Gerber Birdseye Flatfold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count

Gerber Birdseye Flatfold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count

Gerber Birdseye flatfold diapers are made of a lightweight fabric that is soft and quick drying. Flatfold diapers have the same thickness throughout so this diaper is Ideal for using as a burp cloth. Mom can customize the fold when burping baby. Also ideal for crafting, using as a cleaning cloth, car washing and waxing. Great item for gift giving!

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Finished edges to prevent fraying
  • Comfortable, recyclable and reusable
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • 24in x 27in

Verified reviews


Cheap and Thin–Big Disappointment

We used Gerber cloth diapers with our first child in 2010, and loved them as burp clothes and clean up rags. We just ordered more for our second child and received a package of cloth so thin that you can literally see through it. This is the same package as before, but not at all the same product, and it is not thick enough to absorb anything, so pretty useless. I will be returning these and looking for thicker cloth “diapers” that can absorb nursery messes.

Deena La Ward, TX


these should be a basic essential for all babies!!! they may be called cloth diapers, technically, but I use them for SO MUCH MORE! they are just great multi-purpose rags….. spitups, burping, wiping, even playing! couldn’t live without them! skip the frilly things they are marketing these days and use this basic, economical option.

Dorothy Pittston, PA

These were no thicker than cheesecloth!

I had previously purchased another pack of cloth diapers/burp cloths that were unavailable. (They were listed as 5-ply.) I ordered these thinking they would be somewhat comparable, but they were literally see-through! They went back immediately. What a waste!

Maxine Morning Sun, IA

These are garbage.

We’ve got a number of prefold cloth diapers that we’ve used as burp cloths and general wipe up – they’re way better than real burp cloths, and more absorbent. Picked up a pack of these Gerber brand tonight at Babies R Us – and they’ll be going right back soon. They’re horrible – thin as gauze, non absorbent, just terrible.Were I using these as diapers, I’d be deathly afraid my child would leak everywhere. They can’t hold anything, since they barely exist! Ugh.

Nelly Brush, CO

Great as burp cloths!

I use these as burp cloths and really like them. Very functional and practical. They are thick enough to get the spit off and definitely big enough for the bigger-shouldered person.

Kay Premont, TX

Not the cloths with a padded middle

Single ply cloths. Not the ones with padding in the middle as I originally thought. They did not serve my purposes very well but otherwise were good quality.

Aurora Ellenton, GA

What’s happened to these?????

The older version of these are great. We have half a dozen that we use for burp cloths and other messes. They’re great for everything except actual diapering. So, when our daughter came along, it was only natural to add some more of these to the registry. The new ones are nothing like the old ones. They are made of flimsy, gauzy material that is actually transparent in the right light. They absorb nothing and tear at the slightest tug. I would rate these as slightly better than paper towels. We’ve already gotten rid of them.

Bethany Nash, OK

Don’t waste your money

WAY too thin to be useful. These were see through, shrunk in the wash and don’t absorb anything. My intention was to use them for burp cloths, not a chance.

Lakesha Primm Springs, TN

Not a good product

I bought these to use as burp cloths. But the material is too thin. I don’t think it would work as a burp cloth or for anything else. I think it is too expensive for the quality of the product. I think the cloth will not stand after a few washings.

Isabella Jay Em, WY

Trying cloth

I’m not an expert cloth diaperer but I think these are too thin for the purpose of cloth diapering. If I needed these for burp rags or nursing covers in the summer they would be fine.

Lakesha Dade City, FL

Excellent Burp Clothes

As the title says, I got these as burp clothes for my baby. They are very durable and wide for the infant that likes to squirm around while being burped. Also very absorbent.

Berta Athens, ME


Great product. We don’t use these as cloth diapers but instead use them as burp cloths or just to wipe up baby messes. It beats having to use a napkin or paper towel. Easy to wash and it’s nice having these around the house.

Madelyn Harleton, TX

Okay Burp Cloth, Terrible Diaper!

These make AWFUL diapers. They are too thin and hold nothing whatsoever. Maybe layered with other diapers they would be okay, but they are not soft and I wouldn’t want these against my baby’s sensitive skin. They aren’t bad as burp cloths but they still don’t work as good as flannel ones. If washed correctly, they are good for cleaning and don’t leave lint behind.

Elisha Paradox, CO


i love these..i use them for burp rags not diapers.. and there r my favorite ones to use must have

Christy Meno, OK

Do the job, wish they were softer

We use these for burping cloths, not diapers. In that sense, they do the job, but they aren’t the softest things.

Nadia Falkville, AL


i love these. there are rarely any deals in the world anymore but this is the best for use as a burp cloth. they get softer with each washing and they are cheap. i use them daily. great, great thing.

Sabrina Blue Ridge, TX

Thin as gauze!

Super thin! I returned immediately knowing they couldn’t be absorbent at all. I wanted them for burp cloths and found them to be not soft at all. I want something much more comfortable against his skin.

Gilda Red House, WV

very thin after washing

After the first washing, these get very thin. Might as well use cheesecloth instead. They also feel very rough so I don’t like wiping my baby’s face with them.

Clarice Belgrade, NE

Seems ok

Just finished the prepping for these diapers, they appear ok but did not fluff up as nicely as some of my other brands.

Roxanne Middlefield, CT

Good quality!

If your looking for the old school diapers and were really thick and soft…these aren’t those…but they are good quality and I think they will soften up a little more when they are washed. We bought these in case we need them if diapers go really high. Also we live a long ways from a store…so it may be necessary to have a back up…if not, they will make great burp rags.

Dianna Ancram, NY

We use them as burp cloths

We use these as burp cloths and they are wonderful. I ended up buying 4 packs (we have twins) and even 40 seems like we’re always searching for one. You see these things draped all over the house. I wouldn’t live without them.As an aside – I have bought "real" burp cloths, and not only are they more expensive, they are also smaller and don’t drape as nicely. These cloth diapers are, in my opinion, far superior as burp cloths than the things sold specifically as burp cloths.

Christa Baldwin, MI

Not using these as diapers but rather as burp cloths

I was tired of paying a lot for burp cloths so I decided to give these a try and I think they’re great for the price. They are very large and gives you a lot of coverage for burping and just catching stuff in general!

Lucinda Rock Creek, OH

Great for burp clothes

I use these as burp clothes and their great. Sometimes you go through so many that its nice to have a bunch fo these laying around. I also bring a fresh one with me to work for when I’m pumping.

Lillian Corinth, NY

Great for burp rags!

I don’t actually use these as diapers but they make GREAT burp rags because they’re so absorbent and they’re a good size. Easy to fold up in a diaper bag, or throw across your shoulder to absorb any spit up. They’re also very easy to clean and overall an awesome resource to have around for babies. Inexpensive too!

Claudine Cloverdale, CA

Just ok

I used these to make burp clothes. They are very thin and I had to layer them a few times before they were usable. Once done the burp clothes were very absorbent. Couldn’t imagine using these for a diaper though.

Kelley Brent, AL

A good flat diaper

These make excellent burp cloths. While I prefer a larger, thicker brand for actual diapering, these work great in a pinch, or for extra layers in the middle.

Kristin Hoodsport, WA

Great as burp cloths

Too thin to use as diapers, so I keep them for spit-up rags. Absorbs breast milk well. Keep one under my breast while pumping. Easy to wash. They did pick up a strange smell, like fried foods, after washing.

Mae North Hampton, OH

Most absorbent. Great for burp cloths.

I honestly thought these were the thick double layered diapers when I bought them and found out much to my dismay they were the thin single layer ones. I didn’t want to return them and go through the bother so I washed them and put them in with my burp cloths.Now I always reach for these. They are soft to the touch after washing them the first time. They absorb everything almost like a paper towel. I only use a different burn cloth if I can’t find one of these or someone else brings one to me.They also seem to wash well. My baby gets prune juice in her bottle so her spit up can sometimes be brown. It comes right out! So they always look fresh and clean after washing which is important to me.

Joanne Andalusia, AL

burp cloths

I use these as burp cloths, they’re not very soft and they are very thin….not what I thought I was getting. I wanted something closer to what they had in the hospital.

Iris Geneva, FL

Work well

We use all the time as burp rags for our baby’s spit up, and they work well for absorbing everything. My only complaint is that they have a funny smell, even right out of the dryer. Maybe it’s just that the spit up doesn’t all come out – either way, I’m trying a new brand and will see if we have the same issue.

Christine Shipman, IL