Fun Express Vinyl Mini Baby Shower Rubber Duckies – 24 Pieces

Fun Express Vinyl Mini Baby Shower Rubber Duckies – 24 Pieces

This set of 24 rubber duck squirters makes great party favors for baby showers and baby’s first birthday. Your guests will have a cute and fun party favor to take home. The perfect size for a cupcake topper, each measures 1-1/2″H x 1-3/4″L x 1-1/2″W. You’ll receive an assortment of the 4 styles pictured: baby with rattle, baby with bottle, baby with blocks, and baby with bib. They do not float upright. (Please note that these ducks may have slight paint rubs or scratches due to bulk packaging.)

Main features

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  • Each measures 1-1/2″H x 1-3/4″L x 1-1/2″W.
  • Assortment of 24 blue/boy baby rubber ducks.
  • Ages 3+
  • They do not float upright.
  • Perfect for cupcake toppers or party favors.

Verified reviews


of the ducks floated, but they stink and the paint makes them look cheap

We bought these ducks for a baby shower with the intent of using them in punch and as decorations on the table. They did get used, but only as decorations. Here’s what I’ve noticed:The good:-Floatability: This is good and bad. I was a bad shopper and didn’t read the description when I ordered. It states they do not float, so I can’t really dock them for it if they were honest in the description. But… About 25% of the ducks ended up floating when I tried it out. Only ones that have the blocks in front of them floated for us. I think because they are bottom heavy, whereas the ones with bonnets/hats are top heavy and the ones with the rattle on the side are unbalanced. That left us with 6 ducks that could be used for floaties.-Price: For the price it’s a nice decoration. I’ve looked at a few stores for baby shower decorations and similar items were more expensive other places I looked.The bad:-Odor: They are stinky. I worry about using them in a liquid that people are going to drink. Therefore, they were only used as decorations.-Paint: The paint is very flawed if you look closely. It’s rubbing off in some areas and goes beyond it’s border in others. In the description it warns about it: “Please note that these ducks may have slight paint rubs or scratches due to bulk packaging”. But, they still should be a little better quality than what you get. Especially since the picture of them looks beautiful and flawless. I’m posting pics too, just so you can see the real product.-Missing ducks: I ordered this a while back and only received 12 ducks. Luckily Amazon quickly fixed the problem for me and shipped me out a new batch. Thank goodness I didn’t order this last minute. I see a few people have had problems with their orders. Don’t order this a few days before the event just in case.Overall I think it’s an OK decoration. I probably wouldn’t order them again. The product isn’t great and I was disappointed with the initial shipment of only half the ducks. They would’ve got 3 stars if my order had been correct.

Adrienne Woody Creek, CO

Baby rubber duckies

These baby rubber duckies are the cutiest thing ever! They made great decorations for our baby shower and the guest loved them!

Lauren Guion, AR

Very cute but very small

I loved these ducks, but 2 things you absolutely must consider when buying – the seller has explicitly stated that these ducks don’t float. Second thing – these ducks are mini – they’re tiny so don’t expect big ducks!But overall very cute ducks, I like them.

Maxine Patoka, IN


Fit perfectly in our baby boy duck theme baby shower. I made a centerpiece out of these and I have to tell you it was so worth it. I have to say everyone asked me where I got these because they made my party.

Katherine Mc Rae, GA

They were a big hit at a baby shower

My wife got these to be used as favors at a baby shower. They were a big hit. They seem to be well constructed – certainly as much as the standard size rubber duckies we are all familiar with. 9 months later my wife still uses it when she bathes our granddaughter. Even at that age, our granddaughter recognizes how nice these are..

Anne Harrell, AR

Super small Rubber Ducky Ducks

I ordered these for a Rubber Ducky baby shower theme inspired and while I knew they’d be small, I just didn’t expect them to be THAT small. Also some of them look much better in pictures than in reality.

Rosella Cowden, IL