Galt Playnest – Farm

Galt Playnest – Farm

From a school book seller in 1836 to a brand leader of quality developmental and creative products for children in 2009, Galt maintains a brand heritage in the U.K. as illustrious as Elmer’s in the U.S. Galt toys are designed to meet each stage of a child’s development by encouraging learning through play. The award winning Soft Play range continues to expand, bolstered by the success of the innovative Playnest and Playnest & Gym. And the construction range of products features some classic favorites and some new, soon to be favorites. Galt products are rigorously tested against toy safety regulations and are quality controlled to meet the highest standard. Distributed in over 50 countries Galt is an excellent addition to Elmer’s robust specialty toy offering. For children age 0 and up. For a baby’s rest and play. This is a fabric covered inflatable ring. The ring supports baby during play. The fabric textures and sounds are there for the baby to explore. Soft safe and washable.

Main features

  • Quality controlled to meet the highest standard
  • Galt products are rigorously tested against toy safety regulations
  • The fabric textures and sounds are there for the baby to explore
  • For a baby’s rest and play
  • This is a fabric covered inflatable ring the ring supports baby during play

Verified reviews


Great Product

I bought this for my son when he was just a few months old. He loved it. It has a lot of different textures along the sides to keep him occupied. The only "negative" is that it can only be used for a few short months before your child outgrows it.

Felecia Cannelton, WV

Bright and fun but BEWARE!

This can be a suffocation hazard toy, it is a plastic inflatable toy, do not use unsupervised. Our boy is still small but he sits up on his own but he slumped down where he was on his side inside of the ring, he managed to get his body stuck on his side down inside of the ring, so he could not stretch or roll out of it. He was stuck, ( in a 1/2 circle shape) thank god I was there when it happened. So Not recommended for smaller babies in size.On THE POSITIVE, HE LOVES IT! LOVES COMFY FEELING OF IT THE GREAT COLORS AND TEXTURES! That is why I gave it 2 stars

Allyson Roscoe, MT

Great Playring!

This is absolutely fantastic. Provides back support for very young ones and keeps them contained so they can play safely.

Francisca Tererro, NM


I bought this for my son when he was learning to sit up. He could sit up for the most part, but would fall forward sometimes…this was the perfect solution. Anyway, after he got to where he didn’t need any protection while sitting up I deflated it, shoved it in the closet, and figured i would bring it out for baby number two.Well, one day while my hubby was at work my son was driving me absolutely nuts. He was about 11 months old, not quite walking yet, and was not interested in ANY of the toys he had for some reason. I went upstairs into his closet thinking I may find something newer and novel for him, and I grabbed the playnest. BEST IDEA EVER!!! He LOVES this thing and is 11 months old- he loves diving in and out of it, pushing up on it, throwing things into it, reading in it, watching tv in it…he just loves it. I cant say that enough!I also babysit my friend’s daughter three days a week. She is two months older than him and walking. She loves it too, and she is 13 months old. I really can not say enough good things about this product.We have had it out for about three weeks now and both my son and my friends daughter still love playing in it.

Petra Fate, TX

Helps my Baby sit up

My daughter received this as a gift for Christmas. She was 3 months at the time. When she first got it she was a little small. She was able to lounge back against the wall but there was not much else she could do. When she was about 5-6 months old that changed. Now it helps her sit up. She has trouble sitting in her bumbo seat because there is too much room on the sides but not with the playnest. She is able to move her legs out to the side to help support herself. She love to sit and play with several toys at a time. Everything stays in the nest where she can reach it. There are no more screams of frustration when her ball rolls away or when she drops a toy.

Beverly Columbus, NE

A must have and very versatile! My twins love it

This was a huge hit with both of my twins. I usually give them a toy to play with while they are in it. Now they are almost 8 months and they like to play with the stuff on the sides. It’s great for working on sitting too. They prefer this over the bumbo. When they are not yet sitting, this can still prob them up pretty good. It’s nice too because you can deflate it and take it super easy to travel. This is one of those must have’s that I purchased and don’t regret. If I had more space around my house I would have bought 2!

Corine Bouton, IA

So unique, I love this thing.

I’ll admit, I was laughed at by my family when a box came in the mail labeled baby playnest. I was asked why I had gotten a bird nest for my baby and so now it is referred to as the baby bird nest. I bought this when my baby was around five weeks old (She’s four months now) and I’ve sat her up against the side at first with a rolled up receiving blanket behind her for extra support. She loves to look at the bright colors and pictures on the edges of the nest, everything is beautifully illustrated and in wonderful detail. I didn’t buy the playnest and gym version of this toy because of bad reviews on it, but to make this into a playnest and gym I put a Bright Starts gym over the nest by sliding it between the mat and the arches, causing the arches to hang over the nest. inflating it is super easy, you can use a pump or an air compressor but I’ve just inflated it with my mouth and it only took about five minutes. Remember to put the tube inside the fabric part before inflating it. I really like the three dimentional details on the nest, the squeaky duck beak, the silky bucket, the fuzzy sheep’s back, the shiny crinckle wing and the big crinckly pig pen door. I actually like this over the Bumbo and other infant positioning seats for helping them to learn to sit up independently because it allows for more space for movement in a very safe space. If the baby flops over they are surrounded on all sides by squishy innertube. It’s nice to put a baby in something like this without confining them with straps and not having to worry that the child will get hurt or fall out.

Joni Boone, CO

The perfect container for your baby

So my baby was very frustrated when she was in that awkward "I don’t want to lay down but I don’t have the physical capacity to sit up yet" phase. It’s the phase I hit after 4 glasses of wine. She hit it at 3 months. I brought this with us everywhere we traveled, my dad found it hilarious, called it a baby container. This nest propped her up and gave me a break, she loved sitting in it I would haul it into the bathroom and I could take a shower. A shower! Thank you Galt, my husband thanks you as well. I was getting pretty desperate. And stinky. Once she got the knack of sitting up and crawling I stopped relying on it so heavily. But, still a nice spot for her to relax when she first wakes up, she’s 9 months now and she likes to look at the animals and recline in it. It looks so cozy, I want one in my size. It’s bright, colorful, very high quality fabric. This is a very well made and amazing product, those Germans, they know how to make nice things.

Jade Kittery Point, ME

Great concept, but not necessary

It’s fun b/c it’s colorful, but really an unnecessary baby product. If I had money to spend on frivolous things, this would be one of them. We used it partially inflated when our baby was unable to sit up. We put the play gym over it and then it was more useful. We got tummy time out of it too, but again, this could be accomplished without it, thus unnecessary.

Brenda Sumneytown, PA

Perfect for a few months

I loved this for my daughter starting at about 4 months because she loved it and it was supportive and portable. When she started sitting up this was perfect because I could let her sit up and not have to worry about her falling over and hurting herself. She also spent a lot of time looking at all the bright colors and the squeaking toy on there always got her attention. I stopped using it around 8 months when she started to crawl because she would spring herself out of it pretty easily.

Lenore Pierce City, MO

love it

baby just lOVES the colors and she is safe I dont have to worry with her falling over should I need to be hands free for a 4 yr old wants to put his toys in it and get in and use it as he personal space… great item.

Marisol Fullerton, NE