Fuzzi Bunz Changing Pad, Butter

Fuzzi Bunz Changing Pad, Butter

Stylish and soft changing pad keeps baby clean and provides a comfy, mess free surface for changing baby at home and in public.

Main features

  • Large enough to protect any surface
  • Great for lining car seat
  • Keeps germs away on changing tables
  • Soft against baby’s skin
  • Fits nicely in any diaper bag

Verified reviews


Nice and soft, but smaller than I thought it would be.

For some reason, this changing pad seemed a lot bigger online than it actually was when I received it. At 18 months, my daughter had outgrown most of the conventional changing pads on the market, which are sized for newborn and infants (under 12 months). So I was looking for an extra-large, portable pad that I could change my toddler’s diaper on without her arms, legs or head coming into contact with the dirty surfaces of most public changing stations. Unfortunately, this Fuzzibunz changing pad was too small for that purpose. It is, however, pretty handy for changing my little-one on the bed or sofa, or whenever we need a soft, flat surface at home.Grade: B (3.5 stars)

Elena Wales, UT

cute changing pad

I bought this changing pad because I thought it would be easier to keep clean than the one that came with my diaper bag and I’ve been satisfied with it. I like it because it’s soft, waterproof, and I can just throw it in the washing machine with my baby’s cloth diapers. I’d also recommend it to anyone who’s concerned about placing his/her baby on vinyl changing mats.

Nona White Haven, PA

very comfortable for baby!

I bought 2 of these, one was pink and one yellow…one side is a beautifully soft white fleece material, and the other is known as PUL…which is a waterproof material. you are suppose to lay baby on fleece side because it is comfty, and if baby pees or poops on it by accident, the PUL will prevent it from soaking through to whatever is underneath. it is same material used on their diapers. the concept is awesome, but the problem lays in when u change them out in the mall or at someones house and baby pees or poos by accident on the fleece side,and you cant wash it…and then it cant be reused later. i keep these at home, one downstairs and one upstairs. if they get dirty, i toss them in the wash with the othe rcloth diapers i have. you cant wash with reg wash due to detergent requirements. this does fold up much more compactly than the vinyl changing pads.

Sally Quitaque, TX

Excellent changing pad, soft and washes well

I love this changing pads,they are soft and very well made. I use them with my other FB diapers.

Reba Edwards, CA

Love it for our diaper bag

I love that this product is so easy to wash. I don’t feel bad about laying it down on the most randomest surfaces. It folds up really small and compactly, but it so soft to change my little guy on. It’s great.

Germaine Garrison, MD

Love FuzziBunz

I pretty much love all of the FuzziBunz products and I’ve tried most of them. I like that this is a good size for my diaper back and that it is soft.

Elsie Terre Hill, PA

Perfect size changing pad

Changing pad is the perfect size. Front is soft to the touch. Back side is water proof made out of a material similar to a wind breaker so it tends to slide around/bunch up while changing the diaper. Overall I really like the pad, but do get tired of having to reposition/adjust it with a squirming baby on top of it.

Angelita Robinsonville, MS

Excellent changing pad

The Fuzzibunz changing pads are very absorbent and soft at the same time. Excellent quality. I keep some of these pads in my purse for diaper changes on the go. I highly recommend this product.

Abigail Rosebud, SD

Very happy

Love love love. So soft – great quality. I am very happy with the purchase – will probably buy more …

Celeste Fairmont, OK

Great changing pad!

This changing pad has a nice soft side, is a cute color, folds up nicely and does it’s job-it is waterproof! We use a co-sleeper so I keep this next to my bed for midnight diaper changes. It has saved our mattress several times as it catches all of the ‘surprise’ pee and poop that happens with a newborn!

Gale Bethany Beach, DE