Fuzzi Bunz One Size Cloth Diapers 6 Pack Gender Neutral Colors

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Cloth Diapers 6 Pack Gender Neutral Colors


Main features

  • You will receive (6) FuzziBunz Elite One Size Diapers
  • Image does not reflect color assortment sent – based on availability
  • One size fits newborn to Potty Trained – adjustable.
  • Durable fabric makes for easy wash and wear
  • Fits 7-30 pounds

Verified reviews


They leak

Some people rave about fuzzy bnz but I did not like them. They ran small. They have the snaps but they are much smaller than other brands. Once my baby was around 9 months the diapers seemed small even with the adjustments let out. They also leaked. They worked well when she was newborn and not urinating much but around 6 months a fuzzy bunz could not be left on for half an hour. They leaked around the legs every time. If she poo’d it too would leak out the legs.

Bobby Riddlesburg, PA

Inadequate absorption by 18 lbs

At first I LOVED this product. Great absorption, easy to snap on, looked cute & comfy, and easier to use than Flip diapers at first. By the time my daughter reached 16-18 lbs, two problems became clear:1. [-2 points] The water resistant cover does not overlap to the inside. Thus the stay-dry lining comes in contact with clothes and they get wet 90% of the time. Argh!!!2. [-1 point] The inserts just don’t absorb enough for her to stay dry 2-3 hours without compression leaks… which again, are worsened by the stay-dry liner coming in contact with clothes.Yes, they still look great. However, I only use them occasionally when my Flip diapers are in the wash. I’d rather use disposables than change her clothes 5 times per day. Very sad, considering the cost and otherwise good design.I now like my Flip diaper day set very much [4 stars]. My daughter is almost 8 months-4 months now I’ve used mostly Flips and nighttime disposables. The only reason I subtract a star is not liking the fit much for young infants, inadequate absorption of single insert for night use, and the tendency for poop to get onto the cover. None are deal breakers.

Danielle Hays, KS

Not bad, not great

These diapers are ok, they fit well and are good quality. However, I find they leak very easily. I much prefer BumGenius diapers, which I can double-stuff with inserts and leave on overnight without leaking. These are more adjustable than the BumGenius, but much harder to adjust for size in my opinion. Definitely not my favorite cloth diaper. They do clean easily.

Katie Bostwick, GA

It’s so easy, seriously. Just do it.

As the time for the arrival of our twins approached, I wasn’t sure that the idea of cloth diapers would actually be worth it. They seemed so expensive and just gross. Who wants to wash off dirty diapers when you can just throw them away? Other than the obvious "green" factors, the idea of cloth diapers just seemed like overkill.Now, 14 months later, I will admit that I was wrong. These are just SO easy, really! With the addition of the Fuzzi Bunz diaper bag, we simply remove the inserts from the diaper and put them in the bag after each changing. then, in the morning, we unzip the bottom of the bag and drop them in the washer, run a couple of cycles, and they come out ready to hang and dry. The exposure to poop is hardly any more than disposable diapers.And being the pragmatic dad, the best feature of these diapers is the cost savings. With these one size diapers, we have used them from when our twins for just a couple weeks old up til now, at 14 months, with plenty of room to grow. I would recommend these diapers for this reason alone. The cost of disposable diapers is enormous when you add up the cost from birth to potty training. Although cloth diapers have a high upfront cost, it is well worth it in the end.Also, we’ve had almost zero problems with diaper rash. We wash the diapers with Charlie’s Soap and the kids haven’t been irritated at all. After hearing horror stories from friends, the absence of diaper rash issues has been very welcome in our house.One final piece of advice: don’t think of it as an either/or proposition. We still use disposables at night and on longer trips out of the house. When it comes to diapers, practicality is more important than making a moral stand against disposable diapers. By using the cloth diapers at home and disposables when out and at night, we do our part for the environment (and our wallet) while still staying sane.

Rosie East Walpole, MA

We lovvvved these – few complaints.

We tried fuzzi bunz one size diapers, kissaluvs fitted diapers, fuzzi bunz xs, small, and medium perfect size diapers, bum genius all-in-one one size organic snap diapers, the bum genius 3.0 one size pocket diaper with velcro, and happy heinys one size with snaps and the fuzzi bunz one size was our favorite.The Pros:-First, obviously, we like it because we don’t have to buy a whole new set of diapers for each size. Our son has worn these since he was a few weeks old and is still wearing them at two years. The adjustable elastic is very convenient and only has to be adjusted every once in a while and it doesn’t bunch up like the bum genius that only has three different levels. The notches in the elastic make the fit much more customized for the baby. We didn’t find it to be difficult or a hassle. At two years we had to replace the elastic, but that was nothing compared to buying all new diapers!-We much prefer the snaps to the velcro on the bum genius because you always know where to snap the diaper so that it isn’t too tight or too loose.-We prefer the pocket to the all in one because it seems like they get more clean this way (you can separate them for the wash), you can adjust the absorbency based on size and time (night or day), and they dry faster this way which is especially important if you are line drying. That said, we also prefer the pocket diapers to the fitteds with a cover – more convenient and it feels less bulky to us.-These fit much better at each stage that the perfect size diapers. I know the perfect size fits some little ones well, but not our guy. It worked better that this went below his belly button rather than over it.The Cons:-We generally like these, but the later versions (we have some of the first ones and some later versions) have one less snap. Even on the loosest setting it can sometimes be a tad tight on our boy (at age 2 years). It fits, but one more snap and one more notch on the elastic would have helped.-We have had some problems with leaking. I’ve taken to stripping them more regularly, and I’m sure this would be the case with most cloth diapers, but it is sort of a hassle.-It would be nice if there were more designs for the one-size. Currently only solids. We got some of the daisies when they were out, but a few more designs would be nice.-The white ones end up looking a little discolored, so I would go with a colored one.-The earlier versions had smaller holes for the elastic and the ends didn’t slip out. The later versions had bigger holes and sometimes the end of the elastic slips out which can be annoying and leave little marks on his legs.All of that said, we have 24 of these one sizes and like them better than any of the others we’ve tried. For our next baby, we’ll use only these.

Lenore Hazelwood, MO

great diapers

we have a six pack of the one size diapers. my daughter was super duper tiny when she was born so we couldn’t use them until she was about 5-6 months old but now that we are able to use them they work great. we have had no issues with them. we use Charlie Soap to clean them and although they have a few stains other than that they are still holding up great after about 5 months of constant use. they are pretty easy to adjust and im happy we wont have to invest in new sizes as she grows. i like that there is enough room to stuff a second insert in for nighttime.

Roxanne Hobucken, NC