Gerber 12-Pack Prefold Birdseye 3-Ply Cloth Diapers with Padding – White

Gerber 12-Pack Prefold Birdseye 3-Ply Cloth Diapers with Padding – White

This 12-pack white Flatfold Birdseye Cloth Diapers comes in one size. It is made of 100% cotton bird seye. This Birdseye weave fabric is made from many small fine yarns, woven in a fashion that provides a soft, quick drying and absorbent diaper. Its generous size allows custom folding for better fit. This alternative to disposable diapers because they are washable and reusable.

Main features

  • Made of 100% cotton Birdseye^Birdseye weave fabric is made from many small fine yarns, woven in a fashion that provides a soft, quick drying and absorbent diaper^Prefolded 3-ply center panel for added absorbency^An alternative to disposable diapers because they are washable and reusable^Comfortable feel

Verified reviews


Reasonably Priced Cloth Diapers

These cloth diapers are reasonably priced and include a padded middle. They should do the trick for those using cloth diapers. They also work as burp cloths for those using disposable diapers.

Sandra Moapa, NV

Diaper? Burp Cloth? Dish Towel? Won’t work in my house…

These burp clothes are extremely thin. They are so gauzy that you can see through them, so they won’t even work for a game of “peek-a-boo”! These were not thick enough for me to use as a burp cloth, let alone the “premium” diaper it is touted to be. These would not work in our house even as a dish cloth, let alone absorbing any type of baby mess!The only reason I didn’t give only a single star is because Gerber was very nice about giving me a refund on these – they guarantee all their products. I just don’t think they described accurately what you are getting. They are definitely not the diaper service quality, however, if you don’t have 3 different levels of diapers to choose from at your local store, how would you even know that there were different grades of diapers when it says “premium” on the package? They need to be more descriptive in their product packaging. For burp cloths, I prefered the Kooshie baby brand which are very absorbant, very soft and durable as well.

Trisha Trevilians, VA

Great Burp Cloths

This is a great value pack and so soft and thick in the center panel which also makes them great burp cloths instead of using more expensive and also narrower and thinner cloths actually marketed for the burp cloths.

Victoria Hillsgrove, PA

Gerber Prefolds

I bought these as burp cloths for my two boys.As burp cloths they are great – nothing fancy, just good at absorbing the spit up. The fancy burp cloths are usually too flimsy (won’t lay flat on your shoulder) and too thin to be helpful. These stay in place without having to touch/fix it.I have tried them for cloth diapering but it seems they don’t hold very well and leak more than the other diaper inserts I’ve used. I usually don’t cloth diaper so I can’t say too much on this – this is just from the few times I have used it.

Brooke Boaz, KY

Can’t speak for diapering, but a MUST for burp cloths!

The cute, fancy little burp cloths on the market are no match for babies that spit up like mine do. These wash well, are absorbent, USUALLY cover enough of the shoulder/arm to prevent clothing from becoming a mess, and are very soft. We could not make it without these!

Berta Hannacroix, NY

Not like they used be

I had these exact same burp clothes when I gave birth in 08 to my son so I figured with my second pregnancy I would buy them again big mistake they are made cheaper NOW you can see right through them I am going to have to fold them in half just so it will not go through on to my clothes I do not even think they will make it through a wash load what a disappointment they are worth maybe a dime each at best It is kinda hard to tell how thin they are unless you open the package I would suggest passing these up

Lillie Indian Valley, ID

save on disposable and prevent diaper rash

Good diaper cloths! Been using it with my first born and now with my 1 month old baby.Will help you prevent diaper rash. Tiring to change everytime the baby wets the cloth though and time consuming to wash but worth it than having problems with diaper rash. It is really hard to use cloth diapers for the whole day so use cloth during day time and then disposable at night for longer sleep.

Bernadette Garrison, MO


Don’t buy these if your looking for a pre-fold that will hold all of your childs waste in,and if you have a heavy wetter don’t weven think about it without a doublerDiaper Doubler – Absorbency Booster – 2 Piece Set(these are nice) they are no wear near as absorbent as chinese prefolds, these make great claning clothgs and burp rags though. that’s about all they are good for please spend the extra money on diaper service quality prefolds it will be worth it in the end.

Teri Midvale, OH

The BEST burp cloths ever!

These are by far the BEST burp cloths around. I got several different kinds at my baby shower. I ordered these after reading the reviews because the ones I received at the shower were paper thin. These are fabulous. I buy them for every baby shower I go to now. The middle panel is very thick and helps with a newborn that spits up a lot and those breastfeeding blunders that happen to a new mom. I highly recommend them. They are worth the money.

Queen State Center, IA

Great for making burp cloths

I purchased these to make burp cloths. I washed them, then sewed fabric to the center piece to customize them. We used the burp cloths for months!

Frieda Dennysville, ME

I use these every day to care for my newborn

I love these cloth diapers. I use them everyday to care for my newborn. I mostly use them as burp cloths and as extra protection for the changing pad during diaper changes. They wash up great. I would highly recommend these cloth diapers.

Bobby New Carlisle, OH