FuzziBunz Insert 3 pack

FuzziBunz Insert 3 pack

Choose from: all organic cotton, super-absorbent microterry cotton, or luxuriously plush minky.

Main features

  • Absorbent fabric
  • Trim-fitting
  • Customize absorbency
  • Slip right into the pocket
  • For FuzziBunz One Size Diapers

Verified reviews


Go with prefolds

I have tons of these and they seem smelly and need stripping more often than my cotton prefolds. They leak more often too.

Lela Saint Johns, PA


These are pretty big compared to the pocket of the fuzzibunz. They sure do keep him dry! They are very soft and easily go into pocket.

Jerri Horatio, AR

Love these inserts

I bought a lot of our FB used and they had inserts of questionable origin. I doubt they were original FB and if they are, they’ve gotton much better. I decided to upgrade all of my inserts with the four ply (not three ply, which they also sell) inserts. What a great idea! When I finish with the diapers I’ll sell them again and even with replacing the inserts, practically make money on diaper use! I love the sized FB.

Freida Orange Beach, AL

Love these.

We use these with BumGenius all-in-one cloth diapers and are very happy with them. I like them as much as I like any of the other inserts we have.

Madelyn Belvidere, NE

I don’t think these were FuzziBunz inserts

They were way too big and not the same as the brand name ones that I bought. I didn’t even end up using them because they were way too big.

Shannon Trinity, TX


i got these inserts for my fuzzi bunz diapers and they are amazing! they are super absorbent and great for doubling up with the small insert for overnight!

Corrine Sherman Oaks, CA


I bought these to provide extra absorbancy in my son’s diapers for overnight. I use them in the FuzziBunz large (10 to 40lb) pocket diapers. Two inserts do the job and keep leaks away.

Kerri West Point, GA

Great buy…love them!

Love these inserts. Soft, just the right size and very absorbent. I use it with my kawaii pocket diaper at night. No leaks and she’s not wet

Mariana Keasbey, NJ

A necessity for cloth diapering

These inserts were a God-send. They are extra big, super absorbent, and mine never ever stained. I just put them right on top any pocket diaper (I never bothered inserting them into the pocket), and they worked FABULOUSLY.

Dollie Willow Creek, MT

Great idea, just not very absorbant.

I definitely would recommend the micro fiber inserts for your Fuzi Bunz diapers. These are just okay. They are thin but they do the job if you want organic. Just keep in mind how thin they are, you need at least two or three (overnight) in one diaper at a time.

Sheena North, SC