FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper, Aqua, Size Medium 15-30 lbs

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper, Aqua, Size Medium 15-30 lbs

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Cloth Diapers – Simply snap to a perfect fit every time. No extra adjustment needed. Stuff and go convenience. Durable snaps make for a long lasting investment. A tried and true award winning brand.

Main features

  • No leaks no rash no waste
  • Multi-Award winning product
  • Trusted by Parents for 10 years
  • Fashionable and Trendy
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Verified reviews


GREAT Cloth Diapers

I love these diapers! I use Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz, and I love both of them! These are cute, too.Pros:- No cover needed – all-in-one- Because of the pocket, skin is kept drier when the diaper is soiled- Pocket can be stuffed with prefolds for extra absorbency- Easily washed & dried- Size is somewhat adjustable- No skill or practice requiredCons:- Initially quite pricey (as tends to happen with the All-in-Ones)- Because the pocket keeps the baby’s skin drier, it is more difficult to tell when the diaper is soiled without taking it off (I’m not sure if this is really a con or not…probably not, actually)- Entire diaper must be washed when soiled- Size is not entirely adjustable, so several sizes must be purchased throughout babyhood

Adela Concrete, WA

Happy With My Choice

I’ve been using fuzzi bunz perfect size diapers since my daughter was a few weeks old and grew big enough to fit into the small size (at about 7-8 lbs). I had agonized over what kind of diaper to use and eventually chose these. I opted for “perfect fit” because I wanted a snugger fit on my petite baby and because I just wasn’t sure I would like cloth enough to use it for an entire childhood, so I figured I’d just take care of the first months and then reevaluate. My baby is now 4.5 mo old and getting big enough for the next size up (she has very chubby thighs), so I’m reevaluating, and I’m going to order Fuzzi Bunz again.First things first: cloth diapers are wonderful. I was skeptical. I thought they’d be a lot of work and a lot of stink, but they’re not. I wash diapers every other day. I don’t consider it a burden. It’s not gross yet, either, as I am still exclusively nursing.Here’s my breakdown of the fuzzi bunz perfect fit for the first 4 months of diapering:Pros:Convenience — I never run out of diapers. Ever. I find laundry much easier than buying disposables all the time. (If you didn’t have a washer and dryer, then this might not be true for you.)Cost — do an online search for “diaper cost calculator” and put in your numbers. I’m saving about $1000 using fuzzi bunz instead of disposables on this baby (including all laundering cost). Just wait until I reuse them for a second baby! Traditional prefolds would be cheaper yet, but I think this is pretty good for a product that feels expensive up front.Design — Snaps are awesome. I prefer them to velcro. I much prefer them to pins. I find these to be quite dummy-proof.Blowouts — I’ve only had two major blowouts the entire four months I’ve been using these diapers. With disposables, I’d had many more, and I only used them for a couple of weeks!Style — The colors are so cute. I love the way these diapers look poofy and colorful on the baby’s bottom. They look like those little diaper covers that come with baby dressesHealth — My baby rarely gets diaper rash in these. When she does, it is generally cured simply by giving her a bath withCetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, For all skin types, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)and a fresh diaper afterwords.Environment — For the first few weeks of having a baby, we used disposables. Our trash exploded from 1 bag a week to 3. We’re back down to one bag a week with cloth. Sure there’s laundry, but I think even with that consideration, this has got to be better than producing, shipping, and throwing away so many disposables.Cons:Laundry — You have to be religious about doing your laundry on time. I have 18 diapers which gives me about 48 hours. That’s not bad, but you can’t just ignore it!Bulk — I don’t find it difficult to use cloth diapers when out and about, but I do find them bulky. My diaper bag is huge if I go out for the day. Also, baby clothes always stop fitting in the butt/crotch first because they’re not build for such big diapers.Leaking — These don’t leak much, but they do leak sometimes. Most often, it’s urine leaking because I’ve let her go to long without changing or because a bit of the microfiber insert is sticking out and wicking into her clothes.Breaking — 1 of my 18 diapers did have a rubber band snap inside of it after the warranty ran out. I haven’t fixed it yet because my sewing machine is down, but I will someday.Drying — The microfiber inserts soak up a ton of liquid, which is GREAT, but they also take forever to dry and stick to anything cotton like glue with crazy static cling! If you’re doing diapers-only in the drier, then it doesn’t matter, but I wash my flannel wipes with my diapers.Tips and tricks:I wash withCharlie’s Soap Powder – 2.64 lb Bag (80 Loads). It works very well. I run a cold rinse without anything, then a hot wash with high agitation and a heaping scoop of Charlie’s, then a cold rinse. I tumble dry on low heat, or dry in the sun. It has to be a VERY hot and sunny day to dry the microterry inserts in any timely fashion, so plan accordingly.You’re not supposed to use any ointments or salves on the baby’s bottom with cloth diapers lest you clog up or coat the diaper with water repellent, oily buildup. Most of the time this is not an issue as your baby isn’t as likely to get rash in cloth, but every once in a while it’s bound to happen. When my daughter did get a bad diaper rash (after I ate something that didn’t agree with her), I cleaned her and slathered her bum withAquaphor Baby Healing Ointment, 14 Ounces (396 g) (Pack of 2), and I used a flannel wipe (you could also use a rag of any sort) to keep the ointment off the diaper. It seems to have worked well both for her bum and for the diaper.When these diapers leak, they do it in one of two ways which allows you to troubleshoot a bit. When my baby was small, they’d leak around the thighs. Every time I put the diaper on, I’d slide a finger along the thigh and make sure the elastic was snug, no gaps. This helped a lot. Other times, the microfiber insert slips up the back and seeps urine onto her clothes. To minimize this, just check that the colorful and waterproof outer layer completely contains all of the soft, white parts of the diaper. This will help you avoid leaks.That’s it! Sorry this is so long, but I hope it helps some of you other parents decide what type of diaper to buy and how to best manage it if you choose this kind!*UPDATE* I’m still using fuzzy buns on my 1-year-old, and I’m still happy with my choice, however I have changed my washing routine. The Charlie’s Soap eventually built up in my diapers, and they started to smell very strongly of urine, even after washing. Charlie’s is a good choice if you have SOFT water (you probably do if you live on the West Coast), but it isn’t compatible with my hard water. Rather than adjust my local water chemistry with an inline softener or borax in every load, I switched to Country Save (a similar washing powder), and I also use an oxyclean soak once a week before washing as a preventative measure. Diapers are back to smelling nice and clean, and the oxyclean takes out every last stain.

Aurora Yosemite National Park, CA

very good diaper, but size up your child’s clothes!

I’ve used the sizes small and medium, from the time my son grew out of newborn size disposables to now, age 15 months. I have not tried any other type of cloth diaper. I use some disposables as well (at night, for example).WHAT I LIKE:-They work well. No leaks, blowouts, etc. Very absorbent and they catch all the poo. The poo seems not to spread as much because of the fleece. My baby was exclusively breastfed the first 6 months of using these diapers. Now that he eats regular food, I use a flushable diaper liner to help catch the poo. It bunches in the diaper (as it would in any diaper) but still does a decent job.-Soft against my baby’s bottom.-Easy to maintain and clean. Quick rinse cycle followed by hot wash, tumble dry or line dry to save energy. It only takes a couple minutes to restuff the diapers once they are dry.-Easy to change the diaper. They seem less messy to me, because more of the poop sticks to the diaper instead of being spread all over your baby. Super easy to pull out the insert and drop the two pieces in the pail. The snaps are easy to use, and very secure.-Less waste, less buying. I hate the mounds of garbage produced with disposables. I love that I never have to run out to the store because I’m low on diapers. I can just run a wash. And after a few months of use, these pay for themselves.WHAT I DON’T LIKE:-The fit. Plan to put your baby in clothes that are one size up from what s/he would wear with disposables, at least when the baby is small. The first few months this diaper’s crotch came practically to my son’s knees. Now that he’s a toddler it’s not as much of an issue, but he still has a “bubble butt.” The liner isn’t all that bulky, but the pocket is puffy. This is mostly an aesthetic problem, but it can be a practical problem too if you ever want to switch to a disposable while you’re out or for a nap – the clothes that you had on your child won’t fit. You almost need two options for bottoms each day if you switch back and forth with disposables.-The opening where you stuff the insert in does not have a flap to cover it. If you don’t put the diaper on properly (check to make sure the insert is fully inside the pocket), you will have wicking onto clothes. This could be a problem if you have other care givers change the diaper who don’t know how to do it correctly. Other pocket diapers have a flap to cover the opening; however I wonder if that makes it messier to pull out the insert after a poop?BOTTOM LINE: Gets the job done and very user-friendly, but the puffiness and bulkiness can be a problem. I’m going to purchase some other brands for comparison, to try to find one that works as well but with a trimmer fit. I wish I had done that before stocking up on Fuzzibunz. BTW I work with 12 diapers for my toddler and wash every other day, although I use a disposable at night.

Effie Farwell, MN

Perfect for twins!

I love FuzziBunz fit for perfect size. My twins are not born yet but I did get to test out the absorbency. The held up great with 5oz+ of liquid, and after 5 minutes of settling in you couldn’t feel any wetness on skin at all. I plan on having 16(32) perfect size for each baby so I am getting a little at a time and hope to get more for my shower. I also plan on having a total of 24 one size FuzziBuns and about 15 other brands. For an extra small this is the best thing out there.

Tracie Frankfort, KS

Soft, but always leaked

We bought a variety of cloth diapers to use with our newborn. We are not new to cloth diapering as we diapered our oldest in cloth until she potty trained. We used the one size Fuzzibunz for my oldest without any problems. However, we didn’t start until she was 10 weeks. We bought this diaper to try and did not like it. The insert was difficult to get in. It leaked almost every time we used it. And my daughter seemed to outgrow it by one month old at 10 lbs. It was, however, soft. I would not purchase this again for a newborn.

Ana Goessel, KS

Don’t waste your money, sooo leaky

I have purchased Fuzzibunz, Thirsties, Bumgenius, Bummis, Charlie Banana, ebay and etsy made diapers, Swaddlebees, Grovia, and more. The two worst hands down are these and the Charlie Banana. The cheap chinese diapers I bought off ebay for $4 (I kid you not) were better. These leak terribly. Don’t waste your money.

Jannie Kirkland, IL

Our favorite cloth diaper!

We have used prefolds with thirsties covers, thirsties all-in-ones, FuzziBunz One-size… but the FuzziBunz Perfect Size are by far our favorite! Here’s why we like them:1) Easy to use (stuff them in advance so they’re ready to go!)2) Easy to wash3) Don’t stain easily4) Soft and comfy for baby (soft fleece lining)5) Nice bright colors6) Durable snaps!7) Very absorbent8) Contain messes much better than disposables!My husband wasn’t originally sold on the whole cloth diaper thing, but he actually liked these diapers! They’re pretty self-explanatory so it was easy to show babysitters and other caregivers how to use them (not true for prefolds!). I find these to be more absorbent and fit a little better than the FuzziBunz OneSize, though those are more adjustable so they may work better for some babies. My son is small for his age and started out with skinny legs but now has some decently chunky thighs and these diapers still fit him well. Unfortunately his daycare won’t use cloth so we’re switching to disposables now… but I wouldn’t hesitate to use these diapers again for a future child!Edited to add: The diapers are in nearly new condition after several months of use and washing at least every other day. Also, the company has excellent customer service. We had one diaper (a one-size, which is not the product in this review) that the stitching started coming undone… I simply filled out a form on their website and uploaded pictures of the problem and they mailed me a new diaper!

Elva Edgewood, IL

Nothing special

Nothing special at all, it’s nice but the Alva Baby diapers I am currently buying are only $5 and just as nice. I can’t say that either are made in nice places under nice working conditions but I can’t afford $30 homemade diapers!!

Billie Foreman, AR

trims and perfect

This diaper was the one of the few pockets/AIOs that fit my newborn perfectly and right away. A month into wearing it and now at 10lbs, it still fits perfectly. No problems with leaks. One gripe (since I’m sure someone may wonder): the pocket is a tad trim as well, and the inner lining of the pocket seems squeaky (not tacky) after washing, so stuffing is a pain because it certainly doesn’t get stuffed in one fell swoop. It takes effort.

Catherine Vanderbilt Beach, FL

glad I stuck with these–bought used ones

I don’t know if these are the best cloth diapers out there, but they work well enough for us. I put them on our 6lb 14 oz newborn and they were way too big, leaked, etc, but we just put up with it until she grew into them at around 8lbs (1 month old-ish?). I also used some bummis shells+ GMD prefolds which fit perfectly (and so leak proof!) but left her feeling “wet” which to this day she doesn’t like.Now that she is 3 months old they fit really well and we’re happy with them. I bought all of mine used on ebay so it’s pretty cool that they’re still holding up for a 2nd baby! Sometimes I get overzealous with Charlie’s soap and have to do an extra rinse to keep them from leaking via residue.They keep poo nightmares in about as well as any diaper can. I notice that unlike disposables, they don’t send poo up her back when it gets crazy. If they leak, it’s always from the legs (which I prefer because then just pants need to be changed, not the whole outfit!)We’ve had no diaper rashes with these diapers 🙂

Brooke Hollow Rock, TN

Great diapers

I have been using these diapers for almost a year and love them.They are soft and durable.The color hasn’t faded.We use seventh generation detergent and wash them once a day. I have 12 and use around 7 a day (we practice Elimination communication).If we get a stain I use ecover stain remover.Once a week I take all the inserts and wash them in hot water with white vinegar. Do not use vinegar on covers because it will weaken the elastic.

Chelsea Harwood, MD

Not bad

When my son fit in this, he was still pooping often and these didn’t contain the mess too well (EBF, so not very solid).

Shannon Livermore, KY

Hubby’s favorite diaper!

My husbands favorite diaper because of their simplicity. Super easy to use and fit both of our kids perfectly! Fuzzi bunz are very trim because they are sized, but very absorbent. My son has been able to wear a small since he was 10 pounds and is STILL able to wear them at 25 pounds! Love the colors too 🙂

Nola Juncos, PR

so soft

I love fuzzibunz it’s soft and not bulky. I want more of these! They will be my #1 go to diaper!

Marcella Chokio, MN

Trimmest Cloth Diapers I Have Found

I thought about cloth diapers FOREVER before jumping in and trying them. With my first child, I was a disaster. I didn’t change him often enough, and it seemed like he was always wet. And none of his pants fit well because his butt was huge in the diaper. So second child I decided to skip it. With my 3rd, my older 2 were asking questions about recycling and landfill, so I felt ridiculous contributing to the 100 years it takes for a disposable to decompose in the landfill. So I gave it another try. This time internet research told me Fuzzi Bunz were the way to go.So once she was a medium size (she is 20 lbs), I bought some on super-sale. I washed them using their instructions and suggestions on soap, and you would just not believe how awesome they are. No rashes, not as bulky as the other brand, they have absolutely no smell, are incredibly soft, and are super easy to take care of. I bought enough for washing every 3 days. Now I am a SAHM so it is probably easier for me, but if you are looking for an alternative to disposable, consider FBs. They are the trimmest on the market, and really look cute on. She always gets compliments on them (they still show a bit out of the top of her stretch pants). Just buy pants a size up and you’ll be fine. I love these diapers!UPDATE: I am still using these 6 months later, and my only recommendation is to make sure you are using the 4-ply inserts. If you buy from an alternate vendor and you get the 3 ply (made in China and IMHO not absorbant at all) just email FB and they will send you 4 ply liners by Fed Ex, no charge. Their customer service is top on my list. You can tell 3-ply versus 4-ply by simply pulling at them with 2 hands.

Letha Fingal, ND

Great Diapers!

I love these! So far I only have three but I am ordering more soon. The inside is so soft and perfect for baby’s delicate skin. I have GroVia, Thirsties, gPants, and FuzziBunz and so far FuzziBunz is the softest out of all the other brands. I love the range of colors they come in too!EDIT: I have been using these diapers for a while now and I decided to edit my review. I have used the xsmall, small, and one size FB. I have several of them in different colors as well. The diapers fit great and the colors are even nicer in person than online. I do wish that they came in pretty prints like other diaper brands do. I know they have the diaper talk or whatever they’re called but those are cheesy in my opinion.I would not suggest using these or any other diaper with microfleece if you have very hard water. It is a huge pain in the butt to strip these types of diapers. In order to strip them you have to scrub Dawn dishwashing liquid into the nap of the diaper and inserts with a scrub brush to break down the pilling and the trapped detergent that makes the diapers repel liquids. I have hard water and mine started to repel after only 3 weeks of use, even though I followed the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to the letter. The FB were my favorite diaper until I tried Rumparooz. I still really like FB, especially the one size, but they are a real pain to strip. Even after stripping they still aren’t as absorbent as they once were.I do like that they come with snaps instead of velcro, unlike other diaper brands, as snaps are more durable.The xsmall is a huge pain to stuff, even though I have small hands. They are impossible for my husband to stuff. When he does it part of the insert is still hanging out the back of the diaper. Other sizes aren’t as difficult though. I like that the xsmall will fit a newborn baby, which is important for parents who want to start cloth diapering right from birth. I had no trouble getting them to fit my newborn only one day after birth.I think these are a good pocket diaper for what you pay. Rumparooz are my favorite, but these are a close second. No diaper is perfect, so I don’t mind putting up with a little inconvenience for the sake of my baby’s health and happiness.

Rachelle Chest Springs, PA

For 8 – 11 lbs

Very cute! My son did not fit into this diaper right away. It leaked every time we used it. As he got bigger, though, it became a perfect if. Now that he is 12 lbs, it started leaking again. Time to retire it. We have moved on to the smalls.

Deanna Copper Center, AK

We love fuzzi bunz!

These diapers are the best. I also love the one size from this company. They fit well, no leaks. We use a disposable liner and life is good. No more buy disposable diapers!!I am sad that I didn’t know about these sooner. Just started using them at 15 months.

Veronica Kress, TX

Best cloth diaper out there!

We’ve tried all types and brands of cloth diapers, and the FuzziBunz Perfect Fits are our favorites! I like that they are very trim in comparison to other bulkier pocket diapers. They are easy for my husband and mother to use – really any one to use, since all you have to do it take it off and throw it in the washer. I don’t even have to take the soiled insert out because it pops out in the first prewash cycle. They also fit well, and we’ve never had a leak. My son is 6 months and we’re already on size medium, but I guess the price you pay for the trimness and fit is having to size up every 3-6 months.

Mayra Saint Bonifacius, MN

Great Color, Fast Service, Love the cover!! Size was “One Size” (Not Large)

I love the cover, and I adore the color. The picture doesn’t do the color justice, it is so rich! It is a "One Size" cover and fit 6-30+ pounds. My baby is over 20 pounds and I was hoping the cover would be larger than the "One Size" FuzziBunz cover I already had, but it is exactly the same size. The package even says "One Size" but there is an after market sticker that says large on the back. It is not large. But I love it anyway. These FuzziBunz pocket diapers are really nice and keep my baby dry all night long with two inserts. The new inserts are not as thick as the old ones, but I have plenty of the old inserts and they fit great. I am glad to have two of these for night time so I have one on hand when the other is in the wash. Overall, I am glad to have made this purchase.

Evangeline Maceo, KY

My baby is awesome, these diapers are awesome, the planet is awesome, I am awesome

I wish I had figured out the above with our first child. Zero rashes, no blowouts, easy to care for, better for the environment. I went with sized fuzzi bunz because I like the trim fit better than the one size and I had heard bad things about bum genius velcro wearing out. A lot of people who cloth diaper treat it like a hobby with lots of styles and the “collect them all” mentality. Not me– I want one thing that works and this is it. I use one disposable at night because I don’t want to bother coming up with a perfect night time solution and I’ll use 7th gen when we travel too. I bought about half used and bought some new too. When the baby grows out of these I’ll resell them for half price. Almost free diapers! They really retain their value.We live in an apartment building and don’t have access to fancy rinse cycles so I wash once with a bit of Charlie’s Soap (hot) and then wash once with some white vinegar (hot) to make sure the soap rinses out. The vinegar helps any odors go away which can be a problem with synthetic diapers (but not mine). I’ve never needed to strip. The key is wash every other day or two and use very little soap so you don’t get detergent buildup.

Sharlene Newton, WV

Soft, easy to wash, but a bit big

I love the fuzzibunz cloth diapers as they are really easy to wash and dry very quickly. I ordered XS and S for my baby to try out the sizes. XS has fit her from 7-11 lbs so far and she still has at least a few more pounds before we go up to size S. I tried the size S on her last week (while just at 11 lbs) and it really was too big. It says 7-18 lbs but I think it would be way too big on a baby under 10 lbs.The Watermelon color is really fun – a nice bright red.Also, the insert that goes into the diaper was a bit narrow in this diaper so we had a little leakage.

Genevieve Bakerstown, PA

Great overnighter, baby stays dry

Along with a second insert for overnight, this is a great diaper. We wash it out in the morning and hang to air dry. It’s ready to go again that evening. The fit is great for a toddler with larger thighs. Snaps stay fastened. Only minor leaking once or twice after heavy wetting in 6 weeks of use. We use regular birdseye prefolds with hemp or Zorb inserts. We will move up to the XL size for sure after the newer style is available.

Amanda Cullman, AL

I love cloth diapers, but FuzziBunz leaked

I’ve used several brands of cloth diapers over two years, and I had the most problems with these.I bought 3 new FuzziBunz, and they all leaked through the legs every time I used them. They do run large, but they leaked even when my baby grew into them.My daughter is thin, so these may work better with chubbier babies. My favorite stay-dry diaper has been BumGenius.On the positive side, FuzziBunz diapers are very well-made and have a great resale value.

Norma Nellis Afb, NV

Almost as easy as disposable

We’ve tried a few different cloth diapers, and this has been the winner as far as ease of use and no leaking. My husband, of course, can’t be bothered with them, so I just use a few a day, and these are perfect for that. They are simple to put on and easy to remove. I like the fact that you don’t have to touch the pee-soaked cloth diaper or anything like that. I just throw the whole thing in the washer (no presoak or anything) unless there’s a big mess. With a breastfed baby, even the poop comes out pretty easy. We have some leaking with the others, and none with these so far. I change the baby every 2 hours or sooner if he poops. Right now, he’s 13 lbs and these fit great. I also used them with my daughter until she was about 6 months old — so even the small stretches for awhile. I just ordered more because buying diapers every week is killing us! 🙂

Rosemarie Blissfield, MI

Strange Fit

I really wanted to love these. I ordered two in the small size before my baby was born and waited until he was 3 weeks old and almost 9 lbs before I tried them on. Both diapers leaked. Despite the fact that they have leg snaps, they are still too big around the legs for my almost 10 lb baby. He will outgrow them in weight before his legs will fit in them well, even on the lowest snap settings. It’s too bad because they are super trim and I love the colors.

Adela Orange Beach, AL

Great for sensitive bottoms

These cloth diapers are great! They don’t leak very often, you just have to make sure everything is tucked in well(especially the back, make sure no white is showing).They last a LONG time, I am on my third child and still using the same ones that I bought with my first child. The reason I buy more, is that as I have more children, I am becoming even more confident using cloth diapers. It was a little scary at first, and I used a cloth(home) and disposible(out&about;) combo.You can use just about anything in a pinch for inserts; prefolds, doublers, even a receiving blanket. I took a trip and decided to use the inserts right next to baby’s skin instead of tucking it inside, so I could use the outside diaper several times and it didn’t dirty unless there was a BM.Colors are fun, they are always trendy, even 6 years later.They are great for sensitive bottoms. As long as you check baby often, you don’t get diaper rash. Two of mine have extremely touchy skin, and they only disposibles I can use are Earth’s best or 7th Gen., so I mostly use cloth, and these are definately the choice over 3 other cloth brands!

Yvonne Hartshorne, OK

Chubby Babies Love FuzziBunz!

Chubby Babies Love FuzziBunz! Well, mine does anyway. I was skeptical about using cloth diapers. However, after tirelessly seeing my son’s bottom pink – everytime – I opened his diaper, I thought I would give it ago. My Husband asked “Aren’t you putting his stuff on him?” My response was…. “I shouldn’t have to put ‘stuff’ on him. Cloth diapers solved the redness issue.I’m not going to lie, the process is kind of gross at times. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would look forward to poop. However, after trying a few different brands, I can say this is the only one we have not had a ‘blow out’ with. My son is in the 95th percentile. At this point he is about 25 pounds and nearly 30 inches. He has very chunky thighs. I’m talking, the chunkiest (most adorable) thighs I have ever seen on a baby.I did try other brands and none of them seem to fit. They were all very snug and I knew they were not going to ‘grow’ with us into potty training. As far as cleaning and the aftermath… I have a separate laundry basket for the diapers. I put them into a pillow case and leave them in their own laundry basket. FYI – after sitting in the pillow case, the moisture will seep out so do not leave them on the floor. We have found that a laundry basket works best. I run the whole load on a cold soak (I didn’t even know what that was until we started cloth diapering – You most likely have that cycle.) You may have to manually switch it to ‘rinse’. After the soak/rinse cycle, I run them on hot and with Tide Free (White bottle with no perfumes/dyes). Toss them in the dryer and you’re good. NO fabric softener. I have read that this will cause the moisture to not wick away from their skin. But there is an easy fix for that. Google for the Dawn Ultra Stripping instructions or check the FB website.As for the liners, the liners that come with the diaper is sufficient. My guy is a heavy wetter most of the time. Joeyz Hemp Liners are also great and I did try them, but I’ve not had an issue with the standard issued liners so we have stuck with them. We also don’t smell poopy diapers. My guy doesn’t complain if he is poopy, just if he is wet. So it’s a surprise, if you will, when it’s time to change.I would highly recommend these. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the Apple Green seem to run a tad bigger. I don’t know if it’s the particular stock, but had I figured that out sooner, I would have ordered all 13 in Apple Green! I can definitely see these lasting into potty training. Good Luck. There are lots of options to run with, but I personally have found these to be the most convenient, economical and logical method for doing this. I wish I had started sooner, but it is what it is.Good Luck and I hope this review helps a bit as I know it was confusing and frustrating in trying to figure all of this out! I did post another review somewhere on here about these diapers, but I couldn’t find it so I wrote another. If you are able to find it, it talks about the different brands we tried.

Esperanza Maupin, OR

Ok diaper

I just bought one to see how it compares to Charlie Bananas. It’s okay but I prefer the CBs for size and fit. I do like the rear pocket for the liner (only came with one) and it held up well considering she soaked it pretty well.

Brandi Kasson, MN

Work great for night time

I have bought several Fuzzibunz pocket diapers in the large 25-40 lbs for my son to wear at night. I double up on the inserts. The diaper is much larger than my son’s bum (he has been using this size since 1 year and is now closer to two) and work great for preventing night time leaks. A good deal price wise when compared to other cloth diaper brands.

Octavia Monument, CO