Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count

Gerber Birdseye prefold diapers are made of a lightweight fabric that is soft and quick drying. Prefolded panels make it easier for mom to use and ideal for using as a burp cloth with same thickness throughout. Ideal for putting in the diaper bag for those unexpected messes. 10 count white assortment. Great item for gift giving.

Main features

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Made of a lightweight fabric that is soft and quick drying
  • Mom can customize the fold when burping baby
  • 10 count white assortment

Verified reviews


too thin

Very disappointed!!! We love these types of cloth diapers to use as a burp clothes but this is way too thin! It feels like their 3 ply has been getting thinner and thinner every year. I have bought the same ones 4 years ago and they were very thick and sturdy but this seems like they took a 3 layers of medical gauge and sewed it together. When you wash and dry them in the drier, the drier vent is filled with cotton fuss that comes out of these diapers. It’s so thin that one table spoon full of water (spit up) will wet the half of the diaper. I got 3 packs of these thinking it was thick but now I have 30 of these thin diapers so I am thinking of sewing 3 of them together to make it little bit thicker.

Sherrie Clermont, GA

These are cotton, cloth diapers people!

I like these diapers. They work great as diapers, burp cloths, and as an overnight bra pad/insert for nursing mamas.I would recommend using the boil method to prep these diapers. They are not very absorbent until the oils in the cotton are removed. Do not boil/prep with other types of diapers. If using a dryer, do not use your dryer bar or other fabric softeners. Put white vinegar in when washing to improve softness and absorbency.Method:Wash these by themselves. We do two cycles- first a short cold cycle with baking soda, second is a hot short cycle with fragrance free detergent and vinegar in the rinse cycle (Downy Ball works for this). Dry on a clothes line or for a regular dryer cycle with no dryer sheets or bar.THESE WILL SHRINK. As cotton items will. The hems and stitching hold up well which is why I like the Gerber brand.They are a little bulkier in the center panel which is good when used as diaper. They are a little long for a newborn, but I fold about an inch and a half in the back and the front for a perfect fit inside of a Thirstees size one cover. This also helps avoid blow outs up baby’s back.

Alfreda Bells, TX

Great quality for the price

I use these as diapers, and I like them just about as well as the more expensive cloth diapers I’ve used. I use them folded in half on my newborn, 6.6 pounds at birth, or doubled on my 18 month old, about 24 pounds. They’re not as absorbent as the 6ply or some others, but they work fine as long as you don’t leave baby in a soiled diaper as we all know we shouldn’t anyway. My biggest complaint and the reason for only 4 stars is that they are covered in lint after washing. We don’t have a dryer, and it probably wouldn’t be a problem if we did. But it wouldn’t keep me from purchasing again. They also make great burp cloths. I definitely recommend them!UPDATE: I took away a star, because they really aren’t as absorbent as many of the other cloth diapers out there. They do the trick, and if you’re on a really tight budget they’ll do, but when you have to double them you really might as well spend more on diapers that you’ll only use one at a time. But I still think they’re a decent low budget option.

Lorrie Montville, NJ

thought they were thicker

thought these were the thicker ones…. NOT usable for diapers, can only use as burp rags. the 6-ply ones are the best prefolds out there and gerber does make a very good quality product.

Lizzie Bowie, AZ

Must Have for ALL Parents!

Though these are advertised as diapers, I have never used them for that purpose. I have two packages of these, a total of 20. They are a life saver, I use them as burp cloths and I often cover my daughter with them when she eats as well. She has a tendency to spit up and it land anywhere on her body so I place a bibby on her as well one of these, they immediately absorb any spit up and what is great is you can just toss them in the wash!

Graciela Cedarville, WV

Not Very Good

These make AWFUL diapers. They are too thin and hold nothing whatsoever. Maybe layered with other diapers they would be okay, but they are not soft and I wouldn’t want these against my baby’s sensitive skin. I tried layering them inside some flannel prefolds for gDiapers (the flannel facing baby’s bottom) and they worked okay, but bamboo inserts worked infinitely better! In a pinch they will do, but they just aren’t much of an option for a heavy wetter. They aren’t bad as burp cloths but they still don’t work as good as flannel ones. If washed correctly, they are good for cleaning and don’t leave lint behind.

Maritza Tunica, LA

Good for specific usage

I am using these as burp rags and not as diaper, so this review is for the use as a rag. At first, I did not like these as much as other drapers I got since I think they are rather thin. I’ve been using them on the changing table to cover up the outfit quickly after a new change of clothing. My baby rejects other cloths that are too thick but these actually do not bother her. I like others, but this is a great thickness for this usage.

Natalie Wilmer, AL

very thin

these were super thin. I use them for burp cloths and I was disappointed at how thin they were even though they were 3 ply. I will continue to get the baby r us brand as they are much thicker.

Mallory Lansing, MI

Like to iron?

I like these diapers. But they don’t seem to be made as thick as they used to be. I use a bamboo liner in conjunction with the diaper for better absorption. Also, when they are washed they wrinkle up a good bit, which makes them difficult to work with. So, I iron them. If you don’t have a lot of time to iron, I wouldn’t suggest these. If you don’t mind the ironing, they are worth the money.

Jacquelyn Questa, NM

A little disappointed

I was a little disappointed when I saw that these were a lot thinner than I expected them to be. I thought 3-ply would be pretty thick. However, I use them as burp cloths and they’re great!

Katherine Rose, NY

Good bargain. Versatile.

Great buy for the price. I used these as burp cloths and use them for wiping baby’s face. Handy to have around. Great price.

Candice Maria Stein, OH

Not as well made as they used to be

I bought these for my third child, and once they arrived I was shocked to see how thin and kind of scratchy they are in comparison to the ones I still had that I’d used with first and second babies. I sent them back- I’d rather find some other ones that are softer and more thick and absorbent.

Lynn Wynot, NE

Best price & good quality

These are the standard for basic diapering or hundreds of uses.I have used these for everything from diapering tushes to cleaning my car to a shine.Easy to clean and will last for years. A must for all clean homes 😉

Jimmie Clarksville, PA

Gerber Birdeseye 10 Count 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White

I use these for spit-up, snot, and any other yucky bodily fluids my babies like to surprise me with. They are absorbent and wash well. Would purchase again!

Sybil Gowen, MI

Thinner than I expected but great as burp cloths

These were thinner than I expected them to be, but they work well for my intended purpose (burp & spit-up cloth) and were a good price. I don’t know how they would work if used as an actual cloth diaper.

Jesse Ashland, PA

These work great as a burp cloth

We use these as burp clothes from a recommendation from a friend- great idea! I bought 2 packs so we don’t have to wash as frequently

Jan Staunton, VA

make cloth diapering a lot cheaper

These are good, basic prefold cloth diapers. I had to wash them a few times before they would really absorb much, but now that I have, they seem to work well.

Fay Midland, TX

Best burp cloths!

We used these as burp cloths – perfect!

Gabriela Monee, IL

Your standard cloth diaper

Good for your old school diaper. Absorbs good not as great as the fancier cloth diapers out there, but very economical. Expect some blowouts.

Shauna Dallas, IA

Cloth diapers for actual diapering needs to be doubled up

I use these for what they are actually created, diapering my LO. We use Snappis to close them and they are a little thin for that. I just double them up and they are perfect! I like how soft they are and they fit my little string bean baby well. I am not sure how well they will fit once he gets bigger, likewise how they would fit on a larger baby in general.

Chandra West Simsbury, CT

cheap and reliable.

we use charlie banana diapers, but when we are on the go, we use a disposable lined with these pre-folds to protect our daughter’s bottom from the gel that irritates her bottom. carrying around cloth covers takes up too much diaper bag space on the go, so these are a great alternative, and for the price, they really do the job.

Tania Smiths, AL

Gerber Birdseye Prefold Diapers

These diapers make the perfect burp cloths because once they have been laundered, they are extremely soft and flexible unlike many cloths designed to be burp cloths.

Marylou Migrate, KY

Do not use as cloth diapers

These are great as burp cloths but do not use these as diapers! The “absorbent” batting in the middle is no comparison to real cotton prefolds, like those from green mountain diapers. Your baby will soak right through these Gerber “diapers” and you will probably not want to cloth diaper anymore. Regal prefolds are pretty inexpensive also, so if you want to try cloth diapering, do your research! Try green mountain diapers or diaper rite.

Kerri Stevens Village, AK

used for crafting

created personalized burpcloths for a baby shower by sewing fabric over the middle section. mom to be loved them & others wanted to know how i made them. they wash up great too.

Betsy Dalmatia, PA

Good value

They are a good value for their price, but thinner then the other kinds of prefolds so you either have to double up or use a reusable liner. If you use them by themselves in the water proof liner your child just soaks through them. I usually just use them with a liner for over night.

Callie Windham, NH

Good burp cloths

We use these for burp cloths. At first they feel flimsy and thin but after you wash them a few times it’s amazing how much they hold. We have a reflux baby, so there are a lot of bodily fluids that need cleaning. I am never more than 5 feet from one of these things, they’re basically how we decorate the house these days.

Imelda Nineveh, IN

Great for babies with reflux!!!

Yes they are thin and yes, when you wash them they shrink a little and become very wrinkled but man what a great burp cloth!! My daughter had horrible reflux since she was born spitting up A LOT every bottle. Any other burp cloth was soaking wet right away. My mom recommended I try these. While by no means pretty (but who cares it is a burp cloth!) these were such a huge help I bought another pack and my mom bought two packs for her house. They absorb so much spit up milk and were a huge help. They were the only burp cloths able to handle her large spit ups so they are the only ones we used after that. Even now that her reflux is mainly over we still use them for occasional spit ups and cleaning her face after baby food. She loves the too and enjoys holding them. I highly recommend if you want something that works well and can get beyond the fact that they don’t look pretty.UPDATE: 9/27/13My daughter hasn’t had reflux issues in months so we rarely have to use these for burp cloths. Since we have so many I found a new use for them, reusable “paper” towels! They are super absorbent so work for all the messes in the kitchen plus soak up bacon grease even better then paper towels! Plus you wash and reuse! No more wasting money on paper towels and environmentally friendly!

Claudine Madden, MS

OK, but 6 ply is better

These are OK, but next time I will spring for the 6 ply when I need more burp cloths. They just aren’t as thick as I would like.

Alyssa Cullman, AL

Favorite burpcloths!

These are our favorite burpcloths! They are super absorbent and work much better than the store bought burpcloths. Highly recommend and a must for new moms!

Sofia Occoquan, VA


We never had a favorite blanket, doll, or teddy.When my Duaghter was about 7 weeks, my mother babysat for a few hours so I could enjoy lunch.We had been using these diapers as burp-cloths. She took one of these, slightly used burp cloths in the crib with my baby and the smell of mommy/milk allowed the baby to relax + sleep. 2 years later, she still insists on sleeping with a "cloth" though now we use clean ones.But seriously – so much easier to have a constant supply of these than much anything else.

Michele Satsuma, AL