Fridababy The Windi Gas and Colic Relief, 10-Count

Fridababy The Windi Gas and Colic Relief, 10-Count

A natural solution for colic, constipation, and other gas-related problems, The Windi works instantly and does not require ingestion of any drops or medication. The Windi is a single-use catheter that helps babies get rid of excess gas. Designed to be safe and effective, The Windi cannot harm your baby if used as instructed. Most pediatric professionals are familiar with the method of using a rectal thermometer to relieve gas, colic, and constipation. The Windi is designed specifically for this purpose. The soft, pliable, hollow tube features a rounded tip that is long enough to reach past the muscle that prevents the release of the gas, and also has a stopper to prevent an insertion too far. Each package contains 5 disposable Windis.

Main features

  • Helps babies get rid of excess gas naturally without needing to ingest drops or medication
  • Each package contains 10 disposable Windi
  • Designed to be safe and effective, The Windi works instantly and cannot harm your baby if used as instructed
  • Made of 100% recyclable thermoplastic elastomer (TPS SEBS) with no additives

Verified reviews


Warning, what I learned from pediatrician

I thought I found a great solution for my daughters tummy problems when we first tried the windi. When using the product she would pass gas and poop easily, yay! Then I told our pediatrician about the windi success. She advised not to use it except very rare occasions because babies become reliant on rectal stimulation and have to eventually be retrained on how to poop. It’s an addiction for babies I guess:). So, instead we switched my daughter to Nutramigen formula and it has been pure magic, no more struggles with gas or poops and one happy baby!

Sasha Gray Mountain, AZ

A necessity for gassy, colicky babies

Our month-old infant has been gassy and miserable for the past couple of weeks. We tried burping her more frequently, giving her gas drops after every feed, and bicycling her legs but each evening she would still end up screaming with a big bloated belly and nothing we did seemed to help. Then I came across the Windi. I will admit I was a little skeptical of at first, but since our pediatrician had already suggested lubricating her bum as a means of helping her pass gas I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out. The first time we put it in nothing happened, so we massaged her belly a bit more and tried again, and sure enough we started hearing little toots, followed by some gurgling and well… you can figure out the rest (as others have said, make sure you have a diaper and/or disposable changing pad down first!)The Windi is now an indispensible tool in our colic arsenal. It doesn’t always make our girl calm and happy but it definitely makes her more comfortable and reduces the amount of screaming she does every day. Ideally of course we’d be able to figure out why she gets so gassy and stop the problem at its root, but in the meanwhile just being able to do something that makes her feel a little better is great.My one big piece of advice is to have patience and try different massage techniques – it frequently takes a few tries before you get everything out. I’ve found that combining the Windi with colic massage (look it up on YouTube!) to be super effective, especially if you can do it when the baby is relaxed. It can also be helpful to have one person hold the baby’s legs and insert the Windi while someone else massages the belly at the same time.The only reason I’m giving this product 4 stars is because of the price – $16 for 5 single-use pieces of plastic is absurd. We don’t have the budget to pay $3 per use so we disinfect the catheters with soap and hot water and then sterilize them in the microwave, and that seems to work well.**UPDATE** For anyone who’s concerned about the Windi making their baby dependent on rectal stimulation to have a bowel movement, we’ve been using it on an almost-daily basis for 7 weeks now and our daughter still poops just fine on her own. Obviously one kid doesn’t make for a statistically significant sample and you should use your best judgment when using this kind of product, but I did want to share that we’ve seen no ill effects for our baby.

Jeannine Ford Cliff, PA


If you have a gassy baby I am sure you have tried the gas drops and gripe water which do absolutely NOTHING. With a 5 week old gassy and colicky baby at 3am I was desperately searching the internet and came across The Windi. I figured it was just a waste of money but at that point of desperation I figured we could give it a try. OH MY GOSH, we would not have survived the first few months without it. This seriously brought a turning point for us, the baby would finally sleep!Here are a few tips;1. You do not need to throw these away, soak them in really hot soapy water and make sure it is all cleaned out and reuse (rectal thermometers can be reused why not The Windi, I ran this by my Dr and he confirmed, this is not a sterile area so it is safe).2. Hold it in for 45 seconds at a time while gently doing bicycle legs, if needed, this helps more of the gas escape.3. Be sure to get a good coating of baby oil or olive oil before use.4. Prep the work area, this can get messy!5. Enjoy… HA!

Jimmie Star Lake, WI

Dumbest product ever — and I bought it!!!

This is nothing more than a straw you stick in your baby’s rectum. It looks more complicated, but it isn’t. I can’t believe I bought this. I have a comically gassy baby. She passes gas like a 250 lb drunken man. She often farts herself awake. Tummy massaging, gas drops, gripe water… None of it works – AND NEITHER DOES A BABY BUTT STRAW!!!!

Emilie Ivanhoe, VA

DID NOT work at all

Oh how we wished it had!Our baby girl is REALLY really gassy, although breastfeeding exclusively since day 1. She is 3 months old and her colics are even getting worse. We tried everything!! and I mean EVERYTHING! drops, tea, the windi… NOTHING worked. The pedriatician said only PATIENCE works, and that it will go away when she’s 6 months and her digestive system more mature…my advice, don’t spend your money in ‘magic’ solutions… they usually don’t work

Amalia West Salisbury, PA

didnt really do anything

the only thing they ever helped with was constipation and thats because your (in essence) inserting a tube into your childs rectum and loosening the opening. The same effect could have been achieved with simple mineral oil and an item from the local pharmacy.they are waaaaay too expensive for what they are intended to do, its basically a straw with a smaller straw inside. i wouldnt recommend them to anyone unless they were half the price they currently are or less.

Lenora Castell, TX

Never Used It

I gave this a three star review because it seemed the most neutral. I bought these thinking I’d need them because everyone said I would. Well, I didn’t. I recommend getting to know your baby before wasting your money on these. You may end up with one that’s never gassy and these will just sit unused forever- like me.

Olga Blythe, CA

This Didn’t Work, But Probiotics Did

I ordered this because I was desperate. When our happy newborn suddenly changed (at 2 weeks) to a colicky newborn, we saw our pediatrician. First, she advised us not to use this product, as there is potential danger of puncturing the baby’s rectum. Then she told us that the newest scientific research reveals the primary source of colic as a lack of healthy flora/bacteria in the digestive system, which they need (and don’t have yet) to help them digest and break down food, so it is very painful for them. From the age of 2 weeks to around 3 months is the period when their digestive system, and this flora is forming–which is the exact period of “colic.” So she instead recommended BioGaia baby probiotic drops BioGaia Probiotic Drops, Child Health Probiotic Supplement – 5 Ml, now sold asGerber Soothe Colic Drops, 0.17 Ounceto aid her system in developing and building this healthy bacteria. Within several hours, the results were palpable–and within 36 hours, our baby’s “colic” (and crazy gas) was completely GONE–and it never returned. These truly are miracle drops, backed by scientific evidence (which is why Gerber bought the rights to the product.) They work. They are a lasting solution to colic, supports your baby’s natural intestinal/digestive development, and are a lifesaver and sanity saver for parents of newborns. Baby probiotic drops = Happy Baby, Happy Parents!I love other FridaBaby products, but this one didn’t work for me. Thank God I found a permanent solution, which also brought my baby peace and boosted her health! This one is pretty labor intensive. :)Click on the BioGaia link to read reviews by other parents who had the same experience, so many that Dr. Oz featured it on his show.

Nell Eldorado, OK

You have to try this!!!

I have a 4.5 month old that at 3 weeks was diagnosed with severe reflux and colic. After battling meds, breastfeeding, hypoallergenic formulas and hours of crying these past months, the GI doctor and I really felt like the reflux wasn’t the problem- it was all GAS due to a problem with his sucking-swallowing reflex. So today I ran to the store to get this to give it a try after reading the reviews. I did it just like I was suppose to and nothing the first couple of tries. I was so upset and so was he. I knew he needed relief… so after ten minutes I decided I would give it another go. Did all the massaging (we already do that) and tried again… whistle, whistle, toot, toot and a little poop! He laughed! He was so happy! I tried a couple more times and definitely was able to release some gas! I did have to move it around a tiny bit. I didn’t want to irritate anything so I was really careful, but that’s when the gas came out. I proceeded to put him down to bed right after since it was bed time and no intense screaming and he went right down!! Normally I have to bounce him for at least an hour- two minutes of bouncing! I can already tell this may not work every time, but I bet it works more times than none if you keep trying. I would be careful if your baby has any kind of full tummy though as I can see how this could get very, very messy!!I bought this at buy buy baby so I could get it faster and used a 20% off coupon… well worth the money. I plan on sterilizing them as others have done.

Tabatha Grundy Center, IA

Works great but watch out

This product works great. Relieves gas and always produces a bowel movement. But watch out, these bowel movements are no joke. They shoot out. Wear latex gloves and cover anything of value in the nursery because poop will get all over everything.

Dena West Harrison, IN

It works but pediatrician recommended not using it

For the first weeks of my little ones life she was always pushing and grunting and looked to be in pretty severe pain/discomfort from trying to push out gas or a bowel movement. When I saw the reviews on this product I immediately ordered it and paid for expedited shipping. We used it the night we received it and it worked. We decided to only use it if she was really upset and ask the pediatrician the next week about it. When we talked to her she discouraged the use of any anal stimulant products as many babies have what is called grunting baby syndrome – basically she didn’t know how to relax her muscles to allow the gas / poop out yet and by using the windi it was triggering a reflex (could be triggered by anal thermometer or cotton ball also) that relaxed the muscle. But if the parent does this then the baby doesn’t learn how to relax the muscle themselves and you end up having to stimulate it everytime thus delaying the baby’s learning. We never used it again and she figured out how to pass gas/poop on her own a couple weeks later.

Elda Little America, WY

When it works….wow!

My 7wk old has been put on a strict no soy/dairy breast feeding diet due to severe gas. It started only at night; inconsolable screaming fits with her turning purple, her belly being rock hard & pulling her knees up to her chest. It was awful to see. Then it turned into an all day thing, at that point I decided I would do anything to help her! Since the diet was helping by the time we first tried a Windi she wasn’t at her worst, and it didn’t do anything. A couple nights later she had another rock hard belly screaming fit, we tried the Windi again, and WOW! I cannot believe the amount of air that instantly came out. No wonder she was in pain!!! We kept doing it until she stopped screaming, about 4 times in a row. She went from screaming to smiling after the 4th time, and she was asleep within minutes. So in my experience it only works when things are really bad, but that’s when you really need it. Worth the $15, without a doubt!By the way, this companies other product is one of the best baby product around. Another must have!Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator with 4 filters and 20 Additional Filters

Polly Hoffman, IL


This is the best thing since water. Seriously, I can’t say enough good stuff about this product. They work like magic. I wish you could re-use them, or they were a bit cheaper but nonetheless, they are amazing.

Josefa Warrenton, NC

It worked!

I have a preemie who is 2 weeks old and under 5 lbs. She has had terrible gas that keeps her and I up all night. It’s terrible watching her – she just looks like she is in so much pain! Anyway, I ordered anything and everything for gas and colic. This was the only thing that worked. I was very apprehensive using it for obvious reasons, but it worked. It was fairly disgusting, but it made her feel better. I now placed an order for 10 more. Whatever works, we will buy.

Dora Panama City, FL

It works

I read the reviews, snickered, and thought, why not? My son is gassy. He is 4 months old, exclusively breastfed, and doesn’t poop very often (longest was 13 days, with a prune juice intervention). This plastic device, which is basically a hollow tube, allowed him to pass gas and even one of those big poops. A bit pricey, but worth it.

Wanda Vanderbilt, TX

Gas & Constipation

Great product -really does work. Our baby doesn’t get gassy often, but does get constipated and this helps to get him going! Would recommend this product to have on hand especially for middle of night tummy troubles.

Alexandra Point Arena, CA

A Restful Night Of Sleep

I was very skeptical about using this device. I was very cautious but it worked immediately. The gas and poop escaped, her stomach went down and both she and I was able to go to sleep afterwards. Insertion was easy and I only needed to put it in a little ways before the release started. After the first results, I was more comfortable the next time, still insertion was barely made and release. I recommend.

Ellen Sulphur, KY

did not work

tried this a few times when my little guy was going through some painful gas episodes, but nothing ever came out. waste of money for me unfortunately.

Adele Cedar Grove, NC


We were skeptical about this product I must say. Our little guy has bouts of bad gas and colic, he was in so much pain we were willing to try anything. Now, when he starts screaming from gas pain we use the “windi” and the problem is solved. 🙂 He always calms down immediately after use. So glad we bought this!

Carlene Lyon Station, PA

Expensive and worth every penny!

This sat in its package, waiting to be sent back because I didn’t realize when I ordered that this is a pack of 5, disposable tubes. Then the gas attack hit. A two week old baby with intestinal distress at 1:30 am is the worst! My husband broke open the package. We followed the directions precisely (stroke downward 3 times on each side of the belly, then insert tube). Within a second, baby stopped crying and was relieved of pain. If they work out to be around $4/tube, in my opinion it is worth shelling out the $ each time that happens. With my first child, I used another product that calms colic and works immediately, but I prefer this because baby didn’t have to ingest anything.

Luann Dixons Mills, AL

Didn’t work at all for me

Such a compelling product.Alas.I tried 4/5 of the catheters, and despite repeated instruction-reading and tummy-rubbing, nothing ever came of it. These ended up being more of a novelty item than a useful tool.If my baby has gas, I have more luck laying him on his back and pushing his knees to his chest or leaning him forward on my knee and patting his lower back. Gas drops seem to work, too, though my doctor says they’re all hooey.If you’re registering and considering these, consider this: You will need a lot of plain white onesies in many different sizes. Yes, even if your child is super fashionable. Go register for those.

Mindy Spring Glen, NY

I love this “fart tube”

I was embarrassed to tell my husband I bought this for my infant son, but he was really fussy for a period of a couple weeks and I thought it might be gas. So I bit the bullet and bought a pack. Worth every penny!!! Gas drops only work on the gas in the stomach, not the intestines, so if the gas has moved past the stomach, gas drops aren’t going to do much. Like other reviewers have said, you really can hear the whooshing sound as you insert it and they pass gas. I usually don’t even have to massage his stomach- it just comes right on out. Then he’s happier the minute I’m done. I know it’s working, and it makes me feel better that I am trying to do SOMETHING when he has an upset tummy. I always use Vaseline on the tip to insert it- I have tried baby oil and KY jelly, and it just isn’t as good. Every single time I use this, my son poops. So just be ready with a diaper under him and baby wipes. I also reuse them- I sterilize them in a Medela microwave sterilizing bag. If you have a colicky baby and are even considering this product, JUST BUY IT. It’s the magical poop tube!

Caroline Bath, IL

It does work…

I wish I had this for my first two kids! I bought this for my third kid because I got the snot sucker and LOVED it so thought I should try this. I really like it, it’s easy to use. Pretty much directions are pictures so any dummy can use it and even better it worked to get rid of gas. I’ve used it on my 2 year old also and it worked.

Jodi Cannon Ball, ND


Bought these to help relieve my 4 week old’s gas. Worked instantly (you can hear the gas pass through the catheter), but usually came out soiled. I had no desire to clean wet stool out of the tiny tube, so I tossed those and re-used the ones that came out clean. In the end I decided to help son pass gas through massage and the Happy Tummi Waistband so he would not becomes dependent on rectal stimulation.

Jodie Montvale, NJ

give these a try

Have a towel underneath the baby because when it works they might have some poop along with that gas, but these really helped relieve some of that “pressure” when my little guy couldn’t get it out. He didn’t even notice when i stuck the little end in his bum (it was more awkward for me) plus you lube it up with a little baby oil, its just like taking their temperature.

Alissa Hanover, WI

It Works!

The first time I tried to use this on my gassy/fussy 5 week old, it took less than 5 seconds before he “let it out”. As long as #2 doesn’t come out also, (as it sometimes does), I wash them and throw them in my sanitizer and re-use them.

Eula Union, NE

Hillarious, and Works!

Great present for a baby shower – and it works! We used these several times to relieve the pressure inside our baby. Sometimes, it was just to rule gas out as a source of pain. And one time, it helped get things moving along, if you get my drift.

Anita Dry Ridge, KY

natural way to relieve constipation and gas

I know it’s not marketed at relieving constipation, but in a few instances in the times that I’ve used it, my baby ended up having a movement while passing gas.It is a nice compact size to fit in a diaper bag or keep at the changing station. One thing I really appreciate, is the fact that it’s made of one solid piece of plastic and there is nothing to assemble.It was especially useful in the horrible colic-stage that was the first 8 weeks, but now I rarely have to use it at all. It’s nice knowing I have it should the need arise. I think it would be a nice "stocking-stuffer" for a new mom in the baby shower gift bag.

Jewel Fishkill, NY

great product!

Great for gassy/colicky baby. Worked wonders for us. My 4 month old has reflux and colic and these things were sanity savers!!

Charity Woodston, KS

Didn’t work for us

We tried this several times when our baby was in that newborn nightmare gassy phase and they didn’t work. We read and followed the instructions carefully, but never heard so much as a puff of air escape. And I could press her knees to her chest an she’d fart, so she really was gassy at the time. Who knows.

Jeri Baldwinsville, NY