Friendly Toys Little Playzone with Electronic Lights and Sounds

Friendly Toys Little Playzone with Electronic Lights and Sounds

Little kids will love playing in the Little Playzone. There are lots of things to see and do: the activity board has colorful spinning balls, a play phone and light-up musical keyboard. A swinging hinged door with safety lock gives parents easy access to children. Additional connectors and walls can be added to expand the size. These extra connectors and walls are sold separately. Quick and easy assembly and disassembly for compact storage. Great for indoor/outdoor use. Instruction sheet included.

Main features

  • ASTM & CPSC Certified for Child Safety
  • Electronic Lightup Activity Board With Interactive Sounds
  • This Playpen Provides 13 sq ft of space
  • Swinging hinged door with Safety Lock
  • Picture House, Spinning Balls, Play Phone, and Light Up Musical Keyboard
  • Picture House, Spinning Balls, Play Phone, and Light-Up Musical Keyboard!

Verified reviews


Sanity Saver

Our 10 month old son is all over the place. He is into everything so we thought we would give this a try. We bought two (from EBAY as a pair – saved almost 50.00 including shipping). Over all this is a fantastic product, and great for keeping little ones out of danger when you can’t hold them or watch their every move.The Good:1. The Playzone is thick plastic which is sturdy and so easy to clean.2. The colors are nice (red, blue, and yellow)3. Has built in play wall which my son loves.4. If you buy two you have tons of room. There is enough room for my son, his cousin, my husband and I all to fit in and have room to play and move around.5. Has a gate that is childproof. We have not had any problems unlocking and locking it. Anyone with children knows that anything childproof is more of a hassle to use.6. The walls are about two feet tall. They have enough height to keep him inside yet short enough for him to look over and feel less confined.7. Easy Easy to put together and take apart.The Bad:1. If you decide to take down the pieces are very big and will not be easy to store. With two Playzone’s dont even bother with storing anywhere but in an attic unless you have a whole closet or bedroom out of use.

Lottie Caddo, OK

baby can climb and fall out

The connecting parts between the units serve as perfect little ladders for a baby to climb up and fall out. And the suction cups don’t stick to the floor. So my 17 lb baby is strong enough to push the whole play yard wherever she wants it!Don’t waste your money on this unsafe structure…

Ashleigh Hamill, SD

need to watch your kid… slides with a slight push

my 6 month old baby loves this playpen, esp. its playzone side. however, the entire fence can move/slide when he pushes it, or when he tries to hold on to it to stand up. it’s currently standing on foam playmats (since we have hardwood floors). maybe it won’t slide that much if it were standing on carpet floors… something parents need to watch out for.

Ladonna Sterling Forest, NY

Little Playzone

There is no bottom to the Playzone had to purchase the Edushape to fit into the bottom so baby was not sitting on bare tile floor. There is no protection for baby As shown it appears there was a white bottom this is not so as I found out with speaking to customer service at Friendly toys. I did not see in description that you would have to purchase a foam insert.Easy to put together Just be careful as a couple of the plastic spokes bent but was able to redirect into the holes. There were about 3 holes which I needed to adjust to accommodate the insertion of the spoke. It is my opinion that Friendly Toys should reimburse me for having to purchase the EduShape squares to place on bottom of this item along with the shipping charges as I needed it in one day.

Dolly Dewitt, MI

Not sturdy

I fell in love with this play yard, because it’s just so much prettier than most others.In retrospect though, I wish I had saved my money. It looks great, but it’s not sturdy at all. The gates don’t stay locked in place so it moves all over. We have hardwood floors and we bought some foam mats to put under, and it just slides all the time. Plus the gate is a pain to open and honestly it’s just too small for a baby unless you get an extension.Plus it’s hard to store. I’d get the superyard XT instead. Not pretty, but bigger and much sturdier.

Guadalupe Keenesburg, CO

Parents life saver

When we fostered our first child a friend let us use a very similar one from One step ahead. We made it huge by not closing the ends together but make a semi circle wall against a wall outlet free wall and she had the best time in her area I never had to worry about her safety as I went about my daily chores, she even took naps in it. She cried when I took her out of it. And she enjoyed it outside as well. We had to give that one back and when our new baby was born we bought this and have road tested it with my 16 month old nephew he loves it as well and his parents are buying it for him and his new brother on the way. I would say of all of our baby gear purchases this was the best!!!!

Jewell Sparta, NC

very good

very goodone negative is that once it is set-up, it is difficult to move it across the room without it falling apartother negative is that is is quite small — we had to buy two and join them to ensure that there was enough room for a 10 month old to move around and not feel “trapped”

Elisabeth Florence, TX

Had to return it

This was way too small for the price that it is. Also it seemed like my kid could just knock it over. Check out super panel playyard for same price and the extensions are much cheaper!

Tasha Trinity Center, CA

No mention on where to get the bears.

Nice, But, it has not bears. And there is not mention of how to acquire them either. So there is just a spot where you would see the the bears on each fence piece.

Kristin Lansing, MI

mixed feelings

I bought 2 of these to ensure my baby had enough space to roam inside. Did a lot of research and this one was the only one I felt was colorfull and entertaining enough for an infant/toddlerr to stay in for any period of time. The panel with toys is what really sold me.Pros:- colorfull and fun for baby- has built-in toys to keep her entertained- fairly large- has a door with a lock, so need to jump over the railing all the time- battery operated musical toys (can take battery out if gets too annoying)Cons:- cheaply made (lock one one of them broke in 2 weeks and the panels constantly detach from ach other at the slightest push)- my 16 months old toddler keeps moving the panels around changing its shape into noting that resembles a playpen- no way to lock in the panels from changing shape and/or detachingI’m still happy that i couse to go with this one and not the ones that resemble a puppy playpen, but wish it would have been better made. I spent a lot of money for the 2 and feel like could have found a better uality product for the same amount (thou maybe not as much fun for my child)

Monique Moline, IL

Nicely constructed

This is a great product. Very well packed, good colors, the door that opens and closes works well. No complaints. The toys are entertaining enough. I found that one would be enough room for my 9 month old. I would suggest buying one first, and then decide if you need a second one. You don’t have to keep it enclosed, you can open it up and push it against a wall or couch for example. This creates more “wiggle” room.Unfortunately my baby HATES being restrained in any way, and this one went back for a refund. She cried and cried while inside of it.If you can get your kid to stay in it and enjoy it, then it’s a definite 5 stars!

Tonia Cedar City, MO


we love this little playzone and my son does too – it’s great for a few minutes here and there when I need to pump or need to be hands free

Katie Hastings, NE


It took me all of 3 minutes to put this together. The plastic is hollow but sturdy and even though the plastic “cups” on the bottom don’t suction to the floor like I thought/hoped they would, I don’t think it’s possible for a baby to push this thing around. I’m glad I bought this over the other wooden options out there.

Ginger Ellenburg Center, NY

Love it!

We have a small home but bought the extra set of walls which work out great. Our daughter loves the wall with music. We feel she is safe with the rounded walls and it is very sturdy and easy to put together or move if needed. We have an 11 month old girl.

Iris Bow, NH

Ideal playspace!

I bought two of these to connect them and fence in the majority of our living room so my almost walking baby could have open safe space to play in. It is great! Easy to put together; covers a lot of space (the 2 combined). She loves to play with the activity panels. If you have carpet, it will move and slide a bit, but that’s usually when I lean against it, not my daughter.

Gabriela Dundee, MI

Perfect starter size and can be expanded!

I set this up when my daughter began rolling around and it provides containment for her to play with her toys. I gave it 4 stars in stead of 5 because she has gotten her ankle stuck in the gaps of the large sections; this seems to have solved itself now that she is sitting up.I just ordered the extension pieces to give her some more space to roam 🙂

Georgina Lovington, IL

Handy Product, love it!

We purchased ours from Target and bought two of them (more cost effective than buying 1 plus extension set). We bought it around when baby started crawling all over like crazy because we needed a way to contain her. A pack ‘n play or playpen didn’t give her sufficient space. Before we got this she was grabbing internet cords, router and other wires so we needed a way to block those off from her.We have also taken this with us to friends houses when there for multiple hours and let baby play in it with toys. Other kids find it fun too and want to be in it also.There were no bear stickers in the target version, so nothing for baby to potentially peel off and eat like other reviewers mentioned. Also, we hardly ever use the gate/door lock, so it wasn’t an issue for us as other reviewers mentioned. The few times we have used it, it worked fine.Very handy and wish we bought these sooner. I love the toys embedded in the walls. Now that baby is walking, we’re not using much, since she roaming the house, but it was SUPER handy for that crawling phase when are crawling like crazy and fast!

Natalie Menlo, GA

My baby pretends to talk on the phone whenever she plays inside this Playzone!

I’d definitely recommend this playzone in every household with kids. My 1 yr old can play in here by herself for 1 hour each time, she’d pretend to talk on the phone, and plays with her toys while I do house chores. If you want to provide a bigger space, I wouldn’t spend $54.99 buying the extension kit (in which I did..) I would have probably just bought 2 of this playzone to provide a bigger space. 🙂

Alicia Mentone, TX


This is the best play yard I have seen. I have researched all types on line and this is the best value and they really enjoy the music and the mirror.

Nita Lenore, WV

Great kiddie corral

Our little one wasn’t keen on being left in this playpen by herself, but she loved pushing the buttons and playing the music over and over and over! She is too big for it now but we still use part of it to keep her out of our converted garage room. Highly recommended!

Emily Canaan, VT

Great Product!

Many years ago the playpens had this shape/size, now, most of them are pack and plays … which I am not a huge fan of. I understand they are good if you are going away over night, and maybe you need a temp bed, but as a “playpen” well, there is not a whole lot of room to play.I started to look for a play pen sized more like the ones I remember my family using for the babies in the family when I was young. I came upon this, and although this is a lot different than the play pens from when I was a child, well … I though maybe this is a better option. I love it, and the good news … he loves it! It really is a nice play pen. Yes, you have to buy a mat for the bottom, but all and all, this is a great product. I love the toys on the one panel, and so does he. At five months he is already playing with them and that makes me really happy!I did, however, follow the links for those foam mats, the ABC and puzzle piece mat’s, and I have to say, that they do smell a bit, which means they are very possibly outgassing. I have wiped mine down and keep them outside the playpen as a play mat and I lay a blanket down when he is on it. It is not too bad. I am very sensitive, so I am honest when I say it is not that bad. It seems to be getting less now. I think, however, I will be getting one of those rugs with the streets/town to lay on the inside for him. I think it will be fun for him as he gets stronger motor ability.Great product … oh, and for those of you with hard wood floors, there are suction cups at the bottom that stick to the floor! : )ALSO …. looking for other perfect baby products? LIFE SAVER: The Merry Muscles Jumper, also great: the Indigo Parent Facing Stroller by first years! Great product!!

Gayla Folsom, WV

safe and Absolutely Necessary

I don’t know what parents did before these playzones were invented. I feel so much more comfortable going to the bathroom or the kitchen to do work with my 11 month old in here. Since I don’t keep any hazardous items in the playpen, I can be confident that 1-2 minutes in the bathroom, away from him, will be less dangerous. I would definitely recommend it. I did buy to extra exertions because this one was not big enough for him.

Ina Kent, WA

Perfect Indoors and Out

I used this in my apartment it falls on the medium to large side but I need to keep my son in a safe area and I also got the puzz;e floor mats as well to put beneath great actvity station and musing squares.

Katherine Lone Grove, OK

Awesome playpen

A little expensive, but its worth it. My son enjoys him self in the playpen. I bought the extenders as well.

Rebekah Merton, WI

MY Solutions to common problems with this Playzone Playyard

If you don’t like the volume of the music, just duct tape a piece of thin folded cardboard over the speaker,lowers the volume and it works great. If your kid is pushing the playyard along the floor, attach the sides to a nearby solid object by tying a long shoelace doubleknotted to that object. Example being: I tied mine to the legs of my couch on two ends. Now that I have secured just one side of the playyard to my room furnishings, the playyard stays put for the most part. You have to do what works for your room situation. Overall this playyard works great, and I have put two entire playyards together for a mega play space, and my kid never whines to come out. It’s created a super safe play area! Been using this daily since my kid was crawling, now he’s walking and still in it. Love it!

Faye Mead, OK

Nice but be careful

We’ve had this playyard for about six months. Overall it has been a good product. It has given our active little boy a relatively safe place to play. However, I would offer several pieces of advices if you are considering this. As it says, you must watch your baby. You cannot leave him or her alone. It is relatively safe; however, a baby is very inventive and can always think of a way to overcome obstacles. Our little 12 month old has discovered that if he puts his food on the yellow pieces that he can try to crawl out. Also, our very active teether has made the yellow tops of the playpen very sharp by biting on them over and over again. He’s a very tall baby for his age and chewing on the tops of these was no problem for him. Another thing that you must watch out for are the little while stoppers that are under the pen. Over time, these come out and can be a choke hazzard. I’ve reported this to the manufacturer. But, it has been a nice area for him to play—with us watching him closely—and has given him “freedom” to move around, explore. But, again, we never leave him alone in this thing, so if you are buying it as a babysitting device, don’t. It has too many potentials for harm. I feel safer with him in his highchair while I’m doing chores in the kitchen or in his pack-n-play when I’m in the living room.

Shanna Hayfield, MN

GREAT playpen

I got this playpen not only to keep my Grandson IN when he’s older but also to keep my dog OUT of the baby play area! Lightweight, solid, easy to put together and maneuver. PERFECT!Well, now that Jaden is 11 mos old, we bought a 2nd Play Zone to give him room to roam safely and we saved our sanity, too!UPDATE NOW THAT JADEN is older (18 mos): Still a great play area since Jaden tries to get into everything! He is stronger now, tho,and can lift the sections apart…grandpa remedied this problem by zip-tying the pieces together, YAY!

Alice Ochopee, FL

Great for “Baby Jail”!

I bought these as my friend had 2 of these sets that she used to contain her toddler twins in her living room. We refer to these areas as “baby jail” :0)These gates are pretty good, they’re hollow plastic, but seem relatively sturdy. We use them as gates to block off the family room from the kitchen (so a straight line, not a circle like the picture). Since some of the pieces are curved, the gate does not sit in a straight line across the room.The lock/unlock mechanism on the door is not very easy to use. I have no problem just walking over the gate, however because of my dog, we have to open the gates once in awhile to let her through (or carry her over). The door hinge doesn’t restrict the direction that the door can open.My son enjoys banging on the buttons that makes music, however the music is ridiculously loud and there’s no option to turn down the sound. I put a piece of shipping tape over the speaker and it really helps muffle the sound a little where it’s as tolerable as any other toy that plays music. There’s enough buttons that unless your kid pushes the same one, that you don’t get too sick of the same song over and over again. The mirror makes things slightly distorted, but it’s hard to find unbreakable mirrors that make perfect reflections.I feel the price is a little steep for these gates, however it seems to be in line with pretty much all the similar ones out there with positive reviews. I would recommend to a friend.

Sheena Brookfield, OH


This is a great durable play area for my 10 month old. We’ve had this for 3 months now. I have a 5 yr old boy, 2 1/2 year old boy as well. They jump in and out of it, It is not cracked or broken. The batteries are running out now… OVERALL I LOVE IT!

Angela Sharpsville, PA


This unit is a godsend to folks who are single parents and lack the extra sets of eyes needed when ya have to leave the room for this or that. I needed a solution for a closed play area and didn’t want to confine my child within a tiny pack & play. I bought this product with the thought of keeping my boy away from a wood burning stove. I purchased 2 units and have hooked 1.5 of them together.I got one of those foam mats (from another site that manufacters them and has free shipping) with 6- 2X2ft color blocked pieces (12 sq feet) MINUS the alphabet and numbers, and it fits perfectly under the 1.5 unit setup that I have going on at this point.There are suction cups on the feet of the panels for slicker floors. You can manipulate the panels around at the joints (like an arm) to place the units into about any shape ya like (if a square or rectangle isn’t going to work for ya).My son likes the panels with the toys. It’s great that they come with batteries already installed. Some reviewers here state that the play panels are loud, but I must have a different opinion of what “loud” is bcoz it doesn’t seem to bother me. I find it humorous that the phone is a rotary dial, being that most kids these days have never seen a rotary phone, lol! But it’s entertaining all the same.Lots of room inside this larger set up of a coral (more than one unit hooked together) for other toys/playmats/boppy pillows, etc. A child can play to their heart’s content and have the room to fall to sleep right there inside while you shower, cook dinner, or whatever takes ya away for a second or two.

Casey Cedar Grove, TN