass containers.

Daphne Rutland, OH

perfect size

Love them. The lids are kind of hard to screw on, but they’re perfect to put my frozen cubes of baby food in & send her off to daycare. So easy to throw in the diaper bag or take with you on the go. I have the 2oz ones too. Now that she’s getting older & eating more, they’re kind of small, so I got the 4oz ones also. I wish they were a 12 pack instead of 6.

Lolita Port Alsworth, AK

Great product

This containers have worked very well for us. I have never frozen food in these containers. Instead, I freeze the pureed food in baby food cube trays then store my frozen cubes in freezer bags. We use these containers to put frozen cubes in that we will serve to our baby the next day. This way we can defrost the cubes in the fridge in these containers, and then the food is all ready to go to day care the next day or for us just to serve at home. The lids screw on/off easily, and the cups attach to each other if you stack them one on top of another. I especially like this as I am often trying to balance several containers of food in one hand so I like that they all attach.

Terrie Goldens Bridge, NY

Great on-the-go containers!

I have these containers in the 2 oz and 4 oz size and I love how they can go right into the freezer. Great for baby food and small snacks. The container tops screw right on for leak-proof traveling and storage. Very happy with this product.

Kathy Gordonsville, TN

I like it so much

They r perfect for storing, heating and feeding the baby anywhere. The lids r very tight. I tried the, with water ( just to test them) and they never leaked. The size is also perfect. Life is much easier now I have the,

Monika Blain, PA

Great containers!

I bought these containers b/c I am making purees for my 6 month old. They are a good portion size and the top screws on which is great – no chance of spilling.

Alba South Dennis, MA


I like these little containers. I use them for homemade hummus. Much more realistic size than the little 2oz. These lids are a little dodgy – like a half thread screw on – but can be popped off too since the screw is so shallow. Best part is they attach to the tray so they don’t topple over.

Yesenia Adrian, MI

Great system but don’t crack lid/cup

This food storage system worked the best, though I couldn’t find a replacement lid w/o having buying the whole set again. Though, still a great system.

Gussie Green Ridge, MO

Great snack size

These are great, they stack on top of each other which is very helpful. I put cheerios in one container, and another snack in another container, stack them on top of each other and place in the diaper bag. It is easy to find them when they are stack together. It is just the right size for cheerios for my little man on a trip. The top locks on and easy to pop on and off. I haven’t freezed these yet as I like to use them for snacks in the diaper bag

Bobbie Stephenson, WV

Okay but there are better options for twins

I bought these food containers since we are pureeing large quantities of baby food for my twin 8 month old boys. I like that they are exactly 4 oz each but at about $10 there are more affordable options. I recently bought the Ziploc 2 cup tupperware and for about $4 for a 3 pack this is a much better option for mothers who are feeding more than one baby at a time. You just fill to the 1 cup line of the container and divide the food. Overall all the Fresh and Freeze set it is a decent product- just don’t buy the labels that Step Ahead adversite – those are a waste of money.

Dollie New Town, MA

Wonderful Containers

These work so much better than my baby bullet containers. I thought I would miss the little smiley faces, but instead I put some Name Bubbles (waterproof stickers with my daughter’s name on them) on the jar and lids and they look so cute and are easy to keep track of at daycare or anytime we go out. These containers wash, freeze and stack well (both when filled and after washed). I would recommend them to any friend.

Mable Miami, AZ

Awesome product

We have the Baby Bullet and love it- hate the price of the cute little containers though. We needed something to freeze our food in and found this which is great. It also has come to be a go-to for any cut fruit that we can prepare ahead of time and take on vacation or for the beginning of the week.

Gail Cedar Lake, IN

Worked good

Product worked as advertised. Used these as an addtion to the storage we had that came with the baby bullet. We liked these container due to their larger 4 oz size. Especially as our child got a little older. The lids secured well and they did good in the freezer and stacked well.

Bethany Catskill, NY

Easy to use.

These are easy to use and so convenient. I fill them, put them in the freezer, and just pull them out as I need them. One thing, the top did come off one and the description specifically says that the top will not come off. Otherwise they have been great. They do not stain easily like other containers I’ve had and the easy stacking has been really great.

Silvia Richardson, TX


These were another excursion in my never-ending quest to find good food storage containers (currently betting on the non-baby product, standard Glad-ware 4-ounce little round containers). They don’t work. first of all, they have no “give” so if you fill them just a tad too much and put them in your freezer (where the food will expand from the water that is in it) the top will pop off. Second, the “tray” is useless: the containers do not twist into them, they just stand in their gooves – until you hit them even the slightest bit and then they fall out. The tops “twist” – sort of but not very much so they are don’t actually stay on. They are also not leak-proof.

Anne Codorus, PA

Great size, sometimes the lids are wonky

I really like these and use them all the time for baby food, both in the freezer and the refrigerator, but sometimes I have trouble with the lids. Are they snap on? Are they screw top? Sometimes both. I do LOVE that they’re stackable, though.

Beryl Antelope, OR

Great for baby food

Got these for making home made baby food. Perfect sizes, easy to use. Never got any freezer burn. Happy with them and then will be able to reuse them for other things later on.

Marlene Premium, KY

GREAT product!

We used the 2oz containers when our baby started eating foods, but then moved on to the bigger containers. These are great and stack well in the freezer keeping all of the baby food organized. They are easy to fill, serve out of, and take on the go. I used the erasable food labels on them to label all of the food and we still use them for her food, snacks, and to freeze small portions. They are durable and freeze well. I highly recommend this product if you are making your own baby food or need to freeze small portions.

Rosalind Purdin, MO

screw on lid works!

To me, that was the only thing that mattered. While I could use some bottles with screw on caps to store/carry liquids, those aren’t very good for liquid baby food. I wanted something solid and secure so that I could transport wet food to daycare, etc and not have it leak. I don’t care how much the snap on lids claim to be tight – they aren’t good enough.Happy to say that you can fill these with water, screw on the top, and toss them around without anything leaking. And because they are shaped more like a jar than like a bottle, you can use them for wet food feedings.Very happy. There aren’t that many choices on the market. Ziploc also makes a screwtop container, but those are 8 ounces. This was the only screw top 4 ounce container I found. And that’s the size that I want.Overall, very nice.

Marian Dulce, NM

This did not work well for me

There were a few things wrong with this product (as far as I have experienced it anyway). First, the treads on the screw on lids were not very well made. As a result, the lids would pop off very easily. Also, I found them to be a bit too narrow and shallow.

Trisha Roscoe, MO


I had the 2 oz containers and loved them but growing boy = growing appetite so I added these to the mix. They work great and I love that they can stack together.

Jacquelyn Quapaw, OK