FuzziBunz Wonder Wipes, 10 Pack

FuzziBunz Wonder Wipes, 10 Pack

The perfect accessory to your FuzziBunz diapers, reusable wipes that clean up big messes easily, gently and wash up right with your diapers saving you even more money on your diapering routine.

Main features

  • Reusable wipes that clean up big messes easily
  • Gently and wash up right with your diapers saving you even more money on your diapering routine

Verified reviews


Not terrible, but not awesome

I bought these wipes because I was grossed-out by the idea of poo soaking through the wipe onto my hand. On this front, the wipes perform. They contain the mess. However, I’m disappointed with the way they washed up. The jersey-knit side shrunk way more than the fleece side. As a result, the wipes no longer lay right or fold nicely. I wind up stacking them flat in a basket. I’m definitely a believer in cloth wipes as long as I’m washing the diapers, but not sure I’d go with this brand again.

Terra Finksburg, MD

Just OK

As far as wipes go, I don’t think I need much as long as I don’t have to use more than one wipe at a time. So these wipes get the job done. However, they’re not very soft, and not very absorbent. I prefer the Grovia wipes for softness, but so far no wipes I’ve tried (including the fuzzibunz) seem to hold up in the dryer. These wipes curl up and pill very badly, and it seems they even get less soft after every wash. I wouldn’t recommend these because basically you’re paying a lot for a few cut-up squares of cloth and it’s really not worth it.

Rene Haysi, VA

Great choice for cloth wipes

I’ve been using these wipes for more than eight months, and they still wash up nice and soft. They seem durable and soft on baby’s bottom. Much easier to clean up messes than compared with disposable wipes, plus, I”m not throwing money away every time I use one!

Emma Manderson, SD

Good cloth wipe

I like this wipe more than mosts and recommend it. I only give it 4 stars as the cloth can be somewhat stiff and not as easy to use as my Grovia ones (my favorite). Still a good cloth wipe.

Nannie South Gate, CA

Not great

We used these when my son was born, and ended up replacing them within 6 months. The fleece pilled up, and the cotton on the other side was rough. He was screaming through changes. They also fell apart rather quickly. They just didn’t work for us.

Olive Westlake Village, CA

Soft and thick!

I was nervous to order these as some of the reviews seemed iffy…but I am happy I did! These are so soft, thick, and a nice size! I bought 3 packs to start and will but more if needed. Give them a try, I was not disappointed

Sonia West Newbury, MA

Best wipes ever!

I had bought these wipes before, so this time it was a no brainer and I just wanted to increase my stash. One wipe is all you need to clean a messy diaper change. After I tried them, I was like…. why the heck have I been using disposable wipes all this time???? never again!

Robbie North, VA