Fuzzibunz One Size Diaper White, 7-35 Pounds

Fuzzibunz One Size Diaper White, 7-35 Pounds

If you thought the FuzziBunz® One Size Diaper could not get any better-think again! FuzziBunz® has re-engineered their already popular One Size to be trimmer fitting, more comfortable, faster drying and easier to adjust than before!

Main features

  • polyester
  • Stuff and go convenience – the pocket design allows you to cusomize the absorbancy based on baby’s needs
  • Most economical cloth diapering choice since diaper fits baby from birth to potty training
  • Durable fabric makes for easy wash and wear
  • Comes with set of easy replace elastic to further extend the life of your diaper
  • 1 year warranty

Verified reviews


Great one size diaper

We tried fuzzi bunz one size diapers, kissaluvs fitted diapers, fuzzi bunz xs, small, and medium perfect size diapers, bum genius all in one, one size organic snap diapers, and the bum genius 3.0 one size pocket diaper with velcro and the fuzzi bunz one size was our favorite. I don’t have any particular comment on the “Apple Green” version. We have the color and it is a fun bright color that doesn’t fade. On FB one size, in general:The Pros:-First, obviously, we like it because we don’t have to buy a whole new set of diapers for each size. Our son has worn these since he was a few weeks old and is still wearing them at eight months. The adjustable elastic is very convenient and only has to be adjusted every once in a while and it doesn’t bunch up like the bum genius that only has three different levels. The notches in the elastic make the fit much more customized for the baby.-We much prefer the snaps to the velcro on the bum genius because you always know where to snap the diaper so that it isn’t too tight or too loose.-We prefer the pocket to the all in one because it seems like they get more clean this way (you can separate them for the wash), you can adjust the absorbency based on size and time (night or day), and they dry faster this way which is especially important if you are line drying. That said, we also prefer the pocket to the fitteds with a cover – more convenient.-Even though our son would fit in the medium perfect size, the one size fits better. I think they often fit better than the “perfect” size.The Cons:-We generally like these, but the later versions (we have some of the first ones and some later versions) have one less snap and at eight months they already seem to be getting a little bit tight on our boy who has a round tummy and chunky legs. I wish they would go back to the extra snap. Also, the first ones didn’t have the hip snap which worked better for us. It makes it too tight around his chubby legs when we do the hip snap.-We have had some problems with leaking. I’ve taken to stripping them more regularly, and I’m sure this would be the case with most cloth diapers, but it is sort of a hassle.-It would be nice if there were more designs for the one-size. Currently only solids and daisies.-The white ones end up looking a little discolored, so I would go with a colored one.-The earlier versions had smaller holes for the elastic and the ends didn’t slip out. The later versions had bigger holes and sometimes the end of the elastic slips out which can be annoying and leave little marks on his legs.All of that said, we have 24 of these one sizes and like them better than any of the others we’ve tried. For our next baby, we’ll use only these, with maybe a few small “perfect size” diapers early on.

Hallie Buffalo Prairie, IL

Too cute!

We use a different brand of cloth diapers for everyday diapering, but we bought the whit fuzzibunz specifically for pictures and it is just as cute as I hoped! And it really does hold up as far as function goes too.

Casey Decatur, NE

I think the novelty is wearing off …

First off, these diapers are the cutest things I have ever seen. The colors are bright and fun. They look absolutely adorable on my son, the diaper goes on and the camera comes out every time. But once your past the cuteness phase, the reality isn’t so great …I originally invested in a few of these diapers to battle diaper rash, the logic being, I’ll let my baby sleep in the cloth diapers to give his little rear a break. Bad idea, even with 2 inserts, the baby and the blankets were soaked every morning.OK, fine we’ll do cloth diapers during the day … cue the second issue with the diapers, they’re BULKY! The onesies wouldn’t snap around the big bulge and I had to move up in pants size too. And the leaking continued, always soaking through around the thighs.Most people will tell you that cleaning cloth diapers is the biggest inconvenience, but with fuzzi buns that part is easy, the leaking and bulkiness is what ultimately kept my son in disposals.

Isabella Roans Prairie, TX

Wonderful investment

Wonderful diaper. Very high-quality and very soft. There are 3 places on each side to make adjustments and once you get it set you don’t need to mess around with it until your baby needs more room. Well worth the investment. Will pay for itself in no time since you can use it all the way through potty training. I hang-dry mine and throw the inserts into the dryer.

Roxanne Loiza, PR

not what it says

i ordered these cause it was a larger sized AIOs. when i received them i was very hesitant on the claim that it goes to 45lbs. i did not wash these (thank god otherwise i wouldnt be able to return them) and compared to the size of my bummis AIOs sized 8-35lbs. my bummis was actually bigger!!! i wanted these for mainly overnight use so i can stuff them without it bulging at the seams on my son who is 30lbs. oon the diaper, paper wrapped around the diaper does not say the size but that its a one size. the packaging slip states that it is a size 10-45lbs. if that is the correct size then fuzzibunz needs to re-evaluate the sizing charti gave it a 2 star cause it comes with 2 liners

Lea Santa Teresa, NM

They leak

I’m glad I only bought one. It says good for 10 lbs but over 10 lb baby wears this and it is so bulky. It also leaks. It leaked so bad one night that his jammies and bed sheets were soaked in the morning. If it leaks when he is 7 weeks old how bad will it leak when he’s older and pees more? One of the elastic bands does not stay in the hole. It continuously pops out and rubs my kids skin. I do like the snaps, pocket, and cover. However, I like Bum Genius 4.0 or thirsties better. I tried emailing the company regarding the leak but never heard a response.

Lilian Ashcamp, KY

Maybe if you have a petite baby who barely pees

I have 2 of these diapers. I also have BumGenius 4.0, Katydid (Oh Katy), Knickernappies, and GroBaby/GroVia (hybrid diaper). This diaper is the one I like the LEAST out of all my pocket diapers.My daughter just turned 2 and is 28lbs and 36in tall. Tall and slender, but in no way supertall. This diaper BARELY fits her (honestly, I have compared it to the FuzziBunz Perfect Size in Small, and it is slightly larger than that one!). It is super low rise, and I am on the widest snaps. How a fatter/taller baby is supposed to fit in this diaper, I have no idea. As a result of the low rise, she has leaked out the back of the diaper with only one insert. I have to double stuff this diaper EVERY time to ensure that it doesn’t leak, which creates a lot of bulk. The inserts are completely soaked when I pull them out, even if she has only been wearing them for 2-3 hours (the same amount of time I keep her in a BumGenius). I also hate the adjustable elastic leg gussets, because they are much more of a pain in the butt if you are using it between two babies (which I am, my other is 2m old). Having adjustable rise snaps is much easier, even if it allows for less customizable rise options. All of my other diapers have 3 snap rise options, which in my opinion, is enough.In comparison to BumGenius diapers (which most people do compare this diaper to), I find the Fuzzibunz to be:smaller (tighter and lower)harder to stuffless absorbentI think the Katydid/Oh Katy diapers are similar to the BG diapers, so they are the ones I like second best. The Knickernappies to have a pretty high rise also, but it has the weird side snaps, which are not my favorite. GroBaby/GroVia are a different kind of system, so I am not sure if it is a good comparison, but they have a low rise, which I don’t find works well for my tall kids.

Deanne Riverhead, NY

Nice diaper but be careful about how you wash it

One of the best things about this diaper is that it washes nicely and dries quickly. I only need to put it on a drying rack outside for a couple of hours, which saves a lot on electricity. And stains disappear with just a few hours in the sun. I like the sturdiness of the snaps and the stretchy waterproof cover, which contains messes well. The diaper feels soft on the outside and inside. The material is also very durable (no fuzzy pills) and looks nice wash after wash. And the diaper also washes really easily – just toss the whole thing in the wash – one rinse cycle on cold, a hot wash cycle, and then a cold rinse.Note that that the diaper is meant for “10-45 pounds” and will be huge on most newborns as well as bad for the healing of the umbilical cord (since the diaper covers it and could keep it from drying out). On the smaller settings (for babies less than 18 lb), it is a little more difficult to get the insert into the cover. Another concern I had about Fuzzibunz is that the inside of the diaper seems to get really warm and moist due to it being made of fleece, and I worry that a newborn may get overheated in the summer. For a one year old, it’s not as big of a deal. Also the fleece makes it hard to tell if the diaper is wet unless you stick your finger in the diaper or smell it. On the other hand, the fleece does help keep the baby’s skin dry, preventing diaper rash. Fuzzibunz says the warranty is void if you use diaper rash cream, but if you need it, California Baby diaper rash cream is the best (and smells wonderful).One other thing I wanted to mention is that this diaper is VERY sensitive to the amount of detergent, and mine started stinking and leaked badly when I used too much detergent. I had to rinse them like crazy until all the suds disappeared. Now I make sure I only use 1/4 of the detergent and not 1/2 like the instructions say (I have a small washer-dryer unit which has the dryer stacked on top). Yes, it is very counter-intuitive to use less soap when it is more stinky, but the soap gunks up the fabric. So if you get any leaks, the first thing to try is (after you’ve washed them clean) to do an extra cycle on hot and look for bubbles, which indicate you have too much soap. You’ll need to keep rinsing them until the bubbles are gone. The fuzzibunz website has a number to call if you have problems, and there is a warranty on the diapers (so keep your receipts).A final suggestion for new cloth diapering parents – when we first came home from the hospital after using disposables, the thought of using cloth was daunting. I suggest having some disposables to use for the first few weeks while the umbilical cord dries out. The adjustment to caring for a newborn and the exhaustion can be overwhelming, so be flexible and make it easier on yourself during this initial adjustment period. When you are ready, take some time to figure out what size to adjust the elastics to (the sizing chart was very helpful). What I did was adjust a few diapers to different sizes and try them on to find the best fit (as it turned out, the sizing suggestion on the package was right on for me). Then set aside a time to stuff and adjust all the rest of your Fuzzibunz to the size that works. Line them up or stack them in a drawer so that they are ready to go. That way, you are not overwhelmed while the baby is crying and needs changing.UPDATE – There have been many instances of leaking. A couple of times, I had to resort to “stripping” them by scrubbing the inserts with a toothbrush and Dawn dishsoap (and wasting a lot of water/energy/time getting the soap out). I would definitely suggest not washing them at a laundromat (I think that’s what caused the repelling). I would also suggest that you “strip” your washer of buildup, avoid using fabric softener, and start using less soap for your other clothes. I usually avoid washing diapers with my other laundry. I also started using water softener every few washes and whenever I have repelling issues. After 9 months, I had to start using doublers at night. After 12 months, even the two fuzzibunz inserts together didn’t give my baby enough absorbancy, and I started using Seventh Generation disposable diapers at night. Then I found out that babies can be potty trained (EC – elimination communication) and stopped putting diapers on her during the day.

Susanna Fort Howard, MD

Broken snaps – TWICE

I use all cloth on my baby boy. Fuzzibunz are admittedly adorable diapers, but the quality is disappointing. I have had broken snaps on two different Fuzzibunz diapers – both incidents occurred on diapers less than a month old. The snaps just pulled through. I also use bumGenius, Trend Lab, Kushies, Mother Ease, and Thirsties – all of which have snaps. I have not had a broken snap on any of the other brands mentioned.The worst part is the customer service with Fuzzibunz is awful. You have to mail back the defective product at YOUR COST and they send a replacement without a shipping reimbursement. They say they will send you extra products inside the package that would roughly cover your shipping. They ask for the sex and age of your baby so they can send you appropriate products. I now have FOUR pairs of IDENTICAL leggings….all for a baby GIRL. My little BOY will never wear them. To top it off, they cannot guarantee that the replacement diaper will be the same color. My apple green diaper that had a snap issue was returned to me in orange. Now I have two orange diapers instead of the assortment I started with.Needless to say, I will never order from this company again.

Gretchen Davis, OK

Fuzzi Bunz is esay to use

Easy to use, easy to wash, this aio will grow with the baby. it is the only aio diaper that you can adjust the elastic in the legs and the waist so you get a perfect fit every time. no leaks, and pretty too

Lakisha Webber, KS

Leaks periodically

I was so excited when I purchased these because of all the cute colors they came in and that they’re so highly recommended by EVERYONE. The fit is great and so customizable. Granted, I mainly do prefolds and these are the only pockets I own so I can’t really compare these to other brands out there. I found that these leak periodically and I haven’t used anything on them that would cause repelling. I take two stars off because in order to prevent blowouts, I have to have the fit around the legs tight enough to prevent gapping and that almost always leaves a red mark around my baby’s legs. I don’t have this problem when I do prefolds. Other than that, they wash well and the absorbency is very customizable with how much you stuff it. It is annoying that after every wash, the elastics that adjust the size for the thighs come out of their slots and have to be put back in. They hang out in four places and when you want to just put them away, it’s a little time consuming.Update after 9 months of use:Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not impressed. Prefolds have been my preference and still is. And at this point, I consider myself seasoned in cloth diapering because I have them all. Every kind and every brand. The only good thing about this diaper is that it is the least bulky. But the inserts aren’t as absorbent as I thought they were. Now that my daughter is older and she is peeing a lot more, it is necessary to use a doubler to prevent leaks. A couple months ago I noticed I was having leaks ALL THE TIME. Very frustrating when you’re out and about and see a big wet spot in your stroller seat. I realized it was because the PUL in some of my Fuzzibunz were delaminating. The lamination was literally ripped apart. This was very surprising considering these pockets aren’t even used that often. So the life of these diapers were still fairly new. I rigidly follow the instructions for care and maintenance with all my diapers, never drying the covers because of the heat wearing out the PUL. Now the fact that I was having a problem with this makes me question how long these diapers could really last if these were used on a regular basis. They say it could be used for up to two children depending on wear and tear, but I’m really beginning to doubt that. When I addressed this with Fuzzibunz, they were quick to send me replacements at the cost of paying for shipping to send the damaged diapers back to them. When I received my replacements I immediately noticed a difference in the quality between the ones I had purchased and the ones I received. It seemed like a much cheaper counterpart to the ones they sell in retail. Also, I sent them multiple colors of damaged ones and they sent back only one color for all the replacements. This is frustrating when you intentionally pick out different colors to meet the preferences of the gender. Another huge con that supersedes all the others is that you need to be prepared for stripping these diapers on a regular basis. It’s not so much this brand in particular, but synthetic fibers will build residue much more easily than natural fibers. You have to be very careful not to use any cremes or lotions, including diaper creams, that will build up in these kind of diapers and cause repelling. They don’t wash out easily, so they will need more manual stripping. Overall, I won’t be buying Fuzzibunz ever again. If I want more pockets I’m going to give BumGenius a shot.

Alexandra Arbovale, WV

Easier than I thought, Awesome fit

I was hesitant to get the FB one size at first because the elastic sizing options seemed complicated, but I’m a believer now! I have FB sized diapers and love those, but the one size is awesome! It was super easy to adjust and fits the absolute best out of all my diapers (and I also have bumGenius, Kissaluves, Baby Kangas, Rumparooz, Babykicks, Dream-eze, and more – so that says a lot!). Most diapers are too big on my daughter’s waist but too tight in the legs so the FB OS solved that problem.

Alberta Portsmouth, NH

Runs small, snaps inferior to other pocket diapers

We recently started cloth diapering and decided that the best thing to do would be to get a few different kinds and see how they worked, before we committed to buying one kind. Among the kinds we tried was the Fuzzibunz one size. At first glance, I was pleased. It seemed to be of good quality and I liked the color selection they have. I set the elastic in the waist and legs to the specified slots based on the chart provided. However, the first time I tried to put it on my daughter, it was so small it wasn’t even CLOSE to snapping on. I put a bumGenius 4.0 on instead. Fit like a dream. In the meantime, I adjusted the elastic to 1 size bigger on the Fuzzibunz, thinking that should do the trick. Nope. I had to make it as big as it would go and then it finally fit. I know my daughter is high on the percentile (70th), but there is no reason why at NINE MONTHS she should be on the biggest size setting if it is supposed to fit up to 35 lbs! She is only 20 lbs now! In addition to it being too small, I found the 3 snap setting to be unneccessarily complicated. They don’t snap on in a straight line so I was always struggling to find what snap went where. No way jose! Not when I have arguably the wiggliest baby ever. Needless to say, I sold this one back to a local cloth diaper retailer and expanded my bumGenius 4.0 stash. No Fuzzibunz for this family! I am still giving it a 3 though because we didn’t have any leaks the few times that we used it and it looks nice. I think the company’s claim that it fits to 35 lbs is false. We might have kept it if we had been using it starting as a newborn because it would have fit better.

Leila Amigo, WV

Trim OS Pocket

I like the trimness of this diaper, especially through the crotch. I’m not a fan of stuffing it, when sized for a smaller baby…it is difficult to get the insert in, as opposed to other brands and the perfect size FB diapers. It functions well and is easy to use.

Doris Hardyville, VA

Very difficult to adjust.

I love how trim these are but they are such a pain in the neck to adjust. The buttons are in awkward places that are difficult to reach and the buttons are very hard to force into the elastic, which is pretty strong stuff. Also, more difficult to stuff than most other pocket diapers. The Fuzzibunz elite w/ minky insert is a little easier to stuff, but they’re still difficult to adjust, too.

Lillie Jamestown, CA

High quality diaper, very easy to use

I purchased this diaper b/c I can adjust to fit both my 20 month old and my 3 month old. I was very impressed with the quality of materials used and the workmanship. Very durable and beautiful color. After I received this one I have purchased 7 more in different colors and continuing to add more to my supply.

Myrtle Greenleaf, KS


I tried out several different types of pocket diapers and out of the 4 different brands we tried, this is our least favorite. It is soft and looks cute, but it leaks like crazy. At first we thought it was user error and that we weren’t getting the proper fit with it, but we’ve tried everything and this diaper just leaks and leaks. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Emma Hye, TX

good fit

I bought a few types of diapers to try out, and these had the best fit due to all the options to change the size. Some of the others I tried were really way to bulky and huge for a small baby.

Lou Blountstown, FL

Super trim, but with issues…

I got this diaper with a store credit, because otherwise I wasn’t willing to pay full price for this diaper. Pros: I really like the design of the snaps. They are spaced in such a way as to accomodate most babies. And the hip snap is great for preventing ‘wing droop’. Also, this is BY FAR the trimmest pocket diaper I have ever seen, allowing babies to fit into clothes in the same way as a disposable would make the clothes fit. Cons: The PUL lining is shiny, instead of matte finished, making it difficult to put the inserts in. Also, we have many other pocket diapers and tons of microfiber inserts, all of which I use interchangeably. But not with the Fuzzibunz. This diaper is so narrow, I have to use only it’s microfiber inserts in it, because the others won’t fit. One may fit, but that’s only good for a very tiny baby. If you need any more absorbency, two or more are needed, and there is no way I could get two other-brand inserts in there. All in all, a good, trim diaper. If it’s all you use it should be fine, but if it’s going to be added to your collection of other brands, it could be a hard fit.

Beverly Prescott, MI


These cloth diapers are very nice. I especially like them for night time because you can stuff them. I had to wait to use them until my son was 9 pounds because they were too big.

Flossie Stanchfield, MN

Not terribly impressed!

We have tried three different kinds of cloth diapers so far, and these are middle-of-the-road for me. After checking to make sure that the elastics were properly adjusted for my baby boy, I have still experienced more leaks with these than with the Bummis Tots Bots all-in-one. In both cases we have used the diapers on their own (with just one insert) and with an additional hemp insert (Thirsties), and overall we have preferred the Bummis Tots Bots to these by far. I now only use these during the day when I know I’m going to be making frequent diaper changes because i just don’t trust them as much. The snaps aren’t as adjustable to baby’s waist as the velcro closures on the other brand, which to me is part of the cause for them being more prone to leaks… I can imagine this would only get worse as baby gets older and more mobile! I won’t buy more of these.

Simone Clear Spring, MD

Great durability, but harder to stuff than Bum Genius and snaps are a PAIN

I would have liked these diapers to work out for us. It’s handy that you can tumble-dry the covers along with the inserts, which isn’t true of all pocket diapers. The elastics add a nice customizing touch, and aren’t difficult to adjust. The snaps are indeed very durable, and I’m sure would last for more than one baby (although the baby we have now is our last!)However, the snaps were the deal-breaker for us. Our 11-month-old son hates, hates, hates diaper changes and Velcro is the only way to quickly get a cloth diaper on him before he’s halfway to Calcutta. I bought one Fuzzi Bunz to try along with our Velcro Bum Genius 4.0s. It’s the diaper I save for when all the others are dirty, because the snaps just plain take too long and he’s very vocal about it! Plus, the pocket is smaller than on the Bum Genius 4.0, and thus harder to stuff. I also prefer the material in the Bum Genius pocket; it’s thicker and feels sturdier. The Fuzzi Bunz pocket is a surprisingly thin fleece. So even though we have to air-dry the Bum Genius covers, they still come out ahead, and we’re sticking with Bum GeniusbumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0 – Ribbit – Hook & Loop

Reva Chama, NM

Head and shoulders above the rest

If my child gets anything close to a red bum, it is time for a FuzziBunz. I use both FBz and disposable diapers. I always use disposables when I am out and about. And I also use them at night. Otherwise, my son is in a FBz most of the day. They are fantastic for avoiding diaper rash. My child has had one diaper rash in 18 months and that was using disposables (Luvs). After that, I gave FBz a try and I keep him in them all day. I change my son frequently. I go through 4 FBz between0730 and 1200. No diaper rashes. The diaper is soft and does not irritate the skin. The padding is absorbent and doesn’t have any of those nasty chemicals in them. I do recommend following the cleaning and care instructions but here is what I do and I am completely satisfied. I wash when my pail has about 5-6 diapers because the ammonia odor is quite overwhelming by that time. I always rinse and spin first. For extra soiled diapers I run the rinse and spin twice. I then run my washer on cottons/heavy duty. I do not use any special laundry soap. I use Wisk like I do form my whole family. I also have a sanitize feature that I use once a month when I notice the diapers are holding odor or are not bright and white. I then line dry. I never use the dryer. I actually hang all of the diapers and inserts on a plastic hanger which I loaded up with clips (like for hanging pants). I can fit all 6 FBz and their single inserts on this one hanger. I then take it out to the back porch and hang it in the sun. Super easy.

Anne Booneville, MS

Strange snap placemnt

Alright, I see why people buy these but I wouldn’t buy more than one. The snap placement is sooooo off. It is too wide between the two top snaps and I always have a bit left over when I use it. Just strange. Not impressed for the value, we use it but not my favorite.

Elva Towner, ND


I bought these when I was pregnant with our first son. I bought the 24 pack One Size Elite in hopes that these would be the only diapers we had to buy, thus saving money (which let’s face it, is the number one reason to cloth diaper). I used them as soon as his umbilical cord fell off and they worked great.. I should add he was 8 pounds even at birth and was EBF until he was 2 months old.. I followed the care instructions to a T and when he hit about 4 months I noticed they started leaking on the sides. So I adapted and started changing him more often.. Then that made no difference, because they started leaking from the front of the crotch.. I thought ok, maybe he needs to have it sized differently.. (Which sizing these diapers is a whole other issue) You have to practically take it apart to change the size and some of the elastics stretched more than others so each diaper had a different size because of it…I tried stripping them to no avail.. By the time he hit six months he was 23 pounds and they did not fit him even on the largest setting… I was furious.I talked to my husband and enough was enough.. I had ordered a BumGenius 4.0 while I was pregnant and found those to be much better. So I redid my stash with all BG 4.0 and never looked back. I wouldn’t order these again.. I will say though, they did contain poo pretty well and none of them have stains so that’s somewhat of a plus..UPDATE: I actually sold these to a friend of mine and her son is a teensy baby and she loves them. So it really depends on the size of the baby..

Ivy Carnegie, OK

Still on the fence about this one.

I still can’t decide if I like this diaper or not. I got 9 different diaper covers and pocket diapers, and I thought I would like this one more than I did. I actually prefer the BumGenius pockets better. I like the adjustment elastics on the legs of this one, the softness of the inside and outside, it feels like it’s very soft against my baby’s bottom, and I like all the color choices. On the other hand, the inserts seem to bunch up and don’t lie flat on the inside of the diaper, the open flap sometimes sticks out of the back, and it’s leaked on me a couple of times. It may have been user error, but I’m still going to play around with the leg elastic to see if it’s adjusted correctly. Overall, I’m going to give it more time if not I’ll probably pass it along to someone else.

Susan Confluence, KY

Love cloth diapering

I have been cloth diapering for 4 months now. Started when LO was about 2 weeks (after the cord fell off). I use bumgenius/fuzzybuns at night so that she can sleep through longer. Fuzzybuns(FB) is a trimmer fit than bumgenius, but the insert on bumgenius is easier to use – hence the 4 star for FB. I love both. With 30 prefolds + 2 diaper covers + 9 pocket diapers, I end up washing every 2-3 days. With kushies diaper linerKushies Flushable Biodegradable Diaper Liners, 100 Sheets, poo cleaning is a breeze. I was hesitant cloth diapering at first but I am completely loving it now. On the rare occasion that I end up using a disposable, it feels awful to have to throw it away knowing that it will make its way to a landfill and sit there for eons!

Maude Bryans Road, MD

FuzziBunz is good, but Flip is better

My wife and I decided to use cotton (pocket) diapers be we are both product designers and liked the features and economy the offered. So the first thing we did was to read a lot of reviews and talked to many people who all seem to contrasting views, so in the end we bought a few of each style diaper and tried them ourselves. The results:1. FuzziBunz (one size) these leaked on our newborn despite him being in weight range and trying all the possible settings. When I contacted FuzziBunz customer support I was told that “maybe he is too small” (despite being in the correct weight range). We also spent a lot of time adjusting all of the elastic points trying to find something that wasn’t too tight (leaving red marks on his legs) vs. leaking and just when we find it he would grow and we would start again.2. BumGenius (one size) these functioned pretty much the same as the FuzziBunz except that they don’t have all the elastic adjustments, which we thought was going to be a negative, but turned out to work better than we thought. The pad inserts were also a little bigger than the FuzziBunz which gave them a bigger look (to an already big looking diaper)3. Flip (one size) When I was at the store there looked like the worst one because it didn’t have all the bells and whistles of the other pocket diapers, and really just looked like a shell for the insert. And as it turns out this is our favorite for just that reason. Unlike FuzziBunz and BumGenius pocket diapers with the sewn in polar fleece liner the Flip can be reused several times before washing. That is because it IS just a shell for the liner. So as long as the soil is only on the liner and either does not soak through or you rinse it off you can simple put a clean liner in and reuse it. This is not the case 100% of the time, but more often than not you can. This also makes it much easier to change and keep him in cloth when on the go, and we’ve not tried them, but you can also get disposable liners for the Flip.Bottom Line:Everyone is different and has different likes/needs in products, but for us the Flip is by far the best product for how we live. If you can afford it I would encourage you to buy at least 1 of each product and try it for yourself, as well as looking on Criagslist for used ones that you might try first before making the investment in 8-10 of the ones you like.You can also look on Youtube for many videos on how to sew your own liners from fabric available at most fabric stores, but I found the cost in materials to be not much of a savings of just buying them. And frankly, once the kid arrives sewing is about the last thing you have time for!

Pearl Lancaster, IL

Fit well

These fit just as well as a BG. The insert fits inside the lining well. Softer than the BG inserts.

Francisca Lytle Creek, CA

Smaller than expected

These are tiny compared to the bumGenius diapers. They are so soft which I love, but they are not going to fit up to 45lbs! He’s 18lbs now and they seem snug.

Georgina Kurten, TX