Gerber 2 Pack Woven Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets Green/Yellow

Gerber 2 Pack Woven Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets Green/Yellow

Give yourself peace of mind and everyone in the family a peaceful night sleep. When putting a baby to sleep in a crib, parents need to make sure that the crib sheet is snug to the mattress to provide a secure fit. Gerber’s crib sheets are engineered for safety and snug fitting for easy on & off changing of any standard size crib mattress.

Main features

  • Premium elastic in corners helps to hold the sheet in place on mattress
  • Fits 28″ x 52″ mattress
  • 100% jersey cotton for softness
  • 2 pack includes 1 solid green and 1 solid yellow
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


crib sheets

Nice quality. Sheets are soft and fit the crib well. Like the 2 different colors and not 2 same color sheets.

Carmella Streamwood, IL

Just ok

These sheets barely fit the bed. They are not soft to the touch; however, my little one sleeps fine on them. So I guess they are ok.

Deborah Anderson Island, WA

Not Jersey!

I am irked with these because the description says that they are jersey (which is a knit and very soft). They are not. They are plain ol’ woven cotten (which the item title does now include even though the description says jersey still). If you think you are getting buttery soft jersey sheets you are wrong. You are ordering stiff cotton ones. Sadly they got washed by a family member before I made this discovery and I couldn’t return them.

Nadia Clayton, WI

Not jersey cotton

I bought these, then returned them. The item lists the product as both woven cotton and jersey cotton. These are most definitely woven cotton and not nearly as soft as other sheets out there. Colors were pretty true to the picture though.

Stacey Prairie Grove, AR

They fit really tight

These are not bad. Yes, they smell at first and now I wish I would have invested in organic sheets. You get what you pay for. The only thing is they take some time putting them on especially right after the dryer. Stretch before you put them on, you might pull something LOL!

Margarita Iliamna, AK

Too small

These are too small for a crib sheet and too big as a pack n play sheet. I guess I should have figured. All gerber clothing runs small, so why not sheets too?

Dorothy Emerald Isle, NC

Great sheets

Exactly what i was looking for- a light sheet for the summer, in a fresh bright color. Fits the mattress perfectly

Lottie Colfax, IA

Rough fabric and too small for my mattress

This pair of sheets is rough compared to the other sheets I have for our crib. They also don’t fit my baby’s crib mattress. but I have a deep 6 inch mattress that is probably a little larger than standard. I am more disappointed in the feel of the fabric than the lack of fit. I wouldn’t recommend them – I am giving them away.

Alicia Lawndale, NC

Honey, I shrunk the sheets

They shrunk after the first washing so they no longer fit the mattress. We are now using them to cover the top of the Christmas tree

Valeria Lakota, IA