Gerber Bare Basics Gift Set

Gerber Bare Basics Gift Set

A perfect baby shower gift for first-time parents, this clear plastic storage tub has everything baby needs for bath time and around-the-clock care of his delicate skin. Included are 15-ounce bottles of Gerber baby shampoo; baby wash in both regular scent and a relaxing lavender scent, which is perfect for calming a fussy baby before bedtime; and vapor bath, which is menthol-scented to soothe a baby with the sniffles. A 15-ounce bottle of lavender-scented baby lotion is provided for after-bath moisturizing and a .6-ounce moisturizing stick is perfect for relieving dry patches on the face and lips. The set also packs two white cotton/polyester blend washcloths, a soft purple walrus bath toy, and a CD of classical music and traditional children’s songs to set the bath time mood. –Cristina Vaamonde

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Love this Gerber wash!

Boy, is this stuff great! I can’t use the oatmeal wash on my child because it broke his skin out in a rash and burned. But the rest of their products are wonderful. I particularly like the berry wash but they’re all just great. I bought some of the Baby Magic and spilled some on our dark blue carpet. Believe it or not, it bleached the rug! Now, just how gentle is THAT! That’s why I’m sticking to Gerber.

Lenore Boyd, MN

Great basics for baby!!!

I love this set. The washes are gentle on baby’s skin and smell great!! The teeny faces moisturizing stick is a must have. The storage tub, toy and wash cloth are just bonuses. This set will last you the first year or longer. I have had it almost a year and I have a lot of baby soap left!! The stick lasted about 4 months and then I bought another one. Great gift for any mom!!

Josephine Cross Plains, TN

Smells so good!

I think that grins and giggles is the best smelling baby product so far. I highly recommend the milk and honey!

Summer Plato Center, IL

too harsh

i love the lavendar bedtime bath, but these are too harsh for babys skin, especially excema… go with aquaphor baby wash.

Essie Tell, TX

Baby spa in a box!

I really liked this because you have a variety of baby washes to choose from. I personally like the lavender, since my daughter takes her baths in the evening. The washclothes could be bigger, so i just stick to a mitt or sponge. The CD is fun to play and sing along to,just make sure you dont play the same ones everytime, itll stick in your head!

Tamra Hardinsburg, IN

So glad we got this!

I registered for this kit and got two – at first I considered taking one back, but I am glad I didn’t. It is great to have way more of these necessities to start off with, that’s months of not having to remember to buy any!I love the bucket-thing this comes in – one currently holds all our bath stuff for easy toting to the bathroom. The other one is our bib-holder, since we have a TON of bibs. It keeps them neat, all in one place and closes and can be put away for guests.The vapor bath is fantastic. We just got over my son’s first cold and it worked like a charm. He loves baths to begin with and this filled the whole bathroom with that soothing vapor and within minutes I could hear the difference in his breathing! When I caught the cold a few days later, I have to admit, I also took a vapor bath and it was better than a hot shower for clearing my congestion!I don’t know that the Lavendar one necessarily calms or soothes the baby, but it smells nice. We’ve gotten shampoo in his eye at least once with no tears or fuss, so it must not burn.I definitely recommend getting this for new moms-to-be!

Jesse Mc Connellsburg, PA

Love Gerber the best

I think Gerber has the best skin care line. My son had excema when he was an infant and the Gerber is the most moisturizing for his skin. This is a great gift set which includes all their great scents. I would highly recommend this over Baby Magic and Playtex anyday.

Brigitte Oak Vale, MS

love that fresh baby smell!

This was one of my favorite shower gifts. The carrying case is roomy enough to store all your bath products and lotions and keep everything within reach. I can easily carry the case in one hand and the baby in the other and not have to worry if I’ve brought everything I need into the bathroom for bath time.The products included in the case are wonderful! When I registered for this item, it was more for the storage – I didn’t realize how much I would love the products. The lavendar soap is my favorite (shampoo and body wash)- it isn’t too perfumey and my son smells so good after his bath. Even my husband likes the smell – and he was adamant that he didn’t want our son smelling “like a girl”.The products are all very mild – a couple of times some soap has accidentally gotten in my son’s eyes, yet he didn’t seem bothered by it at all. Recently, my son got his first cold and since he is too young for decongestants, the vapor bath really helped to clear up his nasal passages (and mine too!) I definitely recommend this product for all new moms

Caryn Chapin, IL

The Best in Baby Bathing

I love the Gerber line of baby washes, shampoos, and lotions. They smell so much better than the Johnson & Johnson or Baby Magic products. The Gerber lotion works so well that I use it on my hands as well as on my baby’s entire body. The scents are soft and sweet, not too fragrant or overpowering. The products are also gentle, and the baby wash and shampoo do not irritate my baby’s eyes. Of all of the baby bathing products that I have tried during the last year, these are definitely my favorite.

Nannie Altamont, MO

Great set

This is one of those new parent kits that really isn’t that bad. You actually will use everything in it in a fairly short time. Granted it still is cheaper to buy it all individually but the tub makes it worth it. You can store all of your bath care items in the tub and carry it to where ever you need it.We only use Grins and Giggles becasue the scents are so much better. They aren’t overpowering and they seem to stay with baby long after bath time. They also don’t dry out our skin or our daughters.The lavender set doesn’t seem to have a calming effect on our daughter but that could be becasue her and daddy have way too much fun splashing and soaking the bathroom each night. But the vapor bath is great! It clears our her little nose and head when she’s feeling bad and usually gives her enough relief to fall asleep for a few hours. But watch the eyes with it…it will burn and they will cry.I also love the Teeny Faces stick for the fall and winter months. It’s a great little compact item that you can store in your bag and use anytime you need it. Our daughter is bad to get red and chapped checks but we keep this handly and just a few swipes and it’s all taken care of. It doesn’t make a mess or smear everywhere which is a big plus.So this is by far the best and most useless new baby set that we got at our shower. We also got the Baby Magic set but we returned it. I don’t like the smell of that brand and it came with a carry that was not very useful at all.

Ollie Denmark, ME

Great shower gift

If you need a shower gift this is it! I got one and I love it…the Gerber products smell sooo good and are gentle enough for everyday bathing! Mt daughter loves to coo at the seal and loves the music cd that comes along with it.I keep all of the “out grown small bottles in the container and it works great~!The lotion is good smelling but you can’t beat Johnsons and johnstons pink stuff…also include a bottle of that and you will havev a very happy mom-to be!!

Allyson Crosswicks, NJ

Good as a gift

I put this on my registry so I wouldn’t have to worry about buying all the different baby soaps and shampoos separately. Everything in the set is full-size, which is nice. The tote is very large and roomy – I’ve added several more full-size bottles to what came in the original set and there’s still plenty of room to spare. While it would probably be a couple of dollars cheaper to buy all the items separately and put them into a plastic tote, the set makes a nice shower gift and saves time and effort over buying each item individually.

Bridgett Gregory, SD

Fun in the tub

We love this whole kit. It has everything. When my son takes night time baths we use the lavender soap and boy is he ready for bed when we get him out. The carry case is also a great. We take it on trips with us and we carry his basic shampoo that came with the kit, toys, towels, washcloths and such and there is still room for more!!! The lotion is great and very thick which helps keep babies skin ever so soft after bath time, and the moisturizing stick is fantastic for getting a dry patch here and there. We keep it in the diaper bag. Great set for any parent, a must have for first time parents.update: my son is now 9.5 mths old and we have yet to even finish our second bottle of wash. Everything except the lotion and 1.5 bottles of baby wash we still have plenty of. This gift set is fantastic, talk about the gift that keeps giving. At this rate we will not need to buy shampoo/body wash until after his first birthday!!

Elma Vandalia, OH

Best Bathing Set on the Market

Grins and Giggles, what a lifesaver! The menthol doesn’t burn baby’s gentle areas (eyes, nose, “down under”). The night time bath is just amazing. I highly recommend this for any new family.

Pam Los Alamitos, CA