FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator with 20 Additional Hygiene Filters

FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator with 20 Additional Hygiene Filters

Nosefrida The Snotsucker, the doctor-developed and doctor-recommended nasal aspirator is the new standard in keeping babies naturally snot free. Ingeniously simple Swedish design features a tube that is placed against the nostril (not inside). Parents use their own suction to draw mucus out of their child’s nose. Disposable filters prevent any bacterial transfer. Nosefrida is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and BPA and Phthalate free. It is superior to the bulb aspirator, presents no risk or harm to internal nasal structures and is dramatically more effective.

Main features

  • Doctor recommended nasal aspirator from Sweden for babies and toddlers
  • Includes 4 replacement hygiene filters and a replacement filter pack with 20 hygiene filters
  • BPA and phthalate free

Verified reviews


Easy, effective, and satisfying!

I got this snot sucker based on the other Amazon reviews and I have not been disappointed. My daughter recently came down with her first cold and I found myself in need of a good snot sucker. I was using the bulb syringe that I was given at the hospital- it seems to be getting some mucus, but I felt like there was still a lot in her nose that could come out. The Nosefrida has been much more effective at removing mucus from my baby’s nose, or at least it seems like it.The Nosefrida seems a little gross when you first look at it- it seems like you’ll be sucking snot right into your mouth! Once you use it, though, you realize that you would have to collect a lot of mucus in the large tube before it would even reach the filter and tubing. I haven’t used a motorized aspirator, but it seems like the Nosefrida would have the advantage of having more suction (at least when I do it) and it doesn’t have a noisy motor. One thing that I love about this aspirator is that you can see all the mucus you get in the tube. Sounds gross, but it is very satisfying to see all the progress you’ve made and to know that you’ve removed it from your poor baby’s nose. Then it is very easy to clean- just remove the collection tube from the smaller tubing, run under warm water, and a little soap. Done.My daughter hates the aspirator, of course. She hates anything that involves cleaning, wiping, or otherwise messing with her face. She’s a baby- this is to be expected. So I don’t base my review of this product on her reaction. I love it, and deep down I know she appreciates me getting the snot out of her nose.

Ola New Liberty, IA

Don’t rush in

I rushed out to buy this product before my baby was born, and definitely should have waited. Nasal sprays have worked for all my baby’s colds so far. I’m glad I have something else on hand, in case of emergency, but I still wouldn’t recommend rushing out to buy this product.

Dorothy Hanford, CA

Just buy this if you have a baby or are pregnant

No, seriously, just buy this thing. It sounds gross but WOW does it work. The bulb syringe just pisses the baby off and does absolutely nothing in terms of clearing their nose. This thing also pisses my baby off, but it actually gets the snot out. And believe me, when your baby has a cold and can’t nurse, won’t sleep and nothing will work, you will be very grateful for this item. Many mom friends of mine have rejected the thought of this thing until their little one gets all stuffed up — then they call me “What was the name of that thing? I NEED one!” Disgusting, but oh so satisfying. I wish I had one of these with my older two kids.The other thing is that I never felt like the bulb syringe was clean. I mean how do you wash the inside? With this I know I’ve rinsed all the funk out. It’s really a great item. Just buy it.

Daphne Linden, NJ

nose frustration

This does not work well. It comes apart as your trying to use it, it’s so frustrating. You literally have to hold the pieces together as your using it. I have to hold the tube and the small red part that you put in your mouth together as I’m trying to hold the other end together and at the same time trying to hold it to my baby’s nose to suck out the mucus. It’s soooo much easier to use the bulb & I notice no difference as to my baby’s preferance, he hates both!

Greta Victoria, VA

No more blue bulb torture device!!

My 5 month old son has chronic congestion and acid reflux so I was having to suction his nose out about 5-10 times a day. Although he tolerated the blue hospital aspirator, I didn’t like having to stick it up his nose so much and what I was trying to suck out was pretty thick, not runny so I had to go up there several times each time. So when I found this I was excited to try it. He does really well with it. And because you control it with your own mouth, you can suction it for as long as you need to as opposed to having to pull it out and start over as you do with the aspirator. A friend of mine is a pediatric ENT and he recommends this product. I feel much better about when I need to clear his nasal passages now that I am not putting anything in his nose. I would recommend it!

Jasmine Chapmanville, WV

Didn’t come with directions

Got the product and it works great. But there were NO INSTRUCTIONS in the package – don’t know if the product is packaged that way? No instructions on how to use (though pretty obvious), but most importantly, best way to clean and how / when to change the filter. Very odd. But the product works well!

Julie Hampton, NY

I wanted to love this, gotten better with time

After much frustration with congestion waking up my 6 month old in the middle of the night, I thought this was the answer. My son CANNOT STAND the traditional bulb aspirator. Well, he hates this one just as much. It’s a great concept and design, and I think for a more calm, complacent baby this might work. But even with a spotter (my husband holding my son’s head down) this was just not that useful for us. I gave it 3 stars because I wonder if it’s just my squirmy baby that makes this so hard for me to use.UPDATE: a year or so later, I still use this product. Gotten used to how to properly suck effectively. With the help of my husband holding down my son’s hands before he grabs this out of his nose, we can get a decent amount of snot out! He still hates it a lot, but it does work.

Gracie Hansen, ID

Seems to work.

Baby just had his first cold so I used it a few times. It seems to work well on "snot" but not as well on more "solid" boogies. However, this is not a product for people with a weak gag reflex. I got the job done but it wasn’t pretty! For those afraid of accidentally ingesting boogies, it seems like it would be almost impossible. First of all, the tube is very long and most of the snot stays right at the top, near baby’s nose. However, if you have super snot sucking power, there is also a foam filter at the bottom to block out anything that happens to make its way down the tube. I can’t imagine we will ever use more than a few filters so you might save a few bucks by just buying the one that comes with 4 filters, rather than the 20 additional ones.

Wilma Plymouth, CT

Makes my life easier!

I was so hesitant to buy this even though it came highly recommended from a friend. But boy am I glad I bought it! No more fighting my boys to get their nostrils clear of snot. Its so neat actually. You just place it by the nostril and create a suction with your mouth to pull the snot out and the snot doesn’t get in your mouth because of the filter. Its a lot more sanitary than the nose syringe from the hospital. Get it you wont regret it!

Emilia Piermont, NH

Love the Nosefrida!

When I first heard about the Nosefrida through the mommy grapevine I was a little grossed out. My first thought was "you use your mouth?!" Finally my sons pediatrician recommended it when my son came down with a bad cold. I gave in and overnighted it. I can honestly say that I love it. Any moms out there who are grossed out by the thought of physically sucking boogers, don’t fret! Once I did it I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how much it DIDN’T bother me. The boogies don’t get anywhere near your mouth due to the little tube and the filter. My 9 month old who wont even let me wipe his nose with a tissue let me use this no problem. I think he was amused by the funny looking contraption. It is so easy to clean, unlike the nasal aspirator bulbs which can become moldy. After each use I detach the part that the boogers go in and rinse with hot water and let it dry. It’s much more gentle on the nasal cavity than the bulb in my opinion, which is also why the pedi recommended it. I love it and tell all my mom friends about it.

Opal Verdunville, WV

Like it

I like this nasal aspirator, it works well, only cons : you have to purchase filter unlike the other one I’ve got.

Margo Castalian Springs, TN

Love the booger sucker

This is fantastic. So much more sanitary than those blue bulbs. (Check out the photos online of a blue bulb cut in half, its sickening.) Works sooooo well too. We use it on our son during or immediately after his baths.

Leah Central City, PA

but it works well tot suck the snot out of baby’s nose

This thing is gross, psychologically, but it works well tot suck the snot out of baby’s nose.

Ma Barnhill, IL

love it, much better than the bulb!

I have purchased this and the Babycomfynose. I purchased the Babycomfynose first when my baby was smaller, and really loved it. As my son got older, I realized that the tube on it was too long. It curls up and twists up easy and got some kinks in it, making it not work properly and hard to use since he doesn’t just lay there anymore. He is 16 months old now and I’ve used the Nosefrida since he was about 1 year. I am really happy with it. He doesn’t like anything up his nose, but it is so much easier and safer than the bulb. It also allows you to get all the yuck out fast so he’s not uncomfortable for long. You are supposed to replace the filter with every use, which is an added price there that the Babcomfynose doesn’t have. I personally don’t replace it every time but wash them. Would recommend!

Meagan Alamo, TX

The BEST booger-getter, period.

I love the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator. It actually works, and no, you don’t get snot in your mouth. I was worried about that because, well, that would be gross. But the boogies don’t make it even close to the mouthpiece, and even if they did the Nosefrida has a filter for extra protection.I decided to try the Nosefrida after my baby girl got sick and I could not get the mucus out of her with the bulb aspirator. I would spend like 10 minutes at a time trying to get the snot out of her nose, but to no avail. So frustrating. When she ended up with an ear infection, my pediatrician suggested the Nosefrida. I’m so glad she did!

Lydia Lithopolis, OH

Best invention ever!

Every mom I know has one and is essential! Those bulb suckers suck so bad and this really gets good and doesn’t piss the kid off as much as the bulb kind. Don’t buy extra filters as you’ll never need them. You can just wash the ones it comes with.

Mona Newton, AL

Works 100 times easier than a bulb syringe!

My son cries hysterically and fights with his head turning left and right every time we try to use the bulb syringe on him, even two people can’t get the job done, and l becomes so afraid of that task. Also it seems quite difficult to get things out thoroughly with the bulb syringe, so we have to try many times, adding to his misery.So I decided to give this weird idea a try. And what do you know? It works sooooo much better!! I can do this alone easily. With some saline drops first (highly recommend the Simply saline nasal mist for baby), then rotate between short and longer sucking, the boogers will come out, even some of the drier stubborn ones. Now this is almost fun!Give it a try, it’s definitely worth it.

Amanda Raymondville, MO

Great great product!!!!

I bought this for my son because I was searching for a better sucker than the bulb I received at the hospital. Someone had suggested an electronic sucker, but after reading reviews, I decided to purchase this product.I must say, after 2 weeks with a snotty 7 month old child, this product is awesome!!!!!! Sure, you have to suck pretty hard, but it’s so much better than the quick bursts you get with a bulb syringe. My son HATES his nose being touched, much less sucked. He still screams bloody murder while I’m sucking him, but after a couple weeks of using this product, he calms down much quicker. I think it’s because he feels so much better being able to breathe.The filters are kind of unnecessary, as someone else mentioned. The snot doesn’t get that far up. Oh, and this product is disgusting… BUT… it works & makes the little one feel so much better afterwards.

Kristi Beaverton, MI

low tech nasal congestion relief

Baby is not crazy to see this gadget coming towards the face, but it really does work and it’s amazing how fast and easy it is. Gotta have good lung power.Agreed that if baby is contagious, the parent just sucked in a deep breath of germs. But works for everyday snuffles and allergies.Don’t need extra filters; boogers can’t reach the filter and even if they do — so easy to wash with a drop of soap and some hot water, then air dry and pop back in.

Estella Rockledge, FL

Better than the bulb sucker

I was skeptical and slightly grossed out by this at first but it came highly praised from my daughter’s pediatrician. When I first got it it was too large for my newborn daughter’s nostrils but now that she is older I use it all the time. It works so much better than the bulb suckers.

Lara Castleford, ID

Love it

This is So So SO much better than those ineffective, unhygienic bulbs! Do yourself & your baby a favor – just get it! (and additional filters!)

Yvonne Mayhill, NM

It’s gross, but it WORKS

After losing the bulb aspirator from the hospital and breaking the electric one, we decided to try this one. Honestly, the sight of all of that mucus coming out of my baby’s nose makes me gag… but it gets A LOT out of there. So, it definitely works!

Lela Warrensville, NC

Totally weirded out at first, but it REALLY works

My poor baby got sick his first week at daycare. His nose has been a congested, snotty mess. The nasal syringe just wasn’t working, and he was so uncomfortable. I decided to give this a try and am SO GLAD that I did. It works ridiculously well. It sucks out the snot easily! My son instantly breathes better once I use this. Thank you Nosefrida!!

Karla Votaw, TX


These are great. Nosefrida gets way more out with less pressure and less harsh suction. It takes a few times to get used to it, and I am not saying your kid will love it…. but its the lesser of evils.

Elsie Avery, ID

Joining the ranks of happy snot-suckers.

This thing is incredible. It’s simple to put together and use. It has directions on the box but you really don’t need them. I mean, it’s one of those common sense kind of deals.My baby doesn’t complain about this as much as the bulb syringe. It has much better control. With the bulb you’re limited to… well, the bulb capacity. With the Nosefrida I control the strength and duration of suckage (to a point.)I don’t agree with the advice I’ve seen on plugging the second nostril. I’d not want to damage my baby’s sinus cavities (if that’s even possible.) I’d want to ask a doctor about that before taking the advice. This thing sucks plenty when used as directed.Though I’ll admit, after using this thing I was a little light-headed.

Georgia Baden, PA

Looks gross but works

It has filters so for those wondering if you’re sucking up boogers from your baby’s nose into your mouth, no, it doesn’t work that way. It does, however, work. How disgusting it looks, it works like a charm. Highly recommend!

Henrietta New Carlisle, IN

Great Product!

We love this thing. We purchased this when our 6 week old baby boy was sick with a cold and our hospital provided aspirator wasn’t cutting it. We purchased this and immediately saw an improvement in our boys nasal passages! He felt better immediately! What a great (and gross) product!

Helen Newaygo, MI

Works wonders

Love the nasal aspirator! Some people seemed grossed out at this idea, but I think it’s great and it has worked very well!

Cheri Butler, OH

It works!

I avoided getting this product for months because it seemed so gross. When my baby got RSV and was so congested he couldn’t breathe through his nose at all, I finally caved. I had heard great reviews, and they were right! This really works.I usually spray saline up the baby’s nose first then wait a couple minutes before suctioning. I am able to get way more mucous out using this than when I used the blue bulb. After I got this, I saw an article about the blue bulb growing mold inside and was so happy I had switched.The only downside is that is does require a bit of lung power to do the suctioning, but even if I am not able to suck very hard, it still does better than the blue bulb.

Goldie New Rockford, ND

Sounds gross, but it works like a charm!

Throw away that stupid blue bulb you have in your medicine chest. It doesn’t work. This does. I know, I know – it sounds gross. But – it really is not. It is next to impossible to get any of your kid’s mucus in your mouth. The end fits gently into their nostril (not up in it, just in the opening). Then, you suck from the other end of the tube. The mucus ends up in the tube and is easily rinsed out. There is a fliter that prevents the mucus from making it out of the tube, plus, you would have to suck pretty hard to get it all the way up the smaller tube that goes to your mouth. You see results right away – just be careful to suck gently. The first time, my baby was like…whoa…what the heck are you doing. But, she settled into it and seems to like it, as it helps her SO MUCH.

Alisha Western, NE