Gate Check Bag for Umbrella Strollers

Gate Check Bag for Umbrella Strollers


Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • 1.25″ high
  • 4.75″ wide
  • Use it to protect umbrella strollers from dirt and germs
  • Drawstring closure and adjustable lock
  • Ensure this item fits your stroller, check the compatibility chart below in Technical Specification section below.
  • Compact travel pouch measures 4.5″ by 1.5″ by 7″
  • To ensure that this item fits your stroller, check the compatibility chart below in Technical Specification section below.

Verified reviews


Pro traveler thinks this product is stupid

I am a pro traveler. I make it through security juggling my baby, stroller, carseat, breast milk, laptop, and diaper bag faster than most people do just dealing with their adult self. I would never buy this product. It will just slow you down and make the boarding process inconvenient for yourself and your fellow travelers.Here’s how gate checks work: you bring stroller and/or carseat through security to the gate to get tagged. Supposedly you would have baby in stroller in the airport. So then you have to go down the jetway – again, guessing you have baby in stroller – and then have to fold the stroller for the agent to carry it down to the luggage area for the flight. Meanwhile everyone else who is trying to board the plane is waiting behind you (or pushing past you). Are you seriously going to take the extra 5-10 minutes to pull this stupid bag out and put your stroller in it? Meanwhile, where is baby? If you are wearing baby, fine… but then why do you need your stroller to begin with? Having carrier + stroller complicates everything. Streamlining is the key to smooth travel, friends.And seriously… protecting your stroller from germs. Are you kidding me? Your little human petri dish is more germ filled than any nylon and metal stroller could ever be. This bag is stupid and pointless and if I ever saw someone fumbling with one at the end of my jetway I’d toss my best stink face at them, fold my stroller one-handed, and push on past. Amateurs!

Rowena Mica, WA

Makes it easy, keeps it clean.

You know when the Gate attendants thinks it is a good idea . . . it is.1. it is bright red, you’ll see it in the sea of gate check stuff.2. it keeps your stroller clean – my red bag is very dirty after 2 vacations, and 2 lend outs.3. it make is easier to carry your folded up stroller*4. you can stuff other stuff in it that you don’t “need” on the plane – like jackets.5. it is great to use to store your stroller when you aren’t using it.* Note: We found that getting the stroller all packages up outside of the gate was easier . . . doing in on a runway or by the plane is just annoying, makes you all sweaty and hard w/ a baby/toddler.

Barbra Port Deposit, MD

great product

I love this product. I have used it four times to protect our stroller while traveling. The material is very thin but you get what you pay for. I am impressed with the size. It fit our umbrella stroller and a few other things we shoved in the bag.

Dixie Windom, MN

Get what you pay for

This stroller bag gets the job done for a couple of flights, but ultimately, you get what you pay for. We had a few round-trip flights with our baby as we were moving across country. I got this umbrella stroller bag for our Chicco Liteway Plus stroller, just so that it would have a little protection from being thrown around onto the plane. We gate checked the stroller every time, and although it was usually just going from the end of the boarding ramp to the plane, it still got pretty banged up. I think the bag afforded it some protection – I can only imagine what it would have looked like without it. But after three flights, it had seen the last of its life. There was a giant hole in the bottom that had started after just one flight. By the end of the third flight, it wasn’t salvageable.The bag fit our slightly larger than a normal umbrella stroller really well, and it was easy to quickly slide the stroller into it before boarding the plane.I did spend a little extra money on the car seat bag – buying the more expensive JL Childress padded version, and that one has held up – so I’ll see if I can find a comparable stroller bag in that quality.I am not super disappointed in the bag – again – as it did provide some protection to my stroller and it really only cost about $15 – but if I can pay a little extra for a bag that will hold up longer, I will.

Yvonne Verona, IL

Lightweight and cheap but keeps stroller clean

This bag is made of very lightweight material. For the price, the bag did it’s job, which was to keep my stroller clean while being gate checked on my recent flight. It had the secondary benefit of containing the stroller canopy, which popped off on one side at some point throughout the flight. I expect to get a couple uses out of this bag and probably will need a new one after that. I don’t think it will do much to "protect" the stroller, but knowing that going in, it met my expectation of keeping the airplane grime off of the stroller itself. I put the stroller in the bag before heading down the jetway – it has a handle so it’s easy enough to carry in one hand for short distances. The red color is nice because it does help the bag stand out from the rest of the gate-checked luggage. Overall, I am pleased with the functionality of this bag for the price.

Nichole Milltown, KY

All The Reviews On Here Are True

This thing is very fragile. I bought it anyway, though, because I couldn’t find an alternative. I wanted to take my Inglesina Swift umbrella stroller on a very short flight.This bag didn’t fall apart when I took it out of its package. It had convenient spots to write ID on the outside. I liked the “Gate Check” in big letters. Buy, Buy, Baby had a similar bag in yellow, but it said something else that wasn’t as clear as this bag.So, I paid $12-ish for this and it survived my one trip. Which had been the whole point. If you’re going on a flight of any length, though, I think this will fall apart.How it stuffs back into its own pouch is very handy, but after one one-hour flight, the bag had holes in the bottom. It was still usable for the return flight, but if you are planning on keeping it for more than one trip, I think you’d better find something else.I flew Virgin from San Diego to San Francisco and noticed none of the other passengers’ baby gear that was gate-checked was bagged in any way. None of it looked any the worse for wear when we arrived at our destinations on both legs of the trip. If I had it to do again, though, I’d still do what I did.

Jacquelyn Waverly, KY

Great for traveling

Fits well with some extra space with our umbrella stroller to use while traveling. I like that it is bright red and seems very durable.

Donna Keene, NY

Worthless Gate Check bag!!!

If you think you want to buy this bag….just go to the trash can and throw your money in it! This Bag is WORTHLESS!!! The plastic bag the Airline gives you holds up better than this, and thats being checked in as baggage. This bag ripped open the first flight being GATE CHECKED, we threw it in the trash. Its so thin and flimsy that I’m surprised it didn’t rip when we put the stroller in it. Don’t WASTE your money!!

Saundra Macksburg, IA

Good Protection for Stroller

We purchased the JL Childress Gate Check Bag for Umbrella Strollers to use with our new Maclaren Quest Stroller and it has worked well on two airline trips so far. The bag comes back to the gate filthy–I’m so glad all that dirt doesn’t get on the stroller! There’s enough room in the bag for the Quest, a small booster car seat and a full sized blanket (we tie and wrap up the stroller for extra protection).We haven’t had any rips or tears in the bag and for the price I feel like we’ve already gotten our money’s worth.I (and my husband–who ends up carrying the stroller most) wish it had a stroller strap, or a better handle. The handle can kind of cut into your hand as you’re walking through the airport. If you’re putting the stroller in the bag at the gate, this may not be as big a deal for you. All in all, it’s a good purchase. If this one gets a rip on a future flight, I’d likely buy the same product again to replace it.

Myrna Irvine, KY

Works for gate-checking

This bag works to keep your stroller clean & probably less banged up than without it but don’t expect it to stand up to super rough handling. It is a lightweight bag, not a heavy duty bag but this is reflected in the price. There was plenty of room for my umbrella stroller to fit w/the easy adjuster to tighten the cord. I did take the advice of a reviewer of this one or the car seat bag & used duct tape on the seams prior to the flights. I purchased both the umbrella stroller bag & the car seat bags & both held up well–no rips or tears & no damages or dirt added to baby equipment. Even hubby thought this was a good idea AFTER he saw another dad pick up their gate-checked stroller (without a bag) have a bunch of stuff fall out of the stroller since they hadn’t emptied the basket before gate-checking.This bag did what I expected, kept my stroller clean!

Sharron Vernon, CO

Four Stars

cheap quality, but very inexpensive & does the job

Keisha Fairport, NY

Not all umbrella strollers fit

I guess this is made for a Walmart style umbrella stroller not your average everyday umbrella stroller with any bells or whistles. I was so upset that I ended up totting this around on my trip and it was not as easy to push back into it’s zipper as shown.

Etta Northborough, MA

Great Item

The bag works well, for the money its built sturdy enough.We used it for cross atlantic flight and back for delivery at gate for stroller and it kept the stroller clean and did not rip.This would not be for checking in the stroller with the big bags, it will get ruined if you do that.

Deena Bushnell, FL

Great for travel!

I recently purchased the JL Childress Stroller Gate Check bag for a cross-country trip from Boston to Los Angeles. I had previously used theJL Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats, Redand experienced no quality issues so I decided to give the stroller bag a try.I considered some pricier options but wound up pulling the trigger on this bag since my previous experience was positive. This time was no different. We brought the bag in a carry on and put the stroller in it right before we boarded the plane. The bright red color makes it very easy to spot when you get off the plane and wait with all the other parents for the gate-checked bags. Again, no issues with tearing (on both initial and return flights) so I definitely got my money’s worth. It even has a handle which some of the airport employees commented was very convenient. I imagine the bag is less likely to get thrown around (and potentially damaged) if its easy to carry and move around.I have another trip to Florida in a few months so we’ll see how it holds up the second time around!

Agnes Royal City, WA

If you’re flying solo with a toddler don’t bother!

Truth be told, my stroller would probably be in much better condition if I’d used this stroller bag every time I’ve flown with my baby, but it’s so much easier to have your stroller ready to go once you get it on the jetway. If I’m traveling solo with the baby, I’ve got enough to worry about without having to stuff the stroller in to this bag. When I travel with my husband it’s great to use but I just can’t be bothered when it’s just me and the baby. So, the 3 stars are because it’s an ok product but it’s just not that practical and is an unnecessary extra step when you’re trying to juggle a toddler and an overstuffed diaper bag!

Emily Clinton, OH

Great bag!

Great bag for traveling. Cheap and easy to use. I’d recommend to keep your stroller from getting damaged or dirty while traveling onto a plane.

Lavonne Morrow, LA

You get what you pay for…

The bag served its purpose of keeping the stroller clean & damage free. It was cumbersome to carry. A shoulder strap would make it much easier to carry once the stroller was inside the bag. It may make one other round-trip flight…but that’s a big maybe. It’s on the verge of falling apart. If you travel often, I would not recommend this particular bag. If you only plan to use for one or two trips, it may serve it’s purpose.

Audrey Cedar Point, IL

works well

I’ve used this one with my McLaren Triumph and it was no problem to get the stroller in and out as I had read in other reviews. It’s a really good idea to keep dirty/scuffs off the stroller when you gate check them. I plan to use it more.

Leola Glen Mills, PA

Not the best design

While the bag will fit most strollers ultralight strollers, and the price is right, the bag makes it very difficult to navigate an airport. The included handle is fine but becomes useless because the drawstring closure can’t take the weight. As a result, the bag starts to open when carrying it by the handle. Still, there aren’t many better options around for protecting your stroller from the hazards of checked baggage.

Heather Homosassa Springs, FL

just another thing to fiddle with at the gate

bought it for a trip abroad for my new MacLaren, never even used it, too much to do with car-seat, bags and toddler. I would have been more concerned if I had my full size stroller, but I didn’t. I had my toddler’s car-seat bungee corded to the stroller, and them buckled into the stroller to streamline things. Waist of money with an umbrella stroller, just secure anything your leaving on the stroller, and hope for the best. I used zip ties to secure a mesh basket hanging off the handles, and that was all that was on the stroller.

Laura Clifton, OH

Saved my stroller from a lot of scuff and damage on the plane

Definitely worth the money to save and preserve your stroller. I have an UPPABABY G-Lite stroller, and it fit perfectly .. I love how this one collapses into a tiny neat little zipped up pouch.

Jewell Granville Summit, PA

It works, but it is unnecessary

I have a "double" bag as well as an "umbrella" bag. After registering for them, receiving them, using them while flying, and now thinking about them, I can say that it was unnecessary.It’s a nylon bag that has white words screen printed and has a handle. you don’t NEED it to fly. A big trash bag works. You can make your own. This just screams "baby stuff inside."I bought this for my Britax B-Ready umbrella stroller. It fits.I have the "double" for my Bob Jogger. But I actually put the Britax B-Safe car seat + base in it.After one R/T flight (LA to Houston) the bag is fine. No holes, it’s dirty, but so is anything else in the belly of the plane. Now that i’ve done it, I could/should have made one myself.Also, hint is to decorate it somehow. I used blue painter’s tape and plastered my name on it in a few places. Name, phone, email. Everyone has the bag. Another family almost walked away with ours because they, too, had the bag. Because I put the blue tape on it, I could easily say, I think that’s mine…yours may be that other one.

Kirsten Smoaks, SC

Worth it

Just got back from a vacation, and this bag worked great. We had 2 plane rides where it was gate checked each time, and it was pretty dirty when we got home. So glad that dirt wasn’t on my stroller.It’s not as nice or thick as some of the other bags, but it’s half the price, so I can’t complain. It did the job, but I don’t know that you’d get more than a couple of trips’ worth of use per bag. Mine didn’t tear, so we could use it again.Like many reviewers have noted, I didn’t think it would be possible to get it back into the tiny pouch it comes in, but my husband managed to do it twice, so it can be done.I used it with our First Years Jet Stroller, and there was plenty of room.

Maritza Lynn, MA

Cheap, but does what it needs to do

The quality of this bag is pretty much what you would expect from the price. Stitching is decent quality, but the fabric seems quite thin and cheap. I wouldn’t expect this to make it through too many flights without tearing, but for me, I don’t need more than that. If you are a more frequent traveler then you might want to invest in something a little more rugged. I was using this for my My First Years Jet stroller. It fits ok, the bag is bigger than necessary width wise, but length wise it’s just barely long enough. You have to fold the sun shade down and then the handles will barely fit inside the draw string.Update after a trip:We used this bag for a trip this past week and it confirms what I expected. It does what it needed to do, but it really is a disposable bag. After 2 flights each way, there are several holes worn in the bag to the point that I probably wouldn’t use it again. So if you only need it for a random trip, go ahead and buy one, but don’t expect to be able to use it for several trips.

Katherine Beverly, WA

Highly reccomend

These are great for travel. They fold up into a tiny pouch. They aren’t the most durable but they keep your stroller clean and are easy to identify.Have 2 of them. The first has seen 5 trips and probably has 2 more trips left. Its realy dirty and is starting to tear.

Josefa Albia, IA

Good inexpensive travel bag.

This is a great inexpensive bag to use when traveling. I hated the thought of my nice umbrella stroller getting dirty. I just popped it in the bag at the gate when I checked it. It folds into a nice small size. I have used it 3 times so far and it has held up well.

Michelle Jerome, ID

Protects but rips easily

You’ll definitely want to use a bag to protect your stroller when gate checking. This bag ripped on our first flight. We were able to use it for 3 more flights, but we’ll have to get a new one soon. If I divide the price by 4 flights, I end up paying about $2.50 per flight, and to me that’s worth protecting your expensive stroller! I don’t know of another easy packing bag to protect the gate check stroller, so this will have to do until then.

Lilian Polo, IL

Kept our stroller clean and dry

I bought this to keep our stroller clean during our flights to the west coast. This giant drawstring bag did it’s job and kept our stroller clean and dry even during our Florida humidity and rain. The bag was scuffed up after the flights but better the bag than our stroller! My only recommendation is in the storage pouch design. The pouch should be a little bigger to fit all of the drawstring bag. The existing storage pouch requires some serious origami to fit the drawstring bag back in. We just stuffed the entire thing in the basket under our Combi Cosmo stroller. The other feature we liked was the side handle. It made it easier to carry through the gate.

Lucille Idlewild, MI

Worked great for a Combi Stroller

This bag was significantly larger than I expected it to be. We used it on three flights for a Combi stroller which is a bit larger than most umbrella strollers. From the looks of it, I’m sure this bag would cover our full size Chicco Cortina stroller although I haven’t tried it yet. I took another reviewer’s advice and reinforced the seams with duct tape so I’m not sure how much that had to do with it but the bag held up great! Only one small tear after the second flight which was no where near any seams. I packed the roll of duct tape so we were able to patch up the hole before the return flight home. The bag was definitely dirty and I was glad that none of that grease and dirt ended up on the stroller. The bright red bag was also a plus for spotting our stroller in the pile gate checked strollers, car seats, luggage and wheelchairs waiting at the gate.

Beth Durand, IL

Great for flights

I only used this bag for a roundtrip flight (so it got used twice) and it worked great. I saw other parents checking it out 😉 My son’s stroller stayed clean during travel Yay! Hopefully it’ll hold up during our next trip.

Beatriz Buena Vista, CO