Garanimals – Inflatable Safety Baby Bathtub by Disney

Garanimals – Inflatable Safety Baby Bathtub by Disney

Winner – 2011 Seal of Approval – The National Parenting Center Parents shouldn’t dread the struggles of bath time; our inflatable safety bathtubs are equipped with all the bathing basics to wash more and worry less! The soft cushion material is comfortable for baby, while a back piece provides additional support parents need when washing. A water temperature display and large storage pockets make start to finish a breeze. When bath time is over, you can simply air dry with the included suction cup. Deflate for storage or family trips! Inflatable Garanimals Bathtub provides the perfect sized environment for little ones. The air cushioned tub includes a supportive back piece to help parents easily maneuver baby during the splish and splash session. The front of the tub includes two pockets to store and quickly access all bathing necessities. Attached hook allows you to easily hang to dry. Deflate for storage or travel.

Main features

  • Deflates for easy storage or travel
  • Supportive Back-and-Headrest for Easy Shampooing
  • Ribbed Base Provides Extra Support
  • Large Handy Storage Pockets for Soap, Shampoo or Washcloth
  • Recommended for children between six to 18 months

Verified reviews


Excellent bathtub… pain to clean

The bathtub is great and helped us a lot when our kid outgrew the baby plastic dub and decided that he doesn’t want to sit still in the big bathtub. It provides great cushioning for splashing and playing around and big enough to fit tightly into the regular bathtub. Anything bigger won’t fit already.My only problem is cleaning it – the “whole” in the front of the tub accumulated mold immediately and is virtually impossible to dry up. The slots between the sides and the floor are also always wet and pain to clean. Dirt gets accumulated on the Velcro that holds the pillow in place easily.However, it does the trick and allows us to wash the kid very easily and he likes it too. In general, I’d recommend it to anybody willing to take couple of minutes before each bath to clean the tub.

Jade Gratz, PA

Great but smaller than I expected!

I thought it’d be a little bigger, but it is wonderful! My daughter is not a big bath time person, she likes to splash but hates water getting on her head. She now squeals and plays and has fun in the big tub with her little one. There is no drain though, which can be frustrating if you give the baby a bubble bath, but this is great!

Natalie Bulger, PA

Durable little tub!

I bought this for my son after he out grew his infant tub, which didn’t take long! He Loved this from the beginning! He is a year old now and still fits comfortably in it. It doesn’t have a drain so you have to either scoop out the water until it is light enough to dump out or just dump it if you are able to. we store ours inflated face down on a towel to catch any water left over. The material is pretty durable. He leans over the side and hits his toys on it, etc and it has held up very well. I would definitely recommend this product.

Melva Big Bend, CA

Great tub

So I bought this when my son turned one and no longer fit in the infant tub. He really likes it and so far has held up well. My only complaint is that you need an air pump for this…don’t try to just blow it up with your mouth you will pass out first…also the temperature sticker on the bottom never works which is totally annoying! I mean it never reads any temp! Grrrrr

Jordan Ferdinand, ID

great for baby

My daughter refused to sit up on her own until she was 9 months, even though she could. She had out grown the infant tub, but because she wouldn’t sit up I couldn’t just put her in the tub, this was a great solution. She could recline a little bit and feel supported in the tub, if she slid, she was cushioned. This was perfect for her. She outgrew it long before the stated 24 months, but she is tall so that could be why. The only down side is there are a lot of different spots to inflate, be prepared to be out of breath!

Sonia Gilman, WI


I love this tub! I bought it because I was going to be staying with family while my husband closed on our house across the country. I wanted to be able to fold it up and pack it in my luggage, and figured even if it didn’t hold up, it was only $10. This tub is amazing! Easy to blow up, easy to fill, easy to empty, perfect size and my daughter (10 months) LOVES it. She’s been using it since she was 8 months old. The sides are nice and wide, so if she does slip (with me right there, of course) she doesn’t get hurt because she bounces right off of the sides. Don’t bother with an expensive tub, this thing is amazing!

Laurel South Tamworth, NH

Perfect for bath time

I inflated this Garanimals bath tub with an electric pump. No problems whatsoever. When u stick the pump adapter in one of the holes, it may feel like there’s someting obstructing the air flow. Trust me, it’s fine. That’s how it was designed. Just be patient and it’ll inflate. Don’t try to puncture anything. Even if your adapter doesn’t fit, just do your best to choose one closest to the size of the hole and use your fingers to prevent any air leaks.It’s been a month since I got it and inflated the tub, and it’s still going strong. The bottom is very comfortable and very supportive. My baby is 10 months old and enjoys bath time. He doesn’t use the monkey back support at all, so we might just remove it (it has a velcro on the back).This tub (like others similar to it) works great at transitioning from infant bath tubs. No fuss. What a relief! But every baby’s different. Hope it works out for everyone!

Maritza Crawford, NE

Useful item

We purchased this tub for our 28lb 12month old son who outgrew the baby tub. Should have done it much earlier! It is a bit longer than a baby tub and is definitely deeper. I did not think that my son was ready to transition to the big tub yet. But mainly, I did not want to fill up the big tub every night.The only negative is the inflatable pillow. It taked way too much room. We deflated it. It would have been nice if you could detach it alltogether.

Leta Interior, SD

Inflatable Tub

It is a bit difficult to get filled with air, we use an air pump and then have to finish it off by blowing it up ourselves. Once inflated it does not lose air and I love the water temperature gage. My son is only 6 months old and has no problem sitting up in it as long as we only put a little bit of water. He loves the colors of the tub and seems pretty comfy in it.

Adelaide Wheatfield, IN

Nice Bath

This is good. I like it because it comes as described. Nothing is missing from the features described. I recommend this anyday.

Bobby Dividing Creek, NJ


I bought this to use when my daughter outgrew her infant tub but before I was comfortable putting her just in the bathtub. It has worked perfectly and she loves it! I started using it when she was about 9 months and am still using it now at 11 months. She does tend to slide all over in it if I out more than an inch or 2 of water in it, but tgat’s realky all you need anyway. She loves it and it has worked very well!

Muriel Lawrence, MS


Good quality, deep and wide enough, easy to inflate. The only negative thing is- the back pillow is not detachable, you can lower it to the bottom, but not remove it completely. Pocket for the body wash is very nice, hold bottle very well. Great for temporary traveling and ah home use.

Terrie Jamestown, MI

Scary Monkey!

I liked it, my son (who was about 12 months when we bought this) DID NOT like this tub. While sitting in the tub he would turn around and look to see if the monkey face was there and then would burst into tears. The only way we could get him in the tub was to lay a hand towel over the scary monkey face. Eventually my son caught on and would take the towel, look and then cry. He was absolutely terrified of the monkey (he is a little creepy). Other than that, the tub itself was pretty awesome and we used it for awhile. We simply graduated from this one to no inflatable in the tub when he was about 15 months.

Rachel Dinwiddie, VA

great item

i bought this because my 1 year old needed something before just being in the regular tub. this item is fantastic !holds air and is very comfortable. he sits well in it.

Dorthy Altus Afb, OK

love love the bath tub and so does our baby!

Our baby loves bath time and the tub to. I love the temperature gauge on the bottom! It is shallow enough to be safe yet deep enough to hold baby in (while securing them of course). Would recommend to a friend for their little ones for sure.

Ina Sarahsville, OH

please be cautious…..very!!!!

I got this bathtub because the munchkin ducky got too small, and I found only this one at the local store. Yes its roomier, yes the baby likes it.,.. but..,.three times his little bottom slipped and almost got underwater, with both me and my husband being there. And yes, we are very cautious when it comes to the safety of our baby. This never happened with the munchkin one because it has a non slippery bottom. Why is it so hard to make two additional things to this tub.,,, a not slippery bottom and a drainer!?!? Really? Its that hard? One would think that being a baby product would make them consider the safety.if I was you, I would buy the munchkin one. This one is bad and possible hazard for the safety of the little one.

Manuela Fennimore, WI

Bath tub fun

So far so good! He loves it. Splash splash. The inside bottom is a bit slippery so we put a non slip pad in.

Augusta Capay, CA

It is useful!

I like it a lot compare with those plastic baby bath tub. The temp. scale is a major plus! It help a lot to test if the water is good temp. for our boy. The only problem is it slowly leaking air, so my husband need to refill some air in every couple weeks.

Rocio Sutherland, IA

Perfect for begining sitters!

The size is perfect for a regular size bath tub! And even if the baby wobbles from side to side the it seems that if they were to fall over they wouldn’t hit the hard tub. The bottom is not as all slippery when sitting in it.The only downfalls I have are that the front area where the soap holder is, is too wide to fit over the standard faucet to fill, and it you try to turn it around the monkey head rest takes up too much room to fill from the back. We fill the regular tub up with clean water and then scoop in into the blow up tub with bubbles. It also does not have a bottom plug to drain it so you have to dump it each time.Also the suction cup broke off after repeated use but that’s not too big of deal. The temperature reader works at first but my son was able to get off very easily.

Chandra Reed Point, MT