FunBites Shaped Food Cutter, Green Square

FunBites Shaped Food Cutter, Green Square

FunBites Squares instantly cuts kids’ food into 12 bite sized squares. FunBites is patented because it’s the first and only kitchen tool to cut kids’ food into fun shaped bite sized pieces. FunBites is made in the USA of high performance food grade material chosen for its strength, sharpness and durability. Picky eaters meet their match. Try on all kids food like waffles and pancakes, to deli, melon, cheese, brownies and more. Great for Bento lunches too. FunBites was invented by a mother and her daughters to make healthier food choices fun and mealtime less stressful for everyone. Join the fun. FunBites bite sized mealtime magic.

Main features

  • Great for pancakes, deli, grilled cheese, quesadilla, burgers and more
  • Picky eaters love FunBites; Great for Bento and other creative lunches
  • Made of high-performance food-grade material for sharpness and durability
  • Curved blades easily cut through food with rocking motion; Matching popper ejects food without touching hands
  • Made in USA; BPA free; Top-shelf dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Sometimes great, sometimes not…

Love the theory of this contraption. And when it works correctly, it’s awesome- cuts food into perfectly sized bites for our 1 year old daughter. For it to work perfectly, bread should be lightly toasted and ‘filling’ should be something on the solid side (lunch meat, sliced cheese, etc.). When we use it with softer ‘fillings’ (nut butters, jellies, melted cheese, etc.), there’s lots of squishing out around the edges and often times, the cubes themselves bust open exposing the ‘filling.’ For texture kids like mine, who don’t like sticky or gooey things on their hands, this is a waste because she won’t pick up those pieces…Also, it leaves WAY more than just the crust on regular bread, so you find yourself cutting those pieces yourself so as not to waste so much!

Mallory Hot Springs, MT

Nifty little food cutter

I bought this food cutter because I’m into making bento lunches for my children and the uniform cutting is a plus. The plastic body is pretty thick and I think it should last a while. I have not used it with very hard to cut foods, but look forward to trying. The only thing that should be considered is that it’s a little difficult to clean, depending on what you cut and how thorough you are. The little open squares on the top aren’t supposed to get any food in them since its the other side that cuts but you shouldn’t let it sit in a sink with other dirty dishes spilling into it. The little spaces between the cutters are also somewhat questionable: I use the bottle brush/pipe cleaner style tool (leftover from cleaning baby bottles: see Oxo’s tools or Dr. Brown’s) to clean there, but without that it’s not very accessible.

Gayle Bayside, CA

Kids love breakfast again!

If you have young children then you’re going to love this!What exactly is this FunBite that I keep speaking of? FunBites are made to cut kids’ food into fun-shaped bite-sized pieces. Of course, this is quite simple. All you have to do is take the FunBites cutter and place it on top of the food, which can be pancakes, sandwiches, cheese, melons, etc. Grab the handles on both sides of the cutter and press down firmly then rock back and forth with it about 5 to 6 times to ensure it cut all the way through. Next you insert the popper top. Life the cutter up from the food and push down on the popper to pop everything out! You will then see all your little cut out pieces from the cutter! That’s all there is to it!So what did I think? While this is a very simple idea and piece of kitchenware, it is quite impressive. For the review purposes and lack of various food options to try the cutter on I tried it on some breakfast toast I made. It was as easy as the directions said. I placed my toast on top of a napkin and placed the cutter on top and and worked on making the fun pieces. It took less than a minute to do. Also, the cutter only cut through my bread, it didn’t rip or tear through the napkin. Cleaning up was a breeze. You can simply hand wash the cutter or you can choose to use your dishwasher just as long as you use the top-shelf. Needless to say I was happy with my experience. The shapes all came out as they should, the cutter cuts properly and is well made, and best of all kids love the shapes their food come in to make dinner and snack time more enjoyable!READ FULL REVIEW: […]

Marguerite Eagle Springs, NC

Not convenient.

I got this purely for convenience and I really don’t think its all that convenient. I got tired of cutting up my daughters food but it takes more time to use and clean this thing then it takes just to use a knife. Also if you have sandwiches with anything gooey inside (Peanut Butter, Jelly, Melted Cheese etc.) then it just squeezes out through the bread and makes a huge mess.All in all i don’t think it’s worth it. Mine is just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. I would definitely not purchase again.

Jody Cottekill, NY


Love this! Cuts pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, etc. Will FOR SURE start buying for first birthday gifts! I cannot recommend it enough.

Rosario Paoli, IN

Great for little munchies!

As far as cutters go for food, this is one of the easiest to use, because of the thing that pushes the shapes back out. Trust me. When using a cutter for small shapes, that’s a HUGE advantage! I don’t have to poke them out of each hole with a finger!Cleaning CAN be frustrating, if you’re cutting gooey foods. You’ll want to do a quick swipe with a bottle brush in each compartment before putting the pushing tool in and running the whole thing through the dishwasher. For foods that aren’t gooey, should be fine to just put the parts together and dishwasher them.I haven’t come up with a solution to the sandwich fillings bloobing out the sides or splitting through the top of the bread, for gooey fillings like toasted cheese or PBJ. You can cut the bread first, then make a zillion tiny little sandwiches (No thanks!) Or I just give my daughter the bread shapes and some PB and Jelly in little cups and let her dip. Fun! I also give her a knife to spread her own, if she so chooses. This is not a problem with non-melted meat and cheese sandwiches, pancakes, fruit, veggies like carrots and cucumbers, etc.For toddlers, this is a great tool to carry on the go. Use it to quickly chop up finger food at a restaurant, make hot dogs safe to eat at a BBQ (place the hot dog lengthwise under the cutter, with one of the cutting lines directly down the middle. Cute it into 8 little halves. Longer hot dogs may need an additional cut.)I’ve also had the most popular platter at any kiddie potluck, with my mini deli meat and cheese squares, paired with mini Saltines and Special K crackers (they’re the perfect size!) Mini Lunchables! This cutter makes the prep work go by quickly and easily!

Meagan Cleveland, NM

very helpful

I love that it is easy to use and clean. Plus it makes it easy for my 1 year old to eat his sandwiches now.

Arline West Ridge, AR

Not sharp enough and the wrong size

I bought this so I could quickly cut up my toddler son’s sandwiches into bite size pieces. The "blades" (which are made of plastic) are hardly sharp enough to cut through the bread, let alone any sandwich meat. Most of the time, even with peanut butter, it turns into more of a mess than just cutting it myself. It also would be nice if the cutter was actually shaped like a piece of bread. As it is, it leaves a large chunk of the sandwich uncut. The "pusher" does not work easily and it is more of a hassle to try to make it fit than it’s worth. Perhaps would work better on more solid things like brownies, but I’ve never bothered.

Estelle Easton, KS

Lots of fun to use!

My daughter and I have a lot of fun using the FunBites Squares. We have used it on pancakes, sandwiches, bread, fruit roll-ups and more. The small pieces are easy to pick up and eat, especially for toddlers and preschoolers.

Thelma Notre Dame, IN


This product is sooo nice! I cut eggs (omelets), burgers…you name it! (as long as it’s flat). They are nice size squares. Big enough for the child to pick up and small enough that you don’t fear that they are struggling to chew. (I have a 17 month old) I hand wash (dont have a dish washer) and it’s fine to wash. When sticking the sponge into the holes to make sure you get all the grease (if you cut a burger), they can be a little sharp but nothing that would cut you. I would recommend this to any mom.

Aline Peridot, AZ

Great idea, doesn’t cut super well

I bought this because I hated taking forever cutting up my toddler’s food while he’s screaming ready in the high chair. But I still have to rock this thing super duper hard to get it to cut all the way through even a grilled cheese sandwich. Then half the time, I pop it out and they are all still stuck together. I always cut them on a very hard surface too, so there shouldn’t be any ‘give’ when I am pushing….it works for like, waffles and things, but anything with bread seems to still come out in one semi-cut up chunk that i still have to rip apart.

Carey Keene, NH

We like it

It’s good. Imagine an eggo waffle, the squares are about the same size as the waffle squares on the waffle. We use it daily, my husband uses it more than me to cut our 2 yr olds food, I use my chop wizard.

Eileen Howe, OK

Huge Fans of the FunBites Squares

I am a huge fan of the wonderful FunBites Squares. I have wasted who knows how much time cutting things up for my children. I am so happy to have a product that I can quickly use and have all of the food cut up! The squares are the perfect size for my 1 and 3 year old girls!!

Alana Panguitch, UT

Easy & Quick

FunBites Cube It easily cuts food into bite size pieces. It even comes with a popper so you can pop the pieces of food out of the cutter. It makes cutting food fast and fun.

Esperanza Lake Crystal, MN

Bite sized pieces

This is the BEST cutter to have available for your toddler’s foods or if you like to be creative with your food. This one is perfect for my toddler. It cuts the pieces into little bite sizes so they are easy for her to pick up and eat. Not too big and not too little. Very easy to cut, rock back and forth and the insert can be placed inside to push any stuck pieces out. I use this on all of her sandwiches and I even used it on her hamburger with cheese and it turned out beautifully. She ate her hamburger without any problems. Much easier than when I just cut it in half!

Faith Cookville, TX

Fast, easy, and convenient

Love FunBites!! Yes, you can make the same shapes cutting with a knife but it is nowhere near as efficient and quick…and kids can even use these!!! We’ve made so many fun looking lunches with this cutter!

Lena Drakesville, IA

Great for a fun sandwich!

My daughter loves to have a sunbutter sandwich using this cutter…she uses chopsticks to eat the little cubes…fantastic! Haven’t had any problems with it…easy and simple to use!

Roslyn Kualapuu, HI

Great product!

I love this thing! It allows me to quickly cut a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into toddler sized pieces as my hungry toddler is screaming for food! Washes great by hand or in the dishwasher. I have also used this on cheese, lunch meat and toast.

Kathrine Bakersfield, MO


Ok, to be honest when I first used this I did not realize it was not a press. So, I put the item in and pushed it through and YES it was an AWFUL mess! THEN I came here to Amazon and read the reviews. THEN I figured it out, and the item is AMAZING! My daughter has spent the past 48 hours cutting all of her food, and she (who is 9) and her brother (who is 5), are eating everything they cut. Want your kids to eat more fruit and vegetables, then this is a fun way to get them to do so. There are no really sharp edges, so my kids have been using it themselves.Use it right, and I am positive you will love it too!FunBites did send me an item for review on my website. However, my opinions and experiences are my own.

Brenda Hillsboro, WI

handy little gadget!

A great little helper for moms with toddlers! Just press it down and rock it back and forth a bit and within seconds you have perfectly cut little squares. I use this quite often on sandwiches. quicker and easier than using a knife.

Gay Demotte, IN

Every mom should have one in her kitchen.

This product is amazing!!! I was actually lucky enough to win one on a blog (I never win anything!). My daughter was about 15 months old at the time. I used this mostly to cut sandwiches. We still use it almost daily (two years later) for pizza, pancakes, cheese slices etc. It is awesome. I’ve always run it through the dishwasher on the top shelf and it has never had any issues. It’s not the easiest thing to hand wash, especially with messy food like pizza, so I prefer to throw it in the dishwasher. I came back to buy another one as a gift for my friend who’s son was turning one. It’s just such a handy item.

Josie Luray, SC

It’s okay…

I like the little squares that this cuts a sandwich into. It is convenient and cuts everything quickly. I don’t like handwashing it. It’s a pain because of all the grooves and the deep "pockets" on it. I feel like I have to take a bottle cleaner to each little section because they are so deep. I will keep using it because we already have it, but it’s not my favorite purchase and I wouldn’t buy it again.

Irene Pea Ridge, AR

FunBites Cube It!

This super easy cutting device quickly creates small bites of food for kids. It’s Mom-invented, dishwasher safe, made in the USA and BPA free. Check out the website for some cute designs.

Natasha Richmond Hill, GA

FunBites are so Fun!

I have tried both the squares and hearts FunBites designs, and we love them both here! My 2 year old son is picky when it comes to foods, but he’s been eating better since his food is in fun, bite-sized pieces. He likes to help me prepare his sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, and other foods by using the FunBites cutter. It’s really easy to use! I simply line it up on the food and he helps me push it.Clean up is easy too (it’s dishwasher-safe!), and definitely worth it to get my kiddo to eat!*I received a complementary product in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Lorna Midway City, CA

Don’t be square, let your food do it for you!

FunBites Square is a great item for your little ones! No sharp edges to hurt your little ones and easy to use. Clean up is a breeze!

Christa Mohawk, NY