FuzziBunz Zippered Diaper Tote, White

FuzziBunz Zippered Diaper Tote, White

Forget the ziplock that has to be thrown in the trash our zippered totes contain messy diapers while out and about and you can wash it right along with your diapers.

Main features

  • Secure and convenient way to store your soiled diapers when on the go
  • Can also double as storage for wet swimsuits or dirty clothes
  • Can be easily washed with diapers
  • Daycare friendly
  • 1 year warranty

Verified reviews


Looks Good!

I haven’t used the bag yet since I haven’t started with the disposable diapers but the bag looks great. It is well made and looks exactly like the picture. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because it is still unused at this point.

Bette Coulters, PA

Ok, better ones out there….

I ordered this in buttercream and was a bit disappointed. The color was more yellow that I pictured and just not a nice creamy color. It seems ok quality wise, but for the price and size there are deff better ones out there. Keep looking…

Sonja Kalaupapa, HI

Amazing multi use bag

This bag is great. It’s made out of the same stuff the fuzzy bunz diaper covers are made out of. Cloth on the outside, waterproof lining on the inside. It hold about 5 medium perfect size diapers. I bought two. It’s great for wet swim clothes and all sorts of things.

Ruthie Wolf Creek, OR

Not as expected.

Not as expected. Its just a bag. Doesnt keep smells in. A plastic grocery bag would have worked just as well.

Lillian Destin, FL

slim yet waterproof

I love how thin this bag is yet still waterproof. It has worked great as a cloth diaper accessory. Good bag.

Odessa Bodega Bay, CA

Great for wet anything

I first started using this just for diapers, then bought a second one for wet clothes and swimwear. Washes great. After two years it still looks brand new.

Tabitha Latexo, TX

Keeps it in

Great bag. I use it for dirty fuzzy buns when I go out and my daughter needs to be change. Keeps the dirty diaper smell in and looks great. made well.

Stacie Dunreith, IN

Love it!

I love this tote – I have two, so if one is dirty, another is ready to go. No leaks, and fits at least 5 dirty diapers. I took two of these totes on a weekend trip, and they were definitely full but it worked out well. Washes easily with the diapers.

Christina Troy, IN

Does the job.

I’ve been using this bag for a few months now and I can say that it does the job. The zipper is easy to open and close without being too loose, it easily holds five used diapers and wipes, and the PUL keeps odors in. I’ve washed and dried it several times with my diapers and haven’t had any issues.

Deirdre Mappsville, VA

Terrible construction and it LEAKS!

I would not recommend this wet bag to anyone! Within a month or two of using it, the zipper came off its track. My husband repaired it, but we keep having the same problem. Also, the bag has leaked. We use the Planet Wise bag daily for our daycare and have no problems with it. I purchased another Planet Wise bag to use when the other is in the wash. I’ve also had problems with the hanging diaper pail bag leaking out the bottom and did not like the way their wipes shrank unevenly on the two sides. I love my FuzziBunz diapers, but their accessories are terrible! I will never again purchase anything from them except diapers. Also, I tried contacting their customer support and received no response to my post. (They no longer list a customer service phone number on their website.)Please read the reviews…I can’t believe people giving this 4 stars before they ever use it!

Lorraine Truro, IA

Great for cloth diapering and beyond!

I got this in apple green and I really like it. I put mandarin/tangelo oil on the pad inside and it actually makes my whole purse smell good. I have used plastic grocery bags and ziplock bags and they get STINKY, especially on a hot day when the car is really cooking in the sun. This bag is WAY better- I’ve had diapers in this bag for hours in the car on outings and even on hot days and it was not odorous. It’s a good size, you can stuff at least 4-6 cloth diapers in it.*Update* I have had this bag for a year now, washed and dried it multiple times, and it looks good as new. My toddler has potty trained but this is the one cloth diapering item I’ve held on to because it is perfect for holding dirty clothes in case of an occasional accident. It folds up and smooths down to almost nothing- I carry it and a change of my child’s clothes in my purse all the time just in case. It is so handy, and I can just throw it in the wash. This has been a SUPER useful product beyond cloth diapering.

Mary Stinnett, KY

Perfect for Diaper Bag

it’s a great size, great price and does the job. never had a smell issue, actually, i forgot that i had a diaper in it so i had to rush to get the bag out of the diaper bag when i ran my cloth diapers in the wash later that day.

Janell Munford, TN