Fuzzi Bunz Organic Cotton / Fleece Double Sided Wonder Wipes – 10 pack

Fuzzi Bunz Organic Cotton / Fleece Double Sided Wonder Wipes – 10 pack

The perfect addition to any cloth diapering family, these double sided Wonder Wipes are the softest, purest wipes available. No harmful chemicals will touch your baby. Keep damp in a storage container in baby’s room so they are ready to use. Once soiled, throw them right in the hanging diaper pail along with your Fuzzi Bunz diapers. For ease, they can all be washed together.

Main features

  • Cotton / Fleece Double sided wipes – 10 Pack
  • Leave Behind Clean
  • A great addition to your reusable diapering system!

Verified reviews


Work fine, but there are better wipes out there.

We liked these wipes great… until we bought some Thirsties wipes. Now I have to say that Thirsties wipes are FAR BETTER. The problem with these wipes is that because one side is cotton, the wipes curl on two sides when you wash them, leaving only the remaining two sides conveniently available for wiping baby. The Thirsties don’t do that when you wash them. I would get only Thirsties if I had to do it over, or maybe GroVia. I’ve heard great things about them too.

Anita Woodworth, LA


My fault for not reading the fine print, but these wipes are not fully organic. As a matter of fact, the description (to be honest) should say “Fuzzi Bunz Organic Cotton/Polyester Fleece Double Sided Wipes” because it is possible to make a double-sided wipe out of one side organic cotton and one side organic fleece…I am a first time mom, and am trying cloth diapering with organic and natural fibers. Luckily, I bought only one package of the FuzziBunz wipes and one package of each of several other types. When cloth diapering, you cannot use fabric softener in your laundry or else the absorbency of your diapers and wipes will be reduced dramatically. Without softener, these wipes generated enough static electricity to power my house. I found them stuck to everything–my daughter’s clothes, her diapers, towels, sheets, you name it. I wasn’t about to wash them separately from my other diaper laundry so, instead, I got rid of them. For me, they were a total waste of money. Why pay more for organic cotton if, in the end, you are rubbing your little one’s most sensitive parts with polyester?!

Susie Voorhees, NJ

soft but not good for poop

I like these because they are soft and easy on my baby’s skin so I reach for these when she just wets. Neither side is very good for getting messy infant poop off her skin so more than one is needed there. When I ordered more wipes, I didn’t get these.

Martha Sloan, IA


I totally agree with the other reviewers – one side shrinks leaving a bubble and impossible to lay flat to fold. It’s just annoying, that’s all. Why couldn’t they pre-shrink the fabric? Other than that, I like them. They are nice and soft on the tush! I mostly use them to quickly dry the bum after I use a disposable wipe in order to prevent diaper rash (I use cloth diapers too).

Mandy Buellton, CA

Wonderfully soft, great for wiping hands and face while eating, or wiping runny noses

I love these wipes. I originally bought them to use as reusable butt wipes for diaper changes. We quickly learned that it was easier and probably my hygienic to just wash our baby’s butt after each change rather than just fussing with trying to wipe iota of poo off of them.These wipes were then relegated for use at the dinner table. The kids were taught to use them for wiping their hands and face while eating. Because they are so soft they are also great to use as a handkerchief for children. Because they are small, they travel well. I bought 20 (2 packs) and this seems to work well so we don’t run out before the next load of laundry is done. However, I think a pack of 10 would have worked just fine as well.

Susanna Indian Lake, NY

soft and thick

Good quality. I’m not crazy about their cloth diapers but these are nice and soft.I use them to dry off my baby’s bum after using regular wipes to prevent rash.

Alison Chester, NJ